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    John M. Bennett

    The following abstract on John M. Bennett has been contributed by Margaret Kelley’s transcription obtained at Project Preservation, Franklin Co., Tennessee.

    J.M. Bratton Exr. vs Mariah Bennett & others
    Depositions of J.M. Bratton, Jackson Bennett, Mrs. Mary Gann, Argaylor Bratton

    Depositions taken on behalf of B.F. Bennett before the C&M on 12th January 1877, at his office in Winchester Tennessee

    J.M. Bratton first witness says hewas acquainted with John M. BENNETT for 40 years ...was intimate with him for 20 or 25 years previous to his death. I married his daughter ...B.F. BENNETT worked and managed the farm of John M. Bennett since the war ... At the close of the war J. M. Bennett had a three year old black horse mule, and one blind bay mare. The old man afterwards bought a mule and sold a piece of land to James M. Morris to pay for it. He bought a colt at Holland’s sale in 1866 one of which he gave to his son B.F. Bennett, and some four years after that I sold it for B.F. Bennett- Old man Bennett made some swaps and had some other stock which I do not remember unless my attention was directed to them. Out of the proceeds of B.F. Bennett’s horse sold by me he purchased a mule of Wm Delzell, which he sold, and he (B.F. Bennett) rec’d another colt purchased by him from John Harris, which he also sold. This stock belonged to B.F. Bennett, and he never sold any horses or mules off the place which belonged to his father, J.M. Bennett- the old man swapped horses several different times ... states he is executor of John M. Bennett ... The endorsements on the back of the 8 papers were signed by me as shown that I accepted them as debts as Executor and I make them part of my deposition ... They were presented to me and I saw they were plain notes of hand and old man John M. Bennett had assigned them with his own genuine signature. I also knew that B.F. Bennett had been living there and running the farm but I knew nothing of the notes until after the old mans death ... B.F. Bennett’s services were reasonably worth per annum while he was operating the farm, over and above his support ... I suppose from one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars- He could have made his services worth three hundred dollars a year ... Q. State whether or not John M. Bennett was a man easily influenced or otherwise. In other words was his character and disposition as to his business up to his death? Ans. You could not influence him at all. He always pretty much kept his business to himself. He would hardly tell anyone about his business – and he advised me to do the same. Sometimes he would tell me about some few items of his business but not often ... He could not have been influenced by B.F. Bennett contrary to his judgment - He could not be influenced by anybody unless he just wanted to ... I lived one & half miles about (from JMB) ... I have two children who are his grandchildren. Cross Examination by Morris & others ... he & his wife were also saving and economical in their living. Q. Did you not say a short time before the death of Jno. M. Bennett at Billy Hollands at a wheat threshing in the presence of ? Lynch and others, that you knew how B.F. Bennett was living with his father, & that he was getting the proceeds of the farm, less a support of his father & mother. A. I don’t recollect of ever having a conversation with ? Lynch in my life ... Q. What interest did you have in a thresher owned by you and B.F. Bennett in partnership- A. I owned two-thirds of it ... Q. How much money have you borrowed from B.F. Bennett for the last 7 or 8 years previous to his fathers death and how much did you owe J.M. Bennett at his death- A. I don’t recollect- I had the money I got for his horse I sold- I have borrowed from him according to my recollection, one hundred dollars since his fathers death- I owed J.M. Bennett I think, seventy dollars at his death. I think it is that amount he had my note for somewhere about that amount- Q. How much Pension money did you collect for J.M. Bennett and for what years. A. I am not positive as to the years. The two first years came in on vouchers of $187.50 and the seventy dollar note he held on me, is the balance of that amount left unpaid to him. I have gotten three vouchers from J.M. Bennett since then. I swapped off one of his mules & give $25. to boot, and out of a voucher he afterwards got, he paid me the $25. I have gotten from him in all $259.50. Q. For what years is the $259.50 and what is the date of the last voucher you got- A- My opinion is the pension claims commenced in 1871 or 2, and the date of the last voucher I do not remember-can’t say- The last one I got was in the spring of 1875, I think- Q. How much did the thresher cost you and B.F. Bennett- A. I give five hundred dollars for it- Q. Did not J.M. Bennett tell you before his death, to keep the balance you owed him, to pay his burial expenses with- A. He did not tell me- Q. How long after the death of J.M. Bennett was it that you learned that he had said that he wanted the balance you owed him to defray his burial expenses- A. The first time I went over to his house, about a week after his death- Q. When you went over to his house at the time you say, was there not some money offered or proposed to be turned over to you, and you said never mind, that if you did not see the money, it made no difference or words to that effect. A. No sir- When I went over the old lady said she was out of sugar &coffee & clothes. That there had been a big crowd there several days and that she couldn’t get off to Decherd to get her anything- And that there was a little money on hand, and what should she do. I told here I could do nothing for her until the court met- And that the court did not mean for her to suffer for anything to eat, till the court did meet- And to go in & get something to eat & that if the money didn’t come into my hands, I did not have it to account for. Q. How much stock was on the place or owned by Jno. Bennett in 1869 or 70, and how much at his death- A. I can’t tell you exactly- he kept about two or three mules. He kept generally two milk cows & sometimes three, and hogs but he didn’t keep a great many hogs- At his death, there was two mules & another one was on the place that he had given away before he died to his grandson Jackson Bennett- Ben F. Bennett had a mule then- there was two cows & a calf or two, and some hogs- Q. Was not the mule given to Jack Bennett upon the condition that he lived and stayed with his grandfather. A. No sir- it was given to him to influence him to quit drinking whiskey. Q. After Jno. Bennett’s death, at the time dower & the years support was allotted & set apart to the widow, did you not insist that something should be allowed to Ben. F. Bennett- A. No sir- I did not. Q. Are you & B.F. Bennett not very intimate & were you not before his fathers death, and have you two not been together a great deal since & before the death of his father- A. Always very intimate- And we have been together a good deal. He has been coming to my house often even since he was ten years old, & not as a neighbor, but as one of the family you might say. Q. What was the amount of Jno. Bennett’s burial expenses- A. I think his coffin cost, 28 or so dollars- and I disremember what his clothes cost now. I don’t remember the ?, but there will be something coming to the estate, from the 70$ note I owe.

    Ans. I accounted for it [pension money] all to him in his lifetime in various ways. With the money he paid off some old notes that he owed ?- I paid his taxes, bought him some clothes & groceries, and he received in various ways all of it but the 70$ for which I gave him my note ... They [mules, cows & calves] were allotted to the widow together with the hogs. All the personal property not exempt under the law and not allotted to her by the commissioners was sold by me as Exr and I returned a list of sales to the county court clerk, which as I see from the records of the county court aggregates $51.71. Q. Is the balance due on your $70 note and the personal property sold by you more than sufficient to pay costs of administration and the debts against the estate- Ans. I do not think it will pay it, leaving out the claims of B.F. Bennett ... My understanding from him John M. Bennett was and has been for the last 8 or 10 years that Ben F. Bennett was to have the place at this fathers death for his services, and I thought he had a deed to it until after the old mans death when Ben mentioned the notes to me and I then asked him if he did not already have a deed to the land and he said no. 12 Jan. 1877. /S/ J.M. BRATTON. T.H. Finch C&M

    Deposition of Jackson Bennett says John M. Bennett was his grandfather ... Q. State whether or not you ever had any conversations with him about his stock in the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad Company and if so how did the talk come up& what was said? Ans. I was wanting to go down to Nashville on a free ride and went to my grandfather to get him to let me have his stock in said Railroad & when I asked him to leave it to me- he said that he did not have it that he had given it to Ben F. Bennett, but that he would get it from him for me to go on. Q. Did you live with your grandfather since the war? Ans. Yes sir, I have several times since the war – the last time about two years ... I do know that he said he had Ben hired by the year to attend to his business ... Q. Was Ben F. Bennett at the time attending to the farm and the business of your grandfather- Ans. Yes sir-

    Cross examined by Morris & others

    Q. What kind of business did B.F. Bennett attend to for his father and did he work any scarcely himself- A. Any business he needed attended to- he worked right smart- Q. What was the condition of Jno. Bennett before his death, and did not Ben influence his father & could he not get him to do as he wanted him- A. No, his father would not do as he wanted him-he always done his own way. 12 Jan. 1877. /S/ A.J. Bennett

    Deposition of Mrs. Mary Gann. Q. Did you ever live at John M. Bennetts before his death, and if you did how long did you live there? Ans I lived there from first to last some seven or eight years in all. I moved from there the last time about the month of June last ... I heard him John M. Bennett say that he was hiring Ben at two or three hundred dollars a year, but I have forgotten which amount it was ... Ben was living there at the time ... I heard him say that he had given his Railroad stock to Ben- This was when Jack Bennett wanted to get it. He said he would have to see his Uncle Ben- or he would get it from him (Jack) Uncle Ben or something to that effect.

