Petition Number 19, Year 1839_

[Envelope addressed to Major James Walker, John F. Gillespie or J.W. McMillin. Nashville, Tennessee. The Clerk has added "Petition of John G. Glass for refund of money paid for land which was already entered."]

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, now [in] Session at Nashville.

The petition of John G. Glass, a citizen of the County of Bradley in the State of Tennessee, respectfully shews to your Honorable body, that on the fifth day of December 1839 your petitioner entered with the Entry Taker of the Ocoee District the southwest fractional quarter of section thirty, in fractional township one south, in range one east of the basis line in said District, containing twenty six acres at one dollar and forty cents per acre.

When this entry was made your petitioner had no knowledge there was any occupant right to said land. Others offered to enter at the same time and according to the provisions of law said land was offered to the highest bidder among them who had proposed to enter, and your petitioner bid the said sum of one dollar and forty cents per acre and become the enterer at that price.

Since that time one Charles Atkins has proved an occupant right to said fraction, assigned that right to Samuel H. Hannah who has about the 24th of December 1839 entered said land as assignee of said occupant, and so your petitioner's entry is void. For the truth of the statements here made your petitioner refers to the statement of the Entry Taker. Your petitioner prays your Honorable body to direct the money he has paid the state to be refunded to him as he has lost the land.

Decr. 29th 1839 John G. Glass

Entry Takers Office

Decr. 30th, 1839

I Luke Lea Entry Taker of the Ocoee District do certify that the facts as stated in the within petition are true, as appears from the records in my office. Given under my hand at office the date above.

Luke Lea


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Petition Number 20, Year 1839

[Envelope addressed to Major James Walker & Col. Joseph McMillin, Members of the General Assembly in Session now in Nashville. "This in haste. Calhoun T[enn]. Decr. 6th, 1839". The Clerk has added "Petition on behalf of Louisiana Haggard for relief against a counter-claimant to her land. Ref[ere]d to Com[mit]t[ee] on Ocoee Lands".]

State of Tennessee Bradley County, December 3rd 1839. To the honourable Body of the General Assembly now in cession in Nashville we your humble petitioners having Taken into our consideration the condition and situation of our near Neighbour Licusinda Hagard a pore widow that we take a pleasure in stating that we have been for several years been [sic] well acquainted with as she has and does yet live amongst us and that she has been and yet is Considered a Citizen of Irreproachable Character for honesty Industry Integrity and Frugality and in the Month of January 1838 did locate and settle on the north west qr Section of Section the 18th Township 1st West of the Basis Line Range first Ocoee District in the State and County aforesaid and yet is residing on the same which is a poor dry quarter and we know of no settler Close[?] or Claim till October last a certain Armstrong Goins did set up a claim on said qr Section by Locating and yet Residing on the same which we think is an Intrusion on the poor widow as that was her home. We your Memorialists Apprehend that if your honorable body does not Extend your donation and Confer the sd qr Section to her that she will be Deprived of her home for which we do and will pray.

Robert S. Mahan


Simeon C. Geren

Jonathan Belvier

Samuel F. Gerrald

Samuel Shaffer

James Pritchett

George Newton

Enoch Thomas

Isaac Gearon[?]

James H. Smith

John G. Geren

Francis Okelley

William Gibson

[new page]

John Mcamish

James B. Allison

Humphrey P. Mcamish

Benjamin Okelley

Benjamin Chester

J. Simeon Witt

James Shelton

James Witt

Jarret Foster

James Kirkpatrick

Sion Lovel

W. Bartonwitt

Francis Stribling

Joel Kirkpaterick

John Pace

Elijah Skeen [Sheen?]

John McPherson


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Petition Number 34, Year 1839_

Envelope addressed to Mr. James Walker, Nashville, Tennessee. Clerk has added "Petition from citizens of Bradley Co. asking as suspension of land entries in the Ocoee Dist."]

Cleveland, Nov. 24th, 1839

Honorable gentlemen Mr. James Walker & McMillin, Gentlemen. Their has been this Day to Each of you a Petition Sent on and i have been Requested by the friends of the Petitioners with others to write you gentlemen A joint letter on the Subject and i Pledge my Self to bothe of you That i do feel quite Incompetent to the task, but at all times i am free to obey the will of My friends and little did i Expect to attempt to address a letter to your honours on so Important [an] occasion as i deem this to be, but for the necessitous condition of the People Require something Promptly to be affected for their Relief, and as Citizens we know of no other Remedy or Sourse of Relief Except the Suspension of the Entering of the Ocoee Districts.

