Petition Number 39, Year 1842

[Information from cover sheet: Petition was read in the House on Jan 17th 1842 and referred to the Committee on Claims. Clerk Thomas A. Brown noted that "The committee has authorized me to Report it un Reasonable and aught not to be granted". The repor t of the Committee was concurred in by the House on Jan. 21, 1842.]

To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Now in session.

The Petition of the Commissioners of the Town of Cleveland in the State of Tennessee, together with the citizens of said Town.

Your petitioners hereby represent and show to the General Assembly; That at the session of the General Assembly of said state in the Year 1837 the General Assembly passed a Law authorizing the Commissioners of said Town to build the public buildings, t o wit, a court house and jail for said county and required said Commissioners to pay one thousand dollars for the two quarter sections of land upon which said Town stands, and to pay eight thousand dollars for said public buildings.

Now your Petitioners show to the General Assembly that said Commissioners have paid the one thousand dollars to the State and have built the public buildings which have cost the said Commissioners the sum of Eight thousand dollars. It is impossible to raise the said sum of Eight thousand dollars out of Town lots in equal proportions as those lots were assessed when property was of high value, since which time the price of property has fallen, and the Lots which are unimproved will not bring the assessm ent upon the same, and also several persons having purchased Lots of said Commissioners have become insolvent them and their securities, who were perfectly solvent at the time of purchasing said Lots. And it is wholly impossible to raise said sum by reass essment, except it would be to raise the deficiency, here after shown, exclusively upon the improved lots of said Town, which would be oppressive and unjust and sacrifice the said Lots to the owners thereof.

And whereas the deficiency thus occasioned by the fall of the Value of said lots amounts to the sum of One thousand and twenty nine dollars and thirty cents, which if raised out of individual property of the Commissioners here undersigned who stand ind ividually bound for the same to the builder of said buildings, or collected by reassessment upon the improved Lots as aforesaid will greatly oppress the Commissioners individually or the owners of the Lots improved as aforesaid.

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray the General Assembly to donate the State Tax arising in said County untill said sum of

Page 27

One thousand and twenty nine dollars and thirty cents is paid.

The premises considered and your Petitioners will forever pray.

Cleveland, December 30th, 1841.

James Berry ))


R. S. Stuart

P. J .G. Lea ))


J. B. Carmichael

Jacob Brown ))


L. B. Miller

John Hardwick ))


Baldwin Harle

John Thornberry ))


George W. Allison

Jesse Poe ))


Robert Williams

Levi Trewhitt ))


Sonerle[?] Levy[?]

Euclid Waterhouse))


Wm. Harle

J. H. Robertson


James Mitchell

Wm. H. White


William Grant

Thomas T. Davis


R. S. Brashers

M. C. Green


Saml. Blevins

J.C. Bogle


John Wood

Andrew Russell


Josiah Johnston

J.D. Traynor


John C. Gaut

[?] G. Burgess


Wm. L. Brown

Green Triplett


John Osment

Hiram Prendergrass


B. R. Inman

Luke Lea, as an individual of said Town but not as a lot holder

J. J. R. Edwards


Jes[?] N. Swan


G. J. B. Thompson


Henry True[?]


James Lauderdale


A. Boyd Foster


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Petition Number 60, Year 1843_

[Cover sheet reads: "Petition of Brigadier Genl. James H. Reagan on behalf of the Sixth Brigade of Ten[ess]ee Militia, praying certain am[endmen]ts to the Militia laws of the State." The petition was read in the House on Nov. 2, 1843 and referred to th e Committee on Military Affairs/]

To the Honourable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session.

The undersigned takes leave to inform your honourable body that he has the honour to command the Sixth Brigade of the Militia of this state, composed of the counties of Roane, Monroe, McMinn, Polk & Bradley including ten Regiments respectible both in number & character and by a vote taken in each of said Regiments, it is ascertained that about six-sevenths of all who are subject to perform military duty are in favour of the repeal of the law passed in January 1842 abolishing Spring Muster & etc.

Which fact I have promised to bring to your notice in form of a petition from our Brigade, and hope you, in your wisdom will see fit to make such repeal.