    Cross Examination
    Q. When was it you heard Jno. Bennett say what he was paying Ben by the year, and where was it, and who was present A. I don’t recollect where it was, but I heard him say so, a time or two- It was at the house of Jno. Bennett. I don’t know who was present- I don’t recollect anything about that, I just heard him say he was a hiring of him (?) Q. What part of the place was it you were at when you heard the conversations by J.M. Bennett- A. I was living at Mr. Bennetts & it was there on the place. Q. When was it you heard Jno. Bennett say he had given the Rail Road stock to Ben, and who was present, and when was it you heard him say what you have detailed- A. Well I don’t recollect about that- don’t know when it was-I don’t recollect who was present-I don’t know nothing about that- I have forgot- I heard him say it at this house. Q You spoke of living at Jno. Bennett’s at different times, did you live there any during the war? A. No sir I did not live there until after the war ... first lived at Jno. Bennetts ... I think it was nine years ago last October and left this June last. 12 Jan. 1877. /S/ Mary (her X mark) GANN. T.H. FINCH C&M.

    Deposition of Argaylor Bratton ... I never purchased a mule from Ben F. Bennett in my life. I purchased one from his father John M. Bennett. I gave him a lien on the mule & my father with my consent sent the mule south to pay the purchase money- J.M. Bratton is my father and the Executor of John M. Bennett ... He [John M. Bennett] was pretty hard to influence- Since I have known him he has been a man of his own head and always has done as he wanted ... I don’t think Ben influenced him but very little if any.... /S/ A.B. BRATTON.

    6 Jun 1877. Deposition of John K. BENNETT ... Giles A. Bennett, who was generally called Berry Bennett is dead and left five children to wit: J.L.W. Bennett, Steven Bennett, Winfield S. Bennett, Rebecca Bennett, and Elizabeth Bennett, who is intermarried with Columbus Williams, and died after the death of her father, leaving two or three children whose names I do not know ... Mary A. Bennett, who was called and known in the family as Polly Bennett is dead, and she was never married and left no children. That John J. Bennett is also dead, was never married and left no children- That Sarah A. Bratton is also dead and left two children now living Mary Alice Perkins and Jefferson Bratton. Francis M. Bennett is also dead and he left as his children, Jackson Bennett, Margie, Ida, Jarrett and Sallie Bennett – Argaylos Bratton is insolvent & has been so since the death of the old man Bennett. /S/ J.K. Bennett

    Deposition of Berry Bostick states That he has heard the deposition of J.K. Bennett read and adopts it as to the deaths of the parties mentioned and as to the names of their children. I know the mule that John M. Bennett sold to Argalos Bratton – After the death of the old man Bennett Argulos Bratton turned the mule over to J.M. Bratton the Executor and he sent the mule by me to sell in the South. I sold the mule for the best price I could get and paid over to Bratton seventy eight dollars the net proceeds from the sale of the mule. I think it would be doubtful about making a debt out of Argaylor Bratton. Several have told me that you cannot make anything out of him and that he is insolvent. /S/ B.R. Bostick.

    Know all me by these present that I John M. Bennett of the 10th Dist of Franklin CO. Tenn have this day transferred to Argalaur Bratton of the same place in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid and the further agreement of said Bratton as herein stated for the purpose of making a cross during the season of 1875 one black mare mule 14 hans high It is understood and agreed that said Bratton is to pay the sum of one hundred & ten dollars (110.00) for said mule on or before the first day of next November and upon such payments the said mule shall become the property of said Bratton and upon the failure of said Bratton to pay said sum at the date stated the sum of 10 percent per an interest is to be added and to further secure the payment of said sum an additional lien upon one sorel fillie 2 years old and one bay mare ? years old mare owned by said Bratton to be in case of the failure to pay said sum at the time specified the ownership in the two mares last mention shall rest solely in said Bennett without further ? in ? and I Argalour Bratton hereby agrees to all the terms and conditions herein specified and to faithfully fulfill the same in witness where of I have affixt my hand and seal this the 8 of March 1875. /S/ A.B. Bratton. Wits.: B.R. Bostick; B.F. Bennett.

    Deposition of J.M. Bratton... I am the Executor of John M. Bennett decd and as such Executor there has come into my hands and with which I am chargeable: The amount of list of sales returned by me to clerk of the county court of Franklin County Tennessee, dated 18 Dec 1875, due 12 months thereafter amounting to $57.70. I have collected off of his book of accounts the sum of $93.50. I have collected from B.R. Bostick the proceeds of the mule sold by him for me, being $78 recd by me in January 1877. – being the same mule that the testator had sold to Argaylor Bratton. I took the mule from Argaylor Bratton and had Bostick to sell it because it was the only way to realize anything on the claims and I considered the mule under the ? writing to still belong to this estate. I filed the papers upon as part of my depositions marked X. I rented out the farm from the year 1875 at the price of one hundred dollars, but there is to be deducted from that amount ten & 65/100 dollars for repairs of farm. The rents were due 25 Dec 1875. I have rented out the place for the year 1877, but could not get money rent, and therefore have rented it for a third of the crop as is usual and customary. I am also chargeable with note on me dated 1 July 1873 due at one day for $74.83. with credit of $19.35 April 1st 1875. The balance of the claims which came to my hands are insolvent. I am entitled to credits for my disbursements and allowance for serving and I herewith file the vouchers for my disbursements, as part of his deposition. They were executed by the parties whose names are signed thereto. Lycurgus Bennett died without any children. Mary A. Bennett was never married and is dead. I have not paid my attorneys for their services in this case and in the case about the lots at Decherd, but the same will have to be paid by me or under the direction of the court. /S/ J.M. Bratton.

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    Delzells Move to Franklin County, Tennessee,

    Five generations of Delzells lived in Franklin County beginning with John Delzell (1808-1870), who migrated from Blount County, TN. about 1828. John, his young wife Louisa, her father and uncle settled at the foot of the mountain between Greenhaw and Cowan.
    John Delzell and Louisa B. Anderson were married on February 12, 1858 in Blount County, TN. by Dr. Issac Anderson, Pastor of the New Providence Presbyterian Church. They must have left soon for Middle Tennessee. In 1830 he is shown on the Franklin County, TN. census.
    Census records prior to 1850 were concerned only with numbers; consequently, the only name to appear was the head of the household. John Delzell was listed as head of household in both the 1830 and 1840 census of Franklin County with a wife and children of appropriate ages. In 1850 the names of the family are shown for the first time. John Delzell (42) farmer, born TN., Louisa Delzell (42) keeping house, born VA., children Elizabeth (21), William (20), Lucy Ann (17), Martha (15), Nathaniel (13), Margaret (12). All children born in Tennessee.
    At the October term of County Court in 1850, we find the following on page 130 of the report.
    "Ordered that John Delzell appointed overseer of and that he proceeded to cut out a road recently viewed and layed off by jury on petition of Chapman McDaniel. The following hands... F.M. Darwin, Berry Bennett (one of Anderson Matthew's hands), James M. Morris, John P. Kennerly, Elijah Sanders, William Barns, Davis Barns and James Bratton."
    The last record of John Delzell in Franklin County was a $2.00 Poll Tax he paid in 1852 and 1853. We cannot be sure if he died in Franklin County or moved away. No record of death or a will has been found.
    Since my primary study has been on John's son William, I will include only his immediate descendants.
    The 1860 census of Franklin Co., TN lists William Delzell (30) farmer and wife Nancy C. (25) living with children, Louisa F. (5), Mary E. (3), and John (1). Also living with them was William's youngest sister Margaret (18) domestic and John Tol Guess (16) farm hand. All born in TN.
    Minutes of the Franklin County Court for October 8, 1861 shows William Delzell was appointed administrator of the estate of Frances McKelvey. His bond was signed by, William G. McKelvey, Samuel McKelvey and Noah McKelvey. This shows the honored position that William had attained in the family. But, before the estate could be settled William left to join the Confederate Army.
    William Delzell joined Company D 44th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry on March 20, 1862. He was inducted in at Corinth, MS. for 12 months service. William's name appears on a list of "Killed, Wounded or Missing in Action". He had been wounded December 31, 1862 in the Battle of Murfreesboro, TN. Muster Roll for March - June, 1863 show him absent with the remark, "Detailed to work on railroad, April 8, 1863 by order of General Bragg." On the July - August roll he is again absent with this remark, "Sent to Hospital August 24, 1863 at Louden, TN. by order of Surgeon Jackson." He returned to active duty at the end of 1863. Muster rolls for January - December, 1864 show him present. He was captured on April 2, 1865 at Petersburg, VA. William Delzell is shown on the roll of prisioners received at Fort Delaware, State of Delaware, from City Point, VA. on April 4, 1865. He was described as, "brown complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes and 6 ft. height." His residence was given as Franklin, TN. He was released June 10, 1865.
    After his return from the Civil War, William returned to Franklin County and his devastated farm. He was elected Justice of the Peace in the 10th Civil District in 1868, a position he held until his death The Justices of the Peace, when meeting, formed the County Court which governed the County. In January 1879 he bought a 275 acre tract (which later figured closer to 290 acres), for $1300., paid in two annual payments of $650 plus 6% interest. The property was on the Decherd-Greenhaw Road (known presently as Blue Springs Road), bordering Wagner's Creek and the McKelvey farm; there he built a two story log house where four generations of Delzells would reside. He deeded land for the Greenhaw School and Greenhaw Baptist Church.
    The children of William Delzell b: 1830 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: 1898 Franklin County, Tennessee, and Nancy Catherine McKelvey b: 1835 Franklin County, Tennessee:

