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Fri, Sep 4 15:40:12 1998

Solomon Bolton is my Melungeon 2nd Greatgrandfather. I have proved my lineage to him and his father Spencer.Solomon was in the war of 1812 and I am now an organizing President of the U.S. Daughter of the 1812 War, Pvt. Solomon Bolton Chapter here in McAlester, and welcome new members. I have written a story on him called Solomon Bolton, My Melungeon Grandfather. I have given this to the Historian at the Chattangooga Times and many others. I am now sending a copy to the library there in Chattanooga. I am searching for these ancestors of Solomon and his wife Rachael and any pictures will be welcomed. I will be sending in new stories perodically on my Melungeon ancestors I have listed.

Reply to: Kay Blanton, 1407 E. South Ave, McAlester, Ok 74501


Tue, Sep 8 10:31:15 1998

I need proof of B.R. McCULLOUGH,MCCULLY, marriage to SARAH ABIGAIL BOLTON, ca 1859-60. They lived in Hamilton Co. but was denied a license there and went over the hill to get married. What is meant by over the hill and where would the County be they went to? B.R. MCCULLOUGH was a confederate soldier and killed during the war. Does anyone know where and his place of burial. Who are his parents? I would like to correspond with his ancestors as I have a picture of him in his uniform to share.

KAY BLANTON, 1407 E. South Ave, McAlester, OK 74501


Tue, Sep 8 10:43:59 1998

I need information on a cemetery that was once the Jerome C. Simmerman property, now owned by I am told, the Baylor School. How is the cemetery kept up and are there any stones still in it. I need a picture of the stones if possible of Jemmia Ann Simmerman, Jerome's wife, b. April 22, 1834. D.Dec. 12, 1857. Also her son John D. Oct. 2, 1856. Is Rachael Bolton burried there also, if not does anyone know where she may be burried. She lived on Williams Island at the time of her demise. These are my Melungeon ancestors I have researched and putting in a book. I would like to correspond with anyone who can help me and other Melungeons as I discovered mine in 1991. No living ancestor of Solomon and Rachael Bolton knew this until my find. A mystery as to why to all of us. Solomon was Portuguese, Spaniard and German. Rachael was a Spaniard.

KAY BLANTON, 1407 E. South Ave., McAlester, Ok. 74501


Tue, Sep 8 10:57:42 1998

I need the place of burial of James SKELTON, d. ca 1884-86. Possibly living on Stringers Ridge at time of demise. Need proof of Ellen SKELTON'S burial in the old part of Oak Hill cem. She also lived on STRINGER'S Ridge at the time of her demise and d. ca.1899. Need proof of my MELUNGEON 2nd great grandmother SARAH ABIGAIL BOLTON MCCULLOUGH, MCCULLY'S marriage to JOHN F. SKELTON ca 1864-65 in Hamilton Co. It is not recorded there but a crane, J. P. married them. License Was not from there, does anyone know where they obtained one.

KAY BLANTON, 1407 E. South Ave., McAlester, Ok 74501


Tue, Sep 8 11:03:36 1998

I need help in finding my MELUNGEON great grandfather's property in Harrison. He had a land grant of 80 acres given him for his service in the S.C. War of 1812. The year for this grant was 1856. He had a prev. grant of 80 acres also I am needing to know the location of. Does anyone have a copy of his grants in their original Abstract. I would appreciate any help I can get on these grants.

KAY BLANTON, 1407 E. South Ave., McAlester, Ok 74501

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