The officers of said Brigade wish a law passed requiring the commissioned officers of each county to meet at their respective court houses about the middle of September in every year and Drill two days, the older Commissioned Col. having command at suc h drill.

The undersigned would also inform your honorable boddy that he has been honored with the command of a regiment about four years and has filled the office he now holds near two years and finds from experience that the existing plan of procuring commissi ons is attended with expense, trouble & delay. And would recommend to your favourable consideration an amendment of the law on commissions so as to require the Govener to Commission the Major General, the Maj. Generals the Brigideer Generals, they the field officers and the commandants of regiments the companys officers.

Such a law would relieve the Governor and Secretary of State of immense labours and add nothing to the actual labour of the above named officers. All of which is submitted to your favourable consideration, hoping the above suggestion may meet your appr oval. I subscribe my name officially in compliance with my promise to the Brigade.

James H. Reagan,

Brig. Genl.

6th Brigade T. M.

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Petition Number 123, Year 1843_

[Cover sheet reads: "Petition of Thomas L. Twomey, praying for legislative relief. in the matter of a Land grant in Ocoee District."]

The Honorable General assembly of the state of Tennessee now in session this is to Represent to your Honorable body that your humble petitioner Thomas L. Twomey Entered a quarter section of land in the land office of the Ocoee district at one dollar pe r acre as occupant and that the same quarter section is Entered by William Cook as general Enterer as two dollars per acre as is Exibbitted by the Entry takers Certificate and that said Cook has instituted a suit against your petitioner and gained the lan d by decisions in the Circuit Court and Supreme Court and by and order from the Supreme Court obtained possession and now is and has been in the possession for the last season and your Petitioner has paid the Costs in the different Courts and for Rejectin g as shown in Exibbit A and B your petitioner is therefore aggrieved and prays your honorable body to Redress his grievance by passing a law the the Entry taker shall Refund him his money there being no laws as is is said to pay Back the money and hour hu mble petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray and etc.

[signed] Thomas L. Twomey

Exhibit A

Received 2nd November 1842 of Thomas L. Twomey Eighteen Dollars & Eighty one and one fourth cents the amount of the cost of a suit commenced in the Circuit Court of Polk County wherein William H. Cook was Plaintiff and John Rice & Thomas E. Two mey was defendant and also the Cost of the Supreme Court amounting to seven dollars & seventy five cents on the same suit two Executions having Issued from the Supreme Court for the above amount.

William M. Biggs, Clerk

of the Circuit Court

Polk County

Exhibit B

Received of Thomas L. Twomey one dollar and seventy five cents the amount of Cost in a suit William H. Cook vs John Rice and Thomas H. Twomey in the Supreme Court at Knoxville this 6th March 1843 the Cost for Rejecting [--?--] from possession.

I Luke Lea Entry Taker of the Ocoee District, do hereby

Page 30

certify that on the 4th day of December 1839 William H. Cooke as a general enterer entered the South East quarter of Section Ten in fractional Township Two North and Range Two East of the Basis line in the said Ocoee District at two dollars per acre, a nd that afterwards, to wit, on the Twenty fifth day of January 1840, Thomas L. Toomy as an occupant, entered the aforesaid South East quarter of section Ten, fractional Township Two, and Range Two East of the Basis line, at one dollar per acre.

Given under my hand at

Office in Cleveland this 7th

day of August 1843.

Luke Lea, Entry

Taker of the Ocoee District

No. 3013

Elias Hutcheson enters as General enterer, forty acres of land, it being the South east corner of the South West quarter of Section four in fractional Township two South and Range One West of the Basis line in the Ocoee District, beginning at the South West corner of said quarter Section.

Entered at fifty cents per acre. June 2nd, 1841.

I Luke Lea Entry Taker of the Ocoee District do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of Elias Hutchesons entry No. 3013 taken from the records of my Office. I also further certify that afterwards, to wit, on the 5th day of June 1841 a certa in Evan Parker entered as General enterer, forty acres of land in the South West corner of the South West quarter of Section four in fractional Township two South and Range One West of the Basis line in the said Ocoee District, at fifty cents per acre.

Given under my hand at

Office in Cleveland this 18th

day of September 1843.