We therefore, Request you gentlemen to urge our Claims, as we are all deeply interested That the time of Entering the balance of the Ocoee district Should be Protracted two years from the fourth of Jan. next, We are Solicitous on the Subject, for the best of Reasons, we are poor, and in a new Country & besides all other difficulties there is a great Scarsity of money & but little in Circulation Except what are in the hands of the Speculaters & Capitalists and they are not disposed to lend unless they Received and Enormous Interest which the borrowers could not Refund on any Principles of Propriety therefore the lands are Passing in to the hands of the money holders at very reduced prices and at a very Enourmous loss to the State an the evil affect is in trouth making the Rich Richer & the Poor Poorer & a heavy Reduction to the State.

Consequently we urge you gentlemen as our Representatives in that honourable body to make known our claims & we are apprised that Relief will be Extended to and Embarrassed Community deeply Indebted to her own Citizens & under many liabilities Which She cannot Extracate Her Self Possably unless afforded times to market her horse, Pork & hogs.

This being performed will enable every man to make is business meet the Pressure & heardness of the times and Should we be neglected by your Honerable boddy now in Session We are assuredly plaised on Precarious ground an necessarially become the tenants of the Rich to make them more opulent & we Still Impoverished & Seeke a home in the western world. These are our Clear Views & manifestations of our feelings on this Subject.

Page 9

P.S. on the Receipt of this i wish an answer & wish to know where they (Petitions) were mailed & at what time they came to hand. The Citizens of our town are all well, business down very low. I wish to be Remembered to Mr. Gillespie. I hope you will give your attention to our Request in answer to our letter.

With Much Respect Yours,

Thomas G. Stewart

To Mr. Walker & McMillian

Monday morning Nov 14th 1839

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Petition Number 64, Year 1839_[No envelope. Cover sheet marked "Petition of citizens in Ocoee District suggesting certain acts regarding preference of claims, etc. No date. In 1839 papers. No county."

Isaac Smith

John Gallaspy, Esq.

To the honourable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session: Your petitioners Represent to your honourable Body that a portion of our citizens in the Ocoee district was settled on School Sections at the running of the land and passing of the law gaving [sic] a preference and priority of entery in said District to occupant Setlers and by the provisions of the afore said laws are prohibited from a preference of Entery on the same and now expect to be removed in a short time by the School commissioners and no provisions in the law autherising the above class of citizens to receive any compensation for their improvements or for any amount paid to the native Cherokees for the same.

Your petitioners would further represent that there is a class of citizens who settled in said District on vacant lands since the passing of the afore said law, and others purchased of the commissioners of the General government the improvements of Indians. We would further recommend to your consideration the pollicy of gaving the last named Citizens a preference of entry on said improvements so purchased of said commissioners to the owner of said improvements and not the renter, and if not entered by them as occupants that they be entitled to pay for improvement or at least as much as they payed to the afore said commissioners.

We would also submit to your consideration the propriety of autherising the entry of forty acres after the price of said land in said District should come down to one dollar per acre.

We your petitioners pray that you would take the above name cases separately and distinctly in to view and grant each of them that Relief your in your wisdom may deem Just and right. And in duty bound we will ever pray & etc.

John S. Oneal

John Ritchey

Martin Branum

John Longly

David Smith

Isaac Yokum

George Dalrimple

Preston Daugherty

John Read

Thomas Skelton

Joel Longley

R.N.H.[?] Howel

C.A. Armstrong

Tilmon Fry

Robert Hany

Coleman Buckner

William Longley

John Yokum

James Shadle

William Coker

Daniel Norton

---y[?] Fry[?]

Wm. C. Rhea

Nathaniel Rowan

Greenberry Cate

Riley Horn

Thomas Owens

Elias Fught[?]

John B. Cocksey

John Hicks

David Cellers

John Turner

Thomas Lemons

Uriah H. Shipley

R.B. Cate

Julis Wilhite

Spencer Phillips

Joseph Bolding

James McAlister

Josiah Daugherty

Wm. Higdon

John Fitsjerel

James Lawson

George Cox

Cyrus[?] Mar--

Solomon Surrmy[?]

