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Joanne F Gresham Thu Jan 1 21:32:56 2004
Was told Greenville Penn FOSTER was buried in Hamilton Tn., in the FOSTER - TITTLE Cemetery. Would like any informtion on him or where the cemetery is located.


Amy Gross Sun Jan 4 08:22:06 2004
Roy THACKER is listed as a child of Thomas Everett and Betty Fann THACKER in the 1910 Hamilton County Census. He was listed as 14 years old. He is not listed in the 1920 census. I'm looking for information on what happened to him.


Martha Edwards Tue Jan 6 18:14:11 2004
I am looking for information on my great-great granfather Bailes FISHER. He was on the 1860 Hamilton County, Harrison Postoffice census and was not located on any census before or after that. According to family history, his family - wife Mary, and children, John, Martha, Thomas, Virginia and Josiah all walked to Indiana to escape the Civil War. His father was born in Virginia, but we do not know the name of his father. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.


Don Miller Tue Jan 6 21:08:56 2004
I am looking for Henry MILLER (b.1842) and his sister Pauline (b.1824) in the 1850 census. Both were born in Tennessee as were their parents. The 1880 census has them living together in Cooper Co. Missouri along with Henry's wife Virginia and their nephew. I am trying to find their birthplace...


Debbie Smith Wed Jan 7 01:36:59 2004
Baillen Brittian O'NEAL born about 1770 in Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina. He married Hannah SHERRILL born about 1770, the daughter of Phillip and Martha SHERRILL, in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Story goes is that Baillen's ancestors came over from the old country and they are Scot-Irish, they came into Burke County, North Carolina in the mid 1700's, with the name McNEAL, they then went into South Carolina where the name changed from McNEAL to NEAL at some point. I have a copy of the 1790 Greenville County census that list Brittian NEAL and two people above him is listed as John M*NEAL. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is where the named actually changed then? I also know there is a John Britton O'NEAL b: 1782 that married Ann Easterling from Rowan County, NC and they also seemed to follow the same path as Baillen and Hannah, but after Habersham County they moved into Twiggs and then later south. The NEAL's then before 1830 migrated into Clarksville, Hambersham County, Ga.,where they changed the name again to O'NEAL. Baillen & Hannah's sons were:

Phillip O'NEAL b: 1795 d: unknown
James P. O'NEAL b: 1797 died 7/28/1863 Cold Harbor, Va. Civil War.
Andrew O'NEAL b:1799 died 1854 DeKalb County, Alabama.
Zachariah O'NEAL b:1800 dies: 4/18/1885 Trenton, Dade County, Ga.
Albert O'NEAL b: 1805 died after 1850 Alabama
Byrd/Bird Britton O'NEAL b: 1811 died 7/27/1863 Cold Harbor Va. Civil War.

All were born in Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina. Baillen and Hannah both bied before 1850 in Trenton, Dade County, Ga.

We know that Andrew was married 3 times: 1) Delia ?: 2) Nancy ALLEN: 3) Ann SMITH. He had 2 sons with 1st wife: Edward (1820) and Zachariah (1820) both born in Greenville County, SC. He had 11 children with Nancy ALLEN and moved from Hambersham County Ga to Madison County Ga. He 3rd wife was alot younger than him and was living in the household and married her 2 wks before he died in 1854. Andrew won his land in a land Lottery of 1805-1832.

Zachariah O'NEAL married Katherine PERRY in November of 1830 in Habersham County they moved along with Baillen, Hannah, James & Byrd into Trenton, Dade County Ga before 1837. This family was one of the first settlers in the Dade area. Zacharah was never in a land lottery and he had to have had money to buy the land he owned, accoreding to his will when he died he had around 70 acres of land and he may have owned more thru his lifetime in Dade. he was elected sheriff twice, he was elected ordinary twice and four years before he died he was elected Treasurer of Dade. His obituary listed him as a "distinguished citizen of the county and a christian". Zachariah and Katherine had 11 children also.

Byrd/Bird Britton O'NEAL marrid Elizabeth BENNY in Feb 1830 in Habersham County Ga. They also moved into Dade County. They had 7 children. Elizabeth died before 1860 and Bird married a Cornelia J. COUNTISS and the had 2 children a son and daughter. The son was Bird Brittian O'NEAL Jr., born April 1863. The elder Bird died without ever seeing his name sake in the Civil War n July 27, 1863 in Cold Harbor Va.

I am interested on anyone that has information on this family line. Especially beyond Baillen. I would like to know his parents and how they came over and if they actually landed in North Carolina.

