WESTVILLE, I.T. JULY 17, 1900.

In this matter of the application of Cary Hatfield et als., for enrollment as citizens of the Cherokee Nation, said Hatified [sic] being sworn by Commissioner Needles, testified:

Q.  What is your name?  A.  Cary A. Hatfield.
Q.  What is your age?  A.  34.
Q.  What is your postoffice?  A.  Kansas, I.T.
Q.  Where do you live?  A.  In Tahlequah district.
Q.  How long have you lived there?  A.  Six years.
Q.  Where did you live before?  A.  In Delaware.
Q.  How long have you lived in the Cherokee Nation?  A.  15 years.
Q.  Continuously?  A.  Yes.
Q.  Are you a Cherokee by blood?  A.  No sir.
Q.  For whom do you apply?  A.  Myself, wife and two childre. [sic]
Q.  Does your name appear upon any of the rolls of the Cherokee Nation?
      A.  Yes, on the 96 roll.
      On 96 roll, page 1281, number 100, Tahlequah ["Delaware" typed over]
      district as Cary Hatfield.
Q.  Did you ever apply to the Cherokee Tribal Authorities for citizenship?
      A.  No sir.
Q.  Did you ever apply to the Dawes Commission?  A.  No sir.
Q.  Are you married?  A.  yes.
Q.  Under what law?  A.  Cherokee law.
Q.  Have you a certificate of marriage?  A.  Yes.
Q.  Where were you living at the time of your marriage?
      A.  In Delaware district.
Q.  What was your wife's name before she was married?  A.  Nannie Fields.
Q.  Is she now living?  A.  yes.
Q.  Is her name upon the rolls?  A.  yes.
        On 80 roll, page 255, number 983, Delaware District.
        On 96 roll, page 1182, number 1401, Tahlequah District.
Q.  What is the name of her father?  A.  James Field [sic].
Q.  Is he living?  A.  No sir.
Q.  Is he on the Cherokee roll as a citizen by blood?  A.  Yes.
        James S. Fields on 80 roll, page 255, number 978.
Q.  What is the name of your wife's mother?  A.  Catherine Fields.
Q.  Is she living?  A.  Yes.
Q.  What proportion of Cherokee blood does your wife claim?  A.  1/32.
Q.  Have you any children under 21 years of age?  A.  Yes.
Q.  Please give their names?  A.  Winnie D., 14 years old.
        On 96 roll as Winnie Hatfield, page 1182, number 1402.
Q.  What is the name of the next one?  A.  James R., 5 years old.
        Upon 96 roll as Roland, page 1182, number 1403.

The name of Cary A. Hatfield appears upon the census roll of 96 and he presents a duly certified copy of his marriage license together with his marriage certificate, which is pronounced satisfactory. The name of his wife, Nannie Fields, appears upon the authenticated rolls of 80 and also upon the census roll of 96, and his children, Winnie D., and James R., [something "x" out] appear upon the Census rolls of 96 all identified by page and number as indicated in the testimony now being taken. Satisfactory proof as to their residence being made, said Cary A. Hatfield is [something "x" out] ordered admitted as a citizen by intermarriage, and his wife, Nannie and two children Winnie D. and James R. are ordered admitted as citizens by blood, and will be enrolled as such upon the rolls now being made by this Commission.

Brown McDonald, being sworn by Commissioner Needles, says as Stenographer to the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, he reported in full the testimony of the above named witness, and that the foregoing is a full, true and correct transcript of his notes.

                                                              [Signed] Brown McDonald
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of July, 1900, at Westville, I. T.
                                          &nb sp;                   [Signed] ? [can't read]
                                          &nb sp;                                      Commissioner.

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