Submitted by:  Barbara (Thomas) Fitzmaurice
10225 Dice Rd., Freeland, MI 48623-8882

of Bradley County, Tennessee Born c.1815 in Monroe or Blount Co., TN., son of Jacob THOMAS, Jr. and Margaret Elizabeth NEIMAN of Blount & later Bradley Co., TN. First marriage to Tresa WILSON or WETSON?? b. c 1817 in Monroe Co., TN.? Tresa could be the daughter of Unknown WILSON and NANCY Unknown WILSON. Wilson Died Jan-Feb 1891, Bradley Co., TN. Submitted by Barbara (Thomas) Fitzmaurice - BLFITZMA@prodigy.net 10225 Dice Rd., Freeland, MI 48623-8882 [From Tennessee State Archives - Roll 22 page 106]

To all it may concern, I, Wilson THOMAS being in my right mind do hereby will and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Ann [SCHOAT] THOMAS all of my personal property that may be on hand at my death after paying my debts and funeral expenses, and all of my real property for her use so long as she lives or remains single and I direct at her death or marriage that my oldest child J. L. THOMAS be paid five dollars and my son Robert L. THOMAS If he should apply before estate is wound up to have five dollars, and my son David THOMAS five dollars, and Nancy Jane to have five dollars and my son John THOMAS to have five dollars, and my son William THOMAS to have five dollars and my son Vance Thomas to have Twenty Five Dollars and that the remainder be equally divided between the children of my last wife consisting of E. M. [Emanuel] THOMAS, W.? B. M. [Margaret?] THOMAS, and M. A. [Malinda] THOMAS, and H. C. [Hugh] THOMAS. I therefore appoint and empower W. C. LEE as my executor at the death or marriage to take charge of the property and see to the best interest of the children and to meet the ??? of this my last Will and Testament. Witness [signed] WILSON THOMAS J. R. SMITH J. M. P SCOGGINS State of Tennessee } Bradley County } Personally appeared before me, Bassone? RUGERS? Clerk of [rest is cut off.] [I believe Wilson and his first wife Tresa had a son by the name of Marshall THOMAS also. He could have died before his dad Wilson.]