Also for any descendants of this line there is a O'NEAL Reunin being planned for October of 2004 in Trenton, Dade County, Ga. If anyone is intrested in this event please contact me at dsmitty@930@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance.
Debbie Smith


Tom Charles Wed Jan 7 14:02:40 2004
I am looking for confirmation of the marriage of my grandmother Minnie SISSOM or could be Minnie HAYES to E. THOMPSON. This marriage would have taken place prior to 1921. I would like the date of this marriage as well as the first name E. THOMPSON.
Any help will be appreciated.
Tom Charle


Brian Brooks Wed Jan 7 21:16:13 2004
I am looking for information on a James FORD married to a Mary they lived in Hamilton County in 1860. Did he move to Independence County Arkansas before 1870? There is also a William FORD that was living near by is he related to James. Thanks for any help anybody can give me on these people.


marty martinez Sun Jan 11 12:21:14 2004
I am looking for any information on the death of William BEACOCK. He was last knowm to be in this area in 1963. He was born in Missouri around 1890's. Any information on any living relatives would also be of help.


Kevin Tiernan Sun Jan 11 17:18:56 2004
Back in 1949 on Thursday October 6th a photo ran in the Chattanooga News-Free Press. The photo was from 1906 and was a picture of the Tennessee Funeral Directors and Embalmers. My Great Grandfather, Frank Leland WEST, was in the photo and I was wondering if there was a way to obtain a copy of the original photo. All the names were included in the photo underneath it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Kevin


Loretta Brewer Sun Jan 11 18:51:21 2004
Can someone please look up marriage record for Harriett STANDIFER and David RINEHEART, They married around 1870/71 most likely Hamilton Co., TN. Harriett was the daughter of LeRoy STANDIFER who lived in Hamilton Co.,TN.


Donna White O'Brien Mon Jan 12 22:41:56 2004
I am looking for the oldest brother of my g-grandfather. His name was William H. WHITE and he was born in Alabama in 1854. I found him living with his family in St. Elmo in 1920 in Hamilton County at age 66.

Most of his siblings stayed in and around Marion Co., TN

I believe that he had children who may have stayed in the Hamilton County area and would like to find their descendants. I have more information on William's parents Arch WHITE and Mary KENNY, but would like to find other descendants who may be researching this same line.

Thank you.
Donna White O'Brien


christina smith Tue Jan 13 15:40:22 2004
I am looking for family members that lived in cira 1900-1950's my father Oscar SMITH left home as a child and had sibblings a sister Jo Hazel SMITH and two brothers Aaron SMITH, Clinton SMITH. My grand parents name were Flora SMITH AND O. W. SMITH. My understanding is that both parents died and the childreen were taken to foster homes. I have no other relative other than my brother, any assistance is greatly apprecited ...thank you so much...


Courtney Wed Jan 14 13:22:41 2004
I was speaking w/ family members recently and found out that we are related to Dora CROW(E). My family member that had information on our family tree passed away and that info. was lost. Please if anyone has any information on her, her tribe, her family, etc. please let me know! Thank you


charlotte DIES Wed Jan 14 21:25:00 2004
My grandmother was Bessie (GRIFFIN) BURNETTE married to Harry A. BURNETTE. I am looking for info on my grandmother's father Samuel C. GRIFFIN. He was born in Mocksville, N. C. and came to Chattanooga after the Civil War. He was married to Martha CHEEK born in Chilliocthe, Ohio in 1848. They were married in Salisbury, N. C. in 1867. I am wanted info on his parents and his family and what type of work did he do in Chattanooga.

Thank you very much. Hoping to hear from someone who can help.


Helen Mathis Johnston Wed Jan 14 21:39:27 2004
What was the date of the divorce between Charles R. MATHIS and Yvonne (STONE) MATHIS? It was about August of 1954 and thought to have been in Chattanooga, TN. I was the second wife of Charles R. MATHIS and now I need this information. C. R. MATHIS is not sure of the date. Yvonne has remarried and we do not know her current surname.


Jay Rogers Fri Jan 16 15:49:41 2004
I seek a William ROGERS b. ca 1780-1800, son of Clayton and Betilda (SADLER) ROGERS of Chester Co., SC. William had son Jefferson C. born 1820 somewhere in TN. May have lived in Hamilton County in early 1800s. Thanks
Jay Rogers in San Antonio Tx


Ruth Simon Sat Jan 17 19:31:25 2004
Where to obtain death certificate for Jon Stanley SIMON.


Delia Reynolds Sat Jan 17 19:43:03 2004
I am seeking any information about William Spencer REYNOLDS died Oct 12, 1914 in Chattanooga, Tenn, and his wife Ida Gertrude HARRIS died Oct 14, 1914 in Chattanooga, Tenn. They had 3 children William Lawrence, Frances, and Ruby all dead now. My husband is the son of William Lawrence.


