First 50 Years of
Lewis Co, TN Marriage Records

originally transcribed by Marjorie Graves

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I would like to thank Mrs. Graves for allowing me to transcribe her book,  First 50 Years of Lewis County Marriage Records  and place it online for all Lewis County researchers to utilize. It will be transcribe as it was originally written. Please send questions regarding dates and spellings to Mrs. Graves.  Use the "Find" function under "Edit" to locate specific names.  

~~~Cheryl Zelek~~~

     This book is composed of marriages recorded in Lewis County, TN covering the first fifty years, 1844 through 1894. Note no marriage forms were returned to be recorded in the year 1863. This did not invalidate the marriages, since it was not required as are today's laws. These are marked No Return, but I have put the date they were issued.
     The correct spelling of names was attained as closely as possible, considering the faded pages of record books and poor penmanship. Some, I feel sure, the clerk misspelled, but with no proof, they were copied as listed.
     For those who enjoy local history, names and lineage, the following pages are for your pleasure and knowledge.  Appreciation is tendered, to those who have contributed their time and moral support.

                                                                                        ~~~Marjorie Graves~~~

Book 1, Pages 101-114

page 101
Robert R Pennington Matty R Floyd W H Flanigan 9 May 1878
S D Strickland Margaret E Hardin Paris Cooper 2 July 1878
J C Brown M J Smith No return issued 27 July 1878
H J Mathews Huldin DePriest L F Baker 7 August 1878
Salman Merstan Mary A Potts No return issued 9 August 1878
R J Haley Allis Morton John Griner 3 October 1878
John C Clayton Henryritte Sharp L F Baker 19 September 1878
C V Hale Martha L Pope AA Churchwell 13 October 1878
page 102
D M Baker Ninney E Grimes No return issued 15 October 1878
John W Jackson Mary J Vandiver J W M Fain 1 October 1878
G J Tatum Elizabeth Sims John Grimes 4 November 1878
J W Blassingan Martha Armstrong No return issued 16 November 1878
James J T  Fielder Milla A Anderson No return issued 16 November 1878
page 103
Hayett Spears Dora Haynes J M W Fain 16 Jan 1879
Julas Lewis Martha Blanton D M Parker 26 October 1879(8)
L D Fite M E Jones J W Stockard 27 February 1879
J W Anderson Alis Runions No return issued 24 March 1879
A L Baker M E Grimes L F Baker 25 March 1879
Joseph Hyne Martha Leigh D M Parker 13 April 1879
W E Grimes N E Baker L F Baker 9 July 1879
page 104
George Runions Fancy Embey A W Weatherly 17 July 1879
A R Edwards C M Higgins S T Smith 20 July 1879
William Runions Roena Emmer A W Weatherly 27 July 1879
David Vincent Malinda Smith No return issued 7 August 1879
Wallis Hase Sarah H Smith R A Massey 17 August 1879
John Hensley Nancy Skelton No return issued 25 August 1879
page 105
P A Stephenson Mattie E Lusk R Downey 2 September 1879
A M Skelton Jennett Dotson S H Harder 27 September 1879
Calvin Turnbow Julia Ament No return issued 27 September 1879
Willis Vincent MarthaTurnbow No return issued 1 October 1879
William Sisco Alis Clayton [C] J M Grimmett 6 November 1879
J L Carroll C A Kethern T J Brook 11 December 1879
page 106
T J Mayfield Sarah Fite J W Stockard 1 Jan 1880
J C Boshers Sabry Gloves D M Parker 22 January 1880
Jerome B Flowers Eliza E Voorhies James N Craig 16 October 1879
Samuel Hine Melisa M Guthrie S M Parker 7 January 1880
Joseph Runions Rachel A Hine D M Parker 25 February 1879
J M Thomason C A Wood A Sims 9 February 1880
Abe Dodson Molly Cisle No return issued 14 February 1880
page 107
Thomas H Tharp Betty Graves No return issued 10 March 1880
G H Turnbow Amanda Crowell T T Haley 4 July 1880
John Staggs Caldonia Hensley L F Baker 20 June 1880
Jobe Hensley Lucindia Brown L F Baker 21 June 1880
George Dikes Roda Shepherd J A King 28 March 1880
Joseph M Cates Genney L Emmer D M Parker 14 June 1880
James Henderson Molly  Napier [C] J W Stockard 25 July 1880
page 108
M J Devore Sarah W Cumberlen S H Harden 4 August 1880
W J Cumberlen M J Grimes S H Harden 4 August 1880
W C Fain S T Vandiver J H Vandiver 15 August 1880
J B Devore Mary Ann Carroll S H Harder 17 August 1880
W J Davis Jony Martin No return issued 11 September 1880
Kaaren Jennings Elizabeth Tubs W H Flanigan 26 September 1880
Nathanel Brewer Alice Bartlett Paris Cooper 31 October 1880
page 109
E A Woods Malinda Davis No return issued 27 November 1880
S N Stockard J L Clayton W H Flanigan 18 November 1880
J F Woods Marlinda Dikers A C Sims 28 November 1880
J F Duncan L L Harder J R Brown 24 November 1880
G W Hinson Mary E Williams No return issued 1 January 1881
G W Davidson Fannie L Lintz James Cothran 1 January 1881
page 110
John T Wiley A N L Gradner T G Brooks 1 February 1881
L M Hollaway J P Shepard A C Sims 7 February 1881
W B Payton Nancy Brewer No return issued 15 November 1881
W J Davis Jiny Martin No return issued 16 September 1881
Benjamin Pollock Elizabeth Reed J W Stockard 3 February 1881
W B Strickland R T Whitley J W Stockard 3 February 1881
page 111
G W Skelton M E Williams John Hensley 10 January 1881
R H Staggs Josi Warren J W Christian 5 September 1880
Gene A King Izora B Kittrell G H Nixon 20 February 1881
W S Wiley M A Brooks No return issued 21 February 1881
W P Shipp Ida J Kitrell H J ??? 2 March 1881
C C Ryan Liew Potts No return issued 8 April 1881
P A Webb E J Hinson A Henry 19 April 1881
page 112
W M McNabb L J Cox W H Flanigan 24 May 1881
Abe Key Mattie Mayes [C] Paris Cooper 25 May 1881
Wm R Brown Eugenia Floyd No return issued 10 March 1881
John H Crowell R E Pope A J Cooper 25 June 1881
Edmond Reed Mary Bell [C] No return issued 30 July 1881
J N Pigg Martha E Vandiver No return issued 25 July 1881
page 113      
Albert H Von Mary E Dotson No return issued 27 August 1881
Richard Armstrong Mary Cooper No return issued 27 August 1881
J T Clayton L J Dabbs No return issued 15 September 1881
L E Brown M J Wilson No return issued ? September 1881
J H R Davis Ida E Joyce J W Stockard 2 October 1881
W H Marlan Susan C Crowell No return issued 26 October 1881
page 114      
E D Cockrell Julia Talley J M Lancaster 2 October 1881
Gilbert Napier M J Hensley No return issued 21 November 1881
L B Hensley Mary C Walker No return issued 26 November 1881
J L B Norman J N Mayfield No return issued 3 December 1881
Marshal McNabb Mary E Williams W H Flanigan 8 December 1881
W A Brooks M A Galloway No return issued 16 December 1881
Henry Clayton Matilda Gordon No return issued 24 December 1881
Simpson Whiteside Sally M Wilson No return issued 3 January 1882
Y D Voorhies Sarah Evans No return issued 7 February 1882
Wm Grinder Mrs. Nancy Letsinger No return issued 3 March 1882
Martha Webster M A McNady [C] No return issued 17 January 1882

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