Isaac Rimer

Samuel Cate

John Chilcutt

Lewis Blanton

Anon[?] Brnke[?]

Mark Black

John Woodall

Robert Fitsjerel

Richard Mays

Joel Y. Haveray[?]

Eli Rimer

George Bridge farmer

James Patten[?]

Anthony Doak[?]

Russel Chitwood

Wm. Thornburgh

Joshua Guinn

Walker Cowden

N.G.S.[?] Hagler

Samuel Merrit

Owen[?] Lawson

James H. Duff

Wiley Prince

Edward Thomas

John Gardener[?] Jr.

Joseph Prince

John Core

Wm. Rimer[?]

Ephriam Prince

Bennet Boyd


John Young

Benjamin Grey


Thomas C. Smith

Thomas C. Smith


Isaac Couch[?]

Cornelious Patterson


Wiett Noriss

John Ebeman[?]


Wm. Thomas

James Cawdon


Joseph Bivens

Thomas Barnes



Isiah Woodall



Wm. Poe



Jeremiah Branum



Wm. T. Patterson



Alston Boyd



Isaac Bett



Jacob Branum



Amos Harden



Jesse Branum



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Petition Number 65, Year 1839

[No cover sheet or envelope]

To the Senate and house of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Now in Session.

The Petition of the undersigned Citizens of the County of Bradley, humbly represents that the act of the General Assembly passed 26th day of January 1838 chapter 120 is considered oppressive and an abridgement of the rights of free Citizens in so much that the same is and has been violated with impunity, and such as free Citizens refuse to submit to. Where fore said act has been productive of more Evil then [sic] that which it repealed, We the undersigned therefore pray such act to be repealed and such a law to be enacted as Will autherise retailing Spirituous liquors under proper restrictions. October 14, 1839.

Robert S. Brashares

John Lambertson

William Doherty 

Levi Trewhitt

John Igou, Esq.

A.J. Parks

-- R. Hambright

Jefferson Parks

John McMinn

John B. Brittan

Hugh Hannah

L. Brandon[?]

William White

Jn. Tucker

James Wilhight

John Bune[?]

Sims Harris

S.M. Wann

Asberry Atkinson

David Wair

John Hickes

Stephen White

John Benton

A.H. Teenor

John Walker

W.C. Cate

T.H. Westerandlaw[?]

Willar Samples

Charles F. Coleman

John Murphey

James W. Nash

Samuel Long[?]

J.C. Tipton

Alexander Webb

J.B. Gamble

Dainl Lane[?]

Z.[?] C. Williams

Martin Haggard

Jas. Purddell [?]

Charles Cate

Marshall Ba---

Greenberry Cate

Thos. Clark

Charles K. Gillespie

John Batey Esq.

Jas. R. Poe

James Baty[?]

John Mount

Andrew Carel[?]

Robt. Swan

Jas. Lauderdale

Joseph Swan

H. Pendergrass

Joseph Price

Jas. C. Mitchell

Wm. Price Smart[?] & Carmichael


Willa-- Champian

John C. Kinaday

Andrew Canan

Danl. McGunkin

Hasten Poe

Wm. McGunkin

Eutly P. Defriece

J.G. Glass

Willa-- Hankenge[?]

John McJunkin

David Hargard Esq

Elias Bolen[?]

Levi Spencer

James Berry

R.[?] G. Lee

J.R. Bates

J.D. Traynor

Jeptha Randolph

Capt. A. Blakin


G. W. Selvidge

T.J.R. Edwards

James Lauderdale

Ephriam Bunyard[?]

Joseph Guess

E.J. Bunyard

William Cross

Lewis Shepherd

A.H. Pitner[?]

John P. Angelly

Elias Pitner

J.N. McMinn[?]

B--[?] Lowry

[?] Jno McGee

Richard Dodde

John McGee

Jocob Doyl

James McGee

W-- Boyd

Willa-- McGee

Jno McGee

John Hardeart[?]

John J. Webb

John Thourberry[?]

Isac Hickes

J.P. Lea

S.M. Taylor, Justice of the Peace

Johm M. White

Peter Fraizer

William Parham[?]

