First 50 Years of
Lewis Co, TN Marriage Records

originally transcribed by Marjorie Graves

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I would like to thank Mrs. Graves for allowing me to transcribe her book,  First 50 Years of Lewis County Marriage Records  and place it online for all Lewis County researchers to utilize. It will be transcribe as it was originally written. Please send questions regarding dates and spellings to Mrs. Graves.  Use the "Find" function under "Edit" to locate specific names.  

~~~Cheryl Zelek~~~

     This book is composed of marriages recorded in Lewis County, TN covering the first fifty years, 1844 through 1894. Note no marriage forms were returned to be recorded in the year 1863. This did not invalidate the marriages, since it was not required as are today's laws. These are marked No Return, but I have put the date they were issued.
     The correct spelling of names was attained as closely as possible, considering the faded pages of record books and poor penmanship. Some, I feel sure, the clerk misspelled, but with no proof, they were copied as listed.
     For those who enjoy local history, names and lineage, the following pages are for your pleasure and knowledge.  Appreciation is tendered, to those who have contributed their time and moral support.

                                                                                        ~~~Marjorie Graves~~~

Book 1, Pages 82-100


page 81
Joseph Clayton Sarah Tarrant E H Hensley 6 Dec 1871
Richard Workman Sarah Howard Paris Cooper 12 Dec 1871
William Duncan V C Young Joseph H Holbrooks 5 June 1871
Milton Campbell Mary Smith E H Hensley 15 Oct 1871
Charles B Perry Nancy C Whiteside G?H?H? 19 Dec 1871
George Vickey Adelleline Clayton George Bethell 1 Jan 1872
J J Jones Ma Sharp John Hensley 1 Feb 1872
William H Pollock Mary A Pollock J W Stockard 1 Oct 1871
page 82
John W Hays Hulda Grimes E H Hensley 5 Jan 1872
Henry Hearvy Loura Baile D C Jones 27 Mar 1872
Alva Breece Margaret ??? E H Hensley 30 July 1871
Jame C Kincaid Margaret Lee John C Peery 4 Aug 1871
JosephRunions Mancy E Noling No return issued 17 June 1872
G N Pugh Sarah Ann Canady No return issued 16 July 1872
William Ham Mary S Brewer G S Vandiver 9 July 1872
Martin McClain Nancy J Beckum J W Bailey 1 September 1872
page 83
James Hinesen Mary ??? John Grimes 13 September 1871
W W Goodman Lucindia Hine J H Strickland 21 May 1871
T M Johns Rebecca Tarrant E H Hensley 26 Feb 1872
J P Flanigan Martha Craig J W Stockard 15 Dec 1872
A B Mitchell Sarah A Waters No return issued 10 Mar 1873
J M Harlow Sarah E Pope W H Flanigan 4 Mar 1873
page 84
Alex Beckum Sarah Ball No return issued 3 Mar 1873
Dock Dodson Nancy Spears No return issued 6 Mar 1873
Columbus Gilmore Elen Johnston D C Jones 26 Dec 1872
Joseph N Kirk Jucy M Sims W H Flanigan 23 Mar 1873
Thomas Runnions Mary Emler D M Parker 15 Mar 1873
John N Voorhies Lizy Churchwell J W Stockard 26 April 1872
M J Stockard Eugenia Voorhies Leroy Pennington 26 Dec 1872
page 85
John Brewer Ruthy C Staggs No return issued 22 Mar 1873
J L Horne Sarah Vincent D M Parker 3 Aprilil 1873
William Williams Mily Jane Vincent E H Hensley 13 May 1873
James Whitwell Sopha Grinder Z V Dabbs 8 May 1873
James W Pope Mary J Burnes W H Flanigan 23 May 1873
John Morris Vercilia Sharp J M Grimmett 2 September 1873
page 86
W J Tarrant Luraney Sims E H Hensley 12 Dec 1872
John Napier Fannie Christian [C] J W Stockard 29 July 1873
Jeremiah Hobson Mary P Brown E H Hensley 3 Dec 1873
Parish A Potts Harriet Cody Parson Gresham 7 Dec 1873
Wm A McCloud Fanny Warren Parson Gresham 7 Dec 1873
M S Stewart A W Craig Leroy Pennington 11 Dec 1873
George W Sims Malinda Bell E H Hensley 18 September 1873
page 87
Thomas Nance Sarah E Christion John Hensley 10 Jan 1874
W J Larue Josephine McCormic J M Grimmett 22 Jan 1874
James H Dean Sarah E Grimes J W M Fain 6 Jan 1874
H K Burlison Mollie Morris A N K Carey 15 Feb 1874
William Bartlett Alice King A N K Carey 26 April 1874
William J Runions Melvena Sims D M Parker 13 June 1874
page 88
W J Turnbow Mary Churchwell No return issued 6 May 1874
F M Meistin Sarah J Runions No return issued 28 September 1874
Newton McClain Mary P Brown D C Jones 6 Dec 1874
James R Brown Mary E Cobal Richard Downey 16 Dec 1874
John Odom Mary F Belle D M Parker 17 Dec 1874
James Rogers Nancy Turnbow J H Vandiver 25 Oct 1874
Sath Dabbs Jane Pope J H Vandiver 26 Oct 1874
page 89
Marcus Harper Selen Fain J H Vandiver 29 Oct 1874
