HOMER CARR and Team Struck by Lighting Late Saturday Evening and Instantly Killed.
Homer Carr, who resides four miles above Charleston on the river, and his team of two mules, were struck by lighting during the storm Saturday evening and instantly killed. Mr. Carr was plowing in a field and thinking the clouds would soon pass by and evidently not considering them threatening paid no attention to the approaching storm. There was no witness to the scene. When Mr. Carr did not return home in good season his wife sent an uncle to the field to ascertain the cause of his delayed return, and this uncle made the awful discovery. Mr. Carr was 24years old and married. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon and interment was made in the country cemetery on the McMinn county side near his late residence. (June 29, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)

Submitted by: Susan Langheld
Death Notices from Newspaper in Cleveland, TN
1909-1911(from microfilm)

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