First 50 Years of
Lewis Co, TN Marriage Records

originally transcribed by Marjorie Graves

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I would like to thank Mrs. Graves for allowing me to transcribe her book,  First 50 Years of Lewis County Marriage Records  and place it online for all Lewis County researchers to utilize. It will be transcribe as it was originally written. Please send questions regarding dates and spellings to Mrs. Graves.  Use the "Find" function under "Edit" to locate specific names.  

~~~Cheryl Zelek~~~

     This book is composed of marriages recorded in Lewis County, TN covering the first fifty years, 1844 through 1894. Note no marriage forms were returned to be recorded in the year 1863. This did not invalidate the marriages, since it was not required as are today's laws. These are marked No Return, but I have put the date they were issued.
     The correct spelling of names was attained as closely as possible, considering the faded pages of record books and poor penmanship. Some, I feel sure, the clerk misspelled, but with no proof, they were copied as listed.
     For those who enjoy local history, names and lineage, the following pages are for your pleasure and knowledge.  Appreciation is tendered, to those who have contributed their time and moral support.

                                                                                        ~~~Marjorie Graves~~~

Book 1, pages 61-80

page 61
Marion Bell Elizabeth Williams Wm Pearson 17 October 1860
John O Hill Joanna Weaver No return issued 15 November 1860
Aaron V B Churchwell Caroline Reeves No return issued 27 November 1860
Alex D Cooper Molly Johnston No return issued 28 November 1860
Robert L Winters Sarah H Hudson No return issued 7 December 1860
James F Emerly Rosannah Curry RM Foster 7 December 1860
DeMarcus L Bastin Mary A Lankford WJ Johnson 17 January 1861
Henry W Copeland Josephine J Duncan No return issued 28 January 1861
James C Lindsey Elendor J Prince Jasper Doggett 21 February 1861
page 62
WH Toddy Sarah S Toddy No return issued 27 February 1861
James R Pollock Ruth E Rider No return issued 9 April 1861
William P Sharp Hulda Sims No return issued 10 April 1861
AB Hensley EJ Higgins No return issued 6 May 1861
Aaron A Poplin RJ Hensley No return issued 28 may 1861
SE Briley MA Cothran No return issued 16 January 1861
JW Trousdale Martha A Williamd No return issued 31 August 1861
James Lewallan LA Roden No return issued 12 September 1861
Sam A Shell Mary E Jones No return issued 10 November 1862
RL Winters Eliza E Pace No return issued 10 November 1861
page 63
James D Johnson PC Satterfield No return issued 10 December 1861
Moses J Beatty Margaret C Hines No return issued 12 February 1862
John W Hale Nancy C Tait No return issued 18 August 1862
Joseph D Raines Martha  A Williams No return issued 27 August 1862
Enoch J Galloway Hannah J Vestal No return issued 28 August 1862
William  Winters Lucretia Orman No return issued 4 November 1862
page 64
W H H Gilmore Malinda Bell No return issued 7 June 1864
Francis M Nann Martha C Staggs WC Walker 14 June 1864
Wm Mayfield Miriam Prince EH Hensley 29 June 1864
George W Bailey Emily Simms No return issued 3 July 1864
George H Roach Mary Warren No return issued 12 October 1864
James W Crowel Christian Pope No return issued 5 November 1864
Ephriam Kelly Ursula E Hensley EH Hensley 13 January 1865
Thomas S Beatty Ann V Davis No return issued 17 January 1865
Harvey Hoge Beckum Martha A Cox No return issued 18 January 1865