J. Chisholm Wed Jan 21 16:55:47 2004
Researching the WATSON family of Hamilton Co., specifically that of Oscar Newton WATSON, born October 1880. He married Una Leora BLACKWELL (November 8 1882-March 12 1948) and had four children:

1. Myrtle Elizabeth WATSON, born November 13 1897; died April 1979. She married Amon Marshall HIGGINBOTHAM.
2. Lois Idella Palestine WATSON, born March 26 1899.
3. Eschol Mendosier WATSON, born January 16 1901; died 1992.
4. Derah Vestie WATSON, born March 6 1902; died December 24 1935.

Oscar and Una were divorced in 1904, and she remarried Julius D. ROOKS and had five more children with him. Oscar Newton WATSON died August 4 1908, and was buried the next day in Forest Hill Cemetery in Chattanooga.


lee Sun Jan 25 08:41:53 2004
I am trying to find any information on a Jospeh LOONEY / LUNEY / LOUNY born 1843 Tenn who married Almeda PENNEY, Father Thomas PENNEY - Mother Malilnda GANN. Jospeh and their children are listed in the 1870 Hamilton CO census but I can't find them before then. Lee


Joye Sun Jan 25 15:17:44 2004
I am trying to find anyone with this name. My grandfather was named Stanley McBROOME and was born in Savannah, Tennessee in 1895 or 1896.
Please any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Daniel Powers Wed Jan 28 11:30:28 2004
John F. HOLM was born in Sweden around 1837. He died 16 April 1898 and is buried in Concord Cemetery, Hamilton Co. He married in Cleveland, Ohio and didn't move to TN until after 1870. I'm trying to track down documentation that might list the city of his birth in Sweden or an immigration date. His death precedes the keeping of death records by the state and the cemetery records list only the name of the decedent and date of death. Any help regarding other resources would be appreciated.


Vickie (Shryer) Bearman Sat Jan 31 20:45:08 2004
We ran across an obscure reference to a "Shryer Monument" in a Boyd Cemetery in Hamilton Co., TN. This was followed by mention of one burial, that of L. B. BOYD, b. Oct. 14, 1847 - d. Sept. 15, 1882. We suspect this or these SHRYERs are connected with the SHRYER family of Trigg and Christian Counties, KY, active in the early 19th century. We would very much appreciate corresponding with anyone who has further information about this Shryer Monument or a Shryer family in the Hamilton Co. area. Similarly, we'd be happy to share what we have. Thank you.


Pam Sun Feb 1 15:54:19 2004
I'm looking for a marriage record for William BRYANT and Mary Unknown, dated Jan 26 1837 TN. Thank you so much for your help, sincerely, Pam


Barbara Rio Fri Feb 6 07:49:59 2004
Looking for an obituary and/or burial place for Marshall B. YOUNG, (Jr.) who is said to have died in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN, 24 Dec 2000. Any help appreciated.


Denise Jackson Sun Feb 8 15:17:51 2004
William Lee JACKSON born circa 1945 died circa 1976
Birth Cert. , Death Cert., Mother and father' names
address information available
purpose if inqur. family geneology


J TATE Mon Feb 9 09:44:34 2004
Searching for Dee Ann TATE, daughter of Jimmy and Evelyn TATE, born Hamilton County TN.


Raymond Fred Dennis Mon Feb 9 20:05:27 2004
Recently I came across 2 handpainted round portraits seems like cardboard that bows out (like a bowl with the bottom facing out) inside there is the outline of a peach and inside is in one what I believe to be my great aunts Mary Jane HILL and Lucy Ellen HILL. In the other my grandmother Delora HILL. Mary Jane and Lucy Ellen died of consumption the same day in 1905 (21 and 19 respectively) my grandmother Delora in 1908 at 21. Inscribed on the edge it says:
Copyrighted Success Portrait Co.
Chattanooga TN
any one about this bussiness?
thank you
Raymond Fred Dennis


david goins Tue Feb 10 09:06:15 2004
Looking for info on these people and dependents. Alfred GOINS b.1826 parents Thomas and Besty GOINS. Wife Haily (Mahalay), Parents Granville and Mary Polly GOINS. Kids of Alfred - William B. b.1860, Mary Jane b.1863, Thomas b.1869. Alfred and Haily married 1850 lived in Long Savannah James co, according to 1870-1880 census but married in Hamilton co and lived in both James, Hamilton co. Native Americans. Any info would be helpful. Thanks. God is good. David Goins


Charlotte Tue Feb 10 13:25:37 2004
Looking for death infomation on William Paul LANDEN / LANDON (both speeling were sometimes used) who died on 6-18-1914. Had infomation that he was buried in Greenwood Cementary, but they only have a John LANDON who died same month/year. Then I also have name of another cemetery Cresent Ridge in Chattanooga? Can't find any info on cemetery. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated.


