Will of Henry Trotter
September 5, 1881

Submitted by:  Stephanie Holmes

Images Copied From Microfilm by: Susan Langheld

I, Henry Trotter, being of sound mind do make and embelish this my last will and testament hereby recording and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon as possible after my decease.

2nd, I own a house and lot in that portion of Cleveland now know as Deantown which I bequeath to John Trotter (my gt-grandfather), Manerva Trotter, and Jesse Trotter, three of my children.

3rd, I have 79 acres of land known as the Lacy farm which I bequeath to Joseph C. Trotter, Mary Jane Trotter, and Archibald E. Trotter jointly, but Mary Jane to have her part off of the west end of said farm.

4th, I own a little better than 8 acres of land that I bought off of the Melton farm that I bequeath to Mary Jane Trotter.

The farm that I now live on was willed by Samuel Breedwell (this name is very hard to read) to Mary A. Louza Trotter and Margaret Kelly and Elizabeth Easley and their heirs. Consiquently Samuel H. Trotter, William H. Trotter, and Francis A. Trotter heirs of my wife Mary A. Louiza Trotter and will heir said land consiquently. I will them none of my real estate. I want to make them all equal as nigh as I can and at my death I want all the personal property I may have sold and divided equally amounst all the heirs and lastly. I do hereby nominate and appoint my son John Trotter my executor of this my will and testament as witness whereof . I do to this my last will set at my hand and seal this 24 day of May 1878.

Henry Trotter (seal)

Signed, sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator and at his request. This 24 day of May 1878

A. F. Shannon
Dempsey Cooper
R. Potts

Page 539 Monday 5th Sept 1881
Came A.R. Potts and Dempsey Cooper with my instrument of writing purposling to be the last will and testament of Henry Trotter, Deceased from which it appears that they are the subscribing witnesses that who after being duly sworn each deposed and said that they were acquainted with Henry Trotter the testator in his lifetime that he departed this life on the 8th day of August 1881. That he was in proper mind and senses at the time of signing the same that he signed and acknowledged the same in each of their presence as his last will and testament that they signed the same as witnesses in his presence and at his request and in the presences of each other. The same is therefore admitted to probate and is ordered to be recorded.