I have had several visitors to the nickname page to send me foreign nicknames. I'm not really soliciting them.:-) I don't really feel up to that task, since I hardly ever get out of these hills, but will give it a try. You will find that many of these names overlap with American names just 'cause of who we are.

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Augusina - Ina
Christina - Ina
Gilbert - Bertie
Jememy - Jezza
Jerome - Jerry


Bert - Birdie
Olivier - Ollie
Stijn - Stijnie
Vincent - Vince


Catherine - Cassie


Frankisek - Frank
Jan - John
Josefa - Joseph
Karel - Charles


Herman - Harmon

LINK: Ray Hennessy, Reading, England.

Abraham - Abby
Alan-Al, Ally
Albert - Albie, Bertie
Ambrose - Brose
Andrew - Andra, Ange
Angeline - Angie
Anthony - Ant, Anty
Arthur - Arty
Beatrice - Beattie
Benedict - Benet
Carl - Carlos
Carlitta - Carly, Carla
Clemency - Clem
Daniel - Dan
David - Daw
Elizabeth - Lilly
Emily - Ellie, Em, Emie
Gareth - Gary, Gazza
George -Geordie
Gertrude - Trudi
Graham - Gaz
Hayley - Hay, Hails/Hayz
Isaac - Zac/Zak
Jeremiah - Jem, Jemmy
John - Johnny
Jonathan - John,Jonty, Nathan
Lawrence - Lol, Los/Loz
Leonard - Len, Lenny
Margaret - Wag
Matthew - Matty
Nathan -Nat, Nath, Nafe
Nicholas - Nichol
Peter - Pete
Raphael - Ralph
Ryan -Ry
Simon - Si
Victoria - Tora
Wilfred - Bill


Achille - Keel, Sheel
Cheri - Cher, Cherry

Melissa reports that in Letzebuergish, the most commonly seen derivation of Elisabeth is Elise. In the 16th-17th century in Luxembourg, Elisabeth was always spelled with an "S"; in Belgic, it should be noted that makes had the name Camille... the Luxembourgish and Germanic name for William was: Guillaume.

Adolfina - Finnie
Albertina - Zena
Amalie/Amalia - Mollie
Amelia - Emilia, Molly
Andrew - Andreas
Angela - Geli
Augustina - Gustina
Catherine - Katrina, Ket
Cornelius - Corn
Elisabeth - Elise
Euphrosina - Fena, Fenee, Rosey, Sina
George - Georg, Jorge
Gertrude - Trudi
Hedwig - Hattie
Huberta = Bertie
Magdalena - Lena
O'tiela - Tillie

NOTE: Marge Baldenweck tells me that in her experience, German nicknames are often formed
from the end of the name. For example: "Alfred" become "Fred", not "Al" or "Alf"


Amalia - Amy, Molly
Panayiota - Toula


Fredericka - Deka
Henrietta - Yettie
IRELAND Note: Irish girls in servitude were called "Bridget" and the boys were called "Paddy"

Anastasia- Stasia
Anthony- Ant, Anty
Arthur - Ote/Other
Bridget - Delia
Catherine - Kate, Kitty
Cecilia- Cecily
Honora - Honour, Honnour, Honor
Martha/Margaret - Dolly
Margaret - Marguerita
Megan -Ailie(Ilee)
Penelope - Nappie


Sarah - Sina


Vincenzo (Vincent) - Jimmy,common in NYC


Japanese names are written with the surname first followed by the given name; they do not have middle names. Because names are written with pictorial characters that correspond to our syllables, they can be shortened easily. My husband is Taketoshi and is called Take (pronounced Tah-kay). The first part means warrior and the second part means agile. But another character with the same sound as Take means bamboo. Plus, most Japanese boys call their male friends by their family name (sort of like the British convention). Traditionally Japanese boys were given a name that included their MALE birth order(ichi-1st, ji-2nd, mi-3rd, etc) but families are smaller now so you rarely see the higher numbers.
Traditionally girls were given names that ended in "ko" (child) or "mi" (beauty).There is no tradition of giving the son the exact same name as the father' and using Junior, but a portion of the father's name can be used for either sons or daughters.
The names Jun and Kei (used for boys and girls in Japan) sound like girl's English names so are not as common for males now. They do like English-sounding names; though some are newly created names, others have been around for centuries, such as Mari and Emi for girls and Dan, Jo and Ken for boys.
Here are some other nicknames:
Girl: Masako - Mako
Boy: Yuzuru - Jo (an alternate reading for the character)
Contributed by Deborah Smith Takamura.


Nineil - Nettie


Jania - Janka
Maria - Marioara


Alexandes - Sascha
George - Jurie
Michael - Mischa
Nickolas/Nikolaus - Kolja


Douglas - Dougie, Dougal
James - Aime, Jamesie, Jimmy
Jemima - Beimey/Bemme/Bina/Memma
Margaret - Muggie
Muriel - Mu
Robert - Rab, Robie
Senga - Agnes spelled backwards.


Elizabeth - Alzbeta, Elize


Alberto - Beto
Antonia - Tia
Delores - Lola
Elodia - Lala
Eduardo - Lalo
Felipe - Leno
Florencio - Lencho
Francisco - Pacho, Paco
Ignacio - Nacho
Jose' - Chepe, Pepe
Josefina - Pepa
Juanito - Tao
Luis - Lucho
Manuel - Manolo
Manuela -Leca
Raymundo - Mundi
Rodrigo - Rod, Rigo, Rorro
Ursula -Osee

Drew Reed of Fife, Scotland sent several names from the United Kingdom. Those names are found under the titles given previously.
He says: As I live in the UK and have mostly Scottish (SCO), Northern English (NEN) or Irish (IRE) ancestry, thought it might be helpful to indicate origins of these nicknames where I know them. Those unmarked are just common UK nicknames for those particular names, found in many different parts of the country.

SOUTH AFRICA: Daniel - Danie
Peter - Piet

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