Clay County "S" Cemeteries

Cemetery Name


Sallee Cemetery(70)

About one mile south of Moss and ca 300 yards west of Bennets Ferry Road--Moss.

Sallee-Miller Cemetery(70)

Located on a farm of David and Alec McAlpin, later the Peter White farm, south ca 1-1/2 mi. from Moss, north of the Royce Henson house, and west of the highway--Moss.

Jim Scurlock (Spurlock?) Cemetery(70)

Between Moss and Arcott on the old J. Spurlock place, later the Anderson place, now the Eula Copas property; in front of the house, southwest of the road on an incline--Moss.

Seibers Cemetery(70)

On the first road to the right, West of Waddle's Store in Baptist Ridge, adjacent to the yard of Millard Lynn.

Billy J. Sewell Cemetery(70)

See St. John Cemetery.

Shankey Branch Cemetery(70)

On the north side of the hill above Ray "Rawhide" White's houseÐShasta Branch.

Shields Graveyard(71)

In Celina on Highway 53 approximately 1/4 mi. east of the Court House on the Fowler farm, once owned by W. W. Shields [1937].

(Jim) Short Ridge Cemetery(70)

Turn west at Arnold Asberry's Garage and Station on the Union Hill-McCormick Ridge Road; go out ca 2 miles on the south side of the road--Union Hill.

Slave Cemetery(70)

On the north side of Mill Creek on the land of Leon Boles. At the end of the point just above where Willis Johnson lives near the edge of a bluff above Mill Creek Road.

Slave Cemetery(70)

One hundred yards east of old Tinsleys Bottom Church of Christ--Tinsleys Bottom.

Billy Smith Cemetery(70)

On the north side of Mill Creek North of "Billy Hill" Road.

Smith Cemetery(70)

On the farm of Creed Herman Hestand, on the top of a hill, west of the road, between Denton's Crossroads and Pine Hill, ca 1/2 mi. south--Denton's Crossroads.

Smith Cemetery(70)

On Smith Ridge that leads to the Obed [Obey] River Bridge at Free Hills, about 1/2 mi. south of Free Hills.

Martha Smith Cemetery(70)

On Smith Ridge about 1-3/4 mi. South of Ada Ellis' in Free Hills.

Marion Smith Cemetery(70)

On land where Rollen Terry once lived, now owned by Leslie Upton, east of Neelys Creek.

Southworth-Castell Cemetery(70)

About 1/4 mi. south of the store of Ed Kendall on the east side of the road on the farm of Truman Odle--Moss.

Speakman-Rogers Cemetery(70)

About 400 feet southwest of the store of George Burnett, on top of the hill at the woods' edge, near or on the Clay County Line--Boles, Monroe County, KY.

Spear Cemetery(70)

About one mile east of Moss, ca 150 yards south of Highway 52 on the old "Sonny" Spear farm--Moss.

Spear-Stockton Cemetery(70)

About 1/2 mi. north of Highway 52, down a ridge behind the house of Othor Washington Meadows, through a pine thicket at the edge of the woods--Moss.

Stephens Graveyard(71)

In the north part of Celina approximately 250 yards North of the Public Square--the family plot of J. H. Stephens [1937].

Andrew Stephens Cemetery(70)

About 200 yards from the Obed [Obey] River on the east side of Long Branch below the Obed [Obey] River Bridge, about half way to the crest of the hill in the bench on the side of the hill--Free Hills.

Sid Stephens Cemetery(70)

On the land of Robert Ashlock, about one mile north of Andrew Johnson's, across Ada Johnson's Knob, East of Rob Colson's home place, beneath a large cedar treeÐPea Ridge. One the east side and adjacent to the old road.

St. John Cemetery(70)

At Willow Grove, formerly the Billy J. Sewell Cemetery.

Stone Graveyard(71)

In Celina approximately 1/2 mi. east of the Court House near the residence of James Arms, on land once owned by Arms and G. B. Gates [1937].

Stone Cemetery #2(70)

South of Big McFarland Creek on the farm of Walter Bransford Arms, about 100 feet west of Vernon Road--Celina [same as above?].

Stone Cemetery(70)

Turn east from Highway 52 at Beech Bethany, east of Little Proctor Creek, above Arthur Nevins'--Beech Bethany.

Strong or Old Macedonia Cemetery(70)

About one mile south of Moss, north on a hill from the New Macedonia Cemetery--Moss.

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