First 50 Years of
Lewis Co, TN Marriage Records

originally transcribed by Marjorie Graves

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I would like to thank Mrs. Graves for allowing me to transcribe her book,  First 50 Years of Lewis County Marriage Records  and place it online for all Lewis County researchers to utilize. It will be transcribe as it was originally written. Please send questions regarding dates and spellings to Mrs. Graves.  Use the "Find" function under "Edit" to locate specific names.  

~~~Cheryl Zelek~~~

     This book is composed of marriages recorded in Lewis County, TN covering the first fifty years, 1844 through 1894. Note no marriage forms were returned to be recorded in the year 1863. This did not invalidate the marriages, since it was not required as are today's laws. These are marked No Return, but I have put the date they were issued.
     The correct spelling of names was attained as closely as possible, considering the faded pages of record books and poor penmanship. Some, I feel sure, the clerk misspelled, but with no proof, they were copied as listed.
     For those who enjoy local history, names and lineage, the following pages are for your pleasure and knowledge.  Appreciation is tendered, to those who have contributed their time and moral support.

                                                                                        ~~~Marjorie Graves~~~

Pages 1 through 20



JP, Magistrate, or Minister  that performed marriage

Date of Issue

Book 1, Page 1
John Carter Rebecca Pope John Akin 6 May 1844
G W Ferguson Margaret J Fariss James Wood 31 March 1844
George W Lumpkin Matilda Farris Robert Foster 26 July 1844
James R Gonns Elizabeth Braden Robert Foster 2 April 1845
page 2
Ward H Wyrick Manervy H Brown C Y Hudson 4 May 1845
James Owens Christian Wyrick C Y Hudson 14 May 1845
David Ramsey Elizabeth English Rev G S Arnold 27 May 1845
Jessee Davidson Pamalia Cody R Reeves 17 April 1845
David L Cody Dant Stricklin R Reeves 6 May 1845
J H Chromister S A Johnston C Y Hudson 22 May 1845
Luther Woods Nancy A Lewis C Y Hudson 27 July 1845
page 3
James R Kitrell Mary J Kennedy G W Mitchell 21 August 1845
Samuel Crowell Sarah P Anderson G Cathey 9 September 1845
William Cody Easter Mullins John Hensley 18 September 1845
N A Isom N A Cathey G W Mitchell 28 September 1845
John F Pickard Mary King G W Mitchell 13 July 1845
Henry M Hudson Elizabeth Hudson G G Carter 9 October 1845
William P Pool Sarah Smith John Hensley 15 October 1845
page 4
William H Flowers Malinda Brook John Goodman 20 April 1845
Aberham Kinzer Elizabeth Lust William Ralston 13 November 1845
William G Ervin Lucy Howard C Y Hudson 13 November 1845
Joseph W Harris Margaret Hines W Hines 9 April 1846
William Hanford Rachel Daniel No Return Issued 17 September 1846
Samuel Green Gimma Warren James Tarrent 4 January 1846
Gaston W Ellis Mary W Fielder C Y Hudson 17 January 1846
page 5
William Pearson Sarah Shepard C Y Hudson 3 February 1846
Enoch Hensley Eleanor D Blackburn James Tarrent 6 January 1846
Morris Clayton Harriet Sharp James Tarrent 15 January 1846
Thomas Tatom Eliza Crowel G Cathey 18 March 1846
William W Hines Elizabeth A Love G Cathey 18 3 1846
Edom Love Susan Curry William Hines 19 March 1846
Alvis W Hawls Mary L Andrews A M Mabrey 9 April 1846
page 6
Ila K Duram Mary A Flowers C Y Hudson 31 March1846
William Langham Frances Graham C Y Hudson 13 April 1846
Archibald R Cavender Mry L Byram George S Arnold 20 April 1846
Alexander Grimes Leanah W Irwin C Y Hudson 12 May 1846
J M Morrison Mry C Rose Ishum G Cathey 23 June 1846
Josiah Dean Susan M Westbrook James Tarrent 2 July 1846
Robert Hulm Martha A Dodson James Tarrent 23 July 1846
page 7
Willis Dodson Martha J Sharp James Tarrent 27 August 1846
Henry C Gibson Sarah W Knowlin P A Mabry 1 September 1846
Isaac N Hulm Mary C Clayton T Dodson 22 August 1846
Nathan Christian Rachal M Stricklin R Reeves 19 August 1846
Matthew Clayton Rebecca A Hensley James Tarrent 13 September 1846
page 8
Isaac Davis Nancy Watson Redding Reeves 17 September 1846
