Look at a recreated image of the Dawes Census Card of the Cary A. and Nannie L. (Fields) Hatfield family ( Guion Miller Applicant 5180 ).

Now that you've seen the card, let's discuss what you saw.


The next area (top center of card):

The third section (top right of card):

Below this section approximately in the middle of the card are the references to the rolls which each member of this family had appeared on and "how" they had been listed.  

This is important because some of the Cherokee names will be spelled differently on one roll than they are on other rolls. The Dawes Commission had to locate the individual on previous rolls and show the district, page and the name as it appeared on that roll.

The information for the Hatfield family was as follows:

In the very bottom right hand corner is the date the application for enrollment was filed, in this case July 17, 1900.

On the left side of the page under the family names are stamps which state:

This appears for each person on the census card. These stamps on this card are difficult to read.   Nos. 2, 3 and 4 were all approved. No. 1, Cary Hatfield, was denied by "Action approved by Secretary of Interior, Jan 26, 1907."

As stated earlier we will learn the reason for this as we explore the Dawes Packet contents .

Now we are ready to see what we can do with the above information.  The entire family was enrolled in the 1896 census roll (Microfilm 7RA19).  We will look for them in the Tahlequah District, Nos. 1401-1403 for Nannie and the children, and No. 100 for Cary Hatfield.

We should find Nannie enrolled in the 1880 Cherokee Census (Microfilm 7RA71880) in Delaware District at #983. By her name being shown as "Fields" we know she was not married at the time and may be living with her mother. We know from the enrollment information for her father that he was "dead" by the time of the 1880 census .  In fact, we know that he died 21 Jun 1876. This information was included in Nannie's Guion Miller Application.

By analyzing the above information we are now ready to trace the family back prior to 1900.

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