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Company "G"
Transcribed by Linda Rives

Extracted from "Campaigns and Battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers" 
Published in 1885

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Linda for transcribing this information.


P. C. Shields, Captain.
A. T. Fisher, First Lieutenant.
W. L. Woods, Second Lieutenant.
James R. Fisher, Third Lieutenant.


Jasper Adcock.
H. P. Adcock.
William Allen.
A. J. Allen.
Benjamin Atnip.
John Atnip.
Alfred Bain.
Peter Bain.
Isaiah Bain.
John Bain. 
Peter Bain. 
Henry Bain.
C. Bain.
J. L. Britton.
M. Blount.
W. M. Chenny.
Joseph Cantrell.
C. W. Cantrell.
William L. Cantrell.
Meredith Carter.
Darius Clark.
Phineas Clark.
Jefferson Clark.
H. B. Cope.
William A. Cotton.
Ben Capshaw.
Zil Cruse.
T. A. Cotton.
T. A. C. Denton.
John Denton.
D. L. Dunham.
L. R. Dunham.
P. C. Duncan.
John Donnell.
R. N. Earles.
Gabriel Elkins.
John Fisher.
L. B. Fisher.
J. P. Fisher.
Peter Franks.
A. Fisk.
W. J. Ferris
Lawson Fisher.
M. L. Fisher.
L. B. Fisher.
P. B. Franks.
R. Grissom.
Grundy Gibbs.
G. W. Gilbert.
L. W. Gilbert.
William Gleeson.
William Goodson.
E. M. Greenfield.
James Helton.
Lawson Helton.
J. L.  Hudson.
Jesse Hudson.
Thomas Hodge.
Moses Hutchins.
Ben Hutchins.
C. M. Jordan.
Lawson Knowles.
Robert Love.
Levi Lassater.
Isaiah Lassater.
Monroe Moore.
Ransom Moore.
Dimmon Moore.
Lawson Moore.
Wallace McPeak.
John McManus.
John Meggerson.
O. D. McGown.
James Mullins.
James North.
A. Norris.
Thomas Pollard.
F. M. Petit.
Thomas Pettit.
Albert Pickering.
Jasper Roberts.
James Roberts.
G. W. Roberts.
William Roberts.
James Roberts, jr.
Dock Roberts.
Joseph Ray.
Carson Robinson.
C. G. Rankhorn.
H. L. P. Sanders.
L. H. Stockton.
Wiley Sanders.
Lawson Smith.
J. R. Swindle.
J. J. Staley.
C. G. Stacy.
Nathan Troglin.
Lee Troglin.
Adolphus Wiggins.
J. W. Wiggins.
Tilmon Wiggins.
F. M. Wright.
S. L. Walker.
O. D. Walker.
Alexander Walker.
Seth F. Wright.
D. W. Warst.
Austin Webb.
James Wright.
Deskin Wright.
Andrew J. Youngblood.


Isaiah Bain, Perryville.
C. Bain, Perryville.
J. L. Britton, Murfreesboro.
W. S. Cantrell, Perryville.
Darius Clark, Perryville.
H. B. Cope, Perryville.
P. C. Duncan, Perryville.
Lawson Fisher, Perryville. 
Grundy Gibbs, Atlanta.
J. L. Hutson, Perryville.
Monroe Moore, Perryville.
Ransom Moore, Murfreesboro.
Jasper Roberts, Perryville.
Dock Roberts, Perryville.
J. W. Wiggins, Perryville.
Thomas Hodges, Murfreesboro.
F. M. Wright, Perryville.
Thomas Pollard, Atlanta.
S. L. Walker, Perryville.
B. L. Jordan, Franklin.
Zil Cruse, Murfreesboro.
Lee Troglin, Murfreesboro.
Lieut. F. M. Pettit, Franklin.
James N. Cantrell, Murfreesboro.
John Fisher, Murfreesboro.


Lieut. W. M. Clenny, Ga., 1861.
Peter Atnip, Va.
C. W. Cantrell, Ga.
David L. Dunham, Prison.
E. M. Greenfield, in Camp.
James Hilton, Prison.
James Mullin, Prison.
L. H. Stockton, Perryville.
John Donnell, Mississippi.
Kimmon Moore, Murfreesboro.
Wallace McPeark, Huntersville, 1861.
D. W. Marsh, Camp.
J. J. Allen, Ky.
William Gleeson, Vicksburg, Miss.


William A. Cotton, Perryville.

P. B. Franks, Murfreesboro.
William Roberts, Corinth.
Lawson Knowles, Perryville.
Adolphus Wiggins, Perryville.
William Gleeson, Perryville.
C. G. Rankhorn, Kennesaw Mountain.
Andy Youngblood, Murfreesboro.


A. T. Fisher, Capt., 1862.
W. L. Woods, 1st Lieut., 1862.
A. Fisk, 2d Lieut, 1862, Capt., 1863.
W. M. Clenny, 2d Lieut., 1862.
F. M. Pettit, 2d Lieut., 1863.
P. B. Franks, 3d Lieut., 1863.
Lawson Smith, 2d Lieut, 1862.


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