Kathy Crowe Wed Feb 11 07:12:24 2004
I am looking for information regarding Harry CROWE and Ruby CRAWFORD. I believe they lived in the Chattanooga area at one time and may have been married there. Any information would be appreciated.


Maggie Ridge Wed Feb 11 17:27:28 2004
I am looking for any information about the RIDGE family of Chattanooga in the Lookout Mountain area. I don't have much to go on at this point but would appreciate any help. Possibly William H RIDGE and wife Lattie? or perhaps Betty? Born in Chattanooga in mid 1880s. I know wife ran a boarding house on Lookout Mountain in 1860's. Also for info on Robert RIDGE born 1919 in Chattanooga.


Joy Wed Feb 11 18:36:39 2004
I am searching for Janice Paulette WARREN, born early 1950's in Hamilton Co TN.

Early African Americans

Lorraine Thu Feb 12 21:58:46 2004
Hi, I am in search of anyone in the Hamilton County area who may have information on or photographic documentation of African Americans in the Hamilton County area since Hamilton County's origin. This would include old photos of schools, churches, groups, individuals, newspaper articles, etc. Thank you


William Witt Fri Feb 13 16:13:35 2004
I am needing information on Silas WITT whow married Martha Jane CONNER in 1859. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks.


LINDA Sun Feb 15 04:38:48 2004
I am looking for information on Francis McKAIG and Elizabeth SULLENGER of Hamilton Co, TN. 12/1921 widow of Francis McKAIG 34 Ga Inft. says he died 10/1901 in Hamilton Co, TN says there were 7 and some died. Would like to find where he is buried. He lived in Alton Park in 1901. After his death she lived at 15 Liberty St., North Chattanooga, TN.
Francis was born 1843 TN died 10/29/1901 Hamilton Co, TN. She lived with George H NESBIT 1108 Pine St, Chattanooga TN.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Byrom Wehner Mon Feb 16 16:29:13 2004
Looking for any information, photos, etc. for Thomas Taylor (T. T.) WILSON and Lucinda (CATE) Wilson, my wife's maternal great grandparents. He was born either 1847 or 1848 in Hamilton County and died in Chattanooga in 1921 and was the original owner of the T. T. Wilson Co. in Chattanooga. He was also a city alderman under Mayor Ochs. Both were members of the First Baptist Church in Chattanooga. Married to Lucinda Ellen CATE (a.k.a. Lucy, Lou, or Lou Ellen), daughter of Alfred M. CATE, in 1871. Lucinda was born in 1847 or 1848 and died in Chattanooga in 1929. Children were Jessie WILSON (Mrs. Fred M.) LOWRY, Mattye WILSON (Mrs. George W.) HEGGIE, Frederick Walker WILSON, and Maud WILSON (died about 1894). T. T. and Lucinda also lived in Graysville, GA, from 1871 to about 1881. We have some obituaries, census records, and one photo of Lucinda (CATE) WILSON, but that's about all.


Denton Sansom Mon Feb 16 18:39:58 2004
I am a retired Marine First Sergeant and was stationed with MSgt USMC(Ret) Clarence Russell BAKER, then Cpl BAKER and my rank then was Cpl. I remember the family when they were living on Hampton Blvd., in Norfolk, VA in 1945-47. Cpl BAKER was my first boss in the Corps and I remember the birth of their two children in Norfolk. I would like to find out If MSgt BAKER is still with him, or a member of his family.

I am looking for information about the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies, South Annex, Hampton Blve., Norfolk 11, Virginia. I would like to communicate with BAKER, or a family member by phone, letter, or email. If nothing else just to say hello. You may give the BAKERs my informtion: Ph 423-474-6336, or address, 112 Robin Lane, Elizabethton, TN 37643.

I am looking on the Warehouse Fire we had in the Spring of 1946 where we lost the warehouse and supplies that would be valued over 8 or 10 million dollars and a group picture of Marines taking in both winter uniforms and dress blues. I lost my copies somewhere along the way.

This is the reason I need to talk to a member of the family. Baker would be in his early 80's. He would remember me as "Chick" because he gave that name to me when I reported in from Boot Camp.

Any help would be appreciated.
Denton C. Sansom, lstSgt USMC(Ret)
Semper Fi.


