Surname:        Wright

Given:            Robert

Inclusive Dates:  1803-1815              & nbsp;      [NOTE: The dates of children's births]

Family Tradition: Robert WRIGHT was the father of William, Alfred Leander and "Bob"

Robert was supposed to have married on the day he left Virginia.  Son "Bob" reportedly

never married. Nothing more known about "Bob"

Known Facts: William and Alfred were brothers. Alfred moved to Overton Co., TN from

Meade Co., KY, and was enumerated there in the 1850 census. William was living in

McMinn Co., TN, in 1850 (he has not been located before that date) and moved to

Overton Co. sometime during the 1850's. Both brothers remained in that county the rest

of their lives.

I have checked every listed "Robert WRIGHT" in the 1810 and 1820 Census records of North Carolina. Have

also checked 1820 Tennessee and Kentucky on the chance the family had moved after Alfred was born. There

were only 2 Robert's in North Carolina in 1820 - neither having males the ages of both William and Alfred.

 Have also checked marriages for Robert WRIGHTs in VA prior to William's date of birth - there were six.

Eliminate the Robert WRIGHT marriages by attempting to follow each couple through 1820 if possible - -
two couples have already been removed.

Page created by Jerry Wright Jordan.