Luke Lea, Entry

Taker of the Ocoee District

State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County ))

This day personally appeared before me Henry Mitchell an acting Justice of the peace for said county, Elias Hutcherson and made Oath that he intended to enter forty acres of land lying in the South West corner of the South West quarter of Section four in fractional Township two south and Range One West of the Basis

Page 31

line lying in the Ocoee Dist., but through mistake entered forty acres in the South East Corner of the same quarter section the 40 acres of land that He entered is of but little value the land he intended to enter had his houses water and part of his c leared land on it and the land was it self much more valuable.

Elias Hutcheson

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19th day of September 1843

Henry Mitchell

Justice of the Peace

for Bradley County, Tenn.

The said Elias Hutcherson prays the Legislature to make arrangements for him to recover the money which he has cost by entering land of no value.

I Luke Lea Entry Taker of the Ocoee District, do hereby certify that on the 4th day of December 1839 William H. Cooke as a general enterer entered the South East quarter of Section Ten in fractional Township Two North and Range Two East of the Basis li ne in the said Ocoee District at two dollars per acre, and that afterwards, to wit, on the Twenty fifth day of January 1840, Thomas L. Toomy as an occupant, entered the aforesaid South East quarter of section Ten, fractional Township Two, and Range Two Ea st of the Basis line, at one dollar per acre.

Given under my hand at

Office in Cleveland this 7th

day of August 1843.

Luke Lea, Entry

Taker of the Ocoee District

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Petition Number 59, Year 1845_

[Envelope is addressed to Cpt. James Lauderdele, Rep- resentative from Bradley County, Nashville, Tennessee. The clerk has added: "A Memorial of 73 citizens of Bradley County Tenn. Asking that a family of resident Cherokee Indians be given rights of ci tizenship, 1845".]

State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County )) October 18, 1845

To the honourable Legislature of Tennessee. We the citizens of said County wish to represent to your honourable body the condition of a family of Cherokees, viz Richard B. Foreman and family who failed to emigrate to the west. We the undersigned do pet ition your honourable body to Citizenise said family so that they may have equal rights and privaleges with us and by your Complyance we your petitioners in duty bound will every pray & etc.

A.M. Allen

Elijah Skern

E. N. Baylor

John Bettis

Martin Romines

Sam[?] Lervel[?]

Anderson Edmonds

Henry Hatfield

William Hunter

Caswell Tucker

Alen Nelson

Seth Atchley

John Geren

John W. McReynolds

William McPherson

Clark Green

Levi Carter

David Earnest

Anderson Caldwell

John Auels

W. E. Brightwell

Handy Hatfield

James Kirkpatrick

James Farmer

Elisha Newbrey

Richard Grisham

George Lawson

John Cates[?]

John Brown

Isaac Kirkpatrick

John Sisco

Hiram Gearen[?]

Samuel M. King

John G. Geren

Wilson Thurman[?]

Cheatom Hawkins

Absalom A. Geren

S. Bare

Simeon Witt

B.F. Grigsby

Thomas M. Geren, Jr.

Eli Sample

Andrew Celsor[?]

William Johnson

S.C. Geren

James Walker

Thomas Moses[?]

Eli King

David Sulser

William Sample

John Hix

Jeremiah Dearing

Hugh Bandy

John Branham

John Hunt

Thomas J. Ross

David Wilson

Frances Okelly

Page 33


Joshua Richards

Lualben[?] Scroer[?]

Edward Sharp

Andrew Hooper

John P. Hix

Samuel Sample

Thomas Geren

C.C. Turner

Wiley Geren

Thomas Wooden

John Raines

John E. Grigsby

James Grigsby

Hiram Raines

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Petition Number 77, Year 1845_

[Cover sheet shows that the petition was read in the Senate on Nov. 20, 1845 and "laid on the table". The clerk has noted: "Petition of sundary citizens of Bradley County, for legislation to complete the Hiwassee R.R. project".]

