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Lewis Co, