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Many pictures of families and the Clay County area can be found in the Clay County Pictorial History book which is available from the Clay County Museum.

Employees of Dale Hollow Dam Office and Warehouse

Date: Unknown, but if during construction of the dam, probably in the early 1940s (the dam was completed in 1943).

Charles A. Reeves, Jr.

December 29, 1998

From left-to-right:

Front Row: Harold Dellen, W.E. Hargrove, Delbert Allred, Herman Robbins, Fred Brent, Raymon Spears, and C.B. Thompson

Second Row: Jean Maxey, Wylene Morgan, Christine Harris, Frances Cogdill, Jaunita Fourt, Mrs. Cruzen, Mrs. Bolch, John M. Swan, and Mr. Glass

Back Row: Fred L. Webber, Claud Sweeney, Russell Baer, Tom Hopper, H.B. Reeves, Sr. (my grandfather), John Melberg, Don Ferrell, Bobby Gray, Cluren Wassom, and Don Ross.

Tim Plumlee submitted the following photo in hope that someone will recognize the fellow. Tim wonders if he might be Archibald Green, the first Trustee of Clay County, and who also served in the Tennessee 45th General Assembly in 1870.

Editor's Note: Leah Savage reports that the unknown photo is of of A.P. Green who served in the Senate General Assembly in 1887-1888. Under his picture in the group collage states: Green A.P. 11 Dist. Her copy from the archives has a 7 on one side of the capital and 1888 on the other. She assumes 188 is cut off. He was the first senator to serve and she believes one of only two ever from Celina. Jimmy Reneau was the other in the 40's. Credit for identifying the picture goes to Ty Pyror a great, great, great, great grandson. He did the leg work at the archives in Nashville.

A photo of Carter's Camp, Clay County.

Britt Anderson sent the photo below of the William Lafayette Brown home in Celina. The image was made at the turn of the century. William (left) and Lillie May (Maxey) Brown are shown with their extended family. William operated several businesses in Celina including a Mercantile whose sign may still be painted on one of the buildings in town. Lillie May was the daughter of Dr. Elza Maxey. William promised his wife a home as good as his father-in-law's. This home fulfilled that promise. William "Billy Pa" was involved in many aspects of the town including, banking, education and even road construction. His father was John Jasper Brown, Sept 26, 1839; mother Elizabeth Jane Walker. His grandfather was Robert P. Brown, July 12, 1810; grandmother Sarah or Sally?

Diana White sent these three photos, who she thinks are Wade Rich, her great-grandfather, and Kate, her great aunt (Wade's daughter). She is wondering if anyone can help with identification.


Wade Rich

Wade Rich and Jack Spears



Harold Keisling sent the following photos. He reports this one was taken to Oklahoma in the early 1900s, and that the gentlemen had children that attended Willow Grove School in 1898-1899.

This photo is of Willow Grove School and he needs help identifying the folks in it.

Harold also submited the following photo of an unknown man. He reports: "On the back of the photo it says Celina Tenn. The stamp on the back has one more letter in the sequence it is 19304 not a date but an inventrory number of some type. It seems to say Mr. Rob------ --------- with a birth date of 26, 28, or 29 x 2 x 18---. Still have not been able to decipher it. The photo appears to be form a Q. E. S------. could be Smith but I am not sure of that either. Any help form the public would be appreciated. This beard was in style in the late 1800s and carried over into the ealry 1900s. There were two Conner families who lived about where the Holly Creek Marina is now located in this time frame. I do not know if this is one of them or not. Still have not been able to determine just who he is for sure. But wiht a name beginning with Rob he is not one of the Conner's that lived there. Not sure about the other as I have not photos of him."

He also sent the following photos taken from old newspapers.

He doesn't know what this building is.

He reports that this long low brick building was the school 1939-1943. It appears to have been the completed in 1938 and then it was torn down before the lake was flooded. They apparently had a wood school building in Willow Grove before, since he has seen an article on the 1929 Class of Willow Grove.

Yet another photo of Willow Grove School, this one from Pam Bybee, who is researching the Bybees, Hancocks, Savages and Sweezeas from Jackson County (the school was most likely in the portion of Jackson that was taken when Clay was formed).  She reports she doesn't know any of the folks in the photo, but thought it might be of interest to others.


David Schember reports that he found the following photo in an old photo album that belonged to his Aunt. His mom says it is from the Sugar Creek School about 1930. His mom, Elna Moss, is the third one from the right in the front row. She has been working on identifying those that she can remember and he will forward that as soon as he can.

Haywood Anderson sent the following photo of Poplar Bluff School in Hermitage Springs taken in 1903, along with a listing of the teacher and students from the back:


Haywood also sent the following photos of the Bailey Butler Race Track saddle shop building, probably taken in the 1940s or 50s, along with information from the back of the photo:

Jane Hembree Crowley provided info and photos of the Sanders family.

Jane Crowley provided the  photos below of Cynthia Catherine "Kate" Sanders and Bill Gillam, Married Oct. 18, 1917.

Jane Crowley also sent the photo below, and is asking for help in identifying some of the folks.  The couple on the left is probably Greenwoods, the couple in the center is Cynthia Catherine "Kate" Sanders and Bill Gillam, and the right couple is also probably Greenwoods.

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