Mount Tamalpais Mortuary Cemetery, San Rafael, California
William Lucas, Engineer, N.P.C.R.R.

William Lucas gravemaker

William Lucas
Eldorado Cal.
July 23. 1857.
Feb. 21. 1886.
The moment came he cluched the brake,
To save his train he madly tried
He scorned the leap to save his life,
Others to save his aim and strife
'Neath the engine's wreck.

Detail from William Lucas gravemaker

William Lucas gravemaker and 
its original base behind it.
Marin County Journal
Thursday, February 25, 1886 [3:2]

Billy Lucas

   The same jury that investigated the cause of death of Judge Hughes were called upon to perform a like service in the case of Wm. Lucas.
M. Smith, section foreman; W.J. Thomas, master mechanic; Wm H. Hanson, conductor; C.E. Stocker, fireman; and Henry Harrison, engineer; were severally examined and the jury found "that Wm. Lucas came to an accidental death caused by the derailment of the engine and tender on Sunday, Feb. 20th, the cause of said derailment unknown.
   All testimony given was very clear, especially that of Master Mechanic Thomas. The track was in excellent order, and remains so, the road without obstructions to view, and the engine was in perfect order on Saturday, and in like order on Sunday morning, when examined by Mr. Lucas. Thomas had thoroughly examined the road, and found marks on the ties. where the accident occurred, which led him to firmly believe that some obstruction -- a stone or small object -- had been placed on the track. Nothing was the matter with the tender or engine. The most excellent character was given to Lucas as an engineer and officer of the road.
   Lucas was born in Eldorado county and was 28 years, 6 months, and 21 days old. He has been from boyhood in Marin County and in the employ of the railroad company, working up to the position occupied by him at the time of death.

DIED [3:3]

LUCAS--On the N.P.C.R.R.* near Sausalito by accident, Feb 21st, Wm Lucas, a native of California, aged 28 years, 6 months and 21 days.

[*N.P.C.R.R. = North Pacific Coast Railroad.]
Marin County Journal
Thursday, March 11, 1886 [3:3]

Beautiful Tribute to Wm. Lucas

   The railroad accident near Sausalito February 21 caused the death of one of nature's noblemen. But twenty-eight years of age; a specimen of physical manhood that caused admiration; endowed with a heart that beat for his fellow man's good; a support to a bereaved mother and father, who in their declining years will miss a noble boy, of whom they were so proud, and whose death, so tragic, will always be referred to with credit to the departed. We speak of the engineer, Will Lucas who died nobly at his post of duty.
   There was no flinching there, no attempt after reversing his engine, to leap for safety, but with his eye to the wellfare of those entrusted to his charge, met his Maker, crowned with a garland of immortelle that will be kept in sweet remembrance by the host of friends who mourned over all that was mortal of the beloved Will Lucas. Fourteen years he was in the employ of the company and during that period became known to most of Marin's inhabitants as a pure diamond in the rough, only lacking the polish, to make him a shining and guiding star to the rising generation. Our deepest sympathy is with his bereaved parents and may God make their hearts glad in the glory of their noble boy's death.
--S.F. Weekly Herald of Trade.

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