McClain Cemetery
Transcribed by Mary Robert McClain Richardson, 2004

AKIN,  James F.,  18 Dec. 1887 - 19 Aug 1949.  (Husband to Mary Alice  "Mamie" Sims Akin.) * 2 Dec. 1887

AKIN,  Lawrence,  20 Apr. 1911 - 15 June 1963;  (Son of James F. and Mary Alice "Mamie" Sims Akin;)  Lawrence H. Akin was born 20 Apr 1911 in Maury County, Tennessee.
* d. 25 Jun 1963

AKIN,  Mamie,  25 July 1883 - 19 Oct 1967. 
(Mary Alice Sims was born  in Maury County, Tennessee; dau. of Jones Hunter Sims & Theresa J. Worley. She married James F. Akin; children: Virginia Mae Akin, Lawrence H. Akin, Vera Eugenia Akin Runions, Thelma Akin York, and Mary Akin Whitlock;  buried beside James & son Lawrence;  at the foot are the graves of daughters, Virginia Mae Akin & Mary Akin Whitlock; members of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church; Maury Co., Tn.)
Note: *The book, Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries, list her birth date as July 25, 1885, while the tombstone shows July 25, 1883. The last date is supported by census records.(Rick Gray)

AKIN,  Mary,  1920 - 1995. (dau. of James F. & Mary Alice "Mamie" Sims.); (note:  again I do not know why she is not listed as Whitlock that was her married last name.)

AKIN, Virginia Mae,  25 July 1908 - 10 Oct 1910.  ( Born in Maury Co., Tn; dau of  James F. & Mary Alice Sims Atkin;  2 yrs, 2 mos.16 days.   There are two tombstones at  McClain Cemetery for Virginia. The original tombstone remains, but no longer stands erect. It is laying on the ground near her grave. A new tombstone has been placed by a family member in recent years. r.gray)

BAILEY,  J. Elizabeth,  4 June 1852 - 2 July 1901. " We Love You." (mar. 24 Mar 1870, Lewis Co., Tn. Jones Hunter Bailey ( son of Jesse W. & Jane Bailey; born in 12 Apr 1850 in Lewis Co., Tn., died 27 Apr 1930 in Ellis Co., Texas.);  nee; McKennon: dau. Daniel & Martha F.Wood McKennon.   Children:  William Walter Bailey, Cordelia Bailey, James Edward Bailey, Jones E. Bailey, Fannie R. Bailey, Janie M. Bailey, Annette "Nettie" Bailey, and Oliver B. Bailey.)  ref:  Rick Gray

BAILEY,  Salley,  1869 - 1896.

BEASLEY,  Barbara A. Seaton,  24 Mar. 1953 - 17 Nov. 1999.  (dau. of James Milton "Jim" & Freda Lois McClain; wife of Jim Everett Beasley.)

BEASLEY, Randall Everett,  14 Oct 1948 - ----.  (Husband of Barbara A. Seaton Beasley.)

BECKUM,  Ada Bell,  12 Feb 1927 - ----.  (Wife of James Lon Beckum; nee:  King.)

BECKUM,  James Lon,  12 Oct 1918 - 4 July 1973.  "Outlaw"  ( Husband of Ada Bell King Beckum; mar. 15  Jan. 1944;  son of Almon Basil & Rena Gilmore Beckum who are buried at Bailey Cemetery, Mt. Joy, Maury Co., Tn.; ref: Mrs. Lera Powell.)

BELL,  Dennis,  d.  1952.  (son of Hardy & Bessie Bell.)

BROWN,  Melvin  "Mebb",  1880 - 1960. (father of Lillian Brown McClain;  husband of Ollie Goodman Brown; dau. of A.W. &  Lulu Skelton Goodman.)  Mebb Brown was a pall bearer at the funeral of Martin McClain Sr. 1833-1916.

BROWN,  Nettie Fuller McClain,  27 Feb. 1918 - 3 Nov. 1993.  (1st husband Burns McClain.)

BROWN,  Ollie Goodman  1886 - 1924.  (Wife of Melvin "Mebb" Brown; mother of Lillian Brown McClain.)

ROWN,  Robert W. Jr.,  d. 27 Nov 1927.

BROWN,  Rose,  1889 - 1953.  * Mrs. Ross 

CARSON,  John B.,  18 Aug 1857 - 16 Mar 1909. 

CASON,  John B.  22 Aug. 1857 - 10 Mar. 1909.  (TS Broken)

COOPER,  Alexander Duval,  11 Sept. 1838 Maury Co., Tn. - 29 Nov 1860 Lewis Co., Tn.(son of Col. Robert Melville & Catherine Cooper Cooper; (Private, Company H, 3rd Clack's Tennessee Infantry - C.S.A.; mar. Mary (Mollie) E. Johnston.  When Capt. Theodore Cooper was orgainizing his company, both his twin brothers, Alexander and Samuel joined him.  They were encamped at Bowling Green, Ky.; Alexander became ill with the measles and his brother sent him back home on furlough.  He never recovered and died in the summer.  Mollie Johnston, who was said to have been his cousin, bore his only child, and a son, after he died.  When the boy was 5 she married Fountain E.P. McBride.  The son was Alexander Cooper, he died in 1862; brother to:  Albert Gallatin, Paris, John Hamilton, William McAdams, Eleanor Jane Cooper Houser, James Carlisle, Mary Catherine Cooper Williams, Henry Augustus, Robert Theodore, Thomas Simpson, Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Pickard, Alexander Duval, Samuel Gwin, Leander Bruce and Alfred Theodorick Cooper.)

COOPER,  Alfred Theodorick,  18 Sept. 1844 Lewis Co., Tn. - 22 April 1931 Lewis Co., Tn.  "9th Tenn. Reg., Forest's Cav."  ( son of Col Robert Melville and Catherine Cooper Cooper; Private, Company H, 19th (Biffle's) Tennessee Cavalry.  After the service with Biffle, he joined Forrest's Cavalry to serve with his cousin, Col. Duncan Brown Cooper; C.S.A.  He was taken prisoner by the Yankees at Mt. Pleasant, and given permission to return home dated 10 May 1865.  Residence;  Palestine, Lewis Co., Tn.  Shot in the thigh at Brentwood, Tn., March 23, 1863.  The youngest of 15 children, and the last of forty-eight children of three brothers who lived in Maury Co., Tn.  Alfred was brother of Albert Gallatin, Paris, John Hamilton, William McAdams, Eleanor Jane Cooper Houser, James Carlisle, Mary Catherine Cooper Williams, Henry Augustus, Robert Theodore, Thomas Simpson, Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Pickard, Alexander Duval, Samuel Gwin, Leander Bruce, and Alfred Theodorick Cooper.)

COOPER,  Catherine Cooper,  5 Oct. 1799  Smith Co., Tn. - 16 April 1863  Maury Co., Tn.(dau. of John Cooper and Eleanor McAdams; wife of Robert Melville Cooper.  So far as known John Cooper was not related to the family of Robert Melville Cooper.  On Catherine's stone is engraved:  "To the memory of Catherine wife of Robert M. Cooper, Died 16 Apr 1963.  64 yrs 6 mo. 11 da.";  mother of Albert Gallatin, Paris, John Hamilton, William McAdams, Eleanor Jane Cooper Houser, James Carlisle, Mary Catherine Cooper Williams, Henry Augustus, Robert Theodore, thomas Dimpson, Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Pickard, Alexander Duval, Samuel Gwin, Leander Bruce, and Alfred Theodorick Cooper.)

COOPER,  Cornelia,  28 Mar 1843  Maury Co., Tn. - 13 Aug. 1917  Maury Co., Tn.  (wife of L. B. Cooper; married 5 Nov 1868, mother of Katie Cornelia, Orin Duffe, Alfred Bruce and Henry Otis Cooper.  Member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1885.)

COOPER,  E.J. "Dink", 13 July 1961 - 2 Oct. 1903.  (Nee:  Eliza Jane "Dink" Beckum; dau. of Jim T. and Lettie King Beckum;  wife of Martin McClain Cooper(son of Thomas Simpson & Lavonia McClain Cooper); mother of Seth Cooper.)

COOPER,  Harvey Leander,  10 May 1905 - 23 Dec. 1905.  (son of M/M A.B. Cooper.)

COOPER,  Henry Otis,  20 Nov 1874 - 14 Nov. 1956. (son of Leander Bruce & Cornelia

Cooper; brother to Katie Cornelia, Alfred Bruce, Orin Duffee Cooper; member Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1885.)

COOPER,  Infant,  17 Oct. 1909 - 25 Oct. 1909.  (son of M/M A.B. Cooper.)

COOPER,  Katie C.,  18 Oct. 1869 - 14 July 1950.  (dau. of Cornelia & Leander Bruce Cooper, sister of Alfred Bruce, Orin Duffee, and Henry Otis Cooper, memeber of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1885.)

COOPER, Lavonia McClain,  13 Dec. 1844  Maury Co., Tn. - 24 April 1863.  (of the old and  established McClain family of Lewis Co., Tn.; dau. of William T. & Mary Coleman McClain; mar. Thomas Simpson Cooper (b. 3 Sept 1834 - 1923.  buried;  Zion Presbyterian Cemetery, Maury Co., Tn.), a man 10 years her senior, and she was not over 16 when they married.  After Lavonia died, Thomas married Sarah E. McKennon, who was five years his senior, she is buried beside TS. Cooper at Zion Presybertian Church.) 1133

COOPER,  Leander Bruce,  2 Sept 1841 Maury Co., Tn. - 28 Mar. 1926  Maury Co., Tn. (3rd Tenn Reg C.S.A.; husband to Cornelia Cooper; member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1885; son of Col. Robert Melville & Catherine Cooper Cooper.)

COOPER,  Louisa Elizabeth Toombs,  24 Dec. 1824 - 6 Mar. 1900.  (Unmarked grave at the end of the Cooper graves and next to Mrs. Melvina Whitwell;  1st husband was William McAdams Cooper, ( 2nd Lt., C.S.A.; mar. 12 Jul 1843;  buried in Mississippi; son of Col. Robert Melville Cooper)  2nd husband Judge Graham; mother of Eleanor Catherine Cooper (wife of Samuel Henry Grimes) Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick Whitwell (wife of William A. Kilpatrick; #2 Judge Thomas Whitwell.)  Sarah Elizabeth Cooper, John J.A. Cooper, Martha Euralla Cooper, Clarence Volney Wright Cooper, Frances Amelia Isabella Cooper Grinder, and Narcissa (Sissy) Clementine Cooper Carter.)

