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Debbie Williams Mon Oct 3 16:20:27 2005
I am interested in finding family of Adam MUDDUX and Jasper Newton MILLSAPS.


Debbie Tue Oct 4 13:45:24 2005
Interested in all information pertaining to Frank G. RICE, who was editor of the Chattanooga Times in early 1900's. Need places of and dates of birth, death, and marriage etc. He may have been born in Montgomery County. Thanks for helping!


George Washington Burkett Tue Oct 4 15:24:55 2005
Looking for George W. BURKETT and his wife Mary Ann HENDERSON who lived in Hamilton County 1960. Interested in thier children and parent of both.


Cindy Michaluk Thu Oct 6 12:58:50 2005
I'm looking for info and ancestors of Abner HARTMAN, born 1908 and died 1991. Any info would be helpful. Thanks


AMANDA MILLSAPS Thu Oct 13 09:25:43 2005
I would like to know who all my relatives are.
My father's name is Estill MILLSAPS Jr and my mothers name is Julie (CROUSE) MILLSAPS. My dad was born in Chattanooga,Tennessee and my mom was born in Seattle Yakama,Washington. We now live in Arkansas.


Donna Thu Oct 13 10:52:37 2005
Looking for information on Charley BRAY family. Charley BRAY married Lula MOFFITT, d/o John MOFFITT and Mary Susie (last name unknown) in 1899 Henderson co, TN.
I believe Charley passed away before 1930 and Lula moved to Chattanooga, TN.

Their children are: Betty (BRAY) SINGLETON
                    Ivie (BRAY) SINGLETON
                    Ruby (BRAY) HALL
                    Lillie Sue (BRAY) WOOTEN
                    William O. BRAY
                    M. Jewell BRAY (possibly married a DIGGS)
                    Carl V. BRAY

Carl V. BRAY died in Chattanooga, TN May of 1999
Betty E. BRAY married John R. SINGLETON and died in Feb. of 1980,Madison co, TN
Ivie BRAY married William Perry SINGLETON in 1920 Henderson Co, TN and died sometime in 1923.
Ruby married Henry Wade HALL


Ruby Ray Cobb Sat Oct 15 09:41:25 2005
I am trying to find a brother to my Joseph Ray who lived in Jefferson County TN in the early 1900's. His name was Sog Ray who was found on tax records of Jefferson County until 1902. It is said by a niece of this family, Sog Ray moved to Soddy Daisy. He would have been born in the 1870-1880's. He would have been a short man in stature, light hair and light colored eyes.


Kimberly Morris Mon Oct 17 16:59:43 2005
I am looking for info or family connections of Claudia BRANNON b. abt 1914 and family below. I was told that Claudia was real big in the Eastern Star, How would I be able to fine some info about her from there? Claudia's mother was a sister to my g-grandmother Mattie Pauline (TOLBART) CARNES..

Descendants of Fanny TOLBART

1  FANNY TOLBART	b: Abt. 1878 in Cherokee County, Alabama	d: Aft. 1928
	+GEORGE ADAMS	b: Abt. 1875	d: Aft. 1928
2  CLAUDIA ADAMS	b: Abt. 1904 in ALABAMA
	+HUSBAND BRANNON	b: Abt. 1904


Kristyne King Mon Oct 17 17:28:56 2005
Kenneth Elmer DAVIS b.1935/1936 Father was a DAVIS and married a RAIL told to be 1/2 cherokee. DAVIS / RAIL had several children at least 3 brothers and ? sisters. One brother by the name of Gene / Jean / Eugene and sister Evelyn. Evelyn was married as a SNYDER and a GRANT. The DAVIS family is said to be from Harrison Tn and Evelyn lived in Chattanooga Tn. As far as I know I have no living.


Scarlette Moyer Tue Oct 18 09:50:50 2005
I have information on Margaret RAHM, Mother of Harry COPELAND, who died in 1953. Some of her sisters were Josephine, Lizzy and Helosie. Her brother was George RAHM of the Chattnooga area.


lou Fri Oct 21 23:10:06 2005
My mom, Betty Jo BURCHARD. Just looking for 411 on her life there.