Barbara Dodd LaForge Thu Feb 19 12:52:47 2004
I was wondering if someone could lookup the obituary for my father James Howard DODD Jr.. He died 1 Apr 2000 in Chattanooga.
ThanK You, Barbara Dodd LaForge


Robert McGuire Thu Feb 19 19:30:07 2004
I am currently doing family research and found my Great Grandfather, James W. McGUIRE, at one time lived in Hamilton County, prior to moving on to Rhea County where my Grandfather was born. They later moved to Shawnee County Kansas. James birth date is July 16, 1826, place of birth unknown as his parents and where they were from. His wife's name is Nancy, born September 5 or 6, 1822 and I think she was from Georgia. I do not know her maiden name. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.
Robert McGuire
88774 Shoreline Drive
Florence, OR 97430


Mary Haire Fri Feb 20 05:42:35 2004
Looking for ancestor Ross ALLEN, Emaline ALLEN, Martin Crowder ALLEN & family. Have indication that son Martin C. ALLEN was born in Chattanooga in about 1946. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks, Mary


Byrom Wehner Mon Feb 23 16:23:20 2004
Looking for information about Thomas WILSON, whose wife was surnamed RAGON (given name unknown). Both understood to have been born in Tennessee. Had a son Thomas Taylor WILSON born in Hamilton County in 1847 or 1848. May have lived in the Hamilton County area for some time.


Jodi Friedman Mon Feb 23 19:57:18 2004
Looking for any information about William THOMPSON and Emma CLARK, married early 1890s in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN. Their daughter, Clara Elizabeth THOMPSON, was born April 17, 1895; a son, William, was born about two years later. Emma died by 1900. 1900 or later, William, a butcher in Chattanooga, was killed either by getting crushed by a side of beef or run over by a wagon.
Any info on William or Emma would be greatly appreciated.


Sandra ARLEDGE Turner Tue Feb 24 09:37:07 2004
I am trying to find information on my grandfarther, Mose Eligah ARLEDGE and wife, Mellissie Jane (AKINS) ARLEDGE. He had a brother, Beard Lafayette (B. L.) ARLEDGE.
Mose ARLEDGE b. census says 1854, death certificate says 1870. He was a coal/ore man. He was in Marion County in 1899, becasue my Dad, Hubert Lee ARLEDGE was born there.
Tenn-1850-1900, Crudup, Etowah County, Ala., 1900-1920, Bessemer/Birmingham, Jefferson County, Ala 1930. He died in November 1945.
If anyone has information or can point me in a direction it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Sandra ARLEDGE Turner


Joe Slaughter Wed Feb 25 13:39:25 2004
Have not posted in a couple years so thought I would try again. I am looking for a family that lived in the Graysville/Soddy Daisy/Hixon area from the 1920's into at least the early 1950's. My grandfather James SLAUGHTER, his wives Mary and then Eva, children Victor, Caltis, Mollie, Allie, and my father James (born in Graysville in 1923). Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Dianne Denhem Thu Feb 26 10:10:47 2004
Looking for information concerning cemetery location or other death info for Ephriam / James E. LONG or Malinda (KIMBROUGH) LONG between 1870 and 1900. Thank you. Dianne


Marilena Marshall Thu Feb 26 12:10:39 2004
I am searching for my husbands great grandmother. Her name was Nettie Estelle THOMASON. She was married to Jessie A. WILLIFORD. She was born 10/31/1898. She is buried in Old Center Cemetary close to Bath Springs Tennessee in Henderson County. If anyone has any information on her please contact me.


Dianne Denhem Thu Feb 26 17:11:07 2004
Looking for death or burial/cemetery information for William A. LONG, born 1861 in AL. Died between 1890 and 1900. His children were born in TN and he was residing in Hamilton County in 1870.
Thank you for any help Dianne

Walden's Ridge

Janene Zaccone Fri Feb 27 07:26:30 2004
My ggg-grandfather lived in Fairmount. He joined the Union Army in late summer 1864: Co. A, 6th mounted infantry. I have found no record of him serving on either side before then. Does anyone have any information--old stories, printed sources--anything--that would explain what he or any other man on the ridge who wasn't in the army might have been doing between 1861 and 1864? This is really bugging me. What was going on on Walden's Ridge during the war?


Richard Lewis Sat Feb 28 11:19:29 2004
Looking for information about one of my ancestors, Callie L. TURBYVILLE, b abt 1881, listed in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, as wife to Theodore D. TURBYVILLE, b abt 1882, mother to Theodore J. and Mildred L. TURBYVILLE. Family resided in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN at that time. I am a native of Chattanooga, and Callie is my great grandfather's sister, maiden name SCHNEIDER, or possibly anglicized to SNYDER spelling.
Thanks for any and all assistance.