COOPER,  Martin McClain,  12 Aug. 1861  Tn.- 1 Jan. 1933  Maury Co., Tn..
(mar. (1) Elizabeth Jane "Dink" Beckum;(b. 13 Jul 1861 - 1 Oct 1903.);  mar. (2) Mrs. Bessie (Elkins) Goodman living in 1967 at Columbia, Tn., with her son Lehman Goodman.  Martin McClain Cooper was named for his Great Uncle Martin McClain.  He was the Uncle of Lavonia McClain (dau. of William T. McClain), this we know from the letters written back and forth from Martin to his niece.  Martin's father was Thomas Simpson Cooper (the son of Col. Robert Melville and Catherine Cooper Cooper of Chester Co., South Carolina.) Children of Martin M. and Elizabeth Jane Beckum Cooper are:  Oatie Cooper ( b. 22 Dec. 1884), and Seth Cooper (b. 11 Oct. 1894.)  Mart Cooper d. Sandy Hook, Maury Co., Tn.;  joined the Mt. Joy Church in 1993.)

COOPER,  Oren Duffee,  15 Jan. 1873 - 3 June 1957. (brother to Henry Otis, Katie Cornelia, and Alfred Bruce Cooper; son of Leander Bruce & Cornelia Cooper.)

COOPER,  Col. Robert Melville,  29 Dec 1790 Chester Co., So. Carolina - 9 Nov. 1878 Maury Co., Tn. (mar. Catherine Cooper, 29 Mar. 1816, Maury Co., Tn.;  fifteen children (12 boys and 3 daughters).  Robert Melville was Private in Capt. Bird S. Hurt's Company, 1st Regiment Tennessee Militia (Col. William Metcalf)  Smith's Brigade, Carroll's Division, Gen Andrew Jackson's Army from Nov. 13, 1814 to May 13, 1815, and according to his own statement participated in the Battle of New Orleans on Jan. 8, 1815.  On June 6, 1817, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel and commandant of the 51st Regiment of the State Militia of Tennessee.  Robert Melville Cooper was the12th child of Capt. Robert (Rev. War Soldier)& Jane Hamilton Cooper, grandson of Hugh Cooper (1720 - 1798) Fishing Creek, So. Carolina;     Robert Melville Cooper is noted for idenifying the remains of Meriwether Lewis, by the nails he forged for the casket.  His brother was Hugh Cooper II - Teressa Patton Cooper Hunt (Mama Clain great grandmother- Fountain Delmar Hunt(Mama Clain's granddaddy) - Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy (Mama Clain's Mother) - Allie Mai Kennedy McClain  So this makes Robert Melville Cooper a 5th great Uncle.  Robert Melville's son, Wm. McAdams Cooper (Papa Turley's great grandfather) - Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick(Papa Turley's grandmother) - Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain (Papa Turley's mother)- John Turley McClain-Robert M. McClain, thus our 5th Great Grandfather.   Matthew Delmare Cooper, brother of Robert Melville Cooper, is buried at Zion Cemetery, in Maury Co., Tn.  Matthew D. Cooper was a wealthy man with slaves and homes in Maury Co., and New Orleans.  His son Col Duncan Brown Cooper was said to have shot U.S. Senator Edward Ward Carmack, who is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, in Columbia, Maury Co., Tn. 1092 (A cooper made beer barrels and cooping was the are of making the iron hoops that held them together.)   See more at Goodspeed History about Robert Mellville Cooper.

COOPER,  Sara Elizabeth,  5 Nov. 1848 - 17 April 1874.  (d. Lewis Co., Tn.;  unmarked grave at end of row of Cooper graves next to Mrs. Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick Whitwell;  Sarah was unmarried;  dau. of William McAdams (C.S.A., 2nd Lt.) and Louisa Elizabeth (Eliza) Toombs Cooper; sister to Eleanor Catherine Cooper Grimes, Mary Melvina Cooper Kilparick Whitwell, John J.A. Cooper, Martha Euralla Cooper, Clarence volney Wright Cooper, Frances Amelia Isabella Cooper Grinder, and Narcissa (Sissy Clementine Cooper Carter.)

COX.  Martha McClain,  12 April 1831 - 22 Oct. 1892.  (dau. of John & Elizabeth McMillan McClain; sister W. T., Martin, Godfrey Mack, Dr. Ephraim McClain, Elizabeth and Lavonia McClain;   Inscription:  " Wife of Joel Cox; professed religion Sep 1845, joined Missionary Baptist in Apr 1850."   "61 yrs, 6 mos., 10 days." 

CREWS,  Jack Wayne,  2 March 1939 - 21 Jan 2005.  Born Maury Co., Tennessee. Resident of Swan Creek Community;  (Son George Denton & Roselee Dodson Crews; mar. Pattie Allen Crews.).

DALE,  Alice,  22 July 1932 - 9 Feb. 1933. 

DALE,  Arthur,   16 Mar. 1942 - 17 Mar. 1942.  (One of triplet sons; brother of Douglas, & Mack)

DALE,  Douglas,  16 Mar. 1942 - 28 July 1942.  ( One of triplet sons; brother of  Arthus, & Mack.)

DALE,  Irene,  22  July  1926 - 22 July 1926.  (Infant dau.)

DALE,  Mack,  16 Mar. 1942 - 1942.  (On of triplet sons; brother of  Arthur, & Douglas.)

DIXON,  L. J.,  17 Apr. 1839 - 12 Mar. 1888.

DUDEN,  Katherine T.,  23 Aug. 1896 - 10 Nov. 1973.

EATON,  .........,  18.. - 190?  (U. Marker damaged)

FULLER,  Anna,  15 Mar. 1901 - 8 Jan 1944. ( daughter of Samuel Fuller)
2nd District 1900 census Samuel Fuller 29 b Sep 1871 TN;wife Lizzie b Apr 1878 TN;
dau. Arianna b.  Mar 1898 TN. # of yrs married for Samuel and Lizzie 4 yrs, they would have married around 1896.   ref:  Rick Gray.  *9 Mar. 1901

FULLER,  Elizabeth Odum,  11 April 1878 - 5 Oct. 1957.  (dau. of Samuel Fuller.)

FULLER,   Lizzie,   April  1872 - 1942.  (Wife of Samuel Fuller.)

FULLER,  Samuel,  10 Sept 1878 - 3 Nov. 1936.  (Husband of Lizzie Fuller.)

G.,  H. E.   Unknown.

GLASSBURN,  Donald L.,  11 Nov. 1918 - 6 May 1993.  "Gone Junking."

GOODMAN,  A.W.( Ansel Williams),  27 Dec. 1861 - 14 Mar. 1920. 
Mason - Meriwether Lewis Lodge 192."( mar. Lulu Skelton who was born in 1869; father of Claude Goodman, Comrade "Com" Goodman, Otie Goodman, Dena Goodman Lewis (Derring John), Ollie Goodman Brown (Melvin "Mebb"); bro. of Joe Goodman.) 

GOODMAN,  Ben E.,  4 Oct. 1887 - 30 Mar. 1909. ( Ben died from typhoid pneumonia. Married to Bessie Elkins May 6, 1904. )

GOODMAN,  Bessie  Elkins Cooper,  1 Aug. 1889 - 1978.*  (  dau. of Mary Jane Pickard (30 Nov. 1856 - 16 Dec 1931 and Samuel Elkins (10 Mar 18-2 - 26 Feb 1897.); wife of  Ben Goodman, mar. 6 May 1904;  2nd wife of Martin McClain Cooper they married 1910; only child of Ben and Bessie was  Lehman O. Goodman, b. 29 Oct 1907 - d. 8 Mar 1970, mar. Virginia Hamby 6 July 1930 (their only dau. was Katherine George Goodman Smith)

* (note:  granddaughter Katherine says 'Bessie died 1973 and the stone date is incorrect.   Ben married Bessie Elkins Goodman , May 6, 1904.  Bessie was born August 1, 1889 in Pleasantville, Hickman County and died (complications from stroke) January 5, 1973 in Columbia, Maury County.  She is buried beside Ben in McClain Cemetery.  Her tombstone has wrong dates and a wrong name.  I need to get it changed.  Bessie (Elkins Gooman), married Martin McClain Cooper. '

'When my grandmother died, we woke up to a winter snowstorm.  The cemetery, as you know, is on a hill and the wind and snow were quite cold.  It had snowed quite heavily and everyone had chains on their cars to be able to get to the cemetery. ' (ref:  Katherine George Goodman Smith granddaughter;  scanned copies of obituaries )

GOODMAN,  Lula S.,  2 April 1869 - 8 Oct, 1948.  (Lula Skelton Goodman; wife of A.W. Goodman.(ref:  Katherine Goodman Smith.; obituary of Mrs. Goodman)

GOODMAN,  Martha S.,  28 Mar. 1879 - 10 July 1967. 

GOODMAN,  Otie Mae,  1898 - 1968. (Daughter of Mrs. A.W. Goodman; nee: Lula Skelton)

GRIMES,  Charles H.,   18 April 1903 - 18 Dec. 1975.  (second husband of Donna Elizabeth Sims, (dau of William Donley and Eleanor Elizabeth Grimes Sims). mar. Sept 1945.)

GRIMES,  Danna E.,  28 Jan. 1903 - ----. 

GRIMES,  Eleanor Catherine Cooper,  25 June 1844 - 18 Feb. 1920.  wife of Samuel Henry Grimes; mother of Elizabeth Catherine, Eliza A. , Mary Toombs, John William Hamilton, Samuel Augustus, Fannie M., and Thomas Grimes.  ref:  Lewis Co. Records.  Ellen C. Grimes, b 25 June 1844, Tn., d. 18 Feb. 1920, dist 4 Lewis Co., widow, age 75, father - William Cooper, b. Tn; mother - Eliza Tombs, b. Tn; informant - Flex (Felix) McClain; burial in Mt. Pleasant 19 Feb. 1920 (McClain Cemetery: E.C. Grimes 25 Jun 1844 - 18 Feb. 1920.) ref:  Lewis Co., Tn Death Records, 1909-1920, transcribed by Merle Stevens.)

GRIMES,  Francis,  1911 - 1911.  " Our Baby." (Infant dau.)

GRIMES,  Henry,  unknown.  ( mother; Elizabeth Evins;  father of Samuel Henry Grimes.)

GRIMES,  Ida D. Black,  26 April 1888 - 23 Jan. 1980.  "Mother"  (wife of Tom Grimes; mother of Jennette Grimes Lee, Marie Grimes and Mozelle Grimes.)

GRIMES,  John William Hamilton,  14 Aug. 1869 - 15 July 1935. ( husband of Lavonia Johnson Grimes,(b.9 March 1868).  Note: Willard's grandfather. Services held at the home of Felix McClain. No children.)

GRIMES,  Lavonia McClain,  1875 - 1935.(  Wife of R.W. Grimes; dau. of Martin McClain, Sr.)

GRIMES,  Levonia Johnson,  9 Mar. 1868 - ----.(possible unmarried dau. of Thomas P. & Ida D. Grimes.) ref. Rick Gray.