    1. Louise Frances Delzell b: 1854 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: 1880 Franklin County, Tennessee. Married James Thomas Minton b: 1855 Franklin County, Tennessee d: 1930 Franklin County, Tennessee.
    2. Mary E. Delzell b: June 20, 1856 Franklin County, Tennessee d: January 03, 1934 Franklin County, Tennessee. Married Joseph S. Berryhill b: December 18, 1846 Franklin County, Tennessee d: December 24, 1914 Franklin County, Tennessee.
    3. John Delzell b: May 30, 1859 Decherd, Tennessee, d: February 12, 1938 Decherd, Tennessee. Married Sarah Ann Spencer b: October 31, 1858 Lincoln County, Tennessee d: January 11, 1944 Decherd, Tennessee.
    4. Joseph Delzell b: October 05, 1860 Franklin County, Tennessee d: August 15, 1923 Franklin County, Tennessee. Married Sarah A. McKelvey b: June 26, 1859 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: January 08, 1933 Franklin County, Tennessee.
    5. Temperance Delzell b: October 11, 1863 Decherd, Tennessee, d: January 25, 1908 Franklin County, Tennessee. Married Samuel T. Knott b: March 24, 1863 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: December 13, 1926 Franklin County, Tennessee.
    6. Robert Lee Delzell b: August 23, 1867 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: August 27, 1940 Franklin County, Tennessee. Married Ammah Fields b: August 07, 1866 Decherd, Tennessee, d: February 02, 1940 Franklin County, Tennessee.
    7. William McKelvey Delzell b: January 21, 1877 Franklin County, Tennessee, d: September 05, 1956 Chattanooga, Tennessee. Married Louie Ellen West b. June 13, 1895 in Franklin County, Tennessee, d: October 09, 1947 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    The Delzell descendants have a long and proud history of public service. Upon the death of his father, William Delzell, John became the owner of the family farm and was elected to fill his father's term as Justice of the Peace. A post he held uncontested for the next 34 years. In his later years he served as Superintendent of the Franklin County Farm.
    John's son Hugh started teaching in small rural schools in Franklin County in 1909. While teaching he completed the requirements for a two year Teaching Diploma in 1917 and in 1926 recieved his B.S. Degree from Middle Tennessee State Teachers College at Murfreesboro. In 1929 he recieved his M.A. Degree from George Peabody College in Nashville, TN. He was Principle and taught at Southside School 1917-22, Normandy School 1922-24, Lavernge School 1924-27, Christiana 1927-33, Lynnville 1934-39, all in Middle Tennessee. In 1939 he became Assistant County Agent of Perry County, TN. and later County Agent of Perry. In 1955 he recieved the Distinguished Service Award (the highest award presented to County Agents), from the National County Agents Association at the convention in Lansing, Michigan. He retired December 31, 1957 and moved to Nashville, TN. Where he lived until his death.
    Another son Robert Spencer served in World War I with the AEF in France, 117th Infantry, 30th Division. After the war he became a Barber and continued in this trade until his death. He was elected and served as Justice of the Peace in 1936. Spencer and his wife, Jennie Ruth Williams, were instrumental in founding, and were active in, the Nazarene Church in Decherd, TN.
    Another son JohnRoy served during World War II withe A.E.F. in France, in Company H, 322nd Infantry, 81st Division. After the War he returned to Franklin County, TN. and lived in and around Decherd, working in Retail Stores. From 1950 to 1969, he owned and operated the Delzell Furniture Company, which was located on the southside of the Square in Winchester, TN. He also served as Mayor of Decherd. He and his family moved to Nashville where he eventually became Secretary of the Brotherhood of the Southern Baptist Convention, and was a well known and sought after speaker.
    Another of John's sons, Ernest, was for serveral years an Insurance and Automobile Salesman. From about 1942 he was Cirrculation Manager of the Baptist Reflector of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Later he was Executive Secretary of the Tennessee Baptist Brotherhood. From 1957 to 1968 he was an Examiner of Small Loans with the Tennessee Insurance and Banking Commission.
    The youngest son, Raymond Earl, bought the family farm near Greenhaw, in 1932, at which time his father John retired and moved into Decherd.
    Two of William's sons, Joseph and William M. were Baptist preachers, pastoring numerous churches in Tennessee and Alabama. After moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1908, the brothers founded the Sherman Hill Baptist Church which both pastored at different times.
    One of William M.'s sons, Joseph was also a Baptist preacher and pastored the Sherman Hill Church.
    This information is respectfully submitted by Billy G. Denham, son of Mary Louise Delzell, Rev. William M. Delzell's youngest daughter. Rev. Billy Denham has also served as a Baptist pastor and evangelist for the past 32 years.


    Surnames mentioned in this file include HIGHERS, MILLER, HILL, RYMAN, HUNT, BURNETT, SLADE, RUSSELL, DOBBS.

    This essay was handwritten by Ella Frances Miller Highers, about 1929/30, as an application for membership in the United Daughters of the Confederacy. At the time of writing, she lived in Dixon Springs (Smith Co.), TN. Ella was born in Sewanee (Franklin Co.), TN, 8 Sept., 1879 and died in Dixon Springs, 16 April, 1965. She was married to Simon Claiborne Highers. Transcribed by Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky (, granddaughter of Ella.

    "My grandfather George S. Miller was born somewhere in Virginia and was married to America Ann Hill. To them seven children were born five sons and two daughters, Thos., Edward, Joseph, James, Robert, Sallie and Francis.

    Uncle Tom the eldest was born in Franklin Co. , Jan 15, 1832. I have been informed that they afterwards moved to Cowan, a small town that lies at the foot of Cumberland Mountains and there the other six were born and reared.

    When the Civil War broke out only three of the boys inlisted, Uncle Tom, Ed, and Joe, the other two being to young. Tom and Ed inlisted together in the same regiment made up of Nashville and Kentucky under Gen. Zollicoffer. Uncle Tom did scout duty, the horse he rode was very high spirited and at the firing of guns at one time his horse jumped from under him and threw him across a stump hurting his back so badly he had to be carried to a hospital where he remained for months and was totally disabled for farther service.

    At the age of 29 he was married to Margerette Ryman, to them were born fifteen children, eight boys and seven girls. Boys names were Charlie, George, Thomas, Horace, ?ton, Frank, and Alex. Girls : Minnie, Mollie, Sallie, Lillian, Maud, Stella and Bessie. She and Uncle Tom being the only survivors of his family.

    Uncle Ed was born Jan. 25, 1842. He inlisted at the age of 19. After the closing of the war he was married to Mille Hunt. To them were born five children, 4 boys and one girl. The boys names are Willie, Harry, Charlie, Edward. The girl Addie Belle. Three of the children and their mother are still living, she was 80 years old this past month."

    RESEARCH NOTES: George S. Miller and family are listed in the 1840 U.S. Census for Franklin Co. , TN. However, the 1860 Census shows them in Davidson Co. The ages of the children do not quite agree with my grandmother's accounting for years and ages.
    1860 U.S. Census, Davidson County, TN: Pg. 457A
    Miller, George S. b. Va age 76 School Teacher, 1000/200, America b. VA age 54, Thomas age 24 b. TN, Carriage Maker, 1400/500, Robert age 21 b. TN, Carpenter, Edward age 18; b. TN, Matrass Maker, Joseph age 16; b. TN, app carpenter, , Frances age 19 b. TN F,

    James, age 22, is found living in the household of Nat Slade. Sallie is not listed.

    The 1870 Census for Davidson Co. lists Thomas H. and Margaret Miller and family, as well as E.H. (Edward) and Amelia (Millie) Miller and their children. The names of the children listed agree with my grandmother's account. Joseph is not listed.

    Marriages found in Davidson Co. for this family are: Thomas H. Miller and Margaret C. Ryman, 22 Aug, 1860; Robert F. Miller and Martha A. Burnett (Ella's parents), 18 Feb, 1864; Edward H. Miller and Catherine A. Hunt, 17 Dec, 1865; Joseph H. Miller and Delila B. Russell, 7 July, 1867. James Miller married Matilda Dobbs in Sumner Co. 10 Dec., 1865.

