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Lewis Co, Tennessee:
Napier Cemetery Page
There are many unmarked graves in this early African-American cemetery. We are told many persons buried here worked for the Napier Furnace.  There is indication of an old abandoned road a near this cemetery. The stones here are nice but nature is reclaiming this cemetery. It is a short distance from Napier Road and the only way to this cemetery is to climb and walk.  Charlie Couch who was raised nearby showed us the way and also helped record the stones.

Copied by Keith Lawson, Charlie Couch & Bill Lawson 2/02/02
First Middle Last Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Len   Dolison (Donleson) Feb. 13, 1862 Aug. 22, 1918 At Rest - (last name spelling cut into stone different from wife and children) sjl
Charlie   Dollins Feb. 26, 1843 Aug. 1906 No death day on stone
E. *   Donleson 1902 1903 * Infants of H & Lem Donleson share one large stone - E, R, L&Mem (share same birthdate - appear to be twins)
R. *   Donleson 1904 1904  
H. & L *   Donleson 1900 1900  
H.   Donleson 1873 1904 Age 31 yrs. Wife of H. Donleson (it has been recorded previously as Donaldson) sjl
Mary Lizzie House July 27, 1902 July 26, 1903 Daughte of W.D. & Maggie House
Malinda   Simpson Dec. 19, 1861 Dec. 19, 1911 Age 50 years - To My Wife
Rosa   Stubblefield Sept. 19, 1883 April 23, 1904 Wife of Bud Stubblefield - stone with carved open bible

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