GRIMES,  Marie,  1909 - 1931.  Possible unmarried daughter of Thomas P. and Ida D. Grimes. (Ref.

GRIMES,  Samuel Henry,  12 Jan. 1844 - 18 Nov. 1918.  (son of Henry Grimes;  husband of Eleanor Catherine Cooper Grimes,  father of Elizabeth Catherine, Eliza A., Mary Tooms, John William Hamilton, Samuel Augustus, Fannie M., and Thomas Grimes:  Samuel H. Grimes, b 12 Jan 1844, Maury Co., d. 18 Nov. 1918, Lewis Co., district 4, burial at McClain Cemetery.  Father was Henry Grimes, b. Maury Co.;  Mother:  Elixabeth Evins, b Warren Co., Tn.)

GRIMES,  Thomas P.,  1880 - 1942.  (son of Samuel Henry Grimes & Eleanor Catherine Cooper Grimes;  brother of Eleanor Elizabeth Grimes Sims, Eliza A. Grimes Bailey, John William Hamilton Grimes, Samuel Augusta Grimes, Fannie M. Grimes McClain; father of Jennette Grimes Lee, Marie Grimes, and Mozelle Grimes.)  "Father."

GROSE,  Edward L.,  29 Mar, 1924 - 20 Oct. 1925.  (Infant son of Joe & Nancy Jane McClain Grose.)

GROSE,  Farris C.,  3 April 1934 - 16 April 1934.  (Infant son (twin) of Joe & Nancy Jane McClain Grose.)

GROSE,  Glenn "Squire",  30 Sept. 1930 - 27 Aug 1997.  ( mar. Margaret Clark (source notes);  son of Joe & Nancy Jane McClain Grose.)

GROSE,  Joseph Edward,  7 April 1887 - 13 May 1963.  (husband of Nancy Jane McClain Grose)

GROSE,  Mary Louise,  4 July 1819 - 26 Aug. 1920.  (dau. of Joe & Nancy Jane McClain Grose.)

GROSE,  Nancy Jane McClain,  24 May 1896 - 22 Dec 1975. (dau. of Felix & Fannie B. Grimes McClain;  mar. Joseph Edward Grose (b. 7 Apr. 1887 - d. 13 Mar. 1963)  Nancy joined the Mt. Joy Church in 1910.  Joe joined in 1911.  They had 10 children;  Bernice, Knox, Mary Louise, Herman, Nell Aileen, Edward L., Juanita, Glenn "Squire", Ferrell, and his twin brother Farris.)

GURLEY,  A.J.,  18 June 1859 - 16 April 1934.  *Gulley

GURLEY,  Malinda,  6 June 1855 - 17 Nov. 1911.  *Gulley

GUTHERIE,  Hariet E.,  11 Aug. 1848 - 21 Oct. 1897.  " wife of R.A. Gutherie."

HAMM,  Henery,  17 Jan. 1815 - 24 Dec. 1904.  "89yrs, 11mos, 9days."  *Ham

Hamm,  Lavonia McClain  31 July 1909 - 14 Aug. 1987.  ( dau. of Matthew & "Bettie" Kilpatrick McClain; wife of Raymond H. Hamm ( Williamson Co., Tn.); mother of Raymond McClain Hamm, who was born and died 1 July 1937.)  Lavonia & Raymond adopted Judy Brooks (dau. of Edna Earl McClain & James Commer Brooks), after the sudden death of Edna Earl (dau.of John Turley & Allie Mai Kennedy McClain.)

HAMM,  Raymond H.,  23 July 1908 - 29 Oct 1976.  (mar. 6 Jun. 1939 to Lavonia McClain (dau. of Matthew & "Bettie" Kilpatrick McClain); father of Raymond McClain Hamm; adopted father of Judy Brooks Hamm.)

HAMM,  Raymond McClain,  1 July 1937 - 1 July 1937.  (son of Raymond H. & Lavonia McClain Hamm.)

HANVEY,  Jennie Marie,  1912 - 1998. 

HAYES,  Alvin Vance,  29 Aug. 1927 - 27 Feb 1944.

HAYES,  Audrey Grose, 27 Apr, 1934 - 10 Dec 1991. (grandmother to four children.)

HAYES,  Bessie,  20 Nov. 1885 - 17 Oct. 1905.  (wife of Wm B. Hayes.)  ref::  Mr. Rick Gray.

HAYES,  Bessie Mae,  15 July 1902 - 30 Oct. 1905.  (dau. of Wm. D. and Bessie Hayes.) ref: Mr. Rick Gray.

Hayes,  Elizabeth Z.,  27 Oct, 1914 - 6 Oct. 1978. 

HAYES,  Fate,  1872 - 1951.  (wife Mary Jane Sims;  children: Bethel Hayes Maxwell,(Clifford), Shelton Hayes ( m. Neva Goodman.)  Note: undertakers marker .)

HAYES,  Joseph "Joe" Goodman,  10 Dec 1929 - 31 Oct. 1985.

HAYES,  Manella,  23 Oct. 1947 - 23 Oct. 1947.

HAYES,  Mary Jane Sims,  1878 - 13 Aug. 1942. "64-2-14."  (wife of Fate Hayes; member of Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1914, later joined Nazarene church.)

HAYES,  Shelton,  1906 - 1953.  (son of Fate & Mary Jane Sims Hayes; mar. Neva Goodman; (dau. of Martha Sharp and Joseph Goodman.), after Shelton died Neva married Eulas Owen; tombstone has replaced undertakers marker recently; buried in the newer section of cemetery.)
HENDRIX,  Bertha Irene,  1 June 1913 - 21 Aug. 1915. ( Lewis Co #250: Bertha Irene Hendrix, b 1 June 1913, TN, d 21 Aug 1915, CD 4; age 2/2/21; father- Willie Hendrix, b TN; mother- Ada Ramsey, b TN;( ref:#250 Lewis Co. Tn. Death Recoreds, 1909-1920, transcribed by merle Stevens. Mt. Pleasant per informant- Will Hinson, Mt Pleasant, RT 2; burial McClain Cemetery, Mt Pleasant, on 22 Aug 1915 (no marker)

HINES,  W.  d.  18 Mar. 1911. (W Hines, b Hickman Co, d 18 March 1911, dist 4, West Fork, Lewis Co, married, age 82 (McClain Cemetery: is this William W Himes 1820-1911?)
Ref. Lewis Co. Records.  This is an unmarked grave as no marker is present at McClain's Cemetery.)

HINSON,  Alice B. McClain,  9 Feb. 1899 - 21 Sept. 1974.  (Allie was a member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1910; mar. Thomas L. "Chip" Hinson; 1 child; William Ward Hinson (mar. Mozelle Johnson.)

HINSON,  Ernest  d.  5 June.  "39-5-2."

HINSON,  Mozelle Johnson,  29 Jun 1929 - 1967.  (wife of William Ward Hinson)

HINSON,  Thomas Luther,  2 June 1893 - 10 Mar. 1951. "Cook, 318 Field Arty 81 Div, WWI. " (husband to Alla B. McClain Hinson.)

HINSON,  William Ward,  2 July 1929 - 6 July 1967. (son of Thomas Luther & Alice McClain Henson; mar. Mozell Johnson.)  Ward worked for Stauffer Chemical Company, in Mt. Pleasant, Tn. Our Daddy (Robert M.) and Ward Henson would play an old "Wultizer" on our front porch, all West Fork could hear.  Ward joined the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1967.)

HUNT,  Patrick Claiborne,  May 1866 - 30 June 1934. (son of Fountain Delmar & Mary Patton Hunt;  brother of Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy "Mammy"; grandson of Geo. W. & Teressa Patton Cooper Hunt.)

JOHNSON,  D.R "Duke",  1862 - 1936.1121

JOHNSON,  John Harvey,  19 Mar. 1903 - 8 Dec. 1956

JOHNSON,  Romey E.,  8 June 1898 - 17 Jan. 1956.  "52 U.S. Coast Guard Res., WWII."

JOHNSON,  Zula Hines,  1872 - 1933.  (Grandmother of Zula McClain)

KENNEDY,  James William,  12 Oct. 1857 - 18 June 1949. (son of Weakley Gordon & Sarah Ann Stockard Kennedy.  "Pappy" was deaf at a very young age. (mar. Sarah Ellen Pickard, they had on child Jenny Pearl Kennedy mar. Argles King), after her death he married Nancy Elizabeth Hunt (dau of Fountain Delmar & Mary Patton); children: Otto,  (mar. widow Ruth Riddle who had a son named Bobby Riddle and was raise in the old homestead; Otis, Allie Mai Kennedy McClain, and Pauline Kennedy Brown;  "Pappy was a member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1888.) 

KENNEDY,  Nancy Elizabeth Hunt,  9 Mar. 1872 - 14 Aug. 1963.  (Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy was the second wife of James W. Kennedy. The daughter of Fountain Delmar Hunt and Mary Patton, the grandaughter of Teressa Patton Cooper & George W. Hunt;  "Mammy" & " Pappy" had 4 children.  Otto and Otis (twins); Allie Mai Kennedy McClain (John Turley); and Pauline Brown (Sherman).  Mammy was the step mother of Jenny Pearl Kennedy King (Argles).  A very good cook, and remember by her grandchildren for her fried peach pies.)

KENNEDY,  Otis,  12 July 1896 - 12 July 1896. ( infant twin son of James W. & Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy; twin  brother of Otto, Allie Mai Kennedy McClain, Pauline Kennedy Brown, and half brother to Jenny Pearl Kennedy King.  Otis' unmarked grave is next to his twin brother Otto Kennedy as told me by our Daddy (Robert Matthew McClain & grandfather John Turley McClain. There is a concrete block at the head of Otis' grave placed there by Robert M. McClain.)

KENNEDY,  Otto,  12 July 1896 - 16 Jan. 1965. " Tn. Pvt. US Army WWI."  (Otto Kennedy was the son of James William Kennedy & Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy; twin brother of Otis Kennedy; brother to Allie mai Kennedy McClain (John Turley) and Pauline Kennedy Brown (Sherman.).  Otto married the widow Ruth Riddle and step father to Bobby N. Riddle, who lives in N.M.) 

KILPATRICK,  Clarence Thomas,  8 Sept. 1892 Perry Co., Tn. - 11 Dec. 1918 Georgia.  (husband to Reba Beckett; no children.  Died of measles in Army Camp in Georgia; a member of the Mt. Joy Church joining in 1914.; brother of Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain (Our great grandmother).

KING,  Rev. A.J.,  27 Mar. 1871 - 21 Oct. 1878.  (3 names on same stone.)

KING,  Byron T.,  31 Jan 1876 - 9 Nov. 1879.  (son of Rev. A.J. King.)

KING,  Eugene T.,  18 Oct.  1877 - 28 Jan 1879.  (son of Rev. A.J. & E.T. King.)