To the House of Representatives and the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

Your memorialists state unto your honourable body, as is well known that the Hiwassee Rail Road Company is a body corporate one half of the stock taken in said corporation is owned by the State. The object of the incorporation of said company was the c onstruction of a Rail Road from Knoxville, Tennessee, to a point on the Southern boundary between the State of Georgia and Tennessee, to connect at its Southern termination with a Rail Road constructed by the State of Georgia and thus open a choice and di rect route for the products of East Tennessee to the Southron Market.

The company went forward in the prosecution of the Road. Large expenditures have been made of the funds of the state, and of the private Stockholders.

At Charleston, a bridge, at the cost of $20,000, has been constructed to cross the Hiwassee River at that place, for the use of said Rail Road. From this bridge to the Southern Terminus of the road, at the Georgia line, is a distance of about 22 miles, the whole of this distance, except about three miles, is graded and nearly in a state of preparation to receive the timber preparatory to laying down the rails.

Now your Memorialists state, that the further prosecution of the work of the said Rail Road, has been stayed by injunction under a Bill filed by the Attorney General on behalf of the State against the Hiwassee Rail Road Company and others. This Bill, a fter having been pending over two years, has been dismissed on final hearing in October 1845, from which decision an appeal has been taken to the Supreme Court at Knoxville. This appeal cannot be determined before the next Term of said court, which is abo ut a year distant.

Your Memorialist will here state, that from the Southron termination of the Hiwassee Rail Road to Cross Plains, in the state of Georgia, is 15 miles, at this point the great Georgia Rail Road passes and is now finished to within say 42 miles of said po int.

A company is incorporated & the stock taken in a rail road to connect with the Hiwassee Rail Road at the Southern termination on the Georgia line, and to intersect the great Georgia road at Cross Plains, a distance of 15 miles as before stated.

Page 35

Your Memorialists are firmly persuaded that all that is necessary to ensure the immediate construction of this 15 miles of railroad and thus answer a connection with the Main Georgia railroad is a proper assurance that the Hiwassee Rail Road will be co mpleted from the Hiwassee river to the Georgia line. That this portion of the work would be done your memorialists have no doubt, were it not for the pending of the Bill in Chancery, hereto before alluded to.

The premises considered your Memorialists pray that under such grounds as your wisdom may deem proper and just to the interests and rights of the state, that the Attorney General be directed to dismiss said Bill, and that your Honl. body to your consid eration a work of internal improvement on which large sums of money have been expended, in which the State has a deep interest as well as the individual stockholders.

Your Memorialists in recommending the present situation of the Hiwassee Rail Road Company to your honourable consideration might have trespassed on your patience with arguments in favour of the objects of their memorial, but these they waive, believing that the whole representation of a great State will look to the interests of the whole state and every part, with a truly parental care.

1. Josiah Johnston

19. F. Kincannon

2. John Henderson

20. William Mcarty

3. William Grant

21. A.B. Akin

4. John Mount

22. Hiram Pendergrass

5. James Donohoo

23. F.A. Carter

6. [?]. Bates

24. A.L. Parks

7. Danl[?] Kirk[?]

25. A. White

8. Wm. H. White

26. John Howard

9. P.J.G. Lea

27. R. T[?] Grant

10. William Dougherty

28. William C.L. Walker

11. N. Mc ffey

29. A.H. Wilson

12. Reynolds Lawson

30. B.S. Vaden

13. L.R. Slaughter

31. John Wood

14. A. Blizzard

32. Robert S. Stuart

15. J.W. Inman

33. Henry Brown

16. James Berry x

35. Wm. Smith

17. Geo. W. Roberts

35. Wm. Smith

18. P.J.R. Edwards

36. James A. Hartley

37. James Beaty


38. Jno. A. Grant


39. John C. Huffaker[?]


40. Winchester Gideons


41. Andrew Russell


Page 36


42. D.C. Kenner

76. N.E. Burgess

43. J.R. Kenner

77. Jos. Hankins

44. [blank]

78. M. Borden

45. J.Z[?] Stuart

79. Benj. F. Stout

46. [blank]

80. Wm. Scott

47. [?] B. Johnston

81. [blank]