    My thanks to Jeanne Johnson ( for her assistance with the Census and marriage records and for sharing her Ryman family information. Fran C. Rutkovsky, Tallahassee, FL USA,

    Know all men by these present that I , George S. Miller of the county of Franklin State of Tennessee for and in consideration of the sum of forty dollars the receipt whereof is herby acknowledged hath this day granted gained sold delivered unto Griffin Lampkin the following property, towel, one cow & yearling, one bed furniture, curtains, three trunks, four chairs, one looking glass, one kettle, two ovens, one skillet, one (something) and Irons, one pot, thirteen plates, one Sett of cups, Saucers, one cream pot, one Sugar dish, a Dozen knives & forks, five large common spoons, three (something), one Churn, three pails and Well Bucket, two fans, one tin coffee pott, two tea pots, one hoe, one Smoothing Iron, and one Saddle and Bridle. To have and to hold the above property (something) from the claim or claims of all and any person or persons whatsoever which property I warrant & defend against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever as witness my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of November 1828. (signed) Geo. S. Miller (seal)
    This bill of sale was duly proven in open court under oaths of James Lewis & Strother Key. Let it be registered (signed) E. Russell, Clerk

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    Heirs of Thomas Garner of Franklin Co., Tennessee
    Submitted by Joy Gallagher

    Franklin County, Tenn. Court Loose Records 1880-1889 Gardner - Geohagen, Folder: 1880- 0376
    Project Preservation, Franklin Co., TN Archives, 349 Dinah Shore Blvd., Suite 6, Winchester, TN 37398
    W.W. Garner et als vs. George Turner et als 1889"

    The deposition of Mrs. M. J. Turner taken by the C & M on reference to ascertain the heirs, Dec. 17, 1894. David Lynch C&M.

    1. What is your age and residence?
    Ans. Age 54 years old, residence Winchester, Tenn.
    2. Did you know Thos. Garner in his lifetime?
    Ans. Yes sir.
    3. State how you were related to the said Thos. Garner.
    Ans. My mother was his daughter.
    4. How many and what were the names of his children?
    Ans. There was [sic] eleven.
    --------- 1. Thos. H. Garner dec'd.
    --------- 2. Chas. Caloway Garner dec'd.
    --------- 3. John Garner dec'd.
    --------- 4. Mary N. Turner dec., formerly Garner
    --------- 5. Ellen Burton dec., formerly Garner
    --------- 6. Symira M. Grant dec., formerly Garner
    --------- 7. Nancy Estill dec., formerly Garner
    --------- 8. Harriett Manuel dec., formerly Garner
    --------- 9. Elizabeth McMurray dec., formerly Garner
    ---------10. Mrs. Celia Scott dec., formerly Garner
    ---------11. Mariah Wadlington dec., formerly Garner
    Harriett Manuel died without issue leaving 10 original heirs.

    - 1. Thos. H. Garner died leaving 7 heirs.
    --------- 1.Thos. Garner who died leaving the following heirs.
    ------------- 1. Claib H. Garner
    ------------- 2. Mary Garner who married ___Webb
    --------- 2. Mary Louiza Davis, formerly Garner who died without issue
    --------- 3. Cassandra W. Turney, formerly Garner who died leaving the following heirs.
    --------------- 1. Thos. Turney who died without issue.
    --------------- 2. Hopkins Lacy Turney who died leaving one heir Cassandra Turney (minor)
    --------------- 3. Virginia Elkins formerly Turney who died leaving four heirs, to wit
    ------------------- 1. George Elkins (minor)
    ------------------- 2. Cassandra Elkins (minor)
    ------------------- 3. Mary Lou Elkins (minor)
    ------------------- 4. Farrar Harris
    -------------- 4. Josephine Goss, formerly Garner
    -------------- 5. Calpernia Beard, formerly Garner
    --------- ----- 6. William M. Garner
    -------------- 7. Cynthia H. Tanner, formerly Garner
    -- 2. Charles Caloway Garner dec. who died leaving 3 heirs.
    --------- 1. Catherine H. Estill, formerly Garner who died leaving nine heirs, to wit
    ----------------1. C. C. Estill
    ----------------2. Beula Thomas, formerly Estill
    ----------------3. Ellen Estill
    ----------------4. Floyd Estill
    --------------- 5. Mollie Estill
    ----------------6. Mattie Estill
    ----------------7. Henry Estill
    ----------------8. Joe Estill
    --------------- 9. Charles Estill dec'd., who died leaving two children Kate Estill and Charles Estill (both minors)
    ----------2. W. W. Garner
    ----------3. I. C. Garner
    --3. John Garner dec'd., who died leaving one heir.
    ----------1. Harriett Garner
    --4. Mary N. Turner dec'd., who died leaving four heirs.
    ---------1. F. Caloway Turner dec'd. died leaving heirs, to wit
    ---------------1. Mary Caldwell
    ---------------2. Mattie Montgomery
    ---------------3. Kate Turner
    ---------------4. Frank Turner
    ---------------5. Clift Turner dec'd. died leaving two heirs Murray Turner and George Turner (both minors)
    ---------------6. Will Turner
    ---------------7. Tom Turner
    ---------------8. George Turner
    ---------------9. Charlie Turner
    ---------------10. John Turner
    ---------------11. Annie Turner
    ---------- 2. William Turner dec'd. died leaving four heirs.
    ----------------1. R. A. Turner
    ----------------2. Frank Turner
    ----------------3. Kate Russey, formerly Turner
    ----------------4. Abbie Turner
    -----------3. Heslep Turner
    -----------4. Myself. (Mary Judith Turner)
    --5. Ellen Burton who is dec'd.
    --6. Samyra Grant who died leaving three heirs.
    ---------1. Eldridge Grant
    ---------2. Alice Grant
    ---------3. Ida Grant
    --7. Nancy Estill dec'd. whose descendants I can't tell.
    --8. Harriett Manuel dec'd. who died without issue.
    --9. Elizabeth A. McMurray who died leaving two heirs.
    ---------1. Lucy Wadlington, who died without issue.
    ---------2. Mercer Wadlington
    10. Mrs. Celia Scott dec'd. number and names of her heirs unknown to me.
    11. Mariah Wadlington dec'd., number and names of heirs I don't know.

    And further deponent saith not.
    Mrs. M. J. Turner [this is her signature]
    Sworn to & subscribed before me Dec. 17, 1894 ... Felix D. Lynch C & M

    Some Pylant Deeds
    Submitted by Stacy Hardin

    Book M, page 79 - Indenture 22 August 1829 between William Ayers of Franklin Co. and William Pyland of same ... $60 ... land on Fall Lick branch and the east side a branch of Big Hurricane Creek, beginning on a dogwood branded thus MA ... 20a ... /S/ Wm. M. AYERS. Test: David Osborn; Alijah A. Simpson(?) Reg’d. Feb. 1830.

    No. 1597. Billy Pyland enters 1000a in Franklin County beg. on oak lettered C.C. and oak lettered B.P. on head waters of Turkey Creek near Nelsons north boundary line ... for compliment Augst 23rd A.D. 1830. Billy Pyland, Lo.

    Book N, Page 559-560 - Indenture 25 Nov. 1831 between Epps Tucker of Franklin Co. and Billey Pyland of Bedford Co. ... $100 ... a certain tract of land in Franklin Co. on Fall Lick branch west side a branch of Big Hurricane Creek of Elk river beginning at a dogwood marked ET ... south east of Britton Smiths mill containing 300a... /S/ Epps (his X mark) Tucker. Test: Willis Burt; Wm Pyland. Reg’d. 9 Sept. 1834.

    Book O, Page 342-343 - Indenture 20 Nov. 1833 Billy Pyland of Bedford Co., Tenn. and Elijah Booker of Franklin Co. ... $100 ... tract on of Big Hurricane Creek of Elk River ... including the ridge south east of Britton Smiths mill ... 300a. /S/ Billy PYLAND. Test: Robert Poe; Richard C. Faris. Reg’d. 11 Oct. 1835.

    Book S, page 348-349 - Indenture 2 Nov. 1842 between Susan Meddors of Franklin Co. and Elijah Pylant of Marshall Co., Tenn. ... $250 ... land situated in Franklin County on waters of Blue Creek a branch of Rock Creek, a north branch of Elk river beg. corner of the new ground fence(?) south of Henery Byrums northeast corner ... east with William Lasater's south bound ... south east corner on Abner Lasater's line ... east with his south boundary thirty six poles to his 42a survey ... Phillip Dorrel's west boundary ... nearly west with the north string of the apple orchard ... 100a.... /S/ Susan (her X mark) MEDDORS. Wits.: Abner Lasater; Samuel P. Hitton.

    Book T, page 83 - This covenant made 11 Nov. 1843 between Laben Jones Snr of Franklin Co. and Bluford Pylant of Marshall County ... $250 ... land on waters of west bank of Rock creek ... north boundary line of Daniel Muses 300a tract thence west ... corner of the field where Laben Joneses strikes the fence ... west with line to Jacob Anthony's poplar....