KING,  Sallie,  21 Feb. 1809 - 15 Mar. 1882. 

KING,  William,  d. 31 July 1936.  (undertakers marker.)

LAMAR,  Eliza Alice Kilpatrick,  25 Dec. 1872 - 29 Mar. 1953. (dau. of Wm. A. & mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick Whitwell);  wife of James (Jim) T. Lamar; mar. 6 Sept 1892, Perry Co.; mother of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lamar Irwin, Mary Lamar, Nealie Lamar, Whitfield Lamar, Flossie Lamar Dale and Thomas Larmar.  Sister to Amelia Velina Elizabeth Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain (Matthew).

LAMAR,  Infant,  d. 1 July 1924.  ( dau. Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Lamar.)

LAMAR,  James T., 28 Oct. 1869 - 13 Sept. 1918.  "Mason." (husband of Eliza Alice Kilpatrick (dau. of Wm. A. Kilpatrick & Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick Whitwell.); father of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lamar Irwin, Mary Lamar, Nealie Lamar, Whitfield Lamar, Flossie Lamar Dale, and Thomas Lamar.

LAMAR,  Mary C.,  24 Aug. 1896 - 7 Aug. 1989.  ( dau. of James (Jim) T. & Eliza Alice Kilpatrick Lamar.)

LAMAR,  Nealie M.,  24 Oct. 1898 - 29 Dec. 1992.  (dau. of James (Jim T. & Eliza Alice Kilpatrick Lamar.)

LEWIS,  2 Infants,  d.  14 may 1914.  Inscription:  " Infants of D.J. & Dena Lewis"( male infant Lewis', b & d 14 may 1914 on farm, West Fork Creek, dist 4, Lewis Co; father - Searcy?(b. Perry Co.) mother - Denna Goodman ( b. near Hohenwald); burial in McClain Cemetery on 15 may 1914.  There are two tombstones.)  From Lewis Co. Records.

LEWIS,  Dena Jane Goodman,  2 Jan. 1896 - 18 Sept. 1974.  (wife of Derring John Lewis Jr.; dau. of A.W. and Lula Skelton Goodman.)

LEWIS,  Derring John, Jr.,  27 April 1890 - 24 July 1894.  ( son of Derring John Lewis & Mary Ellen Kilpatrick Lewis;  husband of Dena J. Goodman Lewis;  father of Mary Lou Lewis Short, Elise Mai Lewis, Leota Lewis Wood.)

LEWIS,  Mary Ellen Kilpartick,  25 Nov. 1863 - 17 Sept 1932.  (dau. of Mary Melvina Kilpatrick Cooper Whitwell;  wife of Derring John Lewis, mar. 10 Aug. 1884; mother of Vica Melvina Lewis, who married Mart McClain ( son of Martin & Nancy Jane Beckum McClain) 1090

LILES,  Rev. Leslie Haywood,  26 Dec. 1918 - 5 June 2002. (Pastor of Mt. Joy Cumberland Presybertian Church in Mt. Joy.)

LILES,  Jewel Wright,  4 April 1917 - ----.

LINDSEY,  Alex,   d.  31 Jan. 1933.   "39-9-22."

LINDSEY,  Evan,  12 April 1884 - 26 Sept. 1926.( son of William L. Alexander & Rhoda E. Neeley Lindsey), mar. Florence Seaton. Rick Gray says, "he is told that Devan's dad is buried at McClain's with him though there is no marking for his grave."  His mother Rhoda is buried at Sheepneck Cemetery in Sandy Hook in an unmarked grave.) 

LINDSEY,  Florence Seaton,  11 Aug. 1891 - 14 Aug. 1971.  (Mar. Evan Lindsey.)

LINDSEY,  Mary Ellen,  6 April 1863 - 19 Mar. 1904. ( dau. of James Douglas & Martha Jane Johnson; wife of Baxter M.R. Lindsey, died of tuberculosis.) " 40 yrs.11mons,13days." 1088-1090

LINDSEY,  William Alexander,  20 May 1931 - 6 Sept. 1998.   "AB US Air Force Korea."  (son of Evan and Florence Seaton Lindsey.)

LINDSEY,  William L. Alexander,  19 Mar. 1853 - 11 Jan. 1927.  ( William L. Alexander Lindsey was the son of John S. Lindsey & Martha Jane Duke. He was either born in Maury County or Lewis County, Tennessee - most likely Lewis County. (during the time Lewis Co. was being formed.) He served as a justice of the peace in Maury County for many years. For most of his adult life he lived in the Sandy Hook community. On 8 Jan 1874 in Maury County, he married Rhoda E. Neeley, daughter of George Neeley and Loucinda C. Seaton Neeley;  9 children: Fred R. Lindsey, Musetta E. Lindsey Anderson, Martha E. Lindsey, William Green Lindsey, Evan B. Lindsey, Fannie Lindsey Jones, Bessie Lindsey, Lillian Maude Lindsey Austin, and Erby Lee Lindsey. Rhoda died in 1898; he married her sister, Mary A. J. "Josie" Neeley on 20 Feb 1900. They had no children. Josie died in 1902. Alex's last wife was Nannie Nance. They married on 6 Jun 1909 in Lewis County, Tennessee.  3 children - 2 unnamed infants and Harvey Lindsey.  According to family info, it is stated that Alex is buried in an unmarked grave near his son Evan, daughter-in-law, Florence, and grandson, William Alexander "W.A." Lindsey.) Ref:  Rick Gray Mt. Pleasant.

LUCKETT,  Barnie L.,  5 Aug. 1902 - 21 July 1989.  (son of Jasper L. & Effie Luckett.)

LUCKETT,  Bernice McClain,  30 May 1904 - 28 May 1981.  (dau. of Robert & Leora Sharp McClain).

LUCKETT,  Danny,  memorial stone.  not deceased. (son of Jimmy and Evelyn Liles Luckett.)

LUCKETT,  Evelyn Liles,  memorial stone.  not deceased (mother of Danny Luckett; wife of Jimmy Luckett.)

LUCKETT,  Jimmy,  d.  Nov. 2002.  ( husband of Evelyn Liles Luckett; member of Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Father of Danny Luckett  Son of Bernice McClain Luckett.)

MATLOCK,  Bernice Grose,   24 Dec. 1914 - ----.  (dau of Joe & Nancy Jane McClain Grose;  wife of John Asby Matlock.)

MATLOCK,  John Asby,  19 Mar. 1915 - 6 Jan. 1981.  "US Navy WWII."  (husband of Bernice Grose.)

MAXWELL,  Grover C.,  31 Jan. 1933 - 7 Feb. 1984.

MAXWELL,  Larry E.,  2 Oct. 1941 - 17 May 1994.

MAXWELL,  Noel W.,  1934 - 1977.  "SN US NAVY KOREA."

McCLAIN,  Allie Mai Kennedy,  2 Jan. 1901 - 10 July 1981.  (married May 5, 1915 to John Turley McClain; dau. of James W. & Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy;  paternal granddaughter of Weakley Gordon Kennedy & Sarah Ann Stockard Kennedy; maternal granddaughter of Fountain Delmar and Mary Patton Hunt;  maternal great granddaughter of George W. and Teressa Patton Cooper (b. So. Carolina).

McCLAIN, Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick,  16 Feb. 1875 - 31 Oct. 1959.  (christened "Bettie" (born in Perry Co., Tn.; wife of Matthew McClain; mother of William Thomas McClain, Janie Melvina McClain Weaver, Gladys Catherine McClain Duncan, Alice Kennedy McClain Thornton, Birdie Madolia McClain Oaks, Lavonia McClain Hamm, Matthew "Mathie" Elizabeth McClain, Marth May McClain Hurst, and Jessie Reba McClain Russell; dau. of William Allen Kilpatrick & Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick Whitwell; sister of Mary Ellen Kilpatrick Lewis, William A. Kilpatrick Jr., James Samuel Kilpatrick, Eliza Alice Kilpatrick Lamar.)

McCLAIN,  Ara Alton,  1917 - 11 July 2003.  ( d. Florence, Lauderdale Co., Al.; son of John Turley & Allie Mai Kennedy McClain; father of Brenda , Teresa and Lesley Ward McClain(buried at Beech Hill Cemetery); husband of Mary Catherine Stewart McClain McClain; 2nd wife name Mary; brother of Robert matthew, James Ward, David Leo, Jerry Eugene, Ruth McClain Blair, Edna Earl McClain Brooks, Mildred Illene McClain Weatherly, Helen Jane McClain Pinkley;)   (Our paternal Uncle.)

McCLAIN,  Catherine,  9 Jun 1840 - 2 Jan. 1940.  (dau. of W.T. & Mary McClain)  Inscription:  " On her stone at her request Rev. W.J. Kirkpatrick preached her funeral on the 2 Sabbath in May, from the following scripture selected by herself before her demise. And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil wordks and will preserve me unto His Heavenly Kingdom to whom be glory forever and ever Amen."  born and died in Lewis Co., Tn.)

McCLAIN,  Charlie Burns,  5 May 1907 - 1 Nov. 1957.  (TN Pvt. 52 Armored Inf. Regt. WWII; husband to Allene Gordon McClain; no children.)

McCLAIN,  David Leo,  3 Aug. 1936 - 12 June 1976.  (son of John Turley and Allie Mai Kennedy McClain; husband of JoAnn Martin McClain, father of Mark, Shelia, Cynthia, Kim, Beth, John Christopher, and Carter McClain.  brother of Ruth McClain Blair (Paul), Edna Earl McClain Brooks (James C.), Robert M., James Ward, Ara Alton, Mildren Illene McClain Weatherly (John M.) Helen Jane McClain Pinkley (Kenneth), Jerry Eugene (Margaret) McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Elizabeth,  29 Sept 1866 - Nov. 1866.  ( infant daughter of Martin and his 1st wife, Elizabeth Clendenin McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Elizabeth Clendenin,  14 Oct. 1838 - 1 Oct. 1866.  ( first wife of Martin McClain;  sister-in-law of Martin's brother Dr. Ephraim McClain; and sister of Telia Ann Clendenin McClain, who are buried in Lawrenceburg.) A decendant of Elizabeth Clendenin McClain contributes to the Lewis Co. Web page and has been very helpful to me in my research.  Her name is Ann Greer.

McCLAIN,  Elizabeth McMillan,  1792  Ky. - 26 June 1865 Lewis Co. Tn. Inscription:  "73 yrs, 5 mos, 5 days."  (wife of John McClain; Elizabeth was born in the Blue-Grass State of Kentucky;  ref:  Goodspeed's History of Tennessee page 940.)

McCLAIN,  Eloise York,  24 Oct. 1909 - 19 May 1988.  (wife of Raymond McClain; (dau. of Tom York & Azzie Lee Sims.)