Mannering Brookshire Elizabeth J Waters WC Walker 19 February 1865
W G Pennington Eliza Jane Wright Parris Cooper 19 February 1865
WR Alley Elizabeth Bell No return issued 29 June 1865
James Andrew Turnbo Celia Caroline Haley RS Walker 4 July 1865
AM Meredith MM Harbson No return issued 3 July 1865
William A Christian Sarah E Fite No return issued 25 July 1865
page 65
James Staphinson Mary E Brown Wm Thomas 6 August 1865
Sam H Potts Mary S Waldrip No return issued 3 August 1865
Seth Dabbs Rebecca Reeves WC Walker 9 August 1865
Joseph H Holbrook Margaret E Vick CT Brown 22 August 1865
John W Hensely Sarah F Johnston EH Hensley 30 August 1865
Willie Martin Elizabeth Tally John C Peery 14 September 1865
F E Hulme Amanda C Johnston John C Peery 21 September 1865
John W Bowman Lilley C Beal EH Hensley 22 October 1866
page 66      
WH Bailey MA Jones No return issued 25 October 1865
Matherw Wright Sally Hicks Isaac A Hale 6 November 1865
Isaac Ray Emily Neely No return issued 26 November 1865
Edward Pope Mary Frankum Wm Thomas 16 December 1865
James W Stockard PA Davidson Rufus S Walker 17 December 1865
John H Cooper Susan C Pollock Isaac A Hale 24 December 1865
John W Lindsey Martha A Hensley EH Hensley 30 January 1866
page 67
Thomas Hilton Sallie Haley No return issued 16 February 1866
Joseph R Hensley Margarett M Hensley JL Brown 8 February 1866
Wm S Lester EA Burlison Isaac A Hale 6 June 1866
James R Lewis Levicey Carroll JW Tarrant 16 February 1866
John W Westbrook Ananda Turner Marked Through 17 July 1866
Wm Crutch Sally Burkett James M Walker 5 July 1866
James Deans Julia A Lewis Jack Williams 2 August 1866
Page 68
James C Lindsey Victoria L Hensley EH Hensley 8 August 1866
Lewis Hensley Mary J Haley No return issued 9 August 1866
JB Burnes EA Shaw CW Walker 2 September 1866
Hugh K Plummer Mary M Loggins Rev. MR Tucker 25 September 1866
Monroe A Campbell Mary C Hensley  EH Hensley 24 October 1866
William Lankford Jelony Hensley CT Brown 4 November 1866
GD Strickland LJ Floyd No return issued 8 November 1866
George W Harder Cinthia Langford CT Brown 15 November 1866
page 69
JW Rider MR Pollock No return issued 28 November 1866
WT Williams Geniva W Sims No return issued 12 December 1866
James E Tune Mollie A Dickey JP Holmes 19 December 1866
EA Cavender Rebecca J Tatum Rev.  MR Tucker 25 December 1866
Drury D Goodman Margarett Dotson EH Hensley 27 December 1866
Wm Pace Sarah A Grimes JL Brown 27 December 1866
William Brewer Rachel A Graham JJ Walker 30 December 1866
JW Harris  ET Harbison MR Tucker 12 January 1867
page 70
Alexander Boggus Rugh Beckum No return issued 26 January 1867
James H Jones Mary E Beckum Lewis W Grimes 31 January 1867
Matthew Clayton Elizabeth Bullock No return issued 2 February 1867
WP Pickard Mary Burleson IA Hale 4 February 1867
EO Sharp Elizabeth Sims IA Hale 7 March 1867
Thomas C Hungerford Permelia J Johnston JL Brown 20 March 1867
AB Pollock SE Davidson No return issued 20 March 1867
Hardey Cruze MTE Staggs JJ Waters 6 April 1867
page 71
James T Arnold Matilda F Rider JJ Waters 3 May 1867
John B Shepard Martha A Brewer JS Waters 25 May 1867
Isaac Ledbetter Emern Smith EH Hensley 4 June 1867
Alfred Hines Mary C Horseford MA Nutt 23 June 1867
Willis Quillin Martha Frankum Charles Fain 14 July 1867
John W Westbrooks Amanda Turner JL Brown 15 August 1867
William B Tatum Mary J Davis CT Brown 18 August 1867
George M Jones Mary A Whiteside SH Holmes 3 November 1867
page 72
Edmond D Journey Susan F Johnston EH Hensley 8 October 1867
James E Grimes Mary E Satterfield JP Holmes 3 November 1867
