On this page I will describe the usage of the Survey Sheet. You will want to view the blank sheet first to see how it looks. After you look at it, click on your browser's "Back" arrow to return to this page. Feel free to print a copy of the page. View Survey Sheet

Let's look at each component separately. The top of the sheet if self explanatory. You write the surname the sheet is created for, all spelling variations you can think of, and a sheet number. The sheet number will help connect other survey sheets as you create them.

Below this is a 5-generation pedigree chart modified to follow just one family line.

As you can see there is a place for each spouse's name but nothing else. The reason for this is that each spouse and their line will have a survey sheet exactly like this one.

There are three areas in the next section of the page and each section has 5 columns (1 column per generation). We will go over each separate section.




Use the page. It will help you keep track of what you have done and what you need to do for each family line.

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