McCLAIN,  Fannie B. Grimes,  27 Jan. 1877 - 6 Mar. 1952.  (wife of Felix McClain;  mar. 15 Aug. 1894; dau. of Samuel Henry (b. 1844) & Eleanor Catherine Cooper Grimes (b. 1840); mother of 10 children: Henry V. (b.1895), Nancy Jane (1896), Alla B.(1899), Oscar (1901), Herman H. (1903), Lloyd (1906), Vera (1908), Howard (1913), Robert Burns (1916), and Billie Rex McClain. 1919).

McCLAIN,  Fannie Roberta Lindsey,  1 Feb. 1879 - 7 July 1907.  Inscription: " 24 yrs. 5 mos. 6 days."  (buried next to her sister Annie McMillon; Fannie was the second wife of Newton McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Felix,  1870 - 13 Oct. 1956. (son of Martin & Nancy Jane Beckum McClain; Mar. Fannie Grimes (dau. of Samuel Henry Grimes (b: 1844 and Eleanor Catherine Cooper b:  1840); Felix was 2 years old when Martin & Nancy Jane Beckum married.  Felix joined the Mt. Joy Church in 1896 and served as a deacon, Session Clerk and was ordained an Elder in 1907.  Felix served as magistrate of Lewis Co., Tn. for serveral years. Many funerals where held at their home since it was only a short distance from McClain Cemetery.)

McCLAIN,  Felix Martin,  6 Mar. 1900 - 12 Nov. 1942. ( son of Matthew and Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain) Died in Decatur, Morgan Co., Alabama. in an accident while working as a brakeman for the L & N Railroad; WWI; married Minnie Johnson; father of Malcom McClain, Elaine McClain Shelton, Carmen Capitola McClain Jones, James J. McClain, Forrest McClain, Mack McClain, Zula McClain, Patricia Ann McClain Denton;  Felix Martin was in col. Luke Lee's Co., Battery F. 114 Field Artillery, was in the Battle of Mense and Argonne Forrest; was almost kiled in France on Armistice Day when a bomb exploded.  He arrived home on April9, 1919, and his uncle, Alfred Cooper met him with these words,  "Well son you had better luck than we did."

McCLAIN, Helen Cook,  (living;  wife of Robert Matthew McClain; dau. of Ben F. & Mary Little Ridge Cook.)

McCLAIN,  Henry V.  28 May 1895 - 28 May 1895.  (son of .Felix McClain & Fannie B. Grimes McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Herman H.,  12 Dec. 1903 - 26 Aug. 1922. 

McCLAIN,  Howard Lee,  15 Nov. 1926 - 7 Jan. 1927.  ( son of Allen & Lena Bell Henson  McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Iris,  23 Aug. 1907 - 9 Nov. 1997. 

McCLAIN,  Isora Foster,  24 Apr. 1898 - 29 Dec. 1975. 

McCLAIN,  Jimmy,  d. Nov. 2002. 

McCLAIN,  John,  16 Mar. 1781 - 1881.  (John McClain fought with Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812; Edmonston's Detachment Cavalry, Tennessee Militia Private.  When the war ended John was dismissed at the Tennessee River near Perryville and came through a new settlement at Mt. Joy spent the night in the home of the Ball family.  His inlaws.  Mr. Ball married the sister of Elizabeth McMillian in Bedford County before coming to West Fork, a small settlement in Lewis County, Tn.  John left a large family on the West Fork of Bigby Creek; father of Livonia, William T. (1820 - 1891), Dr.Ephraim (? Buried in Lawrenceburg, Tn. with his wife Telia Ann Clendenin McClain), Martin ( 1833 - 1916), Godfrey Mack, Martha McClain Cox (1831 - 1892) and Elizabeth McClain. This family was the 1st family buried at the Cemetery.

McCLAIN,  John Christopher,  22 Aug. 1968 - 4 Jan. 1993.  ( son of David Leo and JoAnn Martin McClain; d. Maury Co., Tn.; died from a gun accident.)

McCLAIN,  John,  13 Oct. 1850 - 17 April 1875.  (son of William T. & Martha Dickson McClain.)

McCLAIN,  John Turley,  16 Mar. 1989 - 24 June 1979.  ( son of Matthew & Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain; mar. May 1918 to Allie Mai Kennedy (dau. of James W. and Nancy Elizabeth Hunt Kennedy.)  Served in WWII in U.S. Navy CB Construction Battallion 1941-1945;  brother of Capitola Black McClain Weaver, Gladys McClain Duncan, Alice McClain Thorton, Birdie Madolia Oaks, Lavonia McClain Hamm, Matthew "Mathie" Elizabeth McClain, Martha May, Jessie McClain Russell, Felix, and W.T. McClain; father of Ruth McClain Blair, Edna Earl McClain Brooks, James Ward McClain, Robert Matthew McClain, Ara Alton McClain, Mildren Illene McClain Weatherly, Helen Jane Pinkley, David Leo McClain and Jerry Eugene McClain.) My Grandfather.

McCLAIN,  Knox,  26 Dec. 1879 - 13 Oct. 1956. (son of Matthew & Amelia Velina Elizabeth "Bettie" McClain) ; ( Our paternal Great Uncle.)

McCLAIN,  Leora Sharp,  4 June 1885 - 24 June 1949.  ( member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1911.)

McCLAIN,  Lillian,  8 Nov. 1905 - ----.

McCLAIN,  Louise Whitworth,  20 Nov. 1909 - 15 Mar. 1993. 

McCLAIN,  Luther,  20 Mar. 1843 Lewis Co., Tn. - 13 May 1844 Lewis Co., Tn..  (son of W.T. & Mary McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Luther Lewis,  20 Mar. 1904 - 10 Jan. 1986. (husband of Isora Forster McCalin; son of Martin & Vica Melvina "Jenny" Lewis McClain; no children.)  

McCLAIN,  Mack,  6 Sept. 1936 - 23 May 2002.

McCLAIN,  Mack,  1829 - 1895.  (son of John (1781) and Elizabeth McMillan McClain; brother of Martin, Wm. T., Felix, Knox, Robert, and Lavonia McClain.)  (Our Great Great Great Great Uncle.)

McCLAIN,  Malcom M.,  1923 - 1930.  (son of Felix and Minnie Johnson McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Mart,  21 Jan. 1881 - 4 Oct. 1959.  ( son of Martin & Nancy Jane Beckum McClain; brother of Matthew McClain.)  (Our paternal Great Great Great Uncle.)

McCLAIN,  Martha,  18 Sept. 1812 - 10 Aug. 1892.  (wife of W.T. McClain; mar. 24 Aug.1847. Nee:  Dickson.)

McCLAIN,  Martha,  21 Jan. 1881 - 4 Oct. 1959. 

McCLAIN,  Martin,  2 Mar. 1833 - 1916.  (son of John & Elizabeth McMillan McClain, Ephraim McLean, Ephraim McLean, John McLean; Mar. (1) Elizabeth Clendenin ( b. 14 Oct 1863 - d. 1 Oct. 1866.) (2) Nancy Jane Beckum , (dau. Alexander & Phobe, buried at Bailey Cemetery); mar. 1 Sep 1872 Tn.; b. 20 Mar. 1848 Lewis Co. Tn. - d. 16 Dec 1881.)  One child was born to the union of Martin & Elizabeth McClain died two days after the birth of their daughter Elizabeth McClain who lived abut 6 weeks.)  Their daughter is buried at McClain Cemetery.  Martin's brother, Dr. Ephraim McClain married Elizabeth Clendenin's sister Telia Ann Clendenin and they are buried in Lawrenceburg, Tn.  Martin served 4 years in the Confederate States Army, in Co. D., 3rd Tenn Inf.; When Martin died four Civil War Soldiers were his pallbearers;  Leander Bruce Cooper, Alfred T. Cooper, Thomas Simpson Cooper and Samuel Henry Grines.  Children of Martin & Nancy Jane are:  Felix, Matthew, Robert, Knox, Martin "Mart", and Lavonia McClain.  Married in Lewis Co., Tn., performed by J.W. Bailey;  mar per Whitwell Bible records in Lewis Co., Tn. WPA book, p 2. ( Our paternal Great Great Great Grandfather)1091

McCLAIN,  Mary,  18 Nov. 1812 - 28 Jan. 1845.  (wife of W.T. McClain; Nee:  Coleman.)

McCLAIN,  Mary Catherine Stewart,  14 Mar. 1927 - 14 Oct. 1994.  (wife of Ara Alton McClain; mother of Teresa, Brenda, and Lesley Ward McClain.)  (Our paternal Aunt)

McCLAIN,  Matthew,  8 Jul. 1873 - 20 May 1955.  ("Math", husband of Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick (dau. Wm. and Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick); Father to William Thomas, Janie Melvina McClain Maxwell, John Turley, Felix Martin, Capitola Black McClain Weaver, Gladys Catherine McClain Duncan, Alice Kennedy McClain, Birdie Madolia McClain Oaks, Matthew Elizabeth "Mathie" McClain, Martha Mae McClain Hurst, Jessie Reba McClain Russell, Lavonia McClain Hamm:  Before the McClain/McLean family migrated to Tennessee they had owned land in North Carolina and in Christian and McClain Counties, Kentucky.   Matthew McClain our great grandfather, was the second son of Martin and Nancy Jane Beckum.  He married Amelia Velina "Bettie" Kilpatrick.  Matthew and his brothers owned and operated a saw mill.  He was constable and magistrate and once said had seen more weddings and heard more trials than he could count.than he could count.  In 1910 the County Court of Lewis County appointed him Sheriff to fill a vacancy of the Sheriff who had died.  Matthew was later elected Sherfii and served until 1916.  During that time Matthew and his family made their home in the living quarters of the jail at Hohenwald, in Lewis Co., Tennessee.  Later, Matthew served as a guard at the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville of Davidson County, Tennessee and at the Crimminal Insane Asylum in that city.  In 1942 his son, Felix Martin was fatily injured in an accident on the job as brakeman for the L & N Railroad, in Alabama, this is when Matthew and his family moved back to Hohenwald in Lewis County.

McCLAIN,  Matthew "Mathie" Elizabeth,  15 Aug. 1911 - 8 Mar. 1913.  (b. Hohenwald, Lewis Co., Tn.; d. Lewis Co., Tn.; dau. Matthew & Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain."