Richard Lewis Sat Feb 28 11:32:23 2004
Looking for more information about family listed in 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Hamilton County, TN as follows:
CALLENDIN, J.D., 45, Hd of Hshld;
CALLENDIN, Annie, 39, Wife;
WALKER, T. J., 30, Son-in-law;
WALKER, Annie, 21, Daughter;
WALKER, Mabel, 4, GrChild;
WALKER, T. Guss, 2, GrChild;
SPONG, A. M., 21, Step-Son.
Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Morgan Sun Feb 29 21:25:27 2004
Mary Louise SWEENEY was my birth mother, I need her birth day for a passport. She died when I was 2, around 1957. My father's name was Horase Arnold MORGAN. I don't have any family with any information. I only know she lived and died in Hamilton County


Karen Mon Mar 1 14:41:36 2004
Looking for family information on Lucinda Ann COX dob 23 Jun 1851 near Chattanooga. Her father's name might be James. The family moved to Moultrie Co. IL & Missouri. I have no other info than the above. I am looking for her parent's/grandparents etc. Lucinda married Andrew Jackson WAGGONER somewhere in Missouri on 2/19/1872. She died in Moultrie Co. IL 4 Mar 1912.
Please email me at trp77519@skypoint.com Thanks.


Brenda Oody Mon Mar 1 18:50:09 2004
Looking for a recent obituary from someone who has access to Hamilton Co. Obituaries. Benny ARP died Dec. 28 or 29 (maybe) buried on New Years Day. Died in Soddy Daisy. Would deeply appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance,
Brenda Oody


Paula Doyle-Bicket Fri Mar 5 20:05:59 2004
Places: Hamilton County, TN; Polk County, TN; Fannin County, GA; Cherokee County, NC; McMinn County, TN.

Am searching for my gg grandfather and his family. His name was Jeptha M. HAWKINS. I have reason to believe that he was born in Forsythe, Georgia. I have over 275 pages of Jeptha’s Civil War records and I find W. D. HAWKINS mentioned in a few places. Jeptha was born around 1828 and died 2/7/1911 in Fannin County, Georgia.

In the papers it mentioned David’s wife as a witness. She states that David abandoned his family and is rumored to be in Cherokee County, NC.

Jeptha’s first wife Angeline died 8/15/1888 in Mineral Bluff, Fannin County, Georgia. In the 1880 Census of District 10, Polk County, Tennessee the family has the following children: Flora A., John D., Lou E. (which is my great grandmother and her death certificate lists her name as, Martha Lou Ellen HAWKINS-MASON), Jeptha M. and Amanda E.

Jeptha's second marriage to Mary Adele HARRIS on 7/31/1890 either in Copper Hill, Tennessee or Ducktown, Polk, Co., Tennessee and they had the following children; Samuel, George, Gillie, Sarah Jane, Harriette Ann, Darcus Ann, and William Cager. I have additional information on this family.

My great great grandfather, Jeptha M. HAWKINS had a brother by the name of William David HAWKINS.
Hamilton County Marriages
James MASON - Luella HAWKINS - 12/18/1887
Information gathered off Jeptha HAWKINS, Civil War records: Angeline BROWN-HAWKINS. Angeline’s maiden name could have been BROWN or was it her first marriage name? Angeline died 8/15/1890. Angeline died in Ducktown, Polk County, TN on 8/1/1888. Witness that Angeline died, W. D. HAWKINS (William David) brother of Jeptha. Mary Adele HARRIS - Died 4/6/1923 in Sweet Gum, GA

Jeptha & Mary’s children: Sarah Jane HAWKINS - 10/31/1896 or 1895; Harriett Ann HAWKINS - 7/11/1899; Darcus Ann HAWKINS - 12/16/1901; William Cager HAWKINS - 9/15/1904; George - 10/6/1894; Sammie - 2/27/1893

Jeptha and Mary were married 7/31/1890 in Hiawassee, Polk County, TN Jeptha died 2/7/1911, he was born around 1829 in Forsythe County, GA. Mineral Bluff, Fannin County, GA Jeptha lived in Isabella, Polk County, TN when he enlisted. During the Civil War, Jeptha was 5’6” tall and weighed about 135 lbs. Dark hair, Dark complexion and blue eyes. He was discharged from the service because of varicose veins of the left leg, pneumonia, left lung infection, heart disease and rheumatism. He was 58 years old when he enlisted. In 1893 he was living in Hot House, GA. He has been listed as a farmer and miner. He can be found living in 10th Dist., Ducktown, and Polk County, TN

Jeptha & Angeline children: Flasco, Maude, John, Jeptha, Lou Ellen, Amanda - 8/21/1884. One of Jeptha and Angeline’s daughter was married to a John REDDEN. Francisco REDDEN is the stepdaughter of Jeptha, daughter of Angeline.

