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Earl A. Watkins Sat Sep 28 21:25:40 1996
Am searching for information on roots of Henry Luis Watkins, born Nov. 15, 1853, died Dec. 29, 1934. Buried at Prospect Cemetary, just west of Cleveland, TN. First wife was named Mattie. Second wife Lucinda. Third wife Mary. His parents were I believe, Burrick and Mary Watkins. Henry was a tobacco farmer near Cleveland, TN around 1900. Am searching possible cherokee indian roots.
Roddy Varnell Sun Dec 22 15:55:43 1996
Am looking for information on a William Varnell & his son, Josiah Varnell... lived in Ooltewah, Tennessee in early & middle 1800's
Linda Threadgill Tue Dec 31 18:12:11 1996
looking for family of William "Bill" Mckenzie and Evaline around chattanooga c. 1880. soundex has them listed in James county,1st circuit district. 1870 census has them in Meigs co. 1900 soundex shows them in Fayette co.,PA. children- Abraham,Lee,Marry,Frannie,Esque,Elva,Lonnie and Johnnie they are multiracial. probably listed as mulatto or colored.
LINDA THREADGILL Wed Jan 22 02:13:35 1997
Seeking info on the family of WILLIAM MCKENZIE AND JOHN MCCALEB, William's father-in-law. William was b. 1855 and married EVALINE MCCALEB.Evaline was born in 1861. The 1900 census shows them living in James Co., Dist #4. Their children were:ABRAHAM,FRANNIE,MARRY,ESQUE,ALONZO,JOHNNIE,ELHEW This was a tri-racial or mulatto family. The 1880 census has them living in Meigs co. Any info received will be very much appreciated, Thank you.
Doris Kinser Fountain Sun Jan 26 17:11:38 1997
In mid 1800's the WATKINS family migrated to old James County after they had lived in Knox and Jefferson CO, TN. Some of this line stayed in the Chattanooga (Ooltewah, in particular), where a John Watkins (son of Samuel, I believe) was sheriff in the late 1800's. Related names are BELL, MARTIN, BYERLEY, HART, REESE/RICE, DOUGLAS, EAKIN/EKIN, HOOKER, DUNCAN. I am especially interested in the ancestry of a Wm. WATKINS born 1805 who married Margaret BYERLY/Bierly in Knox County, where she lived on the French Broad River in father Gasper's home. Many of William's descendants stayed in old James County, but others moved to Monroe County by 1850's. I am eager to share all info. on these lines.
Sandy Mon Feb 3 23:56:14 1997
I am looking for information on Grainger county. I have family that lived in that county. My 2nd great John Daniel Mallicoat/Malicoat/Malicote was born in Washburn in Grainger county. My 3rd great William Crawley Malicoat who married a Margaret Dotson/Dodson abt 1834/5 had 10,000 acres on Clinch Mountain. The Mallicoat's (Medlicott/Malicote/Mallicoat) came, it is believed org. Scotland but is first found in England in the Early 1600's. At least one son came over to Vaginia in the mid 1600's. York, Isle of Wright (sp), Pittyslvania (close to TN border) in Vaginia. They married into the Loves, Thacker, Witcher, Hayes, Dotson/Dodson/Majors/Acuff's and many more. They moved to TN, GA, AR, NC, KY, MO, TX would love to share. Sandy
Ed Rose Fri Feb 7 20:52:20 1997
I'm looking for a connection between James Rose who died at the Alamo in 1836 and the Roses from Franklin County, Tennessee. There was one James Rose born in 1851 but could only be Possible name sake If related. The James Rose who died at the Alamo was the nephew of President James Madison and was listed as being from Virginia and Tennessee. Most of the information I have on the Franklin Co Roses are concurrent or later than the demise of James Rose at the Alamo but their ancestors also migrated to Texas then to Oklahoma. Any information at all would be appreciated. I'll list names of some of the Roses in Franklin Co. in the file below. While listing names I noticed that George W. Rose who fought many wars ended up in Travis Co and Caldwell Co Texas in the vicinity of 1855. This is after the demise of James Rose but in the general area of San Antonio. Relatives usually follow the path of other relatives when they migrate. George W. Rose married Mary Perry the last day of August 1843 In Franklin County, Tennesse. George W was born October 24, 1823 In Franklin Co.
