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MITZI MCCUMBER Tue Nov 12 19:26:01 1996
RUNNION: I am searching for any help on Elizabeth RUNNION or MARY RUNNION. born 1851 in or around CHATTANOOGA. Have no further information on parents etc. If this name is familiar to anyone (RUNNION) PLEASE E-MAIL SO WE can compare info. THANKS MUCH..
Richard D. McGhee Tue Nov 12 09:53:36 1996
James and Mary Couch McGhee, moved to Murray County, GA, from Bradley County, TN, about 1830 or earlier. He died in GA in 1850. They had several sons, perhaps born in Bradley County: Ambrose, Burton, Larkin, Pleasant, Albert, and James Madison McGhee. Perhaps had trading company in area of Calhoun, GA in 1820s. Information requested on birthdates, places, origins. Thanks.
Nancy (Nanye-ha) Cloud, Cherokee, born circa 1760-1770; mother of Alsa (Al-sy) Cochran, and grandmother of Chu-tak (Judith) Cochran. Possibly living in Cherokee lands of Bradley or other Tennessee Counties? Any information regarding Cochrans, or Clouds, in Cherokee country of Tenn would be appreciated. Thanks.
Laurie Fri Nov 15 11:49:07 1996
Looking for any info on family of Reuben CANTWELL (CANTROL, CANTREL, CANTRELL) and Rachael _____________. Lived in Hamilton County 1840 and Jackson County 1850. Later ended up in Wabash County, IL. Had at least 7 children: Sarah, Huston, Emiline (or Eviline), James, Thomas, Adolphus, Antametia. Reuben b. abt 1805 in SC or TN; Rachael b. abt. 1810 in TN. May have lived in Putnam county, too.
Arlie Stiles Tue Nov 19 09:41:06 1996
I am looking for John STILES and Sarah McCOURT family in Hamilton Co. around 1860.
Carolyn Nelson Wed Nov 27 05:07:41 1996
I am researching the family of Edward G. SPENCER (b. abt 1852, ENG). His parents were James SPENCER and Catherine PRATT. The family immigrated 1st to Marion Co. and then to Hamilton Co. Was Edward's wife A. E. ROBERSON (also found as Nellie E.)? Also looking for ancesters of James and Catherine. Due to the upcoming demise of WOW, please note my new e-mail address: CRSNelson@aol.com
Mark Boyd Wed Nov 27 11:01:16 1996
I am looking for info about Hugh Boyd. I hope you can find info in the 1850 Census. He should be 62. Have a wife by the name of Mary (60)and kids - James, Cynthia, Hugh,and Elizabeth. Any info you can find will be helpfull. Please note the difference between my AOL address and AT&T address. Thanks. Mark
tom acklen Fri Nov 29 12:49:19 1996
Trying to trace my family history as dar back as I can. I sent in a query earlier but have gained additional info. My grandfathers name was George S. Acklen (1919-1993) and he was originally from the Winchester TN area. I know from USGS maps that a bend in the river and a cemetary carry the Acklen name. any help in tracing the name back as far into american history as possible would be greatly appreciated
Rhonda Smith Sat Nov 30 19:48:42 1996
I am seeking info on Cora Cecelia McDonald who died in an elevator accident at Fleetwood Coffee Company in Chattanooga, TN where she was working. about 1908-1910 McDonald is her married name. She left a husband and 3 daughters who moved on the AL and MS. Any help appreciated.
Lorien Lee Gunsallus Sun Dec 1 20:26:04 1996
I am interested in any ancestry of Gamalial (Gameal, Gameliel) BRYANT, b. cir. 1814 likely in TN, married Elizabeth ADAMS. Children of this union included:
John A. BRYANT b. cir. 1838; M.C. (male) BRYANT b. cir. 1840; Nancy BRYANT b. 8/31/1842 (she is my great grandmother); Levi BRYANT b. cir. 1847. They (except for Elizabeth) are listed in the 1860 Monroe Co. TN census. Also listed is a Rebeca (not known if this is a second wife or perhaps his sister) born cir. 1824. My great-grandmother Nancy BRYANT (BRIANT) married William Augustus LEE 10/16/1860 in Monroe Co. TN and they had 8 children whose names were:
William B. LEE, Donna LEE, Leannah LEE, Dewitt (Dee) LEE, James M. LEE, David Smith LEE, Minnie LEE, and John LEE. This John LEE was my grandfather. He was born in Polk Co. TN in 1882. It is known William Augustus LEE died 9/12/1906 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co.,TN and Nancy Bryant LEE died 7/27/1916 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, TN.