    Book T, page 312 - Indenture 4 Jan. 1845 between Elijah Pyland of county of Marshal and Green H. Lasater of the county of Franklin ... $200 ... land in Franklin County on waters of Blue Creek a branch of Rock Creek a north branch of Elk River. Beg. at corner of the now present fences nine rods of Henry Byrams north west corner ... east with William Lasater south boundary ... south east corner Abner Lasater line ... east with the south boundary 39 poles to his 42a survey and with the ?? 34 poles to his south west corner thence east with the south boundary 20 poles to Phillip Donely(?) west boundary and with the same south ...west with the north string of the apple orchard corner of Epses ... 100a ... /S/ Elijah PYLAND. Wits.: Samuel P. Heltors(?); Stephen Pyland. Reg’d. 3 April1845.

    Book T, page 470 - Know all men by these presents that I Bluford Pyland of Marshal Co., Tenn. have this day sold to Besherer Chrisman and Benjamin Decherd of Franklin county land on waters of Rock Creek ... 50a ... west bank of Rock Creek ... north boundary line of David Muse's 300a tract which tract now belongs to ? and Wm Byrons, thence west with said line to the fork of the hill thence along fork of the mill a north west course ? to the corner of the falls(?) when this the path ... 6 May 1846(?) /S/ Bluford Pyland. Test: Soloman Brown(?); Samuel Shell(?).

    No. 29.... William H. Pylant enters 100a on waters of Old Town Creek-beg. on Decherd & Christman's north east corner on Mathew Mann's line, running east with said line to M.D. Embrey's line, south with his line, then west to Decherd & Christman's line. 16 Oct. 1847.

    Book U page 41 - Know all men by these presents that we William H. Pylant, Eleanor Pylant and Charles Cook of the county of Franklin and state of Tennessee for $160 which has been paid down in a horse and a note executed for forty dollars payable the 25th of December 1849 payable to the said Charles Cook have this day sold unto William A. Breeden our interest in two tracts of land our interest bring two undivided fifths lying in Franklin County Tennessee civic district no 2. said two tracts adjoin each others and contain 75a more or less. The first beg. birch tree marked with letters BA ... west to the river. This tract is immediately in the bounds of the river opposite the mouth up Big Hurricane creek supposed to certain about 25a the other tract adjoining ... Samuel Roseboroughs line ... north east corner of Stephen Cash's other tract thence west ... we have a good right and title to the two fifths of the above named tract and have a good right to convey the same ... 19 Sept. 1848. /S/ William H. Pylant; Eleanor (her X mark) Pylant; Charles (his X mark) Cook.

    No. 3182 - William H. Pilant enters 150a on waters of Town Creek, a south branch of Elk River - beg. on the south west corner of a tract of land entered in the name of William Young ... running north with his line and west with Chrisman's line south around with the lines to the beginning so as to include all the vacant land in that bound. 20 Sept. 1851. W.H. Pylant Locator.

    Book Y, Page 58 - Reg’d. 18 March 1858 I William Pyland this day sold unto Bluford Pyland ... for $50, a tract in District No. 14, 20a lying the east side of a branch of Big Hurricane Creek beginning on dogwood marked W A and running west ... 20a ... 15 Apr. 1846. /S/ Wm. Pyland. Wits.: Bennett Pyland; James C. Pyland. Personall appeared Marshall County.

    Book Y Page 58-59 - 18 March 1858. I Bluford Pyland this day sold unto Green Allen Pyland for $20 one acre of land in Franklin County in district 14 lying on the Fall Lick branch near the fall ... north west corner of a 20a entry in the name of William Aires. 17 March 1858. /S/ Bluford Pyland. Wits.: James C. Pyland; John L.A. Brown. Reg’d. 19 Mar. 1858.

    Book Y, page 248 - Indenture 29 Dec. 1857 between Joseph Jones and Eliza Jones of Franklin County and G.A. Pylant of Coffee County ... $814.50 a tract in Franklin County on Fall Lick branch of big Hurricane a north branch of Elk River ... south west corner of a 20a in the name of William Ayres; thence north with the west boundary of same. Also a part or parcel of a 250a tract entered by Gabriel Tucker assigned to Britton Smith as shown by grant joining aforesaid tract ... south east corner of said 250a tract, thence north ... south east corner of Eliza Jones 50a layed off for her in the north east corner of said 250a tract, thence west with her line ... division line between said Eliza Jones and Serena Brown, thence south ... 160a. /In testimony whereof the said Joseph Jones and Eliza Jones hath set their hands and seals./S/ Joseph B. Jones; Eliza (her X mark) Jones. Wits.: Aldridge Brown; E.B. Pylant. Reg’d. 13 Oct. 1858.

    Book Z, page 9 - Indenture 6 Sept. 1856 between Kimbreil Pylant of Franklin Co. and Thos. J. Fain of same ... $150 ... land on head waters of the Fall Lick a branch of Big Hurricane of Elk river ... east of the Mineral Springs running north ... /S/ Kimbreil Pylant. Wits.: A.P. Darrell J.G. Crick. Reg’d. 16 July 1859.

    Book Z, page 226 - Indenture 15 Feb. 1856 between Amanda S. Jones of Franklin Co. and E.B. Pyland of same ... $310 ... land on dividing edge between Rock creek and Big Hurricane north branch of Elk river. .. northeast corner of Haggetts 167a ... east boundary of Wm. H. Gilbert 50a on which said Gilbert lives ... south boundary of the Daniel's land. /S/ Amanda S. (her X mark) Jones. Wits.: Wm. M. Faris; J.E. Jones. Reg’d. 22 Feb. 1860.

    Book 1, page 58 - Indenture 19 Jan. 1861 between Joseph B Jones and GA Pylant ... for a parcel of land and saw mill now owned by said GA Pylant and for an in consideration of said land and mill the title of the same having been executed to me with the following rights and reservations retained to himself on the land and mill, to wit, a right of way between said land and John L.A. Browns a right to hold and use places dry kiln where it is or move it off when said Pylant wishes. The dam or obstruction of the water shall never be raised more than ten feet seven inches high from the bed rock that the mill is now built upon, said Pylant retains a right to himself on any other person or persons he may order to furnish the mill in logs to be sawed on the shares one half for the other so long as he may wish so to do, and the said Joseph B. Jones or any other person or persons that may run the said mill is to saw for no other person or persons whomsoever not well themselves without the consent of said AG Pylant or his assigns unless said Pyland or his assigns fails to have logs on the yard. Said Pylants lumber to be racked, stacked or piled by the owner of the mill so it will not damage. Said Pylant having a right to use the lumber yard equal with the owner of the mill when he has lumber on hand. Said Jones to leave a good and sufficient lumber and log yard on each side of the mill. Said GA Pylant returns a lien on said land and mill until the land I am now trading to said Pylant is disencumbered of debt or debts that it may be bound for and said Pylant is to give said Jones one hundred dollars twelve months after date as about or difference between the places for which said GA Pylant has executed his note the receipt of all the above is hereby acknowledged and agreed to. I Joseph B. Jones unto GA Pylant a tract or parcel of land lying on or near Fall Lick branch a branch of Big Hurricane ... Beg. north west corner of John LA Browns tract he now lives on running south ... 300a. /S/ Joseph B. Jones. Test: JC Pylant; John LA Brown. Reg’d. 12 Feb. 1861.

    Book 1, page 246 - I W.A. Woods of Tullahoma Coffee County Tennessee as attorney in fact of Catharine M. Barrell of Boston Massachusetts this day convey unto G.A. Pylant of Franklin Co for $124 ... on the waters of Fall Lick branch a north branch of Elk River ... south west corner of a 100a in name of E. Tucker ... south bd. of a 250a in name of said Tucker. ... NE corner of 50a in name of Buford Pylant ... containing 6a. 24 Nov. 1859. /S/ Catharine M. Barrell by her attorney in fact W.A. Woods. Wits.: Jas R. Graham; RG Gilbert. Reg’d. 30 Nov. 1861.

    Book 1, page 247 - Indenture 19 Jan. 1861 between GA Pylant and Joseph B Jones this day bargained and swapped for the 100a of land now owned by Joseph B. Jones known by the Booker land ... lying on Fall Lick branch a branch of Big Hurricane including the saw mill ... north west corner of a 100a tract now owned by John L.A. Brown also the north east corner of the land swapped for... southward to the sulphur spring 50a ... south boundary line of said tract to a stake about half way between the two small water falls thence southward across the mill front to a stake near the road ... westwards towards the mill to a stake near a hickory tree opposite the work shop still westward ... north boundary line of John LA Browns tract. The following right reservation and title retained on the mill and land to wit, a right of way between John LA Brown and said land a right to hold and use the dry kiln where it is or move it off when said Pylant wishes. A right to hold and use the work shelter where it is until said Pylant builds another the dam or obstruction of the water shall never be raised more than teen feet seven inches from the bed rock the mill is now built on said GA Pylant holds a right to himself or any other person or persons he may order to furnish the mill in logs to be sawed on the shears one half for the other so long as said Pylant may wish so to do and Joseph B. Jones or any other person or persons that may own the mill shall saw for said Pylant and no other persons whomsoever unless said Pylant fails to have logs on the yard not even his own timber without said Pylants consent. Said Pylants part of the lumber to be racked, stacked or pilled by the owner of the mill so as not to damage said Pylant having a right to use the lumberyard equal with the owner of the mill when be he has lumber on hand said Jones to leave a good and sufficient lumber and log yard on each side of the mill. The said Jones having access to a spring below the mill for using water. A lean retained on the mill and land until the purchase money due on the said 300a is paid by Joseph B. Jones or the land disencumbered in some other way satisfactory to said Pylant and others that has claims against it and when said land is disencumbered this lean shall cease and be null and void the title of which with the foregoing eights reservations and title retained... /S/ G. A. Pylant. Test: John LA Brown; JC Pylant. Reg’d. 30 Nov. 1861.