Billie McGraw-Crosby Sat Oct 22 14:49:05 2005
Does anyone know of a Grace WILLIAMS who married a RAMSEY then a McGRAW. She died in the mid 1920's. She was my grandmother, but died when my Dad was about 4. He doesn't remember much about her or her parental family.
Thank you, Billie


Kelle Metz Sat Oct 22 23:06:26 2005
Looking for info on Thomas GANN Sr, Thomas GANN Jr, Uriah GANN, George GANN, and Elizabeth GANN found on the 1830 Hamilton Co TN census. I'm trying to establish releationship between Nancy GANN m John LAYMAN (also on the 1830 Hamilton Co TN census) and these other GANNs.
:-) Kelle Metz


Julie Sprague Fedde Mon Oct 24 16:27:41 2005
My great grandfather, George SPRAGUE, MD, is listed in the 1890 Chattanooga City Directory. Henry SPRAGUE who might be George's son, is also listed.

I am looking for any other SPRAGUE's who also might be living in this area.
Many thanks!
Julie (in CA)


Max L. Mikell Tue Oct 25 15:47:26 2005
I am looking for any records, birth, marriage,etc., for Joe Allan MIKELL. My birth certificate notes that he was born in Chatanooga, Tennessee. I was born in Forrest City, Arkansas to Joe (probably Joseph) and Minnie Jewell MIKELL (Maiden name HENLEY) Cannot find records for either or them.
Thanks Max


Jackie Moore Wed Oct 26 23:56:22 2005
I am searching for any information on Albert CHESHIER (born 1851) and Cynthia BUSH (born 1856) married in Hamilton Co. 1860 census had him in District 15 with Eliza CHESHIER, his mother born in NC in 1806. He had 3 sisters: Sarah born 1845, Susan born 1846, Lydia born 1849, and 1 brother Calvin CHESHIER born 1848. Albert settled in Texas but can't find out about father or brothers and sisters. Anyone with info, please email me.


Clark Thu Oct 27 08:34:20 2005
I'm trying to find the background of Albert GRANT b.1879. GRANT had a large family in Soddy-Daisy whom I'm related.
Any thing you can do for me would be great!
Clark Muse
505 Willeo Creek Ct.
Roswell, Ga 30075


Linda Fri Oct 28 23:06:54 2005
I am searching for these families. Arnold WILSON lived at 4018 Norwood Avenue in 1944.
Mrs. Milton BALMER (Mamie). She was a sister to Agnes McCRAVEY CASSIDY. wife of Albert CASSIDY.
Looking for information on both of them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Robin Carroll Sat Oct 29 10:04:42 2005
Looking for decendants of Ray WILLIAMS, Carlton WILLIAMS, Dwight WILLIAMS, Evelyn WILLIAMS, Margret WILLIAMS and decendants related to the CARROLLs also.


G.L.MERRYMAN Sat Oct 29 16:20:53 2005
I'm trying to get info on Leslie Vance LEONARD born May 29,1898 to Charlie B LEONARD & Lizzie (GOODLAKE) LEONARD.
Leslie Vance Leonard married Beatrice BILBRA / BILBREY.
I would like to know if Leslie V LEONARD is buried at Forest Hill cemetary. He died in June 17, 1924.


Helen Lillard Sat Oct 29 18:46:57 2005
Looking for any relatives of Claudette LILLARD, born Dec. 17, 1894, died June 1978. Husband's name was Oscar LILLARD.


Deborah Fisher Sat Oct 29 20:15:58 2005
Looking for information on my paternal grandfather J Karl SMITH and his ancestors. He was born in 1903 to Jacob SMITH, mother's name unknown to me. Someplace before Jacob was a German ancestor (SCHMIDT?); unknown if this was his father or earlier; no clue where in Germany he came from. On J Karl's mother's side, family names of BLACKBURN, RAMSEY, and BOSTON. J Karl married my grandmother in 1925; her name either Lillian or Lillie Bertie ROGERS (she said Lillian, but her sister said Lillie Bertie). J Karl & Lillian ran a restaurant in Cleveland in the 1930's. Any info is appreciated!!


