Will of A. J. McPherson

Images Copied From Microfilm by: Susan Langheld, Transcribed by: Cathy Hall
Anything in brackets [  ] is unclear to the transcriber

Will of A. J. McPherson
My Last Will and Testament
I will all my land and personal property to my wife
Nancy McPerson during the time of her natural life at my death at her death I will all my land which consists of 40 acres and personal property to my son J. H. McPherson and my son Bud McPherson to have 20 acres each the said J. H. McPherson is to take care of me and my wife during the term of our natural lives. At our deaths the said J. H. McPherson shall have full possession at our deaths for taking care of us in our last days. Said J. H. McPherson pay all debts. This the 2nd day of November 1900. his
A. J. (X) McPherson
Witness to mark
P. H. Johnston
B. M.[?] Tucker

Probate Court, Monday, Sept. 2, 1907
It appearing to the court that
A. J. McPherson lately departed this life testate in Bradley County, Tennessee, and that he left a written will, and J. H. McPherson presented to the court a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of said A. J. McPherson, and asked that the name be admitted to probate and record, and same along with him P. H. Johnston and B. M. Tucker, attesting witness to said paper writing, who being first duly sworn deposed and said that they were persent when the said A. J. McPherson signed said paper writing as and for his last will and testament, that he signed the same by mark in their presence, and that they at his request and in presence and in the presence of each other, signed the same as attesting witnesses, and that the testator was at the time of sound mind and disposing memory. It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the court that sdaid paper writing is as it purports to be the last will and testament of the said A. J. McPherson, deceased, and the clerk is directed to record the same in the will book of this court, together with this order of probate.