    Book 1, page 250 - Indenture 10 Dec. 1860 between G.A. Pylant and James C. Pylant ... $120... a lot or parcel of land in district 14th lying on the waters of Turkey Creek a branch of Big Hurricane. Beginning on J.L. Pylants south west corner ... Joseph B. Jones north boundary line of a 300a tract known as the Booker tract, thence west ... James Brazier’s corner, thence west Bluford Pylants south east corner of a 50a tract now claimed by W.A. Woods as the Barrell lands thence north with the east boundary line ... south east corner of the Mary Brandon tract thence north with said Brandon tract... /S/ G.A. Pylant. State of Tennessee Personally appeared before me John G. Enochs, clerk of the county court of Franklin County in said state G.A. Pylant the bargainer named in the above instrument of writing with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office December 5th, 1861. Reg’d. 5 Dec. 1861.

    Book 1, page 293 - Know all men by these presents that I S.M. Woodward am held and firmly bound unto Wm. R.(?) Pylant $196.... 4 Feb. 1862. The condition of obligation is such that provided the said Woodward makes or causes to be made to Wm. R. Pylant, the making of the payment of the sum of ninety eight dollars for which are due unto my hand and seal due the 25 day of December 1861 to a good and sufficient warranted title to a certain tract or parcel of land in the county aforesaid lying on or between Town Creek and Nichols Creek south branches of Elk River and in District No. 2. Bounded north west corner of Edward Morris 300a .... 4 Feb. 1862. /S/ William H. Pylant. Reg’d. 20 Feb. 1862.

    Book 1, Page 546 - Indenture 21 April 1863 between E.B. Pyland and Wm R. Gilbert ... $1200 land on dividing edge between Rock Creek, Big Hurricane north branch of Elk river ... north east corner of Baggetts 167a ...east bd of Wm. R Gilberts 50a tract on which said Gilbert now lives ... south boundary of Thomas Daniels land ... 90a. /S/ E.B. Pyland. Wits.: RW Farris. Reg’d. 30 Oct. 1865.

    Book 2, page 471 - Indenture between Bluford Pylant of the county of Marshall and William Moore of county of Coffee this the 5th Sept. 1867 ... for $50 ... land on Fall Lick branch of Big Hurricane in view of the May Flower Springs. Bounded on south and the west by the land of Green Allen Pylant. Beginning at the north west corner of a one acre lot of the said Pylants, running thence north east, south and west containing one sqr acre of ground. /S/ Bluford Pyland. Wits.:M.R.; Geo W Davidson. Reg’d. 5 Sept. 1867.

    Book 3, page 535 - Indenture 28 May 1869 between Bluford Pylant of Marshall County and GA Pylant of Franklin county ...$379.50 ... land lying in District 14 near the Fall Lick branch a water of Elk river ... south east corner of a 100a tract now owned by the said GA Pylant known as the Sulpher Spring tract ... SE corner of an acre owned by William Moore ... Joseph Gilbert south bd line thence east ... corner on Carrol Taylors south bd line thence southward with Taylors line... /S/ Bluford Pylant. Test: JG Gilbert; WG Pennington. Reg’d. 28 May 1869.

    Book 6, page 92-93 - Indenture 31 October 1874 between G.A.Pylant of Franklin Co. of the one part and WM Duncan, LG Tanbox, CL Fuller, R. Dorman, BS Rhea, GH Fulton, Chas E. Hillman, ZH Brown, SY Calderell, HL Claiborne, John S. Ramage, John Ramage, Michiel Burns, John Fizzell, RC McNry, Thomas S. Hays and WC Butterfield and FG Herrick of the county of Davidson, Lett C. Spence of the county of Rutherford and F. Conqelius of Coffee County, state of Tennessee of the other part ... $700 ... convey unto said parties the one undivided half interest in a tract or parcel of land lying in Franklin County, Tennessee on the Fall Lick Branch of Big Hurricane Creek in district 14 ... south of the house in which said G.A. Pylant now lives ... east side of the road ... tree marked "Fox" ... west bd line of a tract granted to E. Tucker, which lines and corners were run and marked by WA Woods thence north ... 50a ... Also for $300 sell his entire interest in a strip or parcel of land lying on the south boundary of said 50a ... below the falls ... containing 5a ... Wits.: WM Carroll; James B Craighean. Reg’d. 2 Nov. 1874.

    Book 6, page 288 - Indenture 23 March 1873 between J.C. Pylant and W.M. Lawson of the other part, the former of Lincoln county and the latter of Moore county ...$550 ... . 80a on the waters of Turkey Creek civil district No. 14 and bd Beg. at J.T (or J.L.) Pylants south west corner ... Joseph B. Jones north boundary line of 300a tract known as the Booker tract, thence west ... James Braziers corner ... Bluford Pylants south east corner ... north east corner of the Mary Brandon tract.... 22 March 1873. J.C. Pylant; T.J. Menfer; L.W. Millsaps.

    Book 7, page 77 - Indenture 16 Feb. 1877 between Sarah Ann Blake of the one part and GA Pylant, John J. Hammontree, S.E. Jones, W.M. Blythe and George A. Holder as trustees ... $1 convey one acre of land for the purpose of building a school and church house and said house to be used by any authordox denomination for a church house school singing sabath school on any civil or benevolent institution the neighborhood may wish to use it for. Said acre of land being in district 14 and bounded as follows, beg. north west corner of the tract said Sarah Ann Blake now lives on ... /S/ Sarah Ann (her X mark) Blake. Test: W.M. Bedenell; Z.W. Rowlett

    Possibly Book 7, Page 115-116 - Whereas on 31 October 1874, G.A. Pylant conveyed to W.M. Duncan, L.G. Tanbox, C.L. Fuller, R. Dorman, B.S. Rhea, JC. Fulton, Charles E. Hillman, Z.H. Brawn, S.Y. Caldwell, H.L. Claiborn, John S. Ramage, Michael Burns, John Frizzell, R.C. McNairy, Thomas S. Hays, W.C. Butterfield, F.C. Harrick, D.H.C. Spence and F. Corzelius by deed of that date the one undivided half interest in a tract on the Fall Lick branch of Big Hurricane creek in District No. 14 ... gum standing a short distance south of the houses in which said G.A. Pylant now lives, thence east ... tree marked Fox ... west bd line of a tract of land granted to E. Tucker run by WA Woods ... 50a ... below the falls ... Which deed is registered in Book No. 6 pages 92 and 3 of the registers office of Franklin County Tennessee on the 2nd day of November 1874. And whereas J.A. Blakemore on the 27th November 1874 conveyed to the same parties the following described property, namely: all interest I have in tract on Fall Lick branch of Big Hurricane creek in Franklin county Tennessee, on which is situation Mineral springs called the Mayflower Springs, ... sarvis bush marked "Fox"... line of a tract granted to E. Tucker run by W. A. Wood ... 31 March 1877. Jno Frizzell; Thos. S Hays.

    Book 7, page 500 - Indenture 31 Dec. 1878 between Lewis B. Morgan of County of Coffee & State of Tennessee and GA Pylant of Franklin County ... $50 ... all interest that I have in the lands known as the Barrell lands in Franklin County on the waters of Turkey Creek in District No. 15 said lands lying and being inside of the following bounderries. Beginning on the northwest corner of a tract of land sold to JC Pylant by GA Pylant on the southeast bd of a tract known as the Brandon tract, thence east to J.C. Pylant north west bd line thence north with said line to the northwest corner of said tract to the Chasteen(?) 300a thence west to the south west corner of said tract thence to the Warren tract known as the John Leach tract thence west to Fread Burt tract thence south with all the meanderings of deeded tracts to the beg. Burts and others. /S/ Luis B. Morgan. George W. Davidson, Notary 31 Dec. 1878, Tullahoma.