McCLAIN,  Matthew "Math",  8 July 1873 - 20 May 1955.  (son of Martin and Nancy Jane Beckum McClain; husband of Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrice McClain; father to,William Thomas, Janie Melvina, John Turley, Capitola, Gladys, Alice, Madolia, Lavonia, Mathie, Martha May and Jessie Reba McClain.)  (Our paternal Great Aunt)

McCLAIN, Minnie J.,  23 Nov. 1900 - 17 Mar. 1977.  (Nee:  Johnson)

McCLAIN,  Nancy Jane Beckum,  20 Mar. 1848 - 18 Dec 1881. ( dau. of Alexander and Phobe Pickard Beckum;  wife of Martin McClain, 33 yrs 8 mos 27 days; on the stone it says "From morning on till evening love shines upon her brown, she has gone from earth to heaven - we have no mother now."  Census:  1850, Lewis Co., Tn; age 2; b. Tn; fam #511; died of tuberculosis when baby was 11 mo. old.  (Our paternal Great Great Great Grandmother.)

McCLAIN,  Newton,  3 May 1839 - 17 Jan 1925.  (son of William Thomas and Martha Dickson McClain.  Newt was a member of the Mt. Joy Church and joined in 1883.  children of Newton & Fannie Roberta Lindsey McClain are:  Kate McClain ( 1899 - 1974), Allen McClain ( 1901).Fannie was his second wife, mar. 15 Aug. 1895.  Newton's lst wife was Mary Paralee Brown.)

McCLAIN,  Oscar, Sr.,  1 Pril 1901 - 1 April 1983. ( son of Felix McClain; husband of Lillian Brown; father of Eleanor Brown McClain Gibson, Melba McClain Roundtree, Imogene McClain Durrenberger, Martha McClain Bremer, Mary McClain Kelley, Oscar McClain Jr., Ollie Paul McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Oscar, Jr.,  4 April 1940 - 20 April 1977. (son of Oscar McClain Sr.; father of Lora McClain and Leslie McClain; husband of Sarah Dugger.)

McCLAIN,  Raymond L.,  29 Dec. 1902 - 6 Dec 1988. ( "Chick" McClain was the husband of Eloise York; the father of Betty Lou, Bobbye, Olivia "Libby" and Raymond Douglas McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Robert,  10 Feb. 1877 - 29 Jan 1926.  ( son of  John & Elizabeth McMillan McClain;  member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1911; brother of Martin McClain )  (Our Great Great Great Uncle.)

McCLAIN,  Robert Burns,  1 Jun, 1916 - 14 April 1968.  (father of Freda McClain Seaton, Frances McClain Haygood, Judy McClain, Robert Burns McClain, Jr., James William McClain, and Curtis Steven McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Robert C.,  18 Nov. 1841 - 29 May 1861.  ( Son of W.T. and Mary Coleman McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Robert Matthew:  Robert Matthew McClain, Born in Maury County on Feb. 10, 1926, Departed on February 23, 2003 and resided  in Hampshire, Lewis Co., Tennessee.  Mr. Robert Matthew "Bob" McClain, 77, died Sunday, February 26, 2003 at his residence in the Mt. Joy Community.  Funeral services for Mr. McClain will be conducted Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 11:00 a.m. at the Williams Mt. Pleasant Funeral Home with Reverend Elmer Crosby and John Davis, Jr. officiating.  Burial will be in the McClain Cemetery with military honors being provided by the Mt. Pleasant American Legion Post #10.  The family will visit with friends Monday from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. concluding with a masonic service at 7:00 p.m.  The Maury County native was the son of the late John Turley and Allie Mai Kennedy McClain and was the husband of Helen Elizabeth Cook McClain of the Mt. Joy Community.  He was retired from Hooker Chemical Company and was a former employee of TVA.  He was a member of the Mt. Pleasant Lodge #610 of F&A.M., the Mt. Pleasant American Legion Post #10 , 32nd Degree Mason and Ali Mena Shriners Temple in Nashville, and member of the First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant.  Maury County Scottish Rite President 1963, Master of Mt. Pleasant Lodge #610 F&AM 1963, Ambassador to the Shriners in Mt. Pleasant, Member of the National Society of the  Sons of the American Revolution, Member of VFW, Served in U.S. Navy on the USS Pennsylvania BB38 in World War II, Rank MM2C from July 18, 1942 - Dec 9, 1945. (Daddy served 4 on the "Pennsy" the whole time he was in the Navy.  He was on the Battleship when it was torpedoed in Okinaw Bay, barely escaping with his life, as some of his "battle buddies" were dead floating in the hole.  He didn't talk to me alot about his Navy service but he did talk to my brothers about it.)      In addition to his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Mary Bob (James) Richardson of Birmingham, Alabama and Elizabeth (James) Bradburn of Columbia; two sons, Edwin Knox (Angela) McClain of Franklin, Tennessee and Michael Ephraim (Donna) McClain of the Mt. Joy Community, Lewis Co., Tennessee; a sister, Helen Jane (Kenneth) Pinkley of Horn Lake, Mississippi; three brothers, James Ward "Sonny" (Miki) McClain of Pensacola, Florida, Ara Alton (Mary) McClain of Florence, Alabama and Jerry (Margaret) McClain of Cartersville, Georgia;  seven grandchildren, Jason Bradburn and Jamie Bradburn both of Columbia, Chris (Michelle) McClain of Franklin, Tn, James Tyson Richardson who is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army in Iraq, Tara Amanda Richardson of Birmngham, Al.,  Auston Matthew McClain of   McClain of Knoxville,Tn, and Allie Elizabeth McClain (16days old) of the Mt. Joy Community; three great grandchildren, Jordan McClain, Brittany McClain, Alvaro Ruben Aguilar II; several nieces and nephews.  He was preceded in death by three sister, Ruth Blair, Edna Earl Brooks, and Mildred Weatherly; one brother, David Leo McClain. (note:  July 11, 2003 -  Ara Alton died 4 months after his brother Bob. mbmcr),   Pallbearers will be James Bradburn, Ricky Duberry, Zeke Sharp, Orin Short, Neal England, and Jimmy McClain.  Honoray pallbearers will be John Davis, Jr., Jack Crews, Carlton Whitwell, Bobby Beckum, Bobby Riddle, Bobby Floyd, Dwayne Kilpatrick, Kenneth Turnbow, Douglas Wayne "Hoot" Thompson, David Edwards, Dr. John Salmon, Dr. Cummins Couch, and the men of the First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant.

McCLAIN,  Steven Curtis,  16 July 1955 - 14 April 1995.  (son of Robert Burns McClain.)

McCLAIN,  Vera,  6 July 1900 - 21 Oct. 1909. (dau. of Felix McClain; Vera McClain; b. West Fork,  4th school district Lewis Co. age 1/3/15 child.)

McCLAIN,  Vica Melvina Lewis,  7 June 1885 - 28 Dec. 1966. "Jennie."  ( dau. of John Derring & Mary Ellen Kilpatrick Lewis; wife of Mart McClain (son of Martin & Nancy Jane Beckum McClain; mother of Luther Lewis McClain, Anna Oma Brownlee McClain Duncan (Charles "Corkey"), Charles Burns McClain.)  ( Our paternal Great Great Aunt.)

McCLAIN,  W. Jasper,  27 Dec. 1854 - 13 Nov. 1930.  (School teacher at the Macedonia and Mt. Joy schools, civil engineer; "Jap" moved to Texas about 1924 and lived with Mr. & Mrs. Poston (Maggie) and their son Sidney in Weatherford, near Ft. Worth.)

McCLAIN,  W.T.,  29 Aug. 1820 - 25 Oct. 1891. (b. Bedford Co., d. Lewis Co. Brother of Martin McClain; son of John & Elizabeth McMillan McClain;  William T. was on of the men to help build the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church of 1865, that stood until 1949 when the present day building was built.  He join Mt. Joy Church in 1855, appointed deacon in 1864. A Mason in the Meriwether Lewis Lodge in Hampshire that was chartered on Oct 8, 1850 .  He marrried  25 August 1947 by C.Y. Hudson JP Lewis Co., (ref. Lewis Co. Marriage Records) to Martha Dickson McClain. She was also a member of the Mt. Joy Church joining in 1851.  He was a constable in Maury County and Lewis County, Tennessee for a total of 16 years and lived on a farm about 5 miles from Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., in Maury Co.  W.T. and his two wives and 7 children are buried at McClain Cemetery.

McCLAIN,  William Thomas "Tom", b. 13 Jan 1895 - d abt 1965. ( son of Matthew & Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain; husband of Ella Hill who is buried at Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Tn.; mar. 1915 Maury Co., Tn; husband of Vena Hardwick m 24 Nov 1919; father of Tommye neal Mcclain Stokes, William Thomas McClain Jr., Neil Gray McClain.)  (Our paternal Great Uncle.)

McCLAIN, William Thomas McClain, Jr. b. 1924 - July 2002 married Opal-------.

McCLAIN,  Willis Martin,  31 Dec. 1910 - 16 June 1984.  "Jack".

McCORMICK,  Thomas C.,  1915 - 1970.

McCORMICK,  Willodene S., 1917 - 1995.

McKENNON,  Ella G.,  1876 - 1963.

McKENNON,  Jessie E.,  4 Feb. 1909 - 14 Oct. 1971. Inscription: "PFC Coast ARTY CORPS. W.W. II."

McKENNON,  Mattie,  1905 - 1909.

McKENNON,  Nathan D.,  1872 - 1923.

McKENNON,  Otey Gray,  28 Mar. 1898 - 1 Dec. 1975. 

McKENNON,  Rosie M. Church,  3 Sept. 1905 - 4 Oct. 1983. (shared tombstone with Otey Gray McKennon.)

McKENNON,  Robert Odell "Rob".,  16 Nov. 1935 - 9 Nov. 1993.1111

McKENNON,  Vivian Ann "VA", 22 Dec. 1944 - ----.

McNABB,  Martha M.,  d. 14 Jan 1941.  Inscription: " 73-10-29."

McNABB,  R. H.,  d. 18 Jan 1946.

NOLAN,  Johnny J.,  1902 - 1963.

NOLAN,  Lela F.,  2 Aug. 1903 - 28 Apr. 1987.

NOLEN,  James Edward,  21 May 1937 - 8 Jan 1939.

OLIVER,  Edward M.,  3 Feb. 1925 - 28 Feb. 1988. 

OLIVER,  Zora E.,  15 June 1923 - 9 Aug 1982. 

ONLY,  Elizabeth,  1 Aug. 1852 - 25 Aug. 1914.  ( unmarked grave;  born in Alabama, died, dist. 4, Lewis Co., age 62/-/25, widow; dau of Robert Ramsey (b. S.C.) & Jane Busby (b. S.C.; ref: -Kim Ramsey, Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tn.;  Lewis Co. Tn Death Records, 1909-1920, transcribed by Merle Stevens.)

OWEN,  Ella Lee,  24 Dec. 1884 - 5 Nov. 1943.

OWEN,  Neva G. Hayes,  12 Jan. 1904 - 17 July 1984.

PICKARD,  Elizabeth A.D., 1 June 1861 - 18 Nov. 1862.