John Dotson Rosanna Emler John Hensley 10 November 1867
Joel Hensley Vicy E Williams No return issued 3 December 1867
DM Parker Sue E Kittrell WB Warren 24 December 1867
Owen A Prince Sarah E Brown SH Holmes 19 December 1867
JN Doyle Margarett Lankford No return issued 24 December 1867
Lewis Thompson Mary Pope TT Tatum 25 December 1867
page 73
JW Trotter Sarah E Harbison SH Holmes 26 December 1867
William Devasur Elizabeth Sims No return issued 26 December 1867
JKP Higgins Nancy J Hensley EH Hensley 29 December 1867
JA Turnbow Salley VC Haley MA Nutt 28 January 1867
IM Hulme PO Douglass No return issued 14 January 1868
Thomas Johns Nancy J Campbell Rev. John Hensley 28 January 1868
WC Davidson Margarett Fite TT Tatum 2 February 1868
WR Davidson Mahale A Tune not solemnized 2 March 1868
page 74
WR Strickland OC Floyd No return issued 10 February 1866
WR Davidson Mahala A Tune Mr. Holmes 28 February 1868
Joshua Tune Nancy Higgins TT Tatum 4 March 1868
CW Pogue Salley Weatherly JCR Williams 15 March 1868
Eiram P Reeves Margarett L Turnbow No return issued 21 March 1868
Allen Taslley Frances Larue CT Brown 26 March 1868
Daniel Hensley Mary E Williams No return issued 21 April 1868
page 75
DD Hines Edy Mayers T T Tatum 24 May 1868
Thomas Allen Amanda Fields No return issued 14 July 1868
Thomas S Brewer Rebecca E Graham JJ Water 19 July 1868
John W Crowel Margaret Hambrick No return issued 19 July 1868
S Y Mitchell BE Dicuy No return issued 23 July 1868
John Turnbow Martha A Nutt John H Vandiver 2 August 1868
Aaron Morris EC Anderson No return issued 5 August 1868
Reubin Mathews EA Williams CT Brown 27September 1868
page 76
James T Floyd Elizabeth Grinder No return issued 5 October 1868
JB Churchwell Louisa Turnbo JH Vandiver 3 October 1868
James Henderson Ellen Reed JJ Waters 5 December 1868
M S Deen E Harden CT Brown 10 Dec 1868
PKJ Hensley E E Dabbs E H Hensley 29 April 1869
G B Whitley R G Shipman JJ Waters 8 Oct 1868
Austin Sharp M Hane Sharp E H Hensley 30 Mar 1870
page 77
James Campbell Sophier Lindsey E H Hensley 27 April 1870
JHT Christian Amanda E Keneda Leroy Pennington 8 May 1870
SE Bailey MC Noles SH Stricklin 25 May 1870
WT Johns C Churchwell John Hensley 20 Jan 1870
NB McCormick Josephine Westbrook R Downey 8 June 1870
James L Johnston EF Nichols ER Deason 18 Aug 1870
Wm Hindson Nancy Harper EL Hinson 14 Aug 1870
page 78
William Dabbs MA Tharp AA Churchwell 20 Nov 1870
JW Kitrell AE Plummer E H Hensley 13 July 1870
Robert Clayton Martha L Johns E H Hensley 10 Nov 1870
Samuel M Boyce Harriett Sisco E H Hensley 20 Oct 1870
W C Clayton Jane Dodson E H Hensley 9 Oct 1870
Gabrel Hensely Mary Higgins E H Hensley 15 September 1870
John T Robert Winey E  Pointer J W Stockard 18 Dec 1870
page 79
Powtan Hall liddie MA Sharp E H Hensley 6 Jan 1871
F P Sharp Mary F Perkins E H Hensley 9 Feb 1871
R G Floyd Sarah Tatum AA Churchwell 22 Jan 1871
J W Pope Susanna Frenken S H Stickland 14 Feb 1871
G C Strickland Dulily Curtice W Huse 22 Jan 1871
John Clayton Rebecca Kincade E H Hensley 2 Feb 1871
James L Bailey Frances Williams Lewis W Grimes 5 Jan 1871
page 80
John Vincent Lizy Ann Beckum No Return Issued 29 Mar 1871
W W Pickard Martha E Beckum D C Jones 11 April 1871
Samuel Lipscomb Caledonia Sharp E H Hensley 7 Feb 1871
PKJ Hensley Matilda Hensley No Return Issued 4 September 1871
Joel Hens A V Haley John Grinder 7 Spet 1871
Luther Calers Dianah Plummer Elder Tyler 17 Mar 1871
Malches Hulme S J Hensley John Hensley 18 April 1871


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