Flora CONNER daughter of Jeptha and Angeline (CONNER married name) widow of George CONNER. Flora is found in the 1930 Census of Hamilton County, TN Dist. 3, Dist 77, page 33. Her son Herschel is living with her. He is 22 and she is 74. Living next door is a HAWKINS, a male age 59. Living next door to HAWKINS is a BELL.

Amanda PATTERSON daughter of Jeptha and Angeline. Harriett’s married name is PANTER. A Sam PANTER is a witness to some form in the Civil War papers. W. L. BELL was married to one of Jeptha and Angeline’s daughters.


deb Sat Mar 6 06:36:20 2004
Hi, Does anyone have access to lists of deaths in Hamilton co. for African Americans looking for family who died between 1920-1930. Thank you


Elaine Brown Sat Mar 6 19:40:33 2004
Looking for Jack Cloyed BROWN who lived in or near Chattanooga, TN. This may include the northern GA Counties adjoing Hamilton Co., TN. Jack Cloyed BROWN was probably born between 1920 and 1930. Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Norma Palmer Mon Mar 8 23:05:03 2004
I am trying to locate a Cynthia V THOMPSON who married Richard DAVIS on 13 Dec, 1859 in Hamilton Co.,TN. Cynthia V. THOMPSON was the daughter of Russell THOMPSON. The THOMPSON'S lived in Rhea Co., before moving to Hamilton County. If anyone has this couple in their family or have information please contact me for Cynthia V THOMPSON is my great-grandmother's sister. Thank.


Betty S. Felton Wed Mar 10 19:24:31 2004
Need look-up of birth of Aldon JENKINS. Born 19 Nov. 1911. Need to know name of parents listed. Need to know mothers maiden name. Also look-up Allan JENKINS born in 1910 or 1911.


jewel kiser Thu Mar 11 19:29:47 2004
I am trying to find where Hattie HALES is buried. She died between 1904 -1910. I am also trying to find John T or maybe listed as John J he was murdered by a son Jan. 29, 1920. No one living today seems to know where either of them are buried. He is the son of my great grandfather John P HALES and Parthena (EUBANKS) HALES.


Carolyn Thu Mar 11 21:22:51 2004
We now have a RAMSEY DNA Project and are looking for males with the last name of RAMSEY or RAMSAY to participate in this project. The DNA tests will be able to tell us if we have a common ancestor and how many generations back that common ancestor is. As a group we get a discount on the tests and if you are interested you can contact me at canida@chartermi.net


Rose Brothers Mon Mar 15 13:51:13 2004
I am looking for information on John ROEDEL who lived in Hamilton county. He was born abt. 1887 in Indiana. Moved to Chattanooga to work. Died October 7, 1936. Married to "Mina" or perhaps "Betty". Daughter "Betty ANDREWS" also lived in Hamilton County. He was my grandmother's brother. She lived in Evansville, IN.


jewel Kiser Mon Mar 15 22:18:06 2004
I am trying to find where John T HALES is buried . He was murdered January 29, 1920. I have been told that it was McDonald, Tn. His son was sent to prison for the murder. I was also told that because he was murdered that there was no orbit in the paper. That's how it was done back then. Thanks


Steven Eugene Miller Wed Mar 17 15:43:10 2004
I am looking for the parents of Dora MILLER born June,1859 somewhere in Georgia. Here is the information I have found on the 1900 census of the Hamilton County, Chattanooga, Tennessee: George MILLER was the deceased husband of Dora MILLER.
Dora MILLER born June, 1859 (head of houshold) 40yrs(widow).
Sofine MILLER born May,1882 (son) 18yrs
Fred MILLER born July, 1889 (son) 10yrs
Eugene MILLER born March, 1892 (son) 8yrs
Mary MILLER born October, 1898 (daughter) 1yr
Daniel WALKER born, 1849 Virginia (boarder) 59yrs

Between 1898 and 1901 Daniel WALKER maried Dora MILLER and they had a daughter born, 1901. and her name is Viola (WALKER) CLAY (Clay being her married name) She was known as Aunt Odie by family members. Dora is believed to be of Cherokee descent. I am also trying to find out if Dora BATTLE and Dora MILLER are the same person. On the 1870 Census of Hamilton County,Tennessee, I see a Dora BATTLE, age eleven, listed as a domestic servant in the household of John M. TODD. She is listed as Mulatto, and also born in Georgia about 1859. The picture that I have of Dora MILLER, shows that she is definitely of mixed blood. Here is the rest of the info that I have on the TODD Family:
1870 Census, Hamilton County, Tennessee:
John M. TODD-age 47;Head of Household
Mary A. TODD-age 43;wife
Edgar G.TODD-age 19;son
Minnie M.TODD-age 6;daughter
Dora BATTLE-age 11; domestic servant
If you think you can connect with any of the people above please contact me.
Also, I found a John C. BATTLE on the 1860 Census of Troup County Georgia&'s Slave Schedule, owning fifty slaves. I need help!!!