Hiram Campbell

Robert Humpries

S.A. Campbell

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Petition Number 85, Year 1839_

[Envelope addressed to Messrs. J. F. Gillespie, J.W. McMillen and James Walker Nashville, Ten. A notation indicates that it was forwarded by a Major Rowls. The Clerk has added "The petition of the Trustees of Oak grove Academy in Bradley County"]

State of Tennessee

Bradley County

At a meeting of the Board of accademic trustees of the Oak Grove accademie in the Town of Cleveland on the 19th day of October 1839. Whereas by the 1st section of chapter 139 of the act of the General Assembly passed the 25th day of January 1838 It is provided that the superintendent of publick Instruction be directed to ascertain the amount of principal of accademy fund, which each county in the State of Tennessee has received under any distribution heretofore made, and that he apply such accademy funds as he now has or may hereafter receive in the following manner: viz, he shall distribute and pay over, in equal sums to such counties as have no proportion of academy funds until such counties are placed upon Equality with such as have received a share. And whereas the County of Bradley have not received any portion of her distributive Share of said fund, and whereas the said trustees have through the officers of their board called upon the superintendent of publick instruction for said money or to be informed when the same can be obtained, which the superintendent has failed to give,

It is therefore resolved by the said board now in session that our Senator and representatives in the General Assembly introduce a resolution in the General Assembly requiring a proper committee to inquire into the cause why the said superintendent have failed to furnish & pay over said money according to said act, and that our said Senator and representatives take such steps as will enforce the payment of the same.

Henry Price

President of the Board of Trustees

James Berry, Sec.

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Petition Number 145, Year 1839_

[Envelope postmarked Columbus, Tenn. Oct. 12, addressed to John F. Gillespy, Esqr., Nashville, Tenn. The Clerk has noted "Petition of Zachariah Rose praying that act making Ocoee River navigable be repealed. Bradley 1839.]

Your constituent To the legislature of 1839 where assembled Would represent to your honorable body that from our local situation in Bradley County especially near the Ocoee River we suffer a great ill convenience in consequence of having no streams of sufficient size for grist mills and other machinery by which the settlers are compelled to go from ten to thirty miles to mill or pulverize their corn with a pestle as many have had to do in this vicinity until recently,[.] [A]nd Fry and Cate have erected a mill on Sd river below the point to which it is declared navigable that grinds from 60 to 80 bushels of grain per day without which the settlers must suffer for bread.

And your body is well assured that the settlers on the above named river has paid for the channel of it as high as any other part of their farms and all we ask is the use of the water. As the river is not really navigable at all affording but little water and obstructed with numerous falls and shoals and if improved, to control[?] the channel in a narrow space would spoil all the fords and put the people to considerable expense and trouble crossing the river to cultivate their farms each planter being compelled to keep a boat,[.]

A]nd the river declared navigable about six geographicks[?] miles, public interest of the people is, that your honorable body repeal an act passed 17th January 1838 declaring sd river navigable from its mouth to Samuel Pharis.

Mr. Shields (who lives in Columbus) is building a mill up at the mountain and who as the circumstances would demonstrate is actuated by private or personal interest has gotten up a petition to send on to your honorable body to have the river cleared out as though the legislature had not appointed commissioners to superintend the same,[.] [P]lainly betraying the scheme, he has obtained some adherents near that place by promising them if they sign sd petition it will be one means of drawing the County Cite of the new County up there and I supposed has got John Austin to go on to Nashville to attend to the scheme[.] [A]nd they have assumed the privilege to put down names of men without their consent. Example I heard John Cromwell say that John Shields had put down his name in the above manner he stated it in presents

Page 16

[sic] of Erby Boyd and others.

From what I have said I have not intended it as instructions but that you may make your selves acquainted with our situation and the commotion in our Country. There is a considerable agitation relative to preferences. I need not say much because Col. McMillan is well acquainted with our situation that in most all cases improved land is occupied by men whom the setlers have hired or by those who are squatting about to get pay for their indel--ce[?]. Make your selves acquainted with our situation and we have no doubt in your attending to our interest as our representatives. Excuse the defor---chy[?] of this letter. Receive for yourselves my utmost esteem. Respectfully, Z. Rose

Firby[?] Gilespie, Esq.

Col. Joseph McMillan

James Walker, Esq.

N.B. There will be forwarded a petition in a few days with four or five hundred petitioners names requesting your body to repeal the above recited act.