Green Hinson Martha J Hensley John Hensley 29 Dec 1874
J B Lancaster L C Dean R Campbell 30 Nov 1874
William Sealy Mary Ann Tally Richard Downey 5 Jan 1875
Wesley Scribner S A Pugh James Craig 2 Feb 1874
Wm Vandergriff Elizabeth Pennington D M Parker 17 Feb 1875
John Gillmore Claire Ann Boggus D C Jones 24 Mar 1875
page 90
T N E Wyrick Allis Curry D C Jones 20 April 1873
C W Crow S E Dabbs T T Haley 21 Jan 1875
R G Floyd Margarett Turnbow Z V Dabbs 28 Jan 1875
E F Turnbow L E Dabbs Z V Dabbs 28 Feb 1875
Jame sWebb L A E J Hensley R Reeves 25 April 1875
James Fraley Mary Turnbo Z V Dabbs 27 Jun 1875
Robert A Kirk Mary E Pollock Paris Cooper 25 July 1875
page 91
J A Pollock N A Warren G W Vandiver 8 Aug 1875
Gilbert Napier Martha Voorhies James Craig 29 Mar 1874(5)
Lewis Hensley S F Haly R Reeves 22 Aug 1875
James Millikin Seline C Tate No return issued 15 September 1875
E Z Cothran R C Fite No return issued 22 September 1875
G W Grimes N T Cavender No return issued 6 Oct 1875
D L Voorhies M E Craig No return issued 6 Nov 1875
John T Carroll Judy C Pope J W Stockard 23 Dec 1875
page 92
William Clayton M L Hensley D M Parker 16 Dec 1875
W T Plummer J T Hensley W M Doyle 10 Feb 1876
W A Kitrell ANIE Westal J M Morton 11 Feb 1876
J P Christian Margaret Harlow R Reeves 12 Mar 1876
Thosinton Cox Nelie Dickson No return issued 4 April 1876
T J Whitley C E Floyd J W Stockard 6 April 1876
James Mohead Angeline Lewis R Downey 1 May 1876
page 93
A L Honser Alice M Hurlerson W M Neeley 2 July 1876
E M Ball A E Smith E H Hensley 30 July 1876
S L Tarrant Velvina Clayton E H Hensley 18 July 1876
G T Williams J C Seely R Downey 4 September 1876
Thomas N Flanigan L Johnston J W Stockard 26 October 1876
J W Brown Martha J Lyntz No return issued 16 November 1876
G W Rowdon Linda Sims T T Haley 23 November 1876
page 94
A K Beckum N E Hensley No return issued 7 December 1876
Henry Patton Rachel Brown L W Grimes 14 December 1876
J B Mayfield S A Dabbs E H Hensley 11 January 1877
John K Williams Josephine Goodman J H Vandiver 17 Feburary 1877
John A Goodman Mary J Skelton R Downey 4 March 1877
Wm J Haley M L J Turnbow A V Dabbs 10 February 1877
page 95
Thomas Guthrie Dora Emler J  Tatum 8 September 1877
James H DePriest Margaret Tally R Downey 12 April 1877
H H Beckum V A Woods A Sims 23 April 1877
John C Peeler Sarah K Jones J M Grimmett 30 June 1877
George Lewis Elen Clayton E H Hensley 2 June 1877
S M Warren R M Waters No return issued 27 June 1877
John C Haynes Nancy C Hensley L F Baker 17 June 1877
page 96
George Turnbow Martha Mathews R Downey 3 August 1877
E D Mitchell Frances Williams J W Stockard 9 August 1877
Green Turnbow Rosanna Beel [C] No return issued 26 August 1877
Milton Rasbury Luttie Payton [C] No return issued 27 August 1877
James Lewis Amanda Lusk [C] George Bethell 30 September 1877
John Sharp Mrs. E J Bell W H Flanigan 17 October 1877
John Farris Mary Clayton  [C] D M Parker 10 October 1877
page 97
John W Dabbs Mary J Clayton D M Parker 5 September 1877
W J Farrent S E L Smith J M Grimmett 15 December 1877
Eleik Harris Harriet Veckory D M Parker 27 December 1877
Johnathan Duncan Susa Grimes J M Grimmett 27 December 1877
J L Hensley S E Scott A W Weatherly 2 January 1878
John Hinson Anna Carroll W H Flanigan 26 December 1877
William Clayton Margie Sharp Z V Dabbs 8 September 1878(7)
page 98
James Turnbow Liza Crowell J N Vandiver 20 Jan 1878
W L Rawdon Martha A Dabbs AA Churchwell 13 January 1878
J F DePriest Jane Hensley L H Baker 24 January 1878
John Carter Victoria Crowell AA Churchwell 22 September 1878(7)
S C Carpenter Lucy N Esters No return issued 5 February 1878
B B Hensley N E Clayton D M Parker 14 February 1878
John Bell Sarah Potts A Sims 12 February 1878
page 99
William N Dabbs Margaret Floyd T T Haley 5 January 1878
David Anderson Margaret Hensley No return issued 28 February 1878
W Camper Marg F Batty No return issued 2 March 1878
F J Foster A C Brooks J M Vandiver 3 March 1878
John S Curtis Martha ??? A Sims 24 March 1878
G W Mayfield Martha L J Hensley D M Parker 17 March 1878
page 100
William Beckum Nina A Sener Augustus Sims 31 March 1878
W A Brown S A Johnston S H Harder 17 March 1878
T A Plummer M E Hones No return issued 19 March 1878
W T Garrett Luca A Williamd R Downey 17 March 1878
Al Gibson N S Shepherd A Sims 12 January 1878
G W Staggs S S Warren G W  Mitchell 2 January 1878
John Woods Milly J Ventsor No return issued 1 May 1878

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