Cheryl S. Smith Wed Mar 17 23:01:40 2004
Following the Revolutionary War, Col. Joseph Martin sent Capt. John HARDIN ( my GGGGG-Grandfather), and I believe three other captains, and soldiers to Lookout Mountain (present day Chattanooga) during the period of "Indian Wars". They were attacked (gravely outnumbered) and killed. Would anyone happen to have any information on this particular battle? I know just a couple of general bits of information, but I was hoping for more details. Also, would anyone happen to know where I might look to find a possible burial location? Through second hand information, I was told that at one time there was a re-enactment held in Chattanooga to commemorate this historic moment -- would anyone have any information in regard to this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheryl


deb Thu Mar 18 16:52:39 2004
Hi need someone to research vital records looking for info death, birth, deeds (African American) thanks


William S. Bates Sat Mar 20 15:38:10 2004
In 1860 Hamilton County census, there was a Benjamin BRADY and wife Matilda with seven children. Benjamin was born about 1815 in North Carolina. Where did Benjamin go after 1860?
Any help will be appreciated. WSBates


Betty S. Felton Sat Mar 20 17:45:36 2004
Need to find record of birth of Aldon W. JENKINS born 10 Nov. 1911.


Brian Youens Mon Mar 22 20:36:31 2004
Seeking any information on my great-aunt, Lillian Virginia HARRISON, who was born in Chattanooga, TN December 9, 1901. Father may have been Julius HARRISON, and mother was Bessie GOBLE, both from Russia. Lillian was later in an orphanage with her brother Lee in TN/KY, from which she ran away and married unknown BRYANT. Lillian's early life is a great mystery...any help would be appreciated.


Phyllis Tue Mar 23 18:21:00 2004
Searching for info on how J. T. STRINGER and Capt. William H. STRINGER are connected and their ancestry.
Help appreciated. phgoaskalice@aol.com


Phyllis Tue Mar 23 18:25:14 2004
Searching for info on Solomon and/or A. B. BEASON / BEESON. Thanks.


Erin Bartlett Thu Mar 25 10:14:38 2004
I am looking for the parents and other information on John B. ACUFF born about 1829 in Ooltehwah. Married to Margaret Boyd McCARROL(?). Children were Louisa, Narcissa, Victoria, and Lawson (Loss). Father of John B. probably John ACUFF son of (?) and Margaret ACUFF from 1820 U.S. census Hamilton Co.


sharon Fri Mar 26 09:10:11 2004
My direct ancestor Rev. Henry GOTCHER born Feb. 12, 1792 SC, died Feb 27, 1864 in Hamilton County, Tennessee, married first Martha born Nov 17, 1796, died Mar. 10, 1873 also in Hamilton Co., Tennesee. Both buried in Hancock Cemetery, Hamilton County. He was a Baptist preacher in Hamilton County, the Oakwood Baptist Church, Chattanooga. He was appointed commissioner to select the site for the church in 1839. He and Martha were married before 1816-1820 most likely in Jackson County, Ala. where he was the preacher of the Mud Creek Baptist Church. Their children were: Nancy born ca 1819 Ala., Temperance born 26 Feb 1823 Ala., Jemina born 30 May 1827 Marion County, TN., William Penn born ca 1828 Marion County, TN., Martha born ca 1831 Marion County, TN., John S. born 1831-1835 TN., Mary born ca 1833 TN. Source Mary BRANNEN'S query in rootsweb.com. This family has been very hard to research. I have been working on it since 1983 and so far this is most of my info. Can anyone help me with this family or have any photos or old church records, Bible records on this family? Contact me at my email address: sharon7348@sbcglobal.net. I will share all the records that I have.


Shirley Carter Sun Mar 28 21:01:09 2004
I am looking for information for a Caleb Ezra CARTER. His first wife's name was Delia (CORNELISON) CARTER. He passed away in 1946. Any help would be appreciated.


g.boughton Wed Mar 31 19:58:44 2004
I am trying to locate a Patsy HATFIELD. Her parents were Ernest Clifford HATFIELD and Edith Bell (RIGSBY) HATFIELD. I am your cousin or niece, i haven't seen you senceI was a very small girl. Please get in touch with me. I just want to talk. The last I heard you were living on Signal Mountain. My parents were Ruby & Tommy.


Sandra Wed Mar 31 20:06:27 2004
William A. DUCKETT - Looking for gravesite, died 1922, Hamilton Co. TN. Any other information will be appreciated.

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