48. J.C. McCarty

82. Andrew Kincannon

49. J[?] L. McCarty

83. J.B. Collins

50. W.W. Curran[?]

84. James Green

51. S.S.[?] Barrett

85. D. Hicks

52. Wm. S. Strain

86. John C. Gaut

53. J. Henderson

87. M[?] B. Carson

54. Wm. Brittain

88. James J[?] Riddle

55. N.N[?] Purrine

89. S.A. Ewing

56. J. Brazelton

90. J.H. Ewing

57. Wm. D. Dillon

91. John[?] Womble

58. J. Brady

92. Peyton T. Carter

59. J.P. Bates

93. Thomas T. Davis

60. D. Hart

94. Rufus Soule

61. Wm. H. Graves

62. Wm. Hammontree

63. B.F. Martin

64. Wm. Rogers

65. Ezekiel Spriggs

66. Jno. M. Spriggs

67. [blank]

68. J.H. Lassater

69. Wm. NcCarty

70. B.V. McCarty

71. Thos McCarty

72. [blank]

73. John McClellen

74. Jacob Brown

75. Samuel K. Richardson

Page 37


Petition Number 112, Year 1845_

[This pre-printed petition was read in the Senate on Dec. 15, 1845 and "laid on the table". Copies of this petition were also sent to Nashville by other east Tennessee counties. The signatures of those who signed the Bradley County copy follow.]

W.D.D.I[?] Long e

M.S. Chilcutt

C.A. Me

P.J. Simmons

W.W. McCoy

W.S. Hays

Harry Dill

Wm. Dodd

C.P. Sumers

John McBriant

Thos. A. Underwood

Isaac Clymer


William Chilcutt

Mee E.F. Bates

George Fulks

W.C. Chilcutt

John Goodner

F.W. Martin

E. McCoy

W. McMillon

Jas. A. Bates

John Bedwell

Jas. Kirkpatrick

Wm. Moore

Campbell Collins

Jesse Mee

J.L[?] Simmons

H[?] C. Chilcutt

Jas. McBrian

W.C. Day


W. Mee


Enock McCoy


T.C[?] Bates


J.M. Stephens

Z. Bose

R. Royston

J. Yates

S.N. Robertson

J.C. Swinford

S.W. Chilcutt

Joshua Potts

Jas. W. McMillon

John Chilcutt

Jo. B. R[-?-]

J.S. Alexander

J.H. Eiffort

S.S. Barrett

M.H. Purvines

Joseph[?] Bailey

Nelson Moffitt

Hugh Sperlin

William Baumann

Lowrey[?] Lutterall

H.H[?] Keall[?]

William Scarbrough

[-?-] Dodd

[?] [?] [?] Shepherd

Alen Denis

Arean[?] Felts

J.J. Smith

Sebern Wood

Moses Shook

S.A. White

D.C. Kenner

Francis J. Bridges

P.M. McClung

John McPherson

James W. Bridges

[?] Swinford

Saml. Brumet[?]

S.H. Miller

J. Sikes[?]

Andrew Stephens

J.M. Bates

D. Jones

Enoch Thomas

J. Blackburn[?]


[?] Blackburn[?]


Philmer W. Green

[?] Miller

[?] James C. Barnes

George W. Reed

Sam[?] Brown

John T[?] Clark

Isaac Varnell

Saml. Johnston

John Lawller[?]

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Jesse Bedwell Erat [?]

[?] Peek

Tom[?] [--?--]

Isom Goff

Nelson Scrum[?]

J. Stone

Wm. S. Montgomery

Lambert Line[?]

J. Jeulle[?]

Mark Galaspy

Jones Lambert

James Shelton

John Shipman[?]

Jas. Dodson J[?]


David Hart

Jno. Shemit

Z. Rose

Brockston Bottoms

Jabon Williams

A. McKenny[?]

Fransis Gillie

Elijah Cornish

C.B. Akin

Ten[?] Short[?]

T. Watterhouse

[--?--] Benett[?]

Andrew Jackson

J. Sneder[?]

J.W. Oneill[?]

Andrew Hiett[?]