Marie Baker Fri Feb 7 12:06:56 1997
I am researching my Great great grand father WILLIAM ARCHIBALD COPELAND who fought in the Civil War under the 10th Michigan Infantry which joined the Army of Tenn. under Gen. Grant on oCT. 26, 1862. Any info welcomed.
Olan Brooks Sun Feb 9 18:01:41 1997
Seeking information about Joseph Brooks. First knowledge is from the 1880 census of James County Tenn.
LINDA THREADGILL Wed Feb 12 12:40:04 1997
MCCALEB-Looking for info on JOB MCCALEB who was residing in Hamilton Co. in 1850. He may have been living in Chattanooga. Any info would be appreciated.
Wallace L. McKeehan Wed Feb 12 20:56:06 1997
Seeking information on origin and family of Peter (Boston?) HARTLEY and daughter Jane HARTLEY (b. 1779, WashingtonCo,MD) who married Jacob Seiler Jr. (1759-1826) in BotetourtCo,VA in 1793 and established the surname spelling SYLAR in VA and TN. Jacob Sylar Jr. was the old Dutchman referred to in Davy Crockett's Own Story with whom 12 year old Davy was indentured for driving cattle from east TN to Natural Bridge, VA where Mary Hartley's father, Peter Hartley had a farm/ranch. Peter HARTLEY may also have been called Boston HARTLEY. Jane HARTLEY's mother was Mary Elizabeth Reiter/Rider. Jacob Jr. and Jane HARTLEY Sylar owned land in Augusta, Botetourt and Rockbridge counties VA before moving to TN (Knox, Roane, Hamilton and James counties). Peter (Boston) Hartley lived in Natural Bridge, RockbridgeCo, VA in 1798 when referred to in Davy Crockett's Own Story (Citadel Press, NY), pg. 22,23: "An old Dutchman by name of Jacob Siler, ---made a stop at my father's house. He had a large stock of cattle that he was carrying with him. ---He hired me to the old Dutchman to go the four hundred miles on foot, with a perfect stranger that I had never seen until the evening before. I set out with a heavy heart, it is true, but I went ahead until we arrived at a place, which was three miles from what is called Natural Bridge, and made a stop at the house of Mr. Hartley, who as father-in-law to Mr. Siler, who had hired me. My Dutch master was very kind to me, and gave me five or six dollars, being pleased, as he said, with my services." Davy stayed at the Hartley's for four or five weeks, became homesick and slipped away at night in a snowstorm to join a teamster, Mr. Dunn, for a ride back to his home on the Abington Road in TN. In 1793, Peter Hartley witnessed the marriage of his daughter Jane Hartley to Jacob Sylar in BotetourtCo, VA. Samuel HOUSTON of RoaneCo, TN in 1831 was executor of the 7 Aug 1827 RoaneCo will (recorded Jul 1831, probated 24 Oct 1831) of Peter Hartley and referred to in the will as "my beloved and trusty friend Samuel Houston".
LINDA THREADGILL Wed Feb 12 12:40:04 1997
MCCALEB-Looking for info on JOB MCCALEB who was residing in Hamilton Co. in 1850. He may have been living in Chattanooga. Any info would be appreciated.
John Newman Fri Apr 25 13:12:49 1997
Looking for info on the MOON family that came into Hamilton Co. in the 1800's. The family names are William and Sophia Moon, Jonas and Lydia Burke, and My GGGrandfather was Jonas Posey Moon. Trying to locate links to the Albermarle Co. in VA. clan and the Bucks Co Penn clan. Some of the Albermarle group came and lived in Hamilton Co and married cousins. But have not been able to find which ones. Also looking for info on a John D. and/or John Digges Moon. Any Info would be greatly appreciated and willing to swap data. Thank you
Sharon Miller Lightfoot Fri Apr 25 19:42:39 1997
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MILLER Born in Georgia was living in James County, Tennessee around 1900. any info would be greatly appreciated. Was married to NANCY ? FANNIE LOWREY. Had several brothers and sisters, James, Artemus,Susan B, Rosa. Any help would be greatly appreciated there is Cherokee blood on one or both sides Miller and Lowery.
Sharon Miller Lightfoot Fri May 30 21:27:56 1997
MILLER,Benjamin Franklin was my Ggrandfather. He was listed in census 1900 in James County. Tenn as a widow if anyone has any info on him or other MILLER relatives in this area please contact me at Slightf491@aol.com. I will share what information I have as well. also he had a brother named James who was married to a Mary ANDERSON and they livd in Tennessee but don't know where. thanks in advance for any and all help!