David Pendry Sun Oct 30 11:12:40 2005
Looking for info on William TIBBOLDS b. Oct 1838 England married to Susan b. Aug 1839 England. Susan must have died between 1900 and 1910. Listed in 1900 C's Dist. 5, Hamilton Co., TN. P37/D345.
They had four children William Jay TIBBOLDS b. abt 1871, GA.
James TIBBOLDS b. abt 1873, GA.
Other two children were females and may have married and stayed in GA. as that is where the TIBBOLDS were located in 1880 C's.
Any info on above mentioned people would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help.
Dave P. in AZ.


Tracy Mon Oct 31 14:56:28 2005
I'm looking for any information on my grandfather, Joseph Alexander NAVE Jr., great grandfather, Joseph Alexander NAVE and great grandmother, Clara Effie GWIN. My grandfather and great grandfather were both born in Hamilton Co. TN but I have yet to find them in any census. Joseph NAVE Jr. was born March 22, 1930 but had his birth shown as April 1928 to be able to get into the military. I believe that Joseph NAVE, his father, was born sometime around 1891 (give or take a few years). Any info would help.


John G. Watkins Mon Oct 31 23:53:08 2005
My gr gr grandfather was William I. WATKINS. He married a Martha RRODGERS from Sequatchie Valley, Hamilton County Tennessee,. Matha's mothers maiden name was Elizabeth STEWART from Sequatchie Valley and traces her family back to the lord high STEWARTs of Scotland. There's a book written about the STEWARTs of Sequatchie Valley. William I. WATKINS died at a age of 26. He had three sons, John A. who died in 1851, Charles Jeremiah and a Elijah Ross. Please let me know if you run across any info on this William I. WATKINS.


Helen Lillard Tue Nov 1 18:29:57 2005
Looking for information on Oscar and Claudette LILLARD. Oscar was born 1897 and died 1962. Claudette born 1894 and died 1978.


CHARLOTTE WHITFIELD Fri Nov 4 06:22:20 2005
Looking the parents of my father Morgan Semore WHITFIELD. Lived in Rockwood TN. He stated he may have been born on an reservation. His father's name was Charles. Mother's name might be Mary. Charles had a sister Belle. However, my grandfather's name was Charles and my g-mother is Belle. This is unclear. Did sister and brother marry? Or was Belle just living there. Also, there were 6 children in the family. Mary died around 1926/29. Any help would be appreciated.
God Bless


kelly Fri Nov 4 18:56:52 2005
looking for any info on Mary Louise LAND born on june 4, 1904. She worked for Combustion Engineering Company and was a graduate of Central High School in Chattanooga.


LINDA Fri Nov 4 20:42:24 2005
I am searching for a marriage of a Agnes E. McCRAVEY and a Albert CASSIDY between 1935 to 1944. Agnes was the daughter of John McCRAVEY of Ga and Tennie ROSS of Tn.


Jane Smith Mon Nov 7 07:42:46 2005
I am searching information and possible family of Oscar B. KIRK and wife Sada (ROUSE) KIRK. Oscar KIRK is son of John B. KIRK of Cannon County,Tn., later moving to Murfreesboro,Tn., along with wife Ruth (NORTHCUTT) KIRK, both being buried there in the 1950's. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Martha Crump Tue Nov 8 13:00:24 2005
Albert Sydney CRUMP, wife :Mary E. Two children: Clary B. 1927 and Vista J. 1926 Albert CRUMP was born in Jefferson County, Birmingham, AL.


Jon W. Stewart Wed Nov 9 14:46:07 2005
Many years ago, before the current 5 digit ZIP code system came into effect, a Mrs. Minnie (STEWART) ROGERS, 419 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga 3, Tenn., donated data about her STEWART ancestors to the Stewart Clan Magazine, which ceased to publish in the 1950s or so. The full collection of SCM issues was later published as Tomes, and is available in libraries' genealogy collections in hard back. In Tome E, on p. 136, it is stated: "Mrs. Rogers has lent us her large collection of STEWART data, gathered from many sources."

I and fellow STEWART family researchers who believe Mrs. ROGERS' data is pertinent to our search, would very much like to determine whether Mrs. ROGERS may have donated her collection of information to either the Hamilton County Genealogical Society or a local Chattanooga library.

