Unknown Cemetery

This small cemetery sits atop a hill in a grove of trees. I have been unable to find out what the name of this cemetery is. It is located on the old Spangler farm off Hamill Road, now part of a large Chattanooga nature preserve. There are at least 5 distinct graves but possibly more as the ravages of time and people have worked on the cemetery.
'Gone but not forgotten' - Russell, Jas. - July 6, 1780 - Oct 9, 1855
'She was the sunshine of our home' - Russell, Mary - Nov 19, 1794 - Sept 22, 1870
Walker, ____
'Holy Bible' - 'Thy will be done' - Walker, Susan E - June 14, 1835 - Mar 27, 1904 - 'There are no parting in Heaven'
W., G.

Transcribed by Tim Stowell, 28 May 2000

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