Submitted by: Susan Langheld
Death Notices from Newspaper in Cleveland, TN
1909-1911(from microfilm)

WILLIAM W. MORGAN--Well Known Young Man Dies in Chattanooga Hospita. After a Brief Illness. William W. Morgan, the well known ball player , died Wendnesday morning in Chattanooga. He was well known in this city, having been a member of the Cleveland baseball team and was a very heavy hitter and able baserunner. It is said that Morgan caught a sever cold at Trion, Ga which caused his death. He wore a red uniform which faded on his body when he perspired and after the game he missed his train and consequently had to ride to Chattanooga, a distance of 40 miles in an auto. He did not have a chance to take a bath and remove the stain, for several hours . It is said that the red dye poisioned him. Mr. Morgan, for the past four yearshad been a clerk in the Chattanooga postoffice, and was a great favorite with his fellow workers. He is survived by his father, mother, and two sisters, who live in James County. The remains were taken to Ootewah to Wendnesday morning, and the funeral services were held at that place Thursday morning at 10 o’clock. A number from this place attended. (July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)