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The following dates are contained in a copy of the Bible. Contained are dates of marriages, births and deaths.

I don't know where the original bible is. I have inserted maiden names and middle names if I know them,
they are in (  )'s. All spellings are as they are in the original text.
Also, please note that Pleasant MORISON born 03/29/1821 is the son of Thomas MORISON
born 07/25/1774 and Frances Beard born 1779.

Pleasant and Martha (Stapp) Morison married October the 18th 1842
Joseph and Fanny (Morison) Epperson was married Sept the 21 1865
Ackleys (Acklus) and Mary (Elizabeth Smith) Morison was married November 18 1875
Thomas and Safronah (Airhart) Morison was married January the 6 1876
Wm. Holms and Mary (Morison) was married February the 17 1876

Pleasant Morison was born March the 29 1821
Martha (Stapp) Morison was born September 30 1822
Gilford (Canon) Morison was born November 23 1843
Fanny E. (Elizabeth) Morison was born June 5 1845
Isaac A. (Anderson) Morison was born June 3 1847
Thomas P. (Pleasant) Morison was born August 20 1849
Achilas (Acklus) Morison was born August 21 1852
William Henry Morrison was born May 10 1855
Cynthia Alviry Morison was born the 25 of October 1858
Mary Adeline Morison was borne September the 22 1861
Clarence O. Green was bornd June the 28 1892
Cora Estello Newman was born Sept 18 1898
Cyntha Jaunita Greene was born Jan. 14 1917

William Henry Morison dide the 6th of October 1858
Gilford Canon Morison dide the 27 of April 1865
Isaac Anderson Morison dide the 27 of April 1865
Pleasant Morisson departed this life April the 30th A.D. 1868
Cynthia (Cynaphe) E. Green died Feb the 21 1894
Martha (Stapp) Morrison departed this life Sept 17th 1906
Mary A. (Adelaide Morison) Holmes departed this life Mar 1st 1907
Joseph Epperson died Nov. 10, 1917
Fannie E. (Morison) Epperson departed this life Feb 21, 1927
Note: Gilford and Isaac were killed in the explosion of the Sultana in 1865 at the end of the Civil War.
Pleasant Morison committed suicide with a knife 3 years and 3 days after Gilford and Isaac were killed.
Grief overcame him.

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