linda tuggle Thu Jun 26 19:23:55 1997
any information on Robert King born at a place called Jimmys Creek or James Creek TWP. Born about oct. 1832 first wifes name was Matilda Bell (indian) don't know if they were married in TN or AR. thank you
Sharon Miller Lightfoot Wed Jul 2 18:39:12 1997
BENJAMIN F MILLER on the 1900 census of James County, Tenn. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated.
kristy rochat Fri Jul 25 20:41:35 1997
Am looking for or to share info on Heaton's, Norman's, Reeves' and Kroeger's. Also, Gardenhire and Cherokee's under the name of Pathkiller.
debra Sun Jul 27 22:57:34 1997
looking for BARBEE, jones, BEAVERS, EPILY 1800-1890 hamiltom, mcminn, james co.

Martha Kidwell Wed Aug 6 18:36:16 1997
I am searching for information about William "Ham" Howard, married to Susan Webb, daughter of George Webb and Loretta wilhoite. My grandmother was one of their daughters. Her name was Gertrude Lee Howard and she married Clifford Carl Allen. My father was Carl Lee Allen married to Ruba Martha Parks. I was told by my grandmother that "Ham was a co. judge in James Co. , ran a livery stable, and at one time had a lumber co. in East Chattanooga. Any information on any of these relatives would be welcome, Howards, Allens, Webbs,etc. At this time, I do not have birth and death dates, except for Susan Webb Howard (b. 2/12/1875, d. 1/10/1970, Clifford C. Allen (b. 1/22/1891, d. 6/30/1964), Gertrude Howard (b. 9/11/1896) Carl Lee Allen (b. 2/2/1916, d. 8/11/1993). Clifford C. Allen's parents were James C. Allen and Minerva Elder. James C. Allen was a surveyor in Bradley Co., served in the Civil War, and was a school teacher at one time.
The old Allen farm (Jame's father's farm) was supposedly located near the site of the TNT plant in Hamilton co. Minerva Elder Allen came from Elder Mtn, in Chattanooga.The Allen homeplace in bradley Co. was located between Black Fox community and Lebanon Community and is still standing today. Thank you for any information you may have.

Martha Kidwell Wed Aug 6 18:12:30 1997
Searching for information on Hiram Parks born October 24, 1824, in Ga. and died may 7, 1903 in Bradley Co., Tn. Married to Malinda ? from Monroe Co., Tn., no date of birth or death known (by me). Also their son, L.L. Parks born Jan. 27, 1855 in Monroe Co. Tn. died Oct 30, 1906 in Bradley Co. Tn. Married to Susan E.Frazier Parks, born Nov. 10, 1858 in Bradley Co., TN, and died April 12, 1930 in hospital in Chattanooga, Tn. Their children included my grandfather Millard Herbert Parks, born August 27, 1879 in James Co. Tn. and died in Bradley Co. Tn. Feb. 19, 1955. Married to Daisy +nn McSpadden on Jan 15, 1905. Hiram is as far back as I can go. Would like any information I can get on this branch of the Parks family. Thank you.
Martha Kidwell Sat Aug 9 13:15:56 1997
Searching for information on Hiram Parks supposedly born in Ga., Oct. 18, 1824, died in Bradley Co. May 7, 1903. Married Malinda ? from Monroe Co. Searching for information on Lon L. Parks, one of Hiram Parks' sons, born in Monroe Co. Jan 27, 1855, died Oct. 30, 1906 in Bradley Co. Married to Susan E. Frazier, born in Rhea co. Nov. 10, 1858, died in Bradley Co. April 12, 1930. Searching for information on Millard Herbert Parks, son of Lon L. Parks, born in James Co., Aug. 27, 1879, died in Bradley Co. Feb 19th, 1955. Married to Daisy Ann McSpadden on Jan 15, 1905.

Martha Kidwell Sun Aug 17 11:53:28 1997
Searching for information on 1.Dorothy Airheart b. 8/6/1806 Rhea Co. Tn., died 6/12/1887 Bradley Co. Want to know her parent's names, or the name of her husband. She was the mother of Leander Frazier born 3/13/1825 in Rhea Co. and died 2/9/1891 in Bradley Co. Both are buried at Pine Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church cemetery in Bradley Co. along with Francis Jones Frazier wife of Leander Frazier. She was born 1/18/1828 in S.C. and died 4/25/1866 in Bradley Co. Leander and Francis were the parents of Susan E.Frazier who became the wife of Lon L. Parks, my great grandfather. My grandfather was Millard Herbert Parks of Bradley Co. Family bible indicates that he was born in James Co.Aug 27/1879. He died Feb. 19, 1955. Any information about the Fraziers, Airhearts, or Parks will be appreciated.