    No. 5...(rest of # cut off) 8 acres - Wm. H. Pylant enters 8a, district No. 15 on the waters of Little Hurricane ... north west corner of Polly Gregory's 150 a tract ... corner of Rachel Gregory's 50a tract runs north with Rachel Gregory's west bd line said Rachel Gregory's north west corner, in the Upton line; thence west with the Upton line to his south west corner, thence south with E.H. Poe's line to a stake in James Hudgins' line, thence east with said Hudgins' line to the beg. for complement. Aug. 9, 1879. Wm. H. Pylant Loc

    Possibly Book 9 For sum of $50 to me paid by J.W. Lindsey ... I, A.Y. Smith convey unto J.W. Lindsey tract on Fall Lick branch of Big Hurricane in view of the May Flower spring. Bd on south and west by the lands of Green Allen Pylant, beg. at the north west corner of a one acre lot of the said Pylant's running thence north east, south and west, continuing one square acre of ground. 1 April 1882. /S/ A.Y. Smith.

    Book 9, pages 272-274 - For $1600 to me paid by J.W. Lindsey of Davidson county Tennessee we G.A. Pylant and Sallie W. Pylant, wife of said G.A. Pylant of Franklin County convey unto J.W. Lindsey land adjoining lands of the Cascade Mineral Springs Company bd the north east corner of the said spring tract ... north east corner of the Arch Y. Smith one acre lot ... east boundary line of the said mineral springs company ... in all 35a. Sallie W. Pylant wife of said G.A. Pylant do convey all interest I have unto said J.W. Lindsey the said G.A. Pylant retains the right of way down the hill from his farm running west as the road now was coming out to the main road by the beginning green acres also a passway from the hollow east of the house passing down the hollow on the south side of the one acre Arch Y. Smith lot and passing around on the west side of said lot to the road and the right of way down the hollow that comes to the branch a title north west of the beginning green corner, the right of possession is retained until the 15 day of May next and on which day we agree to give possession (The Arch Y Smith lot herein before mentioned lies within these described boundaries and the warrantee of title so far as relates to said one acre lot is excepted). 6 April 1882. /S/ G.A. Pylant; Sallie W. Pylant. State of Tennessee Coffee County Personally appeared before me James G. Aydelott deputy clerk of the county court of said county the within named G.A. Pylant and Sallie W. Pylant ... I, James G. Aydelott collecting attorney and representing the Mansfield Machine Works company in the matter of collecting against G.A. Pylant do certify that the mortgages of the Mansfield Machine Works against the lands described in the within deed from G.A. Pylant and wife to J.W. Lindsey have been fully paid and discharged. Reg’d. 7 Apr. 1882. Witness J.B. Ashley Register.

    Book 9, page 311 - Indenture 28 April 1882 between G.A. Pylant of one part and J.G. Gilbert and Sarah E. Gilbert his wife of the other part ... $30 ... land Dist. 15 on Fall Lick Branch ... east and west south bd line a short distance from the north west corner of a tract once owned by Bluford Pylant then northward as the corn rows are now laid ... being in all 3a. 29 April 1882. J.G. Gilbert; Sarah E. Gilbert. Personally appeared before James G. Aydelott Dpt. Clerk of the county court of Coffee county. Reg’d. 22 May 1882.

    Book 10, page 179 - Indenture 21 Dec. 1878 between G.A. Pylant of Franklin County and P.P. Finney of Coffee county ... $200 ... $100 in hand and $50 twelve months after date and $50 two years after date ... land being a part of the tract known as the Booker land ... north east corner of said 300a tract thence west ... being 50a. G.A. Pylant; Sallie W. Pylant. Tests: T.J. (his X mark) Covey; G.M. (his X mark) Covey.

    Book 10, page 247-248 - Indenture 5 Nov. 1883 between Clem Arledge, clerk and master of the chancery court at Winchester of the first part and J.W. Lindsey of Nashville, Davidson County, State of Tennessee of the second part. By a decree of said court, rendered at the October Term 1882, in the cause of W.G. Elliott and others, complainants and G.A. Pylant and others defendants, and entered on page 268, 269 & 270 of minute book "H" - T.H. Finch former, clerk and master, did on the 18 Nov. 1882 - sell at public auction the real estate to J.W. Lindsey for $2300.00 ... And said J.W. Lindsey, having paid $2300.00 with accrued interest ... Now, in order to carry into effect said sale in pursuance of said decrees and in consideration of the sum of two dollars paid to C&M ... Clem Arledge conveys to the said J.W. Lindsey,tract in Dist. 14. One tract lying on the Fall Lick branch of Big Hurricane Creek ... south of the house in which G.A. Pylant did live ... sarvis tree marked "Fox" ... E. Tucker ... 50a. The other tract is a strip or parcel on south bd of said 50a ... below the falls ... containing 5a. Reg’d. 5 Nov. 1883.

    Book 10, page 400-401 - Indenture 28 May 1859 between Sarina Brown of Franklin County of the one part and John Lee Pylant of Coffee County of the other part ... $450 ... land on waters of Turkey Creek ... SW corner of G.A. Pylant's tract on the division line of a 250a tract entered by Gabriel Tucker and known as Josiah Jones 250a tract, thence north with said division line ... Chasteen’s south bd line, thence west ... Chasteen's south west corner ... being 110a ... Sarina (her X mark) Brown; John T. A. Brown. Wits.: G.A. Pylant; J.C. Pylant. Reg’d. 23 Feb. 1884.

    Book 10, page 472-473 - For $75 to us in hand paid by J.W. Lindsey of Davidson County, Tennessee. We Jessee L. Shasteen and James Shasteen of Franklin County convey unto J.W. Lindsey a tract in 15th district beg. near mouth of the north and south land (situated west of Jessee Shasteen's house) and being the corner where the Franklin County road from Tullahoma to Hurricane Springs turns to the south and thence from said beginning parallel ... stake in Jessee Shasteen's west boundary line ... Shasteen and Protsman line ... to a point on the Hurricane Springs Road ... the strip of land is 25 feet wide and 61 poles 10 links running east and west and 69 poles and 14 links running north and south, making a total length of about 131 poles and width of 25 feet. We further agree that at any time the said Lindsey may request that we will open out a road way 25 feet wide along the said Jessee Shasteen's west boundary line to the lands of Henderson Gilbert for the use and benefit of said Lindsey. 21 April 1884. J.L. Shasteen;James Shasteen. State of Tennessee Coffee County Personally appeared before me James G. Aydelott, notary public of said county, the within named Jessee L. Shasteen and James Shasteen....

    Book 11, page 270 - For $200 paid me in cash we this day convey to G.A. Pylant the following described town lot, situated in the town of Winchester Tennessee. This being the lower of southwest corner lots adjoining J.C. Oehmig on the north, Mrs. Burrough and the Mssrs Williams on the east and fronting about one hundred and forty five feet more or less on High Street and about one hundred and fifty feet more or less on Buchanan street and being what is known as the vacant lot belonging to Adam Oehmig's estate ... 3 Nov. 1883. W.G. Oehmig; Fannie W. Oehmg; B.A. Oehmig; Dora R. Oehmig; Maggie V. Oehmig; J.C. Oehmig; Fannie M. Oehmig State of Tennessee Hamilton County Personally appeared before me, Edgar McKenny a notary public.

    Book 11, page 272-273 - For $200 we convey to J.D. Wilson town lot in the town of Winchester Tennessee. This being the lower or southwest lot and joining J.C. Oehmig on the north, Mrs. Burrough and Mssrs Williams on the east and fronting about one hundred and forty five feet more or less on High Street, and about one hundred and fifty feet more or less on Buchanan Street and being what is known as the vacant lot belonging to Adam Oehmig's estate... 13 July 1885. G.A. Pylant; Sallie W. Pylant. Reg’d. 16 July 1885.

    Book 11, page 313 - Indenture 13 Nov. 1878 between G.A. Pylant and James Allen ... $90 ... bd by part of the Booker tract ...Finney's southwest corner ... 30a. G.A. Pylant; Sallie W. Pylant. Test: G.M. Covey; J.R. Pogue. Reg’d. 18 Sept. 1885.

    Book 12, page 208 - Know all men that I have sold to Wm. H. Pylant a tract for $200 ...being the northeast corner of a tract of land now owned by WH Davis and runs with his north boundary south ... edge of an old road ... the north west corner to the old Blackwood tract now owned by R.N. Farris thence with Farris west boundary south ... west boundary of the Blackwood tract, thence south to the mouth of sulphur branch ... a 5a tract laid off for the use of Ackler's springs now owned by G.A. Pylant and others ... R.N. Farris to the beginning amount of acres not known. It is agreed by Farris and Turner there should be a passway kept open up the Sulphers branch. 20 March 1883. RJ Turner. Reg’d. 9 Oct. 1886.

    Book 12, page 242 - For $49 to me paid, I convey unto G.A. Pylant a tract in Dist. 15 on the waters of Elk River, and joining the Acklen Spring tract, beginning on the north and south lines between myself and Wm Davis and north of the north east corner of this Acklin Spring tract ... west of a hollow running up from the branch below William Davis house ... Below the spring to a stake at the corner edge of the road ... line between myself and R L Farris ... northward with dividing line ... the beginning corner of the Acklin Spring tract, thence north with the east boundary line of said spring tract passing the northeast corner to the beginning containing in all 6 1/2a. 1 June 1883. Wm. H. (his X mark) Pylant; Ellen Pylant. Reg’d. 1 June 1883.

