First 50 Years of
Lewis Co, TN Marriage Records

originally transcribed by Marjorie Graves

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I would like to thank Mrs. Graves for allowing me to transcribe her book,  First 50 Years of Lewis County Marriage Records  and place it online for all Lewis County researchers to utilize. It will be transcribe as it was originally written. Please send questions regarding dates and spellings to Mrs. Graves.  Use the "Find" function under "Edit" to locate specific names.  

~~~Cheryl Zelek~~~

     This book is composed of marriages recorded in Lewis County, TN covering the first fifty years, 1844 through 1894. Note no marriage forms were returned to be recorded in the year 1863. This did not invalidate the marriages, since it was not required as are today's laws. These are marked No Return, but I have put the date they were issued.
     The correct spelling of names was attained as closely as possible, considering the faded pages of record books and poor penmanship. Some, I feel sure, the clerk misspelled, but with no proof, they were copied as listed.
     For those who enjoy local history, names and lineage, the following pages are for your pleasure and knowledge.  Appreciation is tendered, to those who have contributed their time and moral support.

                                                                                        ~~~Marjorie Graves~~~

Book 1, pages 41-61

Groom Bride

JP, Magistrate or
Minister Performing Marriage


page 41
Andrew Johnston Rachel Mayfield No Return Issued 31 March 1853
James A Kirk Lucind F Grimmett No Return Issued 4 April 1853
F B Russell Hester English JO Church 27 October 1851
Samuel B Kincade Barbary Runnions AJ Pugh 16 April 1853
Benjamin C Kirk Margaret C Johnston J Tarrant 3 July 1853
W A Paugh Susan O Brewer JC Tarrant 18 July 1853
John M Shepherd Cornelia Hicks W Pearson 18 August 1853
John C Paschall Sara Tally AJ Pugh 13 September 1853
page 42
Wm A Ricketts E J Blackburn James  C Tarrant 5 February 1851
James M Wilson Malvina Rutledge W Pearson 20 September 1853
WilliamWeatherly Mary E Rhodes John M Sharp 10 September 1853
Hal K Beatty Mary E Hubbard J A Humes 20 October 1852
James R Pollock May E Sharp John Hensley 10 November 1853
Thomas Bradshaw Mrs. Rebecca Bradshaw J P Holmes 14 October 1853
Johnathan Tarel  Mary A Sharp James F Hensley 10 November 1853
page 43
AF Lusk Hariet C Sessions No Return Issued 30 October 1852
James H Gilbert Emline Shaw ZV Dabbs 23 December 1853
Lewis Hensley Sena Reeves No Return Issued 15 December1853
Arthur Weaver Leweza Tune No Return Issued 21 December 1853
WM M Boggus Margaret Dodson No Return Issued 21 December 1853
Wm D Hudson Cleo A Carter Wm Pearson 1 January 1854
Abram Foster Elvira Carter Wm Pearson 1 January 1854
Edward Anderson Gilla AGrimmett Robert M Foster 19 January 1854
page 44
Daniel Ary Parthena Ledbetter No Return Issued 6 February 1854
Alexander Rawden Margaret J Turnbo No Return Issued 15 February 1854
Robert C Hemphill Marry E Patten WC Walker 6 April 1854
Samuel D McClean Martha J Johnston JC Tarrant 8 August 1854
James D W McKeel Hibirnia L Doyle JC Tarrant 3 September 1854
John Frankum Sophia A Crowel JW Stockard 6 January 1854
page 45
John N McKeel Carolin Boyce JC Tarrant 21 November 1854
John A Lusk Elizabeth A Kelly Robert M Foster 22 November 1854 @7:00
Peter Crowel Sally Frankum JW Stockard 11 December 1854
William B Orton Malinda Walker No Return Issued 16 January 1855
