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Lewis Co, Tennessee:
Kennedy Bible
Transcribed by Mary Bob McClain Richardson;
great grand daughter of James William Kennedy and Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy.

"Parallel-Column Editor, The New Testament of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Greek, Being the Version set forth AD 1611. Arranged in Parallel Columns with The Revised Version of AD 1881, Together with the Readings & Renderings Preferred by the American Revisers. Text Conformable to that of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge."

Front Pages missing - above from beginning of New Testament. Bible in possession  of Alton McClain, 2115 Denham Avenue, Columbia, Tenn.,   copied 15 mar 1970 by Marise P. Lightfoot.

*(note: Since the printing of "They Passed This Way." by Maurise Lightfoot, 1976; the family Bible of James W. Kennedy has been passed on to Teresa, the daughter of Ara Alton McClain.   Alton passed away July 11, 2003.

Weakley Gorden Kennedy was born Sept. 6th in the year of 1829.
His wife Sarah A. Kennedy was born October 23 in the year of 1834.
The father and mother's children -
Amanda Elizabeth Kennedy was born April 26 in the year of 1853.
Robert Franklin Kennedy was born October 9 in the year of 1854.
James William Kennedy was born October 12 in the year of 1857.
John James Kennedy was born July 12 in the year of 1859.
Victoria Ann Kennedy was born November 10 in the year of 1861.
David ? Q.? Kennedy was born December 13 in the year of 1862. (note: This is David O. MBMc.)
Jimmie Pearl Kennedy was born July 25 in the year of 1886.
Nancy E. Hunt was born March 8, 1872.

Weakley Gordon Kennedy and Sarah Anne Stockard was married in the year of July 8, 1852.
James N. Pugh and Sarah Anne Kennedy was married July 18 in the year of 1872.
Wesley Scribner and Sarah Ann Pugh was married June 2 in the year of 1874.
Caleb S. Williams and Sarah Anne Scribner was married may 2nd in the year of 1885.
William Kennedy and ____torn___King was ____torn___Sept. 22 in the year of 1885.

Rest in Peace:  Deaths
Weakley Gorden Kennedy the father of these children departed this life March 1, in the year of 1863 as a prisoner of the Confederate Army in Saint Louis, Mo.
Johnnie James Kennedy departed this life Sept. 1? in the year of 1869.
Mary Ellen Kennedy the wife James William Kennedy departed this life Nov. 17 in the year 1886.
James N. Pugh departed this life Oct. 17, 1872.
Victoria Ann Pollock departed this life Dec 31, 1892.
O.J. Kennedy departed in the year 1876, Sept. 13th.
Sarah Ann Williams died 10 Sept. 1917.

"Written by James William Kennedy."

Ref: "They Passed This Way"; Maurise Lightfoot, 1976; pg. 33.
Transcribed by Mary Bob McClain Richardson; great grand daughter of James William Kennedy and Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy.

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