Can you please advise me to whom I should address my query?
Jon W. Stewart
107 164th St. SE, #3103
Bothell, WA 98012


Norma Stalions Thu Nov 10 18:31:19 2005
I was adopted, but have heard all of my life that my family was Cherokee Indian. My mother's name was Rose Nel HUMAN and she was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. My father's name was Samuel KELLEY. I have heard that my mother's name was changed from WATER, Water. I am left to assume that her mother was the one who was full blooded Cherokee. I really do not know where to start. Roots are important. I am rather like Eve... no history. I would like my child to fare better. I am now 66. My daughter is 41. We do not wish to know our Cherokee history to "cash in" on any rights...just to know where our roots our. Thank you so much for any help you might give me.
Norma Stalions
4466 Worthington Court
Palm Harbor, FL 34685


Anita Nail Thu Nov 17 23:01:42 2005
Searching for Adam and Sally (DAVIS) YODER/YOTHER,JUTTER/JOTTER/ IOTTER/IODER, etc. This German couple was last found in 1820 in Haywood County, NC with their children. They moved to Tennessee after this census was taken, but their name can be spelled so many different ways that I haven't been able to trace them. Nine of their children were born in NC, but their son Jason was born in TN about 1827. Any clue would be appreciated!


Kerry Lyon Sat Nov 19 11:12:38 2005
Looking for info on my grandmother Josephine AYERS born on Feb. 20,1902 in Chattanooga , Tenn. She is supposed to have Cherokee bloodline but unknown where from. She would not talk about childhood. Any info on AYERS family in this area would be greatly appreciated.


Harry Gardiner Sun Nov 20 18:17:22 2005
My aunt, Gertrude STEELE, always said she was born in Chattanooga, TN on July 2, 1892. I've never been able to confirm this. Someone told me they possibly found her mother's name, STEELE, Eliza, widow of W. C. on p 654 of the 1892 Chattanooga City Directory but I have not seen a copy of it. I am wondering if anyone might provide me with this an/or other information. Thank you for any help or suggestions. Sincerely, Harry Gardiner


Phyllis J. K. Owens Thu Nov 24 01:28:45 2005
I am seeking the resting place of my great great aunt. It is my understanding that she was buried next to her first husband Herman Audrey DAVIS.

Aunt Melissie is Claudia Melissie / Melissa McCLURE b: November 23, 1887 Morgan County, Alabama. Her parents are James Artie "Jim" McCLURE and Adeline Etta (MILLER) McCLURE.

She first married Herman Audrey DAVIS on July 1, 1910 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

They adopted a son and named him Herman DAVIS. Less then a year later, she became pregnant and later birthed their son James DAVIS.

She second married _________ FITZGERALD.

She third married her childhood sweetheart John Randolph THOMAS. She has a plot with a marked name and birth headstone next to him in New Canaan Cemetery, Union Hill, Morgan County, Alabama. But she is not buried there. Her son James buried her next to her first husband, Herman Audrey DAVIS somewhere in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you have knowledge of Aunt Melissie, please write me at kwanja@alaweb.com
Thank you kindly.
Phyllis J. K. Owens


DAVID ERBY Thu Nov 24 06:25:31 2005
Need information on Gertrude LEFFEW and Thomas ERBY. They were married and lived with her father Joseph LEFFEW in East Chattanooga between 1900-1913. Their siblings were Frank and Joseph. Her sisters were Isabel, Ethlinda and Pearl. Her brothers were John, Albert and Walter. This family migrated from Meigs Co. in 1900.


James R Fisher Fri Nov 25 12:35:24 2005
I am looking for any information on James T. FISHER (and any descendants) who was residing at 3609 Dorris Ave., Chattanooga, TN., in 1929 and passed away a few years later.


Vince Sat Nov 26 19:44:33 2005
Looking for any info on McDANIELS family from Strawberry Fields.


Helen Sun Nov 27 10:51:52 2005
I am looking for an obituary of Mary SCURLOCK d. 6/1/1974 per the SSDI in Chattanooga, TN. Mary is the most popular name in the SCURLOCK line and finding her obituary in Chattanooga is the only way I can figure out which Mary she is. Is there anyone out there that can help me, please?
Thank you.


