Lewis County, Tennessee

A Part Of The Tennessee Migrations Project!  

Serving the Genealogical Community By Providing a Database For Sharing Ancestral Migratory Information.

What is the Migration Project?
It is simply a way to record information about families who
have migrated into and/or out of Lewis County over the years.
  This is a stand-alone project created by Patrick Hays to further genealogy research, designed to further migrations research and develop a comprehensive database to assist genealogists in their endeavors.   Migrations is a tool which all online genealogy researchers should be able to use.  Migrations.org is an unincorporated noncommercial research project. The mission of Migrations.org is to (a) provide genealogical and historical internet researchers and educators with links to online migration and genealogical sources; and (b) administer a searchable public database that collects and analyzes migration data, providing migration patterns for genealogical, historical and educational research. Migrations.org's all-volunteer staff consists of a national coordinator, national assistant coordinators, local level coordinators, and support personnel.

This project allows visitors to submit data on ancestors for
viewing by researchers via the Internet Genealogical Community.

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