PICKARD,  John J.B.,  20 May 1864 - 16 Nov. 1865.

PICKARD,  Millie T.C.,  11 Jan. 1867 - 28 July 1868.

POLLOCK,  James Thomas,  11 Nov. 1857 - 4 Dec. 1936.  (husband of Victoria Ann Kennedy (dau of Weakley Gordon & Sarah Ann Stockard Kennedy; sister of James W. "Pappy" Kennedy; Victoria is buried next to her husband in an unmarked grave.  Thomas' second wife was Finetta "Nettie" Cooper (dau. of Thomas Simpson Cooper), who is buried at Zion Cemetery on Zion Road in Columbia, Maury Co., Tn.)  Tom Pollock was the son of Zade Pollock Sr., of Pulaski.  Tom's sister's are Zada Pollock Smithson, Bonnie Pollock Hayes, Jean Pollock Abernathy of all Pulaski.  He was the brother of Z.B. Pollock Jr., New York and Dick Pollock of Nashville.(Banner.)-( My paternal Great Uncle.)

POLLOCK,  Victoria Ann Kennedy,  10 Nov. 1861 - 31 Dec. 1892. (wife of Thomas Pollock; dau. of Weakley Gordon & Sarah Anne Stockard Kennedy; sister of James W. "Pappy" Kennedy; buried in unmarked grave next to her husband.  Possibly on the right side of him just because most al the other gravesup here follow the same tradition with the husband on the left facing the tombstone;  ref:  Rick Gray of  Mt. Pleasant.)  ( Our paternal Great Aunt)

POOLE,  Mary Madaline Hayes,  3 Jan 1943 - 20 Aug 2001

PRUITT,  Infant,  d.  1934.  Inscription: " Infant of J.T. & Myrtle Pruitt."

PRUITT,  J. T.,  31 Jul. 1912.- 25 Apr. 1978. 

PRUITT,  24 Jan. 1912 - 2002.  ( Wife of J.T. Pruitt.)

PRUITT,  Tommy,  26 Oct.  1945 - 12 Feb. 1966. 

PUGH,  Bytha Hillard,  5 Dec 1933 - 28 Feb. 2000. ( GMM3 U.S. Navy Korea.)

PUGH,  Jennie S.,  7 Nov. 1951 - 27 Feb. 1999.

PUGH,  John C.,  15 July 1960 - 11 Sep. 1993.

PUGH,  Rodney,  24 June 1970 - 9 Mar. 1995.

RAMSEY,  male,  unknown;  ( Lewis Co: male Ramsey, b & d 16 Nov 1915, CD 4; father- John Ramsey, b Lawrence Co; mother- Pearl Hendricks, b Lawrence Co; informant- J R Ramsey, Mt Pleasant; burial- McClain Cemetery on 19 Nov 1915 (This certificate is listed twice. Could this be twins? McClain Cemetery has no marker. ref.   Lewis Co., Tn., Death Records, 1909-1920, transcribed by Merle Stevens.)

RAY,  Mary Elizabeth,  27 Aug 1977 - 27 Aug 1977.  (granddaughter of Ara Alton and Mary Catherine Stewart McClain.)

RENFRO,  Mary Elizabeth,  d. Aug. 20 19 0.  "18-6-2. "(note; beginning  of the cemetery listings.)

RICHARDSON,  Tiffany Helen, RICHARDSON,  Tiffany Helen,  18 June 1978 - 19 June 1980.  "Loves Jesus in the sky."  Pink marble child's tombstone.  Footstone; "9:03"  (represents the time of death)  ( Cause of death  Neuroblastoma Cancer; age 2 yrs.1 day;  born & died in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama; Born at Baptist Montclair Hospital; d. Children's Hospital, Birmingham, Ala.;  dau. of James Carroll ( son of Sidney Lee and Maxine Hester Richardson ) & Mary Robert McClain Richardson (dau of Robert Matthew & Helen Elizabeth Cook McClain);  sister of James Tyson and Tara Amanda Richardson.).   Tiffany Helen Richardson was the  granddaughter of Robert Matthew and Helen Elizabeth Cook McClain of Lewis County;  granddaughter of Sidney Lee Richardson and Maxine Hester Richardson Osborne. of Mississippi.

ROGERS,  Nina Jones,  15 Jan. 1884 - 29 May 1976.

ROGERS, Robert D.    18 Jan. 1911 - 15 Jul. 1975.  " Pfc. Army Air Force, WWII.."

ROGERS,  Ruth,  July 1916 - Aug. 1977

ROGERS,  William C., 27 Jan. 1915 - 3 June 1983.  " US. Army; WWII.".

RUNIONS,  Elizabeth Ray, Unknown,  Undertakers marker.

RUNIONS,  Noah Thomas,  7 Oct. 1921 - 21 June 1922.

RUNIONS,  Rosa Seaton,  11 Oct. 1889 - 14 Dec. 1959. pic

RUSSELL,  Jessie Reba McClain,  7 Sept 1917 - 17 Oct. 1978. (  the twelveth daughter of Matthew &  Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain; wife of Robert Russell;  sister of John Turley, Capitoal McClain Weaver, Tom McClain, Felix McClain, Knox McClain, Janie Melvina McClain Maxwell, Birdie Madolia McClain Oaks; Lavonia McClain Hamm, and Mart McClain. ( Our paternal Great Aunt)

RUSSELL,  Robert Lee, 27 Nov. 1916 - 15 July 1990.  ( married Dec. 21, 1940 to Jessie Reba McClain; father of Robert Lee Russell Jr, and Math Russell.  ( Our Paternal Great Uncle.)
SEATON,  Billie Russell,  8 Mar. 1925 - 27 Jan 1989.  "Paw Paw", "MSGT US Army Force WWII.)

SEATON,  Charlie,  1931 - 2001.  (Attended Bethel College; Cumberland Presbyterian minister; school teacher; member of the Maury County Board of Education; mar. Whitney DePriest; children are:  Joel Seaton, Timothy Seaton, and Kimberly Seaton Benefield.   Charlie was a member of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church joining in 1947.)

SEATON,  Charlie,  8 Feb. 1920 - 3 Oct. 1944.  (Killed in action October 3, 1944)   Inscription: "Tn PVT 325 Glider Infantry 82 ABN Div WWII"

SEATON,  Freda McClain,  25 May 1935 - 30 Nov. 2000. ( wife of James "Jim" Seaton;  dau. of Burns & Nettie Fuller McClain; mother of Barbara Seaton Beasley ( Randall), Mike Seaton (Wanda Lindsey.) 

SEATON,  James Michael,  26 Sept. 1955 - 21 Dec. 2000.

SEATON,  James Milton,  14 Nov.1928 - 2001.

SEATON,  James Ray,  d.  27 Nov. 1950.

SEATON,  L.,  unknown,  (Williams Funeral Home Marker.)

SEATON,  Lillie J.,  21 Nov. 1892 - 17 Sept 1960.

SEATON,  Luby Elizabeth,  30 June 1869 - 13 Oct. 1943. 

SEATON,  Male,  8 April 1915 - 8 April 1915. ( Lewis Co #233: male Seaton; b & d 8 April 1915; CD 4; mother- Lubie Seaton; b Maury Co; informant- mother; burial- McClain Cemetery on 9 April 1915 (McClain Cemetery has no marker.)

SEATON,  Mollie S.,  9 Mar. 1856 - 13 Jan. 1940.

SEATON,  Wanda Jean,  9 April 1927 - 26 July 1996.  " Me Me".

SEATON,  Web W.,  7 Aug 1893 - 11 Nov. 1951. " Pvt 49 Infantry WWI "

SEATON,  Will R.,  Feb. 1868 - Feb. 1936.

SHORT,  Charlie R.,  11 Sept. 1913 - 4 Dec. 1981.  "MMM 3 US Navy WWII"

SHORT,  William Ferrell,  6 June 1979 - 15 Oct. 1984.

SIMS,  Allie M.,  1910 - 1974.

SIMS,  Alura Tucker, 1932 - ----. (stone shared with Odies.

SIMS,  Bill,  1931 - 2000,  (son of Carl Sims & Ota Belle Hill Sims. Korean War; mar. 26 Aug 1959 to Emily Joyce Vaugh of Alacha, Fla.; father of Kenneth Vaughn Sims;
brother of Charles Eugene, Donna Faye, Hallie Augusta, Fred Hill, Mary Elizabeth Sims.)1115

SIMS,  Carl Cooper, Sr.,  13 Aug 1894 - 23 Nov. (husband of Ota Bell Hill; son of William Donely & Eleanor Elizabeth Grimes Sims; Grandson of Eleanor Catherine Cooper Grimes & Saumel Henry Grimes; Father of 7 children, Carl Sims Jr., mary Elizabeth, Fred Hill, Hallie Augusta, Donna Faye, William Ray, Charles Eugene Sims.  Inscription:  "US ARMY WWI".1114

SIMS,  Clyde E., Jr.,  21 Sept 1921 - 2 Feb. 1945. ( killed in WWII.)    Inscription: "TN PFC 305 INF WWII."

SIMS,  Clyde E. Sr.,  30 Jan 1890 - 28 Dec. 1964. 

SIMS,  Cora L.,  10 Aug. 1894 - 18 Mar. 1933.

SIMS,  Ed.,  17 Dec. 1880 - ----.  (age 88 metal marker only )

SIMS,  Elizabeth Eleanor Grimes,  15 Jan. 1854 - 9 Jan 1949.  (wife of William Donely Sims;  niece of Mary Melvina Cooper Whitwell; dau of Samuel H. Grimes & Eleanor Catherine Cooper; sister to: Eliza A., Mary Toombs, John William Hamilton, Samuel Augustus, Fannie M., and Thomas Grimes.)

SIMS,  Hallie Hill,  17 Feb 1894 - 8 Aug. 1956. ( wife of Samuel Augusta Sims; dau of John Hill; no children.)

SIMS,  J. Frank,  15 Dec. 1900 - 23 Sept 1977. (father of Lanette Sims; played a fiddle.)

SIMS,  Jasper,  d.  27 Dec. 1946.  ( metal marker only,)

SIMS,  Jewel,  8 Jan 1908 - 6 Nov. 1910.

SIMS,  Joe Horace,  17 Feb 1898 - 3 June 1926.

SIMS,  Lela,  10 Jun 1889 - 25 July 1916.  (  Lewis Co: Lela Sims, b 10 June 1889, Lawrence Co, d 25 July 1916, CD 4; age 27/1/15, married; father- Tom Kincade; mother- ??? Curry, b Lawrence Co; informant- Jim Lemar, Mt Pleasant; burial- McClain Cemetery of 26 July 1916 (no marker).(ref.  Lewis Co., Tn Death Records, 1909-1920, transcribed by Meryle Stevens.)