I have very much info on the LEE side of my family if anyone is interested. Please let me know if you can help with the BRYANT line!
Kevin Lee Holden Tue Dec 3 12:28:38 1996
I was looking for my grandfathers obituary
Jim Cox Wed Dec 4 14:08:05 1996
I am looking for information on John Shropshire, b. abt 1767 who had a son, John Jackson Shropshire, b. abt 1799. It is said that the home of one of these John Shropshires was the first courthouse of Marion County. John Jackson Shropshire was married twice, Mary Shirley and Lavinia Thornton. John Jackson Shropshire later lived in Hamilton County.
Larry Garrison Tue Dec 10 22:03:15 1996
Seeking birth, marriage records or any other information on my grandparents who lived and are buried in Niota, TN. David M. Garrison, 9/12/1868 - 2/16/1942. Ada B. Garrison, 7/29/1872 - 1/30/1949. Children: Fred L., Hugh, David, Stella. Thank you, - Larry
Gerry Reed Scoffield Fri Dec 13 08:39:21 1996
Trying to locate my grandparents in Chattanooga Tennessee. Her name was Mary Ford, His name was either Henry or Harry Reed. My father was born in Chattanooga October 10, 1906 and I can not ever find a record of this birth or a record of these two persons Ford and Reed getting together. I have been tracing the Martin A. Ford family who had a daughter named Mary Ford. She showe d up on the 1906 City directory working at Chatta Medicine Co as a clerk. She is not listed on the 1907. I was trying to connect her to a single man named Harry Reed who owned a Steam Laundry Co there. He is the only white single Henry or Harry Reed in the area the same time as Mary Ford. They don't show up together on the 1910 soundex. Can anyone help me figure out what would be the best way to continue to trace these persons?
Scott Lingerfelt Mon Dec 16 17:09:14 1996
I'm interested in learning the origin of my family. Anything from the Lingerfelt country of origin to immigration records. I would appreciate any tips as to how to start the process.
Larry Witt Mon Dec 16 22:56:16 1996
My name is Larry Witt and I am a decendent of Abner Witt. He left Knoxville around 1800 and moved to the Sale Creek area. His wife may have been Anna Churchwell\Churchill. His son Charles Wylie married Alabama Gibson in Knoxville. They also moved to Sale Creek. Charles's son Samuel H. Witt married Jane Varner and moved to Fentriss County about 1849. They joined other relatives there. About 1862 Samuel & Jane moved to Casey County, Ky. & then on to Taylor Co. Ky. Samuel became a preacher & is buried with Jane @ Spurlington Methodist Cemetary in Taylor Co. Ky.
Karen Mastrofilipo Wed Dec 18 15:28:00 1996
Hi! I am looking for information on Jeremiah Fryar Sr., Born in the 1780s.
He lived on Mountain Creek in the Baylor School District.
He married Rebecca Lovelady about 1802-04 and had 9 children. Any info on his parents and where he was born would be helpful! Thanks
Beverly Garner Swanson Fri Dec 20 13:30:44 1996
John Howeth lived Hamilton Co. by 1830. Widow mother Mary Howith lived next door. John divorced his wife " Aquilla" 1832. He moved to TX ca 1847 with their three Children. Was Aquilla an Indian? Family think this may be so. He was a Baptist preacher among the Indians.His father William is mentioned as doing business with Brainard Mission. Appreciate any help with this family. Sometimes spelled Howitt. Thanks, Beverly
Jeri Dearing Fri Dec 20 19:00:35 1996
I am looking for any information on DEARINGS in Hamilton Co. Jeremiah DEARING b.abt. 1810 wife Mahala BRUTON. Washington Lafayette DEARING b. 26 Jan. 1836 in Bradley Co. wife Martha Ann LOWE. Joseph Thomas DEARING b.5 Nov 1871 in Cleveland, TN,wife Nell Beulah BROWN. Need information on this BROWN line and also the LOWE line. Martha Ann LOWE's father was Isaac M. LOWE and mother was Elizabeth Harriet LONG.
Jean Brand Fri Dec 20 08:28:17 1996
James H. Mallicoat born: ? Va. died Hamilton Co, Tn. 1840 married Rhoda Witcher born abt. 1771 Va. Their children: JAMES MALLICOAT,JR, married ELIZABETH GRAY/ LARKIN MALLICOAT born 1795 TN, died before 1880 Cambell Co.,TN married MARY ?. What was her full name? SABRA MAALLICOAT born 1804 TN, married 9-05-1821 GRAINGER CO< TN to JOHN ACUFF. Any information on this family please.