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Petition Number 21, Year 1841_

[Cover sheet reads: "Petition of citizens of Bradley County praying for investigation as to sales of college lands in the Ocoee District, & etc." Also "Petition of sundry citizens of Bradley Co'y in relation to the sales of College Lands in the Ocoee District. Walker, McM.". The clerk has added: "Ho. of Reps. December 2, 1841. Read and refered to the Comty. on College lands. Jno. Blevins Asst. Clk."

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session at Nashville. We your Humble petitioners of Bradley County beg leave to represent to Your Honorable boddy that we the Occupant Holders and citizens residing on the Two Half Townships of Land the proceeds of which was set apart for the use of the Colleges at Knoxville & Nashville are placed [in] an awkward situation and are laboring under many disadvantages which we do not think is in accordance with the true meaning and intent of the Law disposing of the same.

In many instances we have presented to Luke Lea the Entry Taker for the Ocoee District our Locations together with the requisite amt of money to have entered the Same, but the entry taker has invariably refused to permit an entry to be made when the Location fell on land know[n] here as the College Lands, Saying at the same time and frequently endorsing on the Back of the Locations that the Colleges had previously entered the same at five Dollars per acre.

Your petitioners are so Situated that they can not Enter their Improvements and would pray your Honorable Boddy to look into the matters and see if a Base frawd has not been practiced upon the occupant Holders of this Land. It does appear to your petitioners that the Law can be so amended as to give us the relief we ask for by Instructing the present Entry Taker to permit the Occupant Holders to Enter their Lands and by filling the Entry Takers Office with some person who is not engaged in Speculations in the lands we are contending for, and as in duty bound your petitioners will ever pray.

Oct. 20th, 1841

Joseph Cowan

Wm. Johnson

Isaac Martin

J. Brazelton

Wm. H. Strain

Joseph S. McConnell

George W. Castelow



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Petition Number 22, Year 1841_

[Cover sheet is marked: "Petition of Jacob Weaver asking the Legislator to pass a Law otherising the Entretaker of the Ocoe District to Refund Back money by Mistake taken from him". The clerk has added: "In Senate 1st Nov. 1841. Read and laid on the table on motion of Mr. Miller. J. A. Lane[?], Clk."

To the Honerable the general Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session

Your Petitioners the heirs and Representatives of Jacob Weaver Decd Represent that on the thirty first day of January 1839 that Jacob Weaver Enterd the South west Fractional Quarter of twenty six Fractional Section first Fractional Township North Range 2 East of the Basis line in the Ocoee District then Bradley County estimated at forty eight Acres and it will be seen by the Sertificate of John F. Hannah the County Serveyor for Polk County where they same is Situate at this time that there is a lack of thirteen Acres and all most three quarters of an Acre and Consequencely your Petitioners Paid one hundred & nineteen dollars & twenty five cents for land that was not included in said Entry and said land was Entered at Seven dollars and fifty cents per Acre. Your Petitioners Preys Relief and asks the passage of Law Refunding to them the above amount and you Petitioners as in duty bound will ever Pray October the 18th 1841

John Weaver )) The Lawful

Alfred Weaver[?])) Representatives

of Jacob Weaver


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Petition Number 23, Year 1841_

[The envelope is addressed to Hon. George W. Rowle, Nashville, Ten. and is marked "Petition of Elias Hutchinson, praying the refunding of money & etc." The clerk has added:

"Ho. of Reps. 22 Novr. 1841. Read & referred to the Committee on claims. S. -[?]. Mitchell, clk." A later notation reads: "Ho. Rep. Jan 4th 1842. Comt. discharged from further consideration of Petition. Tho. A. Brown."

[An additional notation from the clerk states: "The committee on claimes has had under consideration a petition of Elias Hutchison of Bradley County praing that this Legislature Refund a sertin a mount of muney to him and the committee has autherised me to Report and or leave to be discharged from any further considerration of said petition".

To the Legislature of the State of Tennessee now in session in Nashville.

Your petitioner Elias Hutcheson a citizen of the county of Bradly and State of Tennessee would respectfully ask your honorable body to peruse the foregoing certificates and order by Special act or otherwise that your petitioners entry money paid by mistake as appears by refference to the foregoing certificate to be refunded & etc.

For which your petitioner will ever pray & etc.