Benjamin Sims Martha Cox JW Grimes 18 January 1855
William L Chambers Susan Garrett James McKeel 16 January 1855
Andrew J Dosdon Elisabeth A Bradshaw No Return Issued 11 February 1855
page 46 - there is no break for page 47
James E Hensley Elizabeth Rentfrow John Hensley 12 February 1855
James Ball Malinda Hines No return issued 25 February 1855
James W Stockard Usula Wilson Wm C Walker 2 Jan 1855
Jesse M Grimmett Harriet Campbell James McKeel 10 April 1855
Larkin T Shepard Martha M Gilmor Wm Pearson 20 May 1855
Joseph F Hallford Elizabeth Knight EK Pollock no date
John R Hutson Malinda Carroll James McKeel 8 July 1855
E T Ledbetter Sarah C Baker A Churchwell 29 July 1855
Sidney A Williams Mary C Cooper WS Kirkpatrick 22 July 1855
Jesse E Dabbs Esther E Hensley No return issued 16 August 1854
Patrick Johnston Martha Whitehead EK Pollock 22 July 1855
Caleb F King Elizabeth M Barr No return issued 28 August 1855
Robert M Grinder Polly Anne Ledbetter A Churchwell 6 September 1855
Larkin T Hensley Catherine Crowel A Churchwell 9 September 1855
John W Crowell Catherine Brewer A Churchwell 22 September 1855
David Reeves Annie Nutt No return issued 1 October 1855
page 48
Joseph M V Smith Lucinda Tombs EH Henslsey 27 December 1855
Arthur R Davis Mary L Johnston Executed written in 11 Jan uary1856
Elija Maxwell Isabella A Pouga James W Grimes 5 November 1855
David Curry Sophia Hinson A Nutt 22 February 1856
Moses L Dean Manerva C Westbrooks JG Thompson 4 August 1856
John J Burlison Matilda Pope Wm Cooper 25 August 1856
page 49
James M Crowell Mineva A Frankum JW Stockard 26 August 1856
S Decatur Pillow Caledonia P Doyle J Tarrant 4 September 1856
John Hinson Mineva Duncan J Hinson 17 September 1856
PG Hardin EC Ellison J Tarrant 25 December 1856
David J Voorhies Sofronia M Baker No return issued 27 November 1856
James Cox Martha A Jennings No return issued 5 December 1856
GP Hensley Tabitha Lankford EH Hensley 11 December 1856
Robert S Bingham Margaret Smith Jesse G Thompson 22 December 1856
page 50
James R Pollock Tibitha J Keely EH Hensley 15 January 1857
Andrew Carroll Sarah J Quillen JG Thompson 5 February 1857
James B Hensley Vica Hensley No return issued 26 February 1857
Edward Campbell Margaret Nance JG Thompson 1 March 1857
Hezekiah George Ellen Neely No return issued 7 March 1857
Samuel Beatty HC Davis JS tockard 7 June 1857
MM Cobb M Hensley No return issued 13 June 1857
Sebron Tyler Harriet Cl Lusk DG Moore 16 August 1857
page 51
BL Mayes HH Pickard SC EWvans 30 August 1857
John W Christian Francis R Napier JS Stockard 14 September 1857
Harvey Sims Harriet Sharp EH Hensley 20 October 1857
Samuel Ricketts Elizabeth Turner No return issued 26 October 1857
Charles B Porter Sarah Foster No return issued 4 November 1857
George Emler Prisilla Curry No return issued 4 November 1857
James Warren Jane Williams No return issued 18 November 1857
Wesley Lewis Bertha L Carter AG Cooper 16 December 1857
page 52
Benjamin B Johnston Naomi J Hensley EH Hensley 23 December 1857
John H Williams Ellen T Smith Wm Pearson 6 January 1858
John Wesley Higgins Ann E Goodman John Hensley 19 January 1858
John G Sharp Jane Sims No return issued 20 February 1858
Samuel Neely Menerva Rutledge Wm Pearson 11 March 1858
Martin W Talley Sarah P Kincade No return issued 12 May 1858
Nathaniel Brown Lucinda Gillmore RC Mabry 2 June 1858
John S Davis Christina F Cody JW Stockard 15 June 1858
page 53
William F Fite Mary C Lintz JW Stockard 15 June 1858