Edna Mon Nov 28 23:05:25 2005
Looking for information of HARTMAN, (Unknown first name) who married Lucinda or Mary (unknown surname). She was b. approx. 1812 according to DeKalb Co, Alabama 1850 Census. They had 2 sons b. in Tennessee in the early 1830's. Elkana b.1832-33, James C. b.1837, (according to his Civil War record b. in Hamilton Co., Tennessee.)

Family moved to Alabama and had 4 more children. ? Hartman must have died around 1839 or left the family. Lucinda later married Thomas BECK of DeKalb Co., AL.

According to census ? HARTMAN and Lucinda were both b. in Tennessee.
Any information on this family will be appreciated.


Dan Torbett Wed Nov 30 12:26:07 2005
I am looking for any information on this couple married Sep 30 1921. A copy of their marrige licences, cencus records, etc.


LIN Sat Dec 3 22:04:23 2005
Looking for information about a James Edward MILLER born between 1910 and 1920. Information concerning him is scarce.


Carolynn Roy Sun Dec 4 10:16:21 2005
Looking for information on William HIGGINS b. 1835 TN and Eliza A. R. PALMER b. 1833 SC. In the 1870 census for Cattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Wm. HIGGINS is a widower with seven children at home. Also in his household is Eliza A. R. PALMER listed as a domestic servant. In Dec. of 1870 William and Eliza marry. They seemed to disappear after that although I have found evidence that his children remained in Chattanooga at least until they all married. I found a record for a Wm. HIGGINS marrige to Sarah J. MAHAM in Nov. of 1877. One and the same? I don't know. Did Eliza pass away? I found Wm. HIGGINS again in the 1860 census for Hamilton Co. age 25 with the head of household listed as Mary HIGGINS age 36 he/they have four children at this time. This tells me this HIGGINS family are long time residence of Hamilton Co. Would like to make contact with other reseachers.
Thanks so much,
Carolynn Roy in Washington


Sandra Russell Sat Dec 10 23:42:09 2005
Searching for information on Thomas H. McKEE b.7/7/1861, d.7/17/1931 (unsure of these dates) w/ Angeline McELHANEY married 12/21/1882 Loudon County, TN. Think he is buried in Hamilton Co.


phil cooper Thu Dec 15 09:55:51 2005
looking for information about a Bill or William COOPER, his wife's name was Mary. They had a son named James who married Sophronia JACKSON. They lived at Sale Creek. Would like info on town as well.


JPark Sun Dec 18 01:55:12 2005
I am searching for a Charles M. DOYAL, born 1859 in GA or AL. He is last found in 1880 DeKalb Co. AL census, living with a brother, Ira DOYAL and family. After that, he disappears.

I found the following record, and would like to know if anyone claims this person or knows of descendants. Thank you. JPark
Tennessee Census, 1810-91 Record
State: TN
County: Hamilton County
Township: Dist. 4 -male Voters-
Year: 1891
Page: 001


dorothy tudor Sun Dec 18 19:27:33 2005
I am looking for any ADAMS in Hamilton County that are from SC. Were told that they were Indian. Celia ADAMS married William KILGORE in 1849 ?


Kathe Mon Dec 19 16:59:54 2005
I am searching for John CAMPBELL - born 1948 - of Cherokee Descent - lived around Lookout Mountain outside of Chatanooga in 1999 - went to the area at or near Snowbird in North Carolina in 1999 for medical reasons - have lost track of him, may have passed away. Any info will be most appreciated


Susie Bratton Tue Dec 20 10:34:53 2005
I am looking for info on a Jonathan PENDERGRASS / PENDERGRAFT. He was a Union soldier from Soddy, TN. Married to a Mary Isabell CARR. He was killed in action and was not returned to TN. My grandmother - Ollie Isabell PENDERGRASS born in 1863 was his daughter


Jessie Cheek Thu Dec 22 20:41:18 2005
I am searching for Charles HOLLOWAY and his wife, Elizabeth JONES and their children who were born somewhere in Tennessee. I think that Charles may have died between 1824 and 1830 and the family may have lived first in Marion Co., TN and later moved to Hamilton Co., TN.

