Location: This cemetery is located on the Ethridge Redhill Road, adjacent to the John Lay Cemetery, It is 1/2 acre in size and was established in 1846. The property on which the cemetery is located was owned by Lawrence County. It had gotten in deplorable condition and the County of Lawrence deeded this cemetery property to the City of Ethridge for maintenance February 22, 1984.

Capt .William B. Allen is buried here, along with other members of his family. He was a hero in the Mexican War and his monument stands on the Lawrenceburg Square. The following excerpts are taken from the book, “The Life and Character of Capt. Wm. B. Allen of Lawrence County, Tn.”by W.P. Rowles, Esq., page 119, From the Lawrenceburg Times, Honor to the Brave- The Funeral. “On Saturday last, the remains of the late Captain William B. Allen arrived at his father’s residence, from Monterey, Mexico. Yesterday, about a thousand of his friends and acquiantances assembled to commit his body to the tomb. The day being fair and pleasant, a very large number of ladies were present. The body of the gallant dead was soldered up in a leaden coffin, within another mahogany, on which a large silver plate, bearing the name of the deceased was fastened. Hundreds were there, who about nine months since , took leave at the same place of the friend they had now met to bury. They remembered, and often remarked the contrast bewteen this and that assemblage... We have never attened any fureral where was such general and deep sorrow depicted in the counterances of the specators. The order of procession to the grave was, as near as we can recollect, as follows: The Hearse with Military escorts, attended by Music on each flank. The Relatives, The Clergy, The Monument Committee, The Ladies, and The Citizens. The fine volunteer company from Mt. Pleasant, commanded by Capt. Alexander Terry, formed the escort. The whole conducted by the Marshal of the day and his associates, S.E. Rose, A.S. Alexander, A.O. Richardson, and Thomas C. Ramsey. The two last gallant youths were the observed of all observers, having each lost an arm at the assault on Monterey. At the grave the usual ceremonies took place, with military honors.... At the close of the ceremonies, Chief Marshal, S.E. Rose, Esq., delivered the sword of Capt. Wm. B. Allen to his father, Gen. R.H. Allen, accompanied by a few appropriate remarks.”

The Monument was erected the year following his death as a result of voluntary contributions of friends, and on the 15th of August 1847, the Rev. P.P. Neely delivered the Funeral Sermon at Mount Ararat Camp-Ground, Lawrence County, Tn. The sermon was for Capt. Allen and his brother, Samuel Houston, who was also in Capt. Allen’s Company. He was five years younger and died in New Orleans on his return home. His body was also returned to his father’s home and we believe buried in this cemetery, also, althrough no stone now marks his grave.

ALLEN , William B., Capt. was born Jan. 16, 1824, and Fell at the Head of his Company at the Siege of Monterey on Sept.21, 1846

ALLEN, Alathea (Hale) was born Oct. 28, 1771 snd died June 16, 1858 aged 87 years. (Mother of Gen. R.H. & Grandmother of Wm.B.)

ALLEN, Solon B., infant son of F.C. & Lucy Buchanan, b. 12-16-1861 d.5-28-1852

ALLEN , General Richard Henry, father of Capt. Wm.B., b. May 8, 1794

ALLEN , Mary Ford Mayfield, 2nd wife of R.H., b Oct.15.1799 d. May 15, 1862

ALLEN , Samuel Houston, son of R.H. and M.F., b. 1828 d. 1846

GILBERT, Hortense A.P. Consort of J.E. and daughter of R.H. and M.F.

Mar. 29, 1841 d. Dec. 4, 1861

KIRKPATRICK, Mrs. Josie, wife of Rev. Wm.J.and dau. of & S.A. and M.T. Stockard.Born in Mt. Pleasant, tn. 12-23-1831, embraced religion Aug. 1847 at Mt. Ararat, joined the C.P. Church. Married May 11, 1851. died June 22, 1858. She was the beloved daughter, zealous Christian, affectionate wife and devoted Mother. (Vault)

KIRKPATRICK, W.J.K. (on a stone next to above) Mar.25,1829 - May 7, 1861

STOCKARD, James R. , son of S.A. & M.T. Jan.17, 1836-May5, 1852 (Vault)

STOCKARD, Silas A., dau.of S.A. & M.Y. 12-19-1837-2-27-1850(Vault)

Some unmarked graves, but information form Lawrence Co. Historical Bulletin #12, page 11.

Listed by Carrie H. Gresham and Irene M. Alexander on Jan.19, 1966.

From “At Rest” Lawrence County Cemetery book.