Elias Hutcherson


[The following letter is also in this file]

I Luke Lea, Entry Taker of the Ocoee District do hereby certify that on the 2nd day of June 1841 Elias Hutcheson entered as general enterer forty acres of land at fifty cents per acre being the South East corner of the South West quarter of Section four, in fractional Township two South, and Range one West of the Basis line in the Ocoee District said entry being No. 3013. And that on the 5th day of June 1841, Evan Parker, entered as general enterer, forty acres of land, being the South West corner of the above mentioned quarter section in the same fractional Township and Range, at fifty cents per acre said last mentioned entry being No. 3246.

Given under my hand at office this 17th day of September 1841.

Luke Lea

Page 20



State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County ))

This day personally appeared before me Samuel Howard a Justice of the pease in and for said County John W. Johnson, James M. Henry and Bengamine F. Jones and after being sworn say that they are well acquainted with Elias Hutchesen and that the said Hutcheson did enter forty acres of land in the South East corner of the South West quarter of Section four in fractional town ship two South range one west of the basis line in Ocoa district at fifty cents per acre and that we have Just cause to believe and actually dose believe that said - - Hutcheson did enter the bove desseribed forty acres of land through mistake, in laying in his location he put it in on the South east when we believe it was his intension to have put it in on the Southwest forty acres of the bove described quarter Section, where he has his dwelling house and other improvements which is entered by Evan Parker as it is Shown in the Entry takers Sertificate.

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 21st September 1841. Samuel Howard, Justice of the pease in and for Bradley County.

James M. Henry

Benj. F. Jones

John W. Johnson

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Petition Number 42, Year 1841_

[Notes on envelope show that it was addressed to Hon. G. W. Rowles, House of Representatives, and marked as a "Petition from certain citizens of Polk & Bradly counties, praying a partial alteration of the county lines." The clerk's note shows that it was heard in the House on Nov. 29, 1841, and was read and refered to the Committee on New Counties & County lines. Signed by Jno. Blevins, Assistant Clerk".

To the Honerable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee

Your memorialists Citizens of Bradley County and living closely djacent to the line of Polk County humbly represent to your honerable body that they labor under many and serious disadvantages in consequence of the present location of the lines dividing the two Counties of Polk and Bradley which will be better unders[t]ood by the Honerable General Assembly when your memorialists states that their farms are at present in both Counties, the County line running nearly in the centre of the sections for nearly fourteen miles, it being the line dividing the first and second Ranges East. Your Memorialist would further state that by the arraingements of the School Sections of the two Counties which is made to corespond exactly with the Township lines, your memorialists are completely excluded from the School Sections of either County and they are thus deprived of their right of the benefit in that fund which is in the wisdom of the legislature was given for the education of _all_ the Children in the State.

And the disadvantage which your memorialists labor under is that their lands being divided by the County lines imposes on them the necessity of listing their property and Setling their taxes with the revenue collectors of both Counties and under all the circumstances your memorialists feel assured that the honorable General Assembly will grant them relief [underlined] in the premises.

They therefore humbly sugjest and prey that the County line deviding the two Counties be mad[e] to conform to the Range line. Beginning with it on the Georgia line which is within about one mile of the present County line (near the Boat yard), and continuing with the range line till it Strikes the road near Armstrong's ferry on the Hiwassee River. Thence with the line as it now is.

The following is a map of the Range line and the present County line.

[Small map follows, shows Georgia line and Boat Yard, Foreman place, and Hiwassee River]

Page 22




I do hereby certify that the I run and marked the line deviding the Counties of Bradley and Polk under an act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee. Acts 1839 & 1840 chapt. 10, Sect. 18, and that the above map is correct. Given under my had this 29th day of Oct. 1841.

James McKamy

Citizens of Interested Persons Citizens of

Bradley County Polk County

Euclid Lea[?]

Jacob Hess

James H[?]. Stewart

John Fitsgleel

Absalom Carson

James McKamy

S.M. Wann

James Shadle

Joshua Guinn

Hiram Manus[?]

Johnathan Thomas

William M. Biggs

G. D. Stoffer[?]

Lin[?] C. Carson

John Sherlin[?]

Zilfa Gatlin

Asa Cilcox[?]

Joseph Banner[?]

James Johnston

John C. Johnston


Thomas Lowery Jr[?]

