Old Harmony
 Cemetery Restoration Project Meeting


A meeting of the Old Harmony Cemetery Committee of the Nolachuckey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) was recently held at the Greeneville Library. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the next Phase of the Old Harmony restoration project.  Those in attendance were Justine Wills-Regent of the Nolachuckey Chapter; Marinella Charles-first vice regent; Stevie Hughes-second vice regent, Madge Walker; Carolyn Gregg; Sarah Webster, Kathleen Cannon; and Sherry Britton-Committee Chairwoman. 

Sherry Britton led the meeting and provided information to the Committee on her research into solutions to repair tombstones at other historic cemeteries.  Ms. Britton’s proposal was to adopt the plan used at an historic Quaker cemetery in North Carolina.  The proposal was unanimously adopted by the Committee.

The Old Harmony Cemetery restoration project of the Nolachuckey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has been undertaken as a civic project for and on behalf of the citizens of Greeneville and Greene County.  The Project has been underway for a number of years and has progressed in planned phases.  Careful evaluations by the Committee members and independent consultants have been employed to restore the most historic cemetery in the Town of Greeneville.  The cost has been underwritten by the Nolachuckey Chapter with grants from the Mary G. K. Fox Foundation.  The most recent progress occurred in April 2008 with the removal of old, diseased and dying trees by the City of Greeneville.

The next phase of the restoration will commence in the next few weeks to provide a permanent solution for the greatly deteriorated tombstones.  Each tombstone will require a case-by-case evaluation and solution:

For broken tombstones beyond repair, the fragments of the original tombstones will be mounted in a cement base and a small granite marker will be placed at each identified grave with the names of the deceased person. Those in this category include James and Joanna Britton, Anderson and Lizzie Walker, Catherine and Isaac Babb, Joseph McCorkle, Fletcher, Mitchell, among others.

Affixing fallen tombstones to their bases - family surnames in this category include Harold, Maloney, McAmis, McCoy and McDannel.

The professional repair of large broken tombstones where needed - included in this group are William and Eliza Dickson (who built the historic Dickson-Williams mansion), George Jones (son-in-law of Valentine Sevier), father and daughter John and Jessie Brown (of the Cross Anchor Brown family), Will Baker, Robert McCorkle, and Agnes Woods Mitchell (a well-loved teacher whose mausoleum was erected by the citizens of Greeneville).

The final phase of the Restoration Project of Old Harmony Cemetery will be the construction of a “Memorial Wall” and landscaping that will occur in 2009/2010. 

Old Harmony Cemetery is one of our Town’s greatest assets, and the restoration is a tribute to our Founding Fathers and Mothers who are interred there.  The Restoration Project, although an independent project of the Nolachuckey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, coincides with the redevelopment of downtown Greeneville and should be viewed as one more element to enhance tourist interest in our most historic Town.

The Nolachuckey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is hopeful that descendants of these pioneer families of our beloved Greene County and other interested persons will provide financial support in this worthwhile endeavor.  To do so, please remit a check payable to D.A.R. Nolachuckey Chapter and send to Mrs. Carolyn Gregg, 460 Plainview Heights Circle, Greeneville 37745.  On your check, please write “Old Harmony Fund”.  If your gift is in honor of a particular person or family, please note that on your check as well.  The DAR Nolachuckey Chapter is a 501C not-for-profit organization and your donations are fully tax deductible. The Old Harmony Restoration Committee closed its meeting with a well-deserved recognition of Ms. Sherry Britton for her outstanding work and leadership.

Article written by Stevie Hughes, Second Vice-Regent DAR

Submitted by Sherry Britton, Chairwoman DAR Old Harmony Restoration Committee, Sent to the Greeneville Sun July 17, 2008


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