Their children were: John Paul Kesterson HOLLOWAY born 8/5/1821, and Sarah, Charlie, Phoebe (maybe born 1824? and married to Abraham O. SMITH?), Susie and Elizabeth. No further information about these siblings--just know the names from a list someone wrote down years ago.

John Paul Kesterson HOLLOWAY married Elizabeth MARTIN. They had a son named Joseph Anderson HOLLOWAY b. 1844 TN (later changed his name to William Berry) and J. A. HOLLOWAY married Tennessee BEAN, daughter of William BEAN and Susannah BALLARD. Their next older daughter was Elizabeth Ann HOLLOWAY b. Dec. 1846 in Chattanooga, TN (my husband's ancestor).

I cannot find this family on census data in TN. The earliest census data I have is 1860 Walker Co., GA census for John P. K. HOLLOWAY family. We found land records in 1824 for a Charles HOLAWAY in Marion County, TN and we found an Elizabeth HOLLOWAY on 1830 census there also, but no Charles HOLLOWAY (he may have been dead by then). We know that JPK HOLLOWAY became a Methodist preacher later in life and that the family moved to Texas later also.

I saw on 1850 census index on page 375B there was a HOLLOWAY on census in Hamilton County, TN. If anyone has information about any HOLLOWAYs in Hamilton County, TN in this time period, we'd love to hear about it!! I have a HOLLOWAY - BALLARD connection in the 1700's also I'm curious if they are related to the above HOLLOWAYs. I found a Robert HOLLOWAY married to a Martha BALLARD in middle 1700's. I am curious if anyone knows the children of this Patrick MARTIN, as we don't know the parentage of Elizabeth MARTIN either--wonder if she could have been related to Patrick MARTIN--wasn't he a Methodist preacher also??

Other names of interest to me are WILLIAMS and SHIRLEY. I am stuck on a Peyton WILLIAMS supposedly born somewhere in TN and married to a Patricia FLOWERS (b. SC). They were in AL or MS by 1849 already I think. Also an Isaac WILLIAMS (b. 1810) who married a Mary Ann SHIRLEY (b. 1820) (from South Carolina, but may have gone through Tennessee on way to Alabama and Texasn (between 1838 and 1845)? Don't know which TN County Peyton WILLIAMS was from. I just mentioned these as I saw there was a Thomas SHIRLEY as an early settler of this County and also a George WWILLIAMS (Peyton WILLIAMS named his son, Moses Williams, and his son was a George Williams--common names though I realize).
THANKS for anyone's help!


Robyn M. Fri Dec 23 11:16:20 2005
I found a death record for a Bettie MOSS in Hamilton County in 1917. Want to know if this could be Bettie (Douglas) MOSS who lived in Claiborne Co. in 1880, married to Henry MOSS and mother of Markus, Sallie, Charles and Annie?
Any info on this family is greatly appreciated!!! Robyn


REGINA WOODS Sat Dec 24 01:32:05 2005
Would like a record of grandparents marriage sometime in the 1930s - Earnest STANFILL and Kathrie ERVING. Grandmother has Alezhimers. Granddad passed a long time ago. Hoping to jog her memory. Would like to place records in an album for her.


PEGGY Sun Dec 25 06:42:44 2005
Someone sent me the Chattanooga Times about my grandfather who was shot and killed. The date was July 22,1930. I went to the library to try and find his obit on that date but had no luck at all. I checked from the 1st to the 31st in July trying to find it. I may have over looked it. If anyone comes across Joseph HARBIN obit, please send it or email me letting me know what date it is in (in July). Thank you.


Wayne Nelson Tue Dec 27 10:08:48 2005
I am searching information on John HUTER. He may have lived in Hamilton about 1880. Please help Wayne


Debbie Sat Dec 31 14:54:59 2005
I am looking for the parents of Sarah Jane ANDERSON, b. 07/28/1861 in Georgia. She married David Simpson OLIPHANT 10/28/1879 in Chattanooga. All I know about her parents is that her father was born in North Carolina and her mother was born in Georgia.

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