Falling Water Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Located off Corridor "J" near Falling Water. Exit at Chickamauga Dam, Hwy 153 and turn left on Hwy 27. Go under overpass and turn back to the left. Church is visible from that vantage point. It is a small cemetery, approximately 1 to 1-1/2 acres inside a fence, with a small number of graves. There are 58 marked graves, and there is only 4 field stones with no markings. One grave is fresh, but has no marker, it is next to Robert Walter Selcer. Information inside ( ) is notes from recorder. As you enter the cemetery on the corner of the church is a plaque reading as follows:
"Dedicated to the Glory of God and to the memory or Richard Fillmore Selcer, who for forty years was a ruling Elder in the congregation." (He and his wife Mary are listed below.)

Information recorded by James Ronnie (Ron) Adams- adamsjron@aol.com

Row 1:

Deluce, Robert E. Jr b) Mar. 1, 1913 d) Aug. 25, 1960
Deluce, Elizabeth S. b) Feb. 17, 1915 d) June 29, 1993

Row 2:

Rogers, Lee W. b) June 24, 1901 d) July 19, 1989
Rogers, Helen H. b) Apr. 2, 1908 d) Apr. 25, 1965
Rogers, J. W. b) Feb. 18, 1873 d) Sept. 1, 1958
Rogers, Laura Dowlen b) Nov. 10, 1880 d) Oct. 3, 1904
Rogers, Anna Dec. 1, 1903 (This is only date on marker) - Daughter of J. W. and Laura Rogers.


(This is a large granite marker with the Selcer name and the following have individual markers.)

Selcer, Robert Walter b) Sept. 8, 1950 d) Dec. 11, 1990
Selcer, Claude L. b) Apr. 13, 1882 d) Oct. 4, 1898
Selcer, Richard F. b) May 24, 1854 d) Nov. 12, 1924
Selcer, Mary E. b) Dec. 10, 1853 d) Apr. 7, 1924
Selcer, Walter Pitts b) Jan. 12, 1880 d) Jan. 2, 1968
Selcer, Laura Stewart b) Mar. 31, 1886 d) Jan. 15, 1964
Selcer, Walter P., Jr. b) Nov. 28, 1906 d) Nov. 12, 1998
Selcer, Dorothy Paulette b) Dec. 7, 1915 d) ??

Row 3:

Vandergriff, Catherine b) ? d) Sept. 19, 1884
Vandergriff, William, Sr. b) Sept. 2, 1840 d) Sept. 25, 1911
(Both of these stones at the top have the name by: Come Ye Blessed-In loving Memory)


Cozby, Major James b 1753-Hanover County, Va d)1831 -Rhea County, TN
Inscription Notes: 1st regiment, Light Dragoons, Continental Troops of Virginia, Regimental Surgeon-Revolutionary War-Battle Kings Mountain- Colonel-War of 1812- A Nobel Partriot
(At the foot of Major Cozby's large marker is a small stone and reads as follows) Corpl. James Cozby- 1 Regt. Va. Light Dragoons-Rev. War (No Dates)
Cozby, Isabella Woods b) 1755-Albermarle County, Va d) 1830- Hamilton County, TN
Inscription Notes: Beloved wife of Major James Cozby-Daughter of Isabella & Archibald Woods of Indian Camp Plantation, Virginia. I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. St. John 11:25 (This is a very large granite stone, in perfect condition. On the reverse side of this marker is the inscription) Zealous Christians-Charter Members of Lebanon Presbyterian Church-Founded-1791 Near Knoxville, Tennessee

To the left of above marker is one for their children with the name Cozby engraved and the children's below: Hugh Lawson, Lucinda, James Woods, and Robert. They have individual markers behind the large stone.
The gift of God is eternal live through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Romans 6:23

Cozby, Hugh Lawson b) July 14, 1792 d) Aug. 22, 1797 Beloved son of Major (Dr) James Cozby and wife Isabella
Cozby, Lucinda b) Mar. 2, 1795 d) July 11, 1799 Beloved daughter or Major (Dr) James Cozby and wife Isabella
Cozby, James Woods b) May 11, 1788 d) After 1831 Soldier: War of 1812 Son of Major (Dr) James Cozby and wife Isabella
Cozby, Robert b) July 20. 1792 d) After 1832 Son of Major (Dr) James Cozby and wife Isabella.
Charter member and Trustee Mount Bethel Presbyterian Church- Organized 1828- Soddy, TN Children of Major (Dr) James Cozby and wife Isabella Woods.