James Ayers Caroline Dycus PA Hale 30 July 1858
Nehemiah Sharp Caroline Barr JS Frerson 10 August 1858
Wiliam Dycus Peggy Odum AG Cooper 10 August 1858
AG Downing MS Nichols JW Stockard 19 August 1858
James Ballard Mary E Runnions No return issued 11 September 1858
Terrell R Goodman Rebecca McClarens No return issued 11 September 1858
Hugh B Venable Francis A Johnston EHHensley 10 October 1858
page 54
Isaac Lee Graves Parthena Ledbetter Ary MA Nutt 27 October 1858
George Clayton Frances C Sharp EH HEnsley 28 October 1858
George W King Eliza J Gibson No return issued 3 November 1858
Thomas HIcks Mary Barnes JA Hale 14 November 1858
John C Peery Elizabeth C Brown No return issued 30 November 1858
John Pollock Margaret Christian No return issued 6 December 1858
V E Bell Mary A Neely EH Pollock 30 December 1858
SP Clendenan Malinda Bell No return issued No Issue Date
page 55 - Unused
page 56
Thomas Gibson Martha A Smith No return issued 11 January 1859
Elisha F Tally Barbary Hudson No return issued 2 March 1859
Stephen D PiIllow HS McKeely No return issued 14 March 1859
John Killmer Mary A Hill No return issued 19 April 1859
John A Hensley Eliza Crowell No return issued 14 May 1859
Jasper N Westbrooks  Martha Carroll JC Thompson 25 May 1859
Alfred Lewis Mary C Nolan No return issued 26 May 1859
John W Crowell Lucy E Haley No return issued 2 June 1859
page 57
Brantley A Harbison Sally E Harris No return issued 18 June 1859
Edmund turner  Alan C Dabbs No return issued 14 July 1859
Neely Crowell Sarah Turner No return issued 14 July 1859
George W Hinson Susan M Curry No return issued 16 July 1859
Albert Long Lucretia J Ham No return issued 21 July 1859
William WE Grimes Susanna Garrett No return issued 28 July 1859
John Christian Sarah Jane Harlow No return issued 13 August 1859
Peter Workman Marinda Hicks Isaac A Hale 14 August 1859
page 58
Randall R Napier Susan C Pollock No return issued 18 August 1859
WH Gardner SA Weatherly No return issued 24 September 1859
Ezekiel Burlison Christian Graham AG Cooper 9 October 1859
Abraham Pennington Mary J Beckum No return issued 11 October 1859
Samuel T Anderson  Sally Ann Morris No return issued 22 October 1859
AC Westbrook Susan L Nance No return issued 12 November 1859
William Burlison Nancy J Burlison JA Hale 1 January 1860
Hill K Burlison Luviza Hicks JA Hale 5 January 1860
John C Dabbs Margaret Grinder No return issued 24 January 1860
page 59
Raden Brewer Sarah A Brown No return issued 11 February 1860
H P Fite Margaret Christian No return issued 13 February 1860
George W Goodwin Sarah E Goodman No return issued 21 February 1860
Taylor C Higgins Elizabeth M Hensley No return issued 21 February 1860
WL Turner RE Shaw No return issued 28 February 1860
David Hinson C Curry No return issued 20 June 1860
Charles T Brown Mary A Downey No return issued No issue date
page 60
John Dean Margaret Hensley No return issued 1 August 1860
Nathaniel Christian  Elizabeth Carter No return issued 8 August 1860
John A Walker Eliza E Pollock No return issued 25 August 1860
Thomas M Wainwright Frances A Johnston Venable No return issued 28 August 1860
AJ Warren Sarah J Huston No return issued 20 January 1860
William Jones Adaline J Beckum William Pearson 23 September 1860
George Odom Sena Turnbow No return issued 10 October 1860
John W Westbrook Mary Black No return issued 10 October 1860
Jasper Satterfield Mary E Lunn Wm Pearson 19 October 1860


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