The Ministry of Jethero David Smith
Southern Baptist Minister from Cleveland, TN

Submitted by:  S. David Smith

  Jethero David Smith was born on 20 June 1919 in Gordon County GA.    Jethero was born in a log cabin in the Hill City area of Gordon County, GA.
  In the cover of his Bible he wrote: “I want to be Godīs man, in Godīs place, doing Godīs work, in Godīs way, for Godīs glory, with Godīs supply.”
  He was born on 20 June 1919.  His spiritual birthday was May 1st, 1935. That was when he accepted Christ as his Savior during a Friday night during a revival service.
  He was ordained to the ministry at Mt Carmel Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN on November 3rd, 1946.

  Churches Jethero David Smith pastored these churches during his lifetime:
Information taken from his Bible

  1.         Called to pastor at Mt Carmel Baptist Church in Bradley Co, Tn,  on 27 October 1947.
2.         Eastview Baptist Church on North Pone Road in Georgetown, Tn [Near Cleveland, TN] –Called 01 October 1948.
3.         Blue Springs Baptist Church –Called 01-October 1949.
4.         Preached at Eastside Missions [out of eastside of Dalton, GA]. Called 01 September 1952.
5.         Smyrna Baptist Church, Ocoee, Polk County, TN. Called 07-October 1953.
6.         Deleno Baptist Church, Deleno, TN. Called 02 October 1956.
7.         Hemp Baptist Church, Hemp, GA. Called  10 February 1962.
              [It was 10 degrees below zero they day they moved there].
8.         Good Hope Baptist Church, Dalton, GA. Called 14 January 1963
9.         Tasso Baptist Church, Tasso, TN. He became their 1st pastor.  Called 06 September 1964.
10.       Wildwood Baptist Church, Englewood, TN [Near Athens, TN].  Called 09 May 1967.
11.       Smyrna Baptist Church, Ocoee, TN in Polk Co, Tn.  Called 01 May 1970.
12.       Wildwood Baptist Church, Englewood, Tn. Called 30 October 1970.
13.       Dalton Pike Baptist Church, Dalton, Georgia.  Called 15 February 1979.
             -Organized the church on 17 July 1983
             -Note burning on Sept. 21, 1986. [The loan was paid off].
             -Resigned [Retired] 01 March, 1987
14.       Covenant Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN.  Called 12 August 1987. [Resigned/Retired September 5, 1990].
15.       Conasauga River Baptist Church in Polk Co, Tn [on the Ga/Tn line]. Called 05 December 1990.
             Finished work there on 28 December 1997 at 78 and ― years of age.

Jethero David Smith had 14 brothers and sisters.  Two died at birth or shortly thereafter.  His parents were David Elias Smith [b. 1890 in GA] and Elisabeth Everett Smith.  David Elias Smith was a member of Hill City Baptist Church in Gordon Co, GA when he was a child.  David and Elisabeth Smith were long time members at Mt Carmel Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN.  They are buried in the Mt Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery in Bradley County, TN.
  Jetheroīs maternal grandfather [Marion Everett] was a founder of the Everett Springs Baptist Church in Floyd County, GA.
  Jethero David Smith died on Wednesday evening, October 30, 2002 in a Chattanooga TN Hospital. He was 83 years old.  Jethero is buried in the Mt Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery in Bradley Co, TN.
  Note:  This information was gathered from a personal interview held with Jethero in April of 2002 in their home in Cleveland, TN.  The information about where he ministered during his life was copied down from the front cover of his KJV Bible as he told me about each church.

Note: Jethero’s name was pronounced Jethro.

S. David Smith ~ Grandson
Londrina, Brazil
08 November 2003
Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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