B. Simons


Bluford Corn

R. Cook


Ahiel Mcalester

W. Lertld[?] Jr[?]


Jeremiah Whaley


Turnis[?] Vaughn


At a large and respectable [A second copy of the petition with this added note was appended to the first petition.]meeting of the citizens of this County of which Dr. P.J.R. Edwards was Chairman & Dr. P.J.G. Lea was secretary, this memmorial was re ad by A. Blizard and after discussion thereon the vote being taken the memorial was adopted without a dissenting voice. But as it was late in the evening many left for their homes without having the Chance to sign the paper. The people are enthusiastic fo r the completion of the Rail Road.

Yours Respectfully,


[second copy of printed petition, followed by these signatures]

Ezekiel Bates

Luke Lea

James Cates

James Donohoo

S.A. Smith

Peary C. Tipton

Henry Price Linus[?]

Harris Anderson Butler


William Johnston

A.P. Defries

J.P. Butler

W[-?-] Johnston, Jr.

William Grant

James Marl[?] Jr[?]

P.J.G. Lea

A.H. Gass

Hanigan[?] Carter

Alfred Casteel

Edward Dougherty

Wm. McMillin

Reynolds Lawson

G.W. Ford

Josiah Johnston

John Taylor

William Parks

John C. Gaut

Silas M. Patterson

John Carter[?]

Robt. Pickens

William Hayes


Edward Clingan


Page 39


J.C. Tipton


John Hertz


James S. Riddle


James Mitchell


John Horn


Asa Stamper


H. W[-?-] Aldehoff


John C. Henderson


William Thornburgh


Thos. G. Patterson

J.D. Traynor

P.J.R. Edwards

John M. Patterson

N.E. Burgess


Robt. Johnston

Jas. M. Johnston


Thomas Jugger[?]

C. Putnam


Isaac Law[?]

James Beaver


John G. Carter

Wm J. Campbell


A. H[?] Coffman

F.A. Carter


John Womble

J.B. Collins


Bennet Cooper

Thomas T. Davis


Joseph McSpaden

Curtis Lane[?]


Anderson Trim


William Hall


Levi Carter


Alexander Pursly


A. Blizard


N.E. Burgess


P. [?]. Green


D.C. Kenner


John N. Cowan


Edward Burgess


A. J. White


James Corn[?]


A.H. Defrise


James M. Cowan


Wm. H. White


Isaac Day[?]


Page 40

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Petition Number 119, Year 1845_

[The cover sheet reads: "Memorial of Samuel Samples & one hundred and sixty one Citizens of Bradley County. For compensation for grain impressed by Tenn. Volunteer troops. Referred to the committee on Federal Relations with instructions to report b y bill or otherwise". It is signed by McDonough J. Bunch, Clerk House Representatives.]

To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee

The Petition of Samuel Samples a citizen of the County of Bradley and State aforesaid

Humbly represents and shows to your honerable body that in the year of 1836 he was settled and living in the County of McMinn and State aforesaid near the Town of Athens and a place which in that year became to be known by the name of Camp Wool -- It b eing the place at which the volunteers which was called out by the Governor of the State of Tennessee Redezvoused, and further represents and shews that he was then and there possessed of a large quantity of oats wheat Wry & corn to the amount several Hundred Dozzen and of the value of Two hundred & twenty five dollars, that said volunteers used the same for forrage and took used & consumed the same. Said volunteers then used and consumed the Grain and forrage of your petitioner was over and a bove the number required by the Government of the United States, and was not received into the service of the United States. Your petitioner further represents that the United States has refused and still doth refuse to pay our petitioner for his grain &a mp; forrage aforesaid. Your petitioner has been Injured by the requisition of the Governor of the State of Tennessee for amount aforesaid, and is without remedy Except your honerable body should make an appropriation out of the Treasury of the State of Te nnesseee.

Your petitioner therefore humbly prays the General Assembly to pass such a law either General or special as will give to your petitioner a just compensation for the grain & forrage made use by said volunteers.

And your petitioner as in duty bound will forever pray

Samuel Samples

State of Tennessee ))

Bradley County ))

This day personally appeared before the undersigned, an acting Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid Samuel Samples the foregoing petitioner & made oath that the facts stated in the foregoing petition are true as therein set forth.

Page 41

Sworn to & subscribed this 25 day of October 1845.