Selcer, Morgan Stewart Oct. 24, 1923 ** Father
Selcer, Lorena Cobb Jan. 31, 1924 ** Mother
Selcer, John Stewart Aug. 23, 1945 ** Son of Morgan and Lorena Selcer (** Unknown if these are birth or death dates.)
Selcer, Lt. Robert Brett b) July 23, 1955 d) Oct. 2, 1977 Son of Morgan and Lorena Selcer
Brown, Clarence R. b) Dec. 15, 1905 d) Sept. 6, 1965
Brown, Cassie J. b) Nov. 9, 1901 d) July 11, 1957

Row 4:

Pitts, A. L., Sr. b) May 14, 1823 d) Oct. 6, 1911 At Rest
Pitts, H. A. b) Jan. 12, 1824 d) Aug. 6, 1901 Wife of A. L. Pitts, Sr. Asleep in Jesus' peacful rest. Whose waking is supremely blest.
Pitts, J. L. b) Jan. 10, 1857 d) Mar. 16, 1878 Son of A. L. and H. A. Pitts- Blessed be the Lord forever more.
Hixson, M. J. b) Feb. 12, 1848 d) Jan. 30, 1883 Daughter of A. L. and H. A. Pitts. Wife of Rev. J. R. Hixson
Pitts, W. W. b) July 18, 1850 d) Jan. 22, 1930 Son of A.L. and H. A. Pitts

Row 5:

Hickman, William F. b) Feb. 8, 1895 d) Jan. 13, 1995
Hickman, Hannah King b) Apr. 20, 1887 d) Sept. 16, 1971
King, Lawrence b) Jan. 2, 1871 d) Apr. 23, 1939
King, Tennessee J. b) Oct. 30, 1850 d) Apr. 18, 1938
King, William b) June 4, 1843 d) Oct. 2, 1927
Nelson, Clifford R. b) Nov. 4, 1885 d) June 12, 1886 Son of J. & M. Nelson
Real, Mary b) Mar. 6, 1859 d) June 29, 1880 Daughter of James Nelson
Brown, Mary H. b) Dec. 25, 1798 d) 10 Apr. 1882 (This stone has very crude etchings on it, almost unreadable, large in width and small in height)

Row 6:

Barker, Edward H. b) June 20, 1888 d) Nov. 22, 1969
Barker,Bertha Dowlen b) Aug. 11, 1891 d) ?
Pitts, Walter Milton b) Nov. 22, 1905 d) Oct. 3, 1969
Pitts, Louise Barker b) Mar. 6, 1914 d) Nov. 27, 1959 Wife of W. M. Pitts

Row 7:

Pitts, R. Emmett b) Sept. 27, 1862 d) July 18, 1943
Pitts, H. Elizabeth b) Jan. 7, 1861 d) Feb. 19, 1951
Pitts, Mildred E. b) Nov. 22, 1905 d) Sept. 1, 1924 Daughter of R. E. and Elizabeth Pitts. She was the sunshine at our home.
Pitts, W. L. (Billie) b) May 2, 1925 d) Jan. 13, 1941

Row 8:

Lewis, Joseph D. b) Sept. 7, 1911 d) June 30, 1972
Lewis, Myrtle P. b) Jan. 4, 1886 d) July 6, 1976 In Loving Memory
Wilson, Mildred Lewis b) Mar. 13, 1919 d) Sept. 21, 1967 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Lewis, Willie Grace b) 1928 d) 1928
Henderson, Jane b) Jan. 18, 1786 d) Oct. 14, 1856 Wife of Da {I/.} Henderson

Row 9:

Brimer, L. Brison b) Mar. 11, 1873 d) Oct. 31, 1949
Brimer, Lucretia P. b) July 18, 1884 d) May 9, 1956
Brimer, Warner H. b) Nov. 30, 1887 d) Jan. 12, 1959 Tennessee- Pvt- Co M- 9 Infantry- World War I

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