SIMS,  Mack Dickson, 1 Feb. 1890 - 3 Aug 1956.  (son of William Donely & Elizabeth Grimes Sims; brother of Carl Cooper, Samuel Augusta, Donna Elizabeth, and John Eugene Sims; unmarried.)

SIMS,  Odies,  1923 - 1984.  Inscription: married "Sept 9, 1950."

SIMS,  Ota Bell Hill,  18 Nov. 1900 - 10 June 1987.  (wife of Carl Cooper Sims; mother of Carl Cooper Sims, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Sims, Fred Hill Sims, Hallie Augusta Sims, Donna Faye Sims, William Ray Sims, Charles Eugene Sims.)  Inscription:  "Daughter of The American Revolution."1114

SIMS,  Rachel,  26 April 1834 - 27 June 1899.  ( Inscription: "Wife of AC Sims, 65yrs-2mos-1day."

SIMS,  Rebecca Ann,  d. 2 Feb. 1947.  ( metal marker only.)

SIMS,  Samuel A.,  (Saumel Augusta),  6 Sept 1986 - 9 Nov. 1963.  (husband of Hallie Hill Sims; son of William Donely & Eleanor Elizabeth Grimes Sims; brother of Mack Dickson, Donna Elizabeth Sims, and John Eugene Sims.)

SIMS,  Teresa,  3 June 1852 - 30 Oct. 1913.  Inscription:  "Wife of J.H. Sims."

SIMS,  Will,  1862 - 1931.  ( husband of  Elizabeth Risner Sims ( buried at Kittrell Cemetery in Lewis Co.);  4 children;   Joe Sims mar. Mary Vandiver;  Frank Sims mar. Iva Gilmore;  Minnie Sims Vandiver (Calvin);  Azzie Sims York (Tom);  Inscription:  "Father."

SIMS,  William Donley,  1854 - 1937.  (husband of Eleanor Elizabeth Grimes Sims; son of Augusta Charles Sims (was the son of Col. Thomas Sims who married Mary Winn, daughter of General Richard Winn of the Revolution and Rachel Dickson.); father of Mack Dickson Sims, Carl Cooper Sims, Samuel Augusta Sims, Donna Elizabeth Sims and John Eugene Sims.)

SIMS,  William Jones,  9 Jan 1928 - 11 May 2000.  Inscription: "PFC US ARMY."

SMITH,  Frank,  d.  2 Dec. 1940.  Inscription: "41-5-29."

THOMPSON,   Tilden Gilbert,  7 July 1907 - 11 July 1987.

THORTON,  Fred J.,  1888 England - 1941.  (husband of Alice Kennedy McClain; father of James Carter Thornton.) 

TILLER,  Daniel A.  15 Feb. 1878- 8 Dec 1959.

VOSS,  Mary Ricketts,  Nov. 1848 - Aug. 1917.

WEATHERLY,  Mildred Illene McClain,  12 Aug. 1922 - 1959. ( wife of John Merryman Weatherly; dau. of John Turley & Allie Mai Kennedy McClain; sister of Edna Earl McClain Brooks (James); Ruth McClain Blair (Paul); James Ward McClain; Robert Matthew McClain, Ara Alton McClain, Helen Jane McClain Pinkley (Kenneth), David Leo McClain and Jerry Eugene McClain; mother of John M. Weather, Jr., Donna Kay Weatherly Hansen, Sherry Weatherly Orlein, and Donald Ray Weatherly.)  

WEAVER, Infant,  16 May 1922 - 16 May 1922.  (Baby daughter of V.M. & Capitola McClain Weaver)

WEAVER,  Capitola Black McClain,  18 Jan. 1902 - 5 May, 1924. (dau. of Matthew & Amelia Velina Elizabeth Kilpatrick McClain;  sister of John Turley, Felix, W.T., Gladys Catherine, Alice, Birdie Madolia, Lavonia, Mathie Elizabeth, Martha May, Jessie Reba; mar. 1921 to Verner M. Weaver (son of Wm. Weaver of Hickman Co., Tn., died 1936 and is buried at Little Lott Cemetery, Hickman Co., Tn.)  (Our paternal Great Aunt.)

WESTBROOKS,  Marie,  1910 - 1935.

WHITLOCK,  Lizzie Sims,  12 Dec. 1881 - 6 Sept 1893.  Inscription: "wife of J.L. Whitlock."

WHITLOCK,  Marion,  3 Oct. 1903 - 22 Jan. 1905

WHITLOCK,  Mary Akin,  1920 - 1995.

WHITWELL,  Gertrude M.,  1895 - 1903. ("Gertie" dau of Pleasant Lee & Maggie Johnston Whitwell.)

WHITWELL,  Infant,   d. 1913.  (Twin bro of  Harris Lee Whitwell;  Inscription: "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. P.L. Whitwell."

WHITWELL, Judge Thomas,  23 Aug. 1826 - 25 Dec. 1901.  ( Father of Pleasant Lee Whitwell; 1st wife Malisy Ward; 2nd wife was Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick (dau of Lt. William McAdams Cooper and Eliza Toombs) Inscription: "75yrs,4mos,2days." (Our paternal Great Great Grandfather. by marriage only (no blood kin to us)

WHITWELL,  Mary Melvina Cooper Kilpatrick,  13 Jan. 1846 - 8 Dec. 1938. (dau. of Lt. William McAdams Cooper & Eliza Toombs; granddaughter of Col. Robert Melville and Catherine Cooper Cooper.) (Our paternal Great Great Grandmother.)

WHITWELL,  P.L.(Pleasant Lee),  4 Mar. 1873 Linden, Perry Co., Tn. - 15 Oct. 1914. dist. 3, Lewis Co., age 41/7/21, (son of Judge Thomas Whitwell b.1826-1901, Perry Co., Tn. & Malisy Ward, b. Perry Co., Tn.) mar. Maggie Johnston Voss (b 1876.) children 12; Peter Turney Whitwell, Gertrude "Gertie" Whitwell Chappell, Mary Elsie Whitwell Chappell (mar.  Richard Otie Chappell), William Benton "Debo" Whitwell (mar. Ocie Marie Anderson), John Thomas Emmett Whitwell (mar. Opal Cothran), Lelia Mattie Whitwell (mar. Buster Jones), Nora Blanche Whitwell (mar. Monroe Hickman), Thelma Irene Whitwell, Bessie Virginia Whitwell (mar. Alton Johnson), Edgar Boyd (Ed) Whitwell (mar. Edna McAfee), Harris Lee (Heavy) Whitwell (mar. Helen Minor), Infant son Twin to Harris Lee,"Heavy.")   From Lewis Co. Tn. Death Records, 1909-1920, transcribed by Merle Stevens.)(Note: Photo on Stone.mbmcr.)

WHITWELL, Thelma I.,  1907 - 1918.  ( dau of Pleasant Lee and Maggie Johnston Voss Whitwell.)

WHITWORTH,  Sepertenary Voss,  Mar. 1885 - Oct. 1940. 

WILLIAMS,  Sara Ann Stockard Kennedy Pugh Scribner, 23 Oct. 1834 - 10 Sept. 1917.  Sarah Ann (dau. of Richard Stockard (b.5 July 1790 in N.C. - d. 6 Jun 1850; the tenth child of James & Ellender Trousdale Stockard (b. Scotland, mar. in Pa. in 1744; moved to Orange Co., N.C.); and Elizabeth Johnson; mar. 23 Sept 1813 Maury Co., Tn.);  Sarah Ann's father Richard is buried at Hunter Cemeter.  Sarah Ann married Weakley Gordon Kennedy, C.S.A. Pvt., 7 July 1852, (son of John & Barbara Gordon Kennedy of Pain Lick, Ky.)  W.G. Kennedy was a P.O.W. in St. Louis Mo.; died 21 March 1862, buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.  Weakley and Sarah Ann's children are:  Mandy Kennedy Christian, Robert Franklin Kennedy, James William Kennedy, John Jonas Kennedy, David O. Kennedy, and Victoria Ann Kennedy Pollock (Tom).   Ten years after the death of W.G. Kennedy, Sarah Ann married James Pugh, 18 July, 1872 who lived only 2 months, then two years later she married Wesley Scribner, 2 June 1874, a widow man from Illinois. They were married about 5 years and divorced and two years later she married Caleb S. Williams, 2 May 1888, one of the founders of the Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  She joined the church in 1883.  She had a half brother named Samuel McLean Stockard (The recipient of the "Famous Stockard Letter from Alney Hite McLean), the son of Richard Stockard and his second wife, the widow of John Hill; Cynthia McLean Hill Stockard (dau. of Ephraim McLean and Polly Boyd McLean; sister of John McClain(b. 1771 - 1881.), also buried at McClain Cemetery. For as long as I can remember Daddy wanted a marker for Grandma Williams.He would mention it and walk all the way to the top of the hill to look down at the sunken spot and say, "she was my Great grandmother if you can't remember that, write it down.  Daddy, the name has been written in stone now so we will all know.  "GRANDMAW WILLIAMS."  Thank you Mama for doing that, and thank you Ephraim for all the work and time you spent, and to anyone else that contributed to make Daddy's wish come true. (mb) (Our paternal Great Great Grandmother).

WRIGHT,  Sue,  20 Sept. 1941 - ----.  (Picture of Panel Truck

WRIGHT,  William H. "Tick".  25 Sept. 1941 -  26 Dec. 1988.  Picture of Panel Truck on tombstone.( Son of Harold & Willodene (Dene) Seaton Wright; died in a car accident; married Sue Waldrip; father of 3 children:  Connie Wright Jones (Bryan),  Stephen Wright (mar Brenda Lett),  Tammy Wright Sisk (Jeffery)

In closing, I would like leave you with this message  as you have finished reading the interrments at McClain's Cemetery, something that our Daddy would say every time we came back from a visit, or funeral, and that was:

"They are neither Delighted nor Disturbed"

Listed on  October 5, 2004 by Mary Bob McClain Richardson.

Compared to:
Hawkins, Fred L., Maury County Cemeteries; Columbia, Tenn., 1989; pg. 816-819. *differences noted.

Roberts, Lillian Lesbia Word, Hugh Cooper 1720-1798 So. Carolina and His Decendants; McElheny Publishing Co., Ft. Worth, Texas; 1976, Vol. I & II.

According to Lewis Co. Records there are approximately 100 unmarked and/or fieldstone marked graves at McClain Cemetery.

Special thanks to Mrs. Lera Powell (relative of the Beckums);  Mr. Rick Gray (relative of the Kennedy's and a highly respected genealogist in Maury and Lewis Co.'s TN.);   Mrs. Katherine Goodman Smith (granddaughter of Lehman O. Goodman and step-granddaughter of Martin McClain Cooper.) Eloise York McClain and Evelyn Luckett for excepts from the" Mt. Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Mt. Joy Community."

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