William L. Levan Sun Aug 24 19:48:23 1997
TEAGUE-O'NEIL-LEVAN - Searching for info on:
Dolphus/Dolfus/Doll/Dolf TEAGUE b:1840s-1860s in TN d:1898/1899 in TN (Whitwell/TracyCity or Marion/Grundy County area in a mine there. m: Hannah O'NEIL/ONEIL/O'NEAL/ONEAL frm TX b:1840s-1860s children are:
1. Molly TEAGUE LEVAN b:11 Sep 1883 TN/AL? d:6 Feb1947 in Empire,Walker Co., AL m:1897 d:6FEb1947 in Empire, Walker Co., AL James Benjamin Levan, IV (nicknamed FATE) b:1872 TN d:June1960, Empire, Walker Co, AL
2. James Davis"Jim" TEAGUE b:17 Aug 1888 Whitwell/Cheekville, TN; m:Lula Elizabeth Griffith
3. Ellen TEAGUE Chadwick b:Est 1880s in TN Ellen TEAGUE b: abt 1880? TN m1: Hubert CHADWICK m2: Stroder/Stroter
a.Oldest child of Molly TEAGUE was: James Edward LEVAN b:8 Feb 1900 Whitwell,Marion Co, TN d: 8Jan 1990 m: Ella OWENS, b 3 Feb 1899 Oldest
b.Oldest child of James Davis (Jim) TEAGUE was: Lucille TEAGUE McCoy b: 3Feb 1907 m:Howard McCOY
c.Oldest child of Ellen TEAGUE was:Ellie Chadwick
Any information sincerely appreciated. contact: William Link Levan (205) 663-9921 /(205) 806-2430(pager) or (205) 541-6335 Mobile #.
SnailMail Address: William L. Levan 800 Valleyview Rd., #C-34 Pelham, AL 35124.
debra woodall Tue Aug 26 10:30:14 1997
looing for info on william EPPLY/EPLY 1850-1930 hamilton co tn. also infob on louis BARBEE or anyone in BARBEE line.

kerri collee Sat Oct 11 04:46:08 1997
Seeking info on Martha Catherine BAUGH b. March 12, 1849 in Cleveland. d. December 12, 1939 in Chattanogga. married George Lafayette Robinson Aug 12, 1878. Need info on Martha's siblings.
John V. BAUGH b Dec. 15, 1833
Elisa C. BAUGH b. Dec 17, 1835
Ronanna BAUGH b. Jan 27, 1838
Isabella Grace BAUGH b. Oct. 31 1840
Leonidus BAUGH b. Oct. 14, 1842
Louisa BAUGH b. Aug 20, 1845
William BAUGH b. Jan 20 1847
Micheal BAUGH b. Feb 6, 1851
James Holdam BAUGH b. Nov. 9, 1853
Mary BAUGH b. May 1861
Any info on any of the above would be appreciated.
Bill Ray Tue Oct 14 09:36:21 1997
Looking for information on a gg grand father Joseph J. Ray born Tennessee in 1817 married to Ruth ? born Teneessee 1825. Moved to Pulaski County, Missouri around 1840.
Wilma Bates Sat Dec 20 09:39:08 1997
My grandmother was Elizabeth Morgan Robinson and my grandfather was Charlie John Robinson. They resided at Roy Lane in Ooltewah, Tenn.My grandfather died in 1966 or 1967 and my grandmother died in 1970. I would like to know about the Morgan and Robinson families. No one seems to know about her family.
My name is Wilma Faye Robinson Bates. I now reside at 4922 Standifer Rd., Cohutta, Ga.
Kristy Newman Rochat Thu Dec 25 20:22:58 1997
Looking for info on James T, Jackson C, and Josiah HEATON of James County. Also, John G, John H, Benjamin and Henry KROEGER. Jackson C. HEATON served as County Clerk during the brief history of James County. John G. KROEGER served with the Atlas Powder Company based in Ooltewah. Any information is greatly welcomed on these people or their relates.
If you have resources for James County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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