John M Oliver Emaline Smith John Akin 22 September 1846
Martha [Martin?] Robinson Catherine Grimes C Y Hudson 11 October 1846
William Sisco Mary A Campbell No Return Issued 5 November 1846
John K Webb Tabitha Hensley John M Sharp 12 November 1846
David Farris Rebecca L Moore S Whitehead 12 November 1846
page 9
Nathan Henderson Edy Boshears C Y Hudson 10 December 1846
William Duncan Frances Kelly Thomas Dodson 31 December 1846
James M Erwin Adled Erwin G Cathey 5 January 1847
William A McClanahan Aueth Scott S Whitehead 19 January 1847
John J Bocomb Eliza Bird C Y Hudson 28 January 1847
Thomas J Lasley Medda L Lasley G Shaw 28 January 1847
Henry Brown Harriet Rhodes G G Carter 25 February 1847
page 10
Samuel K Johnston Elizabeth Sharp James Tarrent 7 March 1847
Carroll Lindsay MaryAnn Campbell James Tarrent 18 March 1847
James thoas Caladonia C Smith Redding Reeves 3 March 1847
P K Hensley Lucinda Baker Redding Reeves 4 April 1847
Elias H Chruchwell Nancyj Bakr John M Sharp 14 February 1847
M L Carroll Visa Carter G G Carter 3 May 1847
John S Love Sarah A Blake Samuel Whiteside 9 may 1847
page 11
James Beckum Lettie King James G Shaw 10 June 1847
John P Kitrell May A Biffle No Return Issued 6 July 1847
Robert Maxwell Amanda Cox C Y Hudson 17 November 1847
Vardamon Shelby Fanna Anderson G Cathey 7 July 1847
Thomas N Goodwin Mahala Dbbs A M Ham 15 August 1847
William H Ham M J Rupel A M Ham 18 August 1847
page 12
Larkin Ballard Rocco Baxter No Return Issued 28 August 1847
William T McClain Martha Dickson C Y Hudson 25 August 1847
Daniel Churchwell Nancy J Dabbs A M Ham 2 September 1847
John Neeley Mary C Hines William Hines 16 September 1847
John J Bridgeforth Elizabeth M Smith S Whitehead 30 September 1847
Ephraim Churchwell Comfort J Arrington No Return Issued 18 October 1847
page 13
Elias D Halbrook Elizabeth J Ellison James Tarrent 25 October 1847
Benjamin C Perry Sarah P Lusk Rev. William Ralston 7 September 1847
George M Kinzer Mary j Lusk S Whitehead 4 November 1847
James B Nance Elizabeth Aramanta Mayfield J Payton 25 November 1847
Thomas K Cash Susan Meredith T Dodson 25 August 1845
page 14
John P Ervin Dianah Smith G Cathey 25 November 1847
William Rosson Nancy Morris James Tarrent 25 November 1847
Thomas K Williams Jane Ball G W Mitchell 7 December 1847
John Berry Jane Norris James Tarrent 25 November 1847
page 15
Nathan Johnagan Marh S Farrah John Hensley 4 December 1847
John N Nelson Iby B King J G Shaw 22 December 1847
William Ogles Sensy Slaughter G W Mitchell 13 January 1848
John Rosson Mary Prince Danial D D Goodman 27 January 1848
William Clayton Nancy J Campbell T Dodson 16 August 1845
page 16
Zachariah V Dabbs Lewisinda Grinder A M Ham 29 December 1847
Silas Wheat Mary Hill G Cathey 26 January 1848
Robert Crissup Elizabeth M Webb J W Sessoms 9 February 1848
Josiah Chalk Margaret Willey Samuel Whiteside 3 February 1848
page 17
John P Macgapha Rosena W Smith No Return Issued 6 February 1848
John Harris Frances Clendenon ? Williams 21 February 1848
James P Harder Mary S Webb T Dodson 16 February 1848
Isaac N Hulm Mary Clayton T Dodson 22 August 1846
page 18
Zachariah Pogue Louisa Flowers Hugh C Kirk 11 February 1848
Elias Fite Mary Ann Pollock  T Dodson 22 February 1848
Willis Clayton Mary Ann Pollock   G Cathey 9 March 1848
page 19
Samuel L Whiteside Susan Scott E B Wells 2 April 1848
Nehemiah Sharp Susna Nance No Return Issued 12 May 1848
Nathan Jones Rachal Pope William H Flanigan 28 May 1848
Harbison Milliken Louisa J Pollock William H Flanigan 18 April 1848
page 20
John C Johnston Dorcas E Smith William Ralston 17 July 1848
James A Majors Susanna English   Issue date marked out 15 August 1848
Abner W Weatherly Milly Ann Sessoms T G Harris 10 August 1848
William R Porter Margaret B Hill S Whiteside 15 August 1848
William C Kennedy Josephine D Anderson No Return Issued 29 August 1848
James Baits Bason Goodman John Ray 27 August 1848
James Kelley Addaline Love No Return Issued 13 September 1848

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