Samuel Samples

R. M. Swan, J.P., B.C.

We the undersigned do humbly represent that we are well acquainted with Samuel Samples and recommend him to the General Assembly as a man of truth & veracity and that his grievances are [---]tly to be taken in consideration and on his behalf pray t he General Assembly to grant him the relief prayed in his foregoing petition.

1. Manuel Shoat 27. Daniel Smith


2. John H. Payne 28. F. Kincannon[?]


3. Henry H.Reed 29. J.H. Robertson


4. Isaac Low 30. Daek[?] Ruck[?]


5. Geo Manet[?] 31. John [---?---]


6. Caswell Hall 32. James Mashburn[?]


7. Joseph Rowe 33. William Robeson


8. James R. Allen 34. G[-?-] Scruggs


9. John Lain 35. N.B. Tipton


10. W. Kinman 36. McCllean Johnston


11. Breg[?] Mires 37. L.M. Price


12. Thomas Wooden 38. James Wooden


13. B.F. Taylor 39. John Ricke[?]


14. D. [?]. Lovel 40. Levi Trewhitt


15. Harden Woody 41. A. [-?-]niger


16. Wm. Thornburgh 42. Bracken Smith


17. John Raines 43. A.A. Clingan


18. J.M. Koper[?] 44. A.H. Wilson


19. James E. Walker 45. Joshua[?] Denton


20. Thomas R[-?-]man 46. James Mitchell


21. C. Hickman 47. Robert Bornett[?]


22. John Benton 48. C.J. Price


23. R. McHenry 49. Davis Priddy


24. Alex Pursley 50. Thomas Barrett


25. Thomas E. Dixon 51.


26. Thos. Benton, Sr.


J.H. Hunt J.C. Mnave[?]


J.A. Barger Wm. H. Tibbs


J.R. Barger A.A. Henderson


J.S[?] Brown B.B. Brown


[-?-] S. Montgomery Peyton Carter


P.J.G. Lea J.G. Carter


J.G. Carter J.D. Traynor


John Massey[?]


Page 42

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Edward D. Shan[-?-]

J.J. Taylor

John Willborn


G.W[?] Cotrum[?]

J.J. Taylor

E.S. Taylor, oat cuter


Tommas Lacy

Wm. Tea[-?-]

Henry Price

Pleasant Harper[?]

Simeon Legg

W.R. Green[?]

Marten[?] Witite[?]

J.R. Crampton

B.E. Sutton[?]

Thomas Snow

Wm. Sutton[?]

S.P. Shields

Isaac Day

S.C. Colins

James Donohoo

W.P. Simmons

D.C. Kenner

John McPherson

Samuel Dunn[?]

Wm. McPherson

Thomas J. Miller

James Kirkpatrick

G.R. Hambright

James Bott

Jas. R. [-?-]mer x

James Bott

E[-?-] Thomas

Wm. H. Smith

Allen Blair

Wilson Thanos[?]

William Wooden

John D. Funderburke

Samuel Bunten

Hugh Fulton

A. Linden[?] x

Hugh Fulton

D. [?]. Stafford

James Prichett

William S[-?-]

J.B. Morrison

Silas M Dabson[?]

Isa[-?-] Mc[-?-]et

Thomas Lain

S.H. Craway[?]

Jospeh Hankins

[?] Johnston

S. [?] Thomas


T[?] V[?] Williams


John [?] Price

Wm. C. McLin

A.A. Allen

Rufus Wrinkle

[-?-] Lusk, Sheriff

J.G. Harris

[ink blot] [--berry]

Cha[-?-] Moon

[-?-] [--]ynor

M. Borden

Frances Stribling

James Kincannon

Baxter Thompson

Samuel K. King

Joseph [--]burn

Benjamin F. Grigsby

Abraham Slover

John C. Gaut

Elijah Ball[--]st

Joseph L. Swan

[?]. H. Barnet

William M. Witt

[-?-] Wrinkle[?]

G.W. Cate

Winchester Gillean[?]

John B. G. Maxwell[?]

G.R. Roberts

Tinsley Rhodes

Ben Giles

William Howard[?]

William Castiller[?]

James Bargar

John M[?] Brown

Bradford Seaborn

I[?] [?] Sapen[?]

Andrew McCormick


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