Pamela Hagen Fri Dec 20 09:20:09 1996
Seeking information on ARMOUR family of GA and TN. Isaac Asbury Sewell ARMOUR was born in GA ca1838. He was in 1850 Hamilton County,TN Fed. Census, married Tennessee DAY, enlisted in 16 Batt's TN Cavalry at Washington,TN, 31 Aug.1862 and died after the Battle of Fischer's Hill,Sept. 1864. His son, James Madison, was born 25 March 1863 in Rhea County,TN. Any information on I.A.S. Armour's parents or county of birth would be very much appreciated!!
Dorothy Southern Sun Dec 22 22:01:59 1996
John W. SOUTHERN, born ab. 1800, prob. TN; died May1880, POLK CO., AR. He was in Hamilton Co., TN, 1850 (prob. by 1840). Wife, SARAH ? b. ab. 1813/14 TN. First child: MARGARET, b. ab. 1830 AL; 2nd, JUSTINE?/JESTIN b. ab. 1833/34, GA; WILLIAM J. b. ab. 1839, TN; MARY J. b. ab. 1840, TN; AMANDA b. ab. 1845 TN; ELIZABETH b. ab. 1843, TN; JOHN, Jr. b. ab. 1845, TN; MARTHA EMILINE b. ab. 1847, TN; RUTHA A. b. ab. 1848, TN; CHARLOTTE P. b. ab. 1850, TN; SARAH E. b. ab. 1858, ARKANSAS; JAMES M. b. ab. 1860, AR (This family was in POLK CO., AR, in 1860.) Surnames of known spouses of children: Lemuel LOFTIS (Mary J.); James Henry STANDRIDGE (Rutha A.); Peter HELTON married to a daughter, and possibly a GUINN to another, or otherwise related. Also a probable connection with a McGlomery/Montgomery. FRANKLIN PIERCE SOUTHERN's wife Martha A. RIDLING (RIEDLING), dau. of the Rev. Henry C. Ridling, a Baptist minister, and wife Margaret L. SUIT(S), dau. of Samuel SUIT(S). Many of these families had lived in counties neara Hamilton in TN and GA. FRANKLIN PIERCE SOUTHERN sons were named: GIPSON/GIFFORD; SAMUEL; JAMES; BENJAMIN HARRISON, and CHARLES HOLDER SOUTHERN. Who were parents of JOHN SOUTHERN and SARAH? John Southern said he was part Cherokee. Beginning by ab. 1910, a number of these families left Polk Co., AR, coming into Eastern, then central, Oklahoma. Early marriage and other records of Polk Co., AR, were lost. ANY information on any of these lines will be greatly appreciated.
Bill Jayne Thu Dec 26 22:37:02 1996
I am looking for information on a gentelman named James Foster Reed. According to the information I have says he was born in October of 1906, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Jim Simmons Fri Dec 27 16:47:15 1996
I am looking for information aobut my father's family. His name was Eugene Moseley Simmons. He was born Feb. 2, 1895. I believe he was born in Chattanooga.
sue acuff Sat Dec 28 23:50:42 1996
searching for information re: Henry W. BARGER b Aug 1848 in ?Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton Co, TN probably a Yankee soldier in Civil War. Married Susan Adelaide JOHNSTON b TN, Dec 1850 thought to be niece or great niece of president Andrew JOHNSTON. Any help is greatly appreciated.
JENNIFER KING-ROGERS Sun Dec 29 11:49:09 1996
I am looking for any information on a Tom ROGERS. He may have lived in Chattanooga area around 1906-1908. MAY have moved on to Knoxville TENNESSEE during this time also. Had a daughter. His sister's name was MINNIE ? and a brother named ROBERT PETE ROGERS from CASSVILLE GEORGIA. I am sending in this query for my husband Charles ROGERS AND his brothers and sisters. INTERESTED in any information one can supply. WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please E-MAIL back at JKING43@PORTLAND.MAINE.EDU
Arlie Stiles Mon Dec 30 14:27:57 1996
Would like to correspond with anyone working on the SPARKS or DAUGHTERY lines in Hamilton Co. TN Russell Sparks md Sarina Abigail Daughtery in 1876 in Chattanooga. His father was Ira Sparks and her father was John Daughtery.
THOMAS E.HARRIS JR. Tue Dec 31 10:11:31 1996
Looking for DOB's, DOD's, MILITARY RECORDS,and ancestors and descenants of William Walter HARRIS who lived in Ooltewah, TN
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