William Thomas


N. E. Biergy[?]

Thomas McCoy


A.B. Davis

Cornelias Pipenger


Thomas Montgomery

J.D. Stafford[?]


Richard Montgomery


B. T[?]. Smith


James West


David[?] Clark


Henry Stafford[?]


Lilburn Grigby[?]


James Perry


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Petition Number 140, Year 1841_

[Cover sheet shows that this petition was sent to A.B. Green and was read in the House of Representatives on Nov. 29, 1841, and in the Senate of the same day. The clerk has added: "From certain citizens of Cleveland praying to have said town Incorporated".]

To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Now in Session 1841.

The undersigned petitioners citizens of the Town of Cleveland, Bradley County Tennessee represent and shew unto your honerable body that they are desirous of having the Town of Cleveland incorporated.

Your petitioners therefore pray the general assembly for the passage of a law incorporating the same -- the premises considered and your petitioners will in duty bound ever pray.

October 18th 1841

James Berry

Benj. F. Stout

Jacob Brown

Green Tryslett[?]

J.H. Robertson

William L. Brown

John H.[?] Payne

Andrew Russell

John Hardwick

William Coxkiller/Cahiller[?]

J.N. Swan

John N. Cowan

John Osment

Isaac Law

W.F.[?] Ridor[?]

William Smith

Wm. ---[blotted] ite

M.C. Green

B.B. Brown

F.S. Williams

B.R. Inman

Thomas Leach

Thos. H. Callaway

G.J.B. Thompson

William P. Lea

John S. Goodwin

[page 2]


James Ellison


Daniel Williams


Z[?] M. Mornbury


A.P. Defriese


John Wood


James Fain/Fair[?]


J.W. Inman


F. Kincannon


J.H. Inman



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Petition Number 38, Year 1842_

[The envelope is addressed to G. W. Rowles, Nashville, and postmarked in Cleveland]

Petition of Alexander A. Clingan, Sheriff of Bradley COunty, praying to refund certain money expended by him in conveying Alexander Webb to the Penitentiary of the State.

Ho Ref Janry 17th, 1840. Read & refered to Comt. on Economy[?]. Tho. A. Brown, clk.

The committee on Clames has had under consideration a petition from the sheriff of Bradley county praying for [--?--]tion, and the committee has authorised me to Report it unreasonable and ought not to be granted. Report concurred in Jan. 20th 1842. Brown.

To the Senate and house of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session 1841.

The Petition of Alexander A. Clingan, high Sheriff for the county of Bradley in said State.

Humbly represents shows that at the April Term 1840 of the Circuit Court of said county, Alexander Webb was convicted of the crime of Murder in the Second degree, and was Sentenced to be confined in the penitentiary for the Term of Fourteen years. Your Petitioner was then and yet is high Sheriff for said county and chargeable with safe conveyance of said convict from the jail of said county to the penitentiary of the state.

Said convict had a numerous relations in the state & resided between Bradley jail and the penitentiary. Your petitioner was advised that they had meditated a rescue of said convict from your petitioner. In consequence of which your petitioner employed a strong guard to convey said prisoner & did convey him safely to the penitentiary of the state where he was safely confined under said sentence.

Your petitioner further represents that the judge of Bradley Circuit Court did not enter it of record the necessary number of a guard to convey said convict, and the keeper of the penitentiary refused pay to the guard except Two.,and your petitioner having employed Four of a guard to convey said convict, which left your petitioner the costs and charges of paying Two of said guard, which was oppresive and unjust on your petitioner.

Your petitioner Therefore prays the passage of a law compelling the treasurer of the state or the keeper of the penitentiary to refund or pay to your Petitioner the amount so paid by your Petitioner to said Two of the guard.


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The premises considered your petitioner will for every pray

A. A. Clingan

State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County ))

This day personally appeared before the undersigned one the the acting Justices of the peace for said county Alexander A. Clingan & made oath that mount asked for to be refunded in the above petition amounts to the sum of Fourty dollars & fourty cents.

A. A. Clingan

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 30th December 1841.

James Mitchell,

Justice of the Peace for

Bradley County

State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County ))

This day personally appeared before the undersigned an acting Justice of the peace for said county James Donohoo & made oath that the grievance set forth in the foregoing petition are true.

James Donohoo

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 18th Dece. 1841. [illegible] Justice of the Peace

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