    Book 12, page 245 - For $64 I convey unto G.A. Pylant a tract in Dist. 15 on waters of Elk River near what was formerly called the Acklin Springs ... Beg. at a poplar standing on a point below the Sulpher spring, the beginning corner of said spring tract, thence west ... south west corner of said Sulpher spring tract thence south ... poplars in the fence row ... south side of the Reavis branch ... Reavis branch a dividing line between WH Pylant and RN Farris ... 8a and 4 poles. 1 June 1883. R.N. (his X mark) Farris; Eliza J. (her X mark) Farris. Reg’d. 17 Nov. 1886.

    Book 12, page 390-391 - For $8000 cash in hand I this day convey to the Tullahoma Hurricane Springs Hotel Company the following described real estate situated in Franklin County, Tennessee. Known as the Cascade Mineral Springs Property ... west of the south end of the building - the beginning corner of the original 50a tract ... north west corner of a small tract sold by G.A. Pylant to J.W. Lindsey - thence on the lines of tract to south east line of 50a tract. ... north east corner of a one acre lot bought by A.Y. Smith, thence south ... east edge of the road ... east boundary line of the mineral springs company land ... east side of a road, thence north ... crossing the main branch of creek ... It is also known as the Pylant Springs Company property and is the same property bought by me from Jessee L. and James Shasteen, A.Y. Smith, G.A. Pylant and Sallie Pylant, and Clem Arledge, clerk... 14 April 1887. J.W. Lindsey. State of Tennessee Davidson County Personally appeared before me J.R. McCain, deputy clerk of the county court of said county, the within named J.W. Lindsey, Reg’d. 15 Apr. 1887.

    Deed Book 13, page 533 - For a full and valuable consideration to me in hand paid by J S Davis, I hereby sell unto him all the interest, being a right of redemption of the land sold in the cause of W H Pylant + wife in the Chancery Court of Franklin County Tennessee, by H J Van Deputy Sheriff, and bid off, by the said J S Davis, which is shown on the Execution Docket of said Court page 241 which land is described as follows to wit - Beginning on the S W corner of the Rachael Beard 50a tract ... West boundary of the Polly Beard 150a tract, thence East ... 92a and which was afterwards reduced and the bid advanced by W H Pylant and wife, as shown by said Chancery record, being unable to pay the redemption money refunded ... J S Davis was the original purchaser under said sale and being unable myself to redeem after the advance bid this conveyance is given and made to him of all my rights of equity of redemption or otherwise and upon his redeeming the same under the laws, he is substituted to all the rights + privileges, that I could have to redeem said land, and in case of his redemption of the same ask that the necessary deeds be made to him as fully as could have been made to me. 3 Jan. 1889. Attest: Roy Fitzpatrick; Jemimah (her X mark) Davis.

    Book 14, page 35 - Indenture 23 July 1888 between GA Pylant of Lincoln Co., Tenn. and WH Thomas of Franklin county ... $20 ... being the last payment ... sold what is known as the Booker land ... beg. on Jug Poe's north and south west boundary line the NE corner of a tract sold to Newton Majors thence north ... with a Poe's line a stake, Majors northwest corner thence east 73 poles to the beginning being in all ten acres more or less. Also a lot of land joining same commencing on the NE corner thence north to Pat Finney's east and west south boundary line ... south to the north west corner of said 10a thence east ... 15a. GA Pylant; Sallie W. Pylant. Wits.: JM Renfrow; WM Parker. State of Tennessee Lincoln County To JA Smith Esqr You are hereby authorized and empowered to take the examination of Mrs. Sallie W. Pylant privately and apart from her husband....

    Book 14, page 166-169 - Whereas on 17 April 1889 W.R. French trustee for himself and associates, became the purchaser of what is known as Hurricane Hall and Pylant Springs properties for the sum of $9250, payable one half cash and the remainder six and twelve months with a lien retained. And whereas since the date of said purchase, the said W.R. French, trustee for himself and associates, has paid the entire purchase money for said properties and has taken up his notes for the deferred payments. Now therefore, for and in consideration of the issuance and delivery to said French as trustee for himself and associates of 300 shares of $100 each or $30,000 of the capital stock of the Pylant Springs and Hurricane Hotel company, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and in pursuance of a resolution passed by the stockholders of said company, authorizing the same to be done, and W.R. French trustee, have this day bargained and sold and as hereby transfer, and convey to the Pylant Springs & Hotel Company all the right title and interest, which I have in and to the following properties situated in the counties of Coffee and Franklin, it being the same property conveyed to me by deed dated the 24th day of April 1889 ... First three town lots in Tullahoma, Tennessee and laid down in the town, plan of said towns as lots No. 9, 10, and 11 in sections No 10 fronting 160 feet on Atlantic street running back 200 feet to a 20 foot alley, being the same lots conveyed by F. Corzelius to L.D. Hickenson, by deed of November 10th, 1882, registered in Book Number S, page 405 registers office of Coffee County and being the same property conveyed by L.D. Hickerson and J.D. Hickerson by deed of April 21st 1887 to the Tullahoma and Hurricane Springs Hotel Co. registered in Book V page 446, registers office of Coffee County and being all the property of the said company known as Hurricane Hall, together with all the personal property now contained in the buildings thereon - and together with the right to one half of the bridge connecting said Hurricane Hall with the property known as Park Hotel property. Second - that certain tract or parcel of land in Franklin County, Tennessee, known as Pylant Springs and formily known as the Cascade Mineral Springs Property as follows - beginning at a point designated by a stone ... south end of the building, the beginning corner of the original 50a tract ... west side of a hollow the north west corner of a tract sold by G.A. Pylant to J.W. Lindsey, thence on the line of said tract to the south east line of the said 50a ... north east corner of a one acre lot bought of A.Y. Smith thence south ... east bd line of the Mineral Springs Company land, thence on said line south ... crossing the main branch of a creek ... spring branch below its falls ... being that property bought by J.W. Lindsey, from Jessee and James Chasteen, A.Y. Smith, G.A. Pylant and Clem Arledge, clerk and master of Franklin County and fully described in their respective deeds to said Lindsey, registered in the registers office of Franklin County, Tennessee in Book No. 10 page 472 and 473, and in Book No. 9 page 274 and 275 and in book 10 pages 247 and 248 and being the same property conveyed by said J.W. Lindsey to the Tullahoma and Hurricane Springs hotel company by deed April 14th, 1887 and registered in Book No. 12 pages 390 and 391, registers office of Franklin County, Tennessee. Said property herein described being all that property owned by the party of the first part and known as Pylant or Cascade Springs together with all the personal property now contained in the buildings therein....W.R. French, Trustee. State of Tennessee Coffee County Personally appeared before me W.A. Jacobs, clerk of the county court of said county the within named W.R. French the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted.... 28 day of June 1889. W.A. Jacobs, clerk By W.T. Willson, D.C. State of Tennessee Coffee County Registers office July 2nd, 1889. I B.S. Stroud register for said county do certify that the foregoing deed and certificate are registered in said office in Book No. X, page 271. That they were received July 2nd at 9 o'clock am and were entered in notebook E. page 274. B.S. Stroud, Register. Reg’d. 2 July 1889.

    Book 15, page 199 - Indenture 20 March 1890 between J.A. Pylant of Lincoln County and A.A. Pylant of Franklin ... $350 ... one house and lot No. 14 fronting 70 feet on Main street on the west and running back 180 feet to an alley, and one lot No. 16 fronting on college Street 107 feet all in Elora, Franklin County ... a tract in Franklin County on Rocky Branch of Big Hurricane ... Beg. on Sim Reveses north west corner thence north ... JL Pylants north and southwest boundary line, thence south with his line 100 poles to Sim Reveses corner on said Pylants line, thence west to the beginning in all 50a....G.A. Pylant. Reg’d. 31 Dec. 1892.

    The Thompson Family of Franklin Co., Tennessee
    Submitted by Debbie Wilkinson

    Franklin Co., Tenn. Deeds 1836-1840 (FHL#0576327).D.B. Q:115. Sampson THOMPSON and Nancy his wife to John J. HAYTER.
    Whereas Jacob Miller died seized and possessed of one tract of land in FC on or near the head of Norwood creek a branch of the
    Boiling Fork ... 9a and 36 poles of said tract fell to us, It being one share as the heirs of said Miller ... we Sampson Thompson
    and Nancy Thompson for $45 do sell the 9a and 36 poles it being our share as aforesaid of said tract of land that was laid off to
    the widow of said Miller which descends to us at her death ... our interest in the dower laid off to the widow ... 16 Apr. 1838
    /S/ Sampson THOMPSON; Nancy (her X mark) THOMPSON. Wit.: Jesse PYLES. Nancy THOMPSON the feme covert gave her
    privey before William W.BRAZELTON, Clerk of the County Court. 16 Apr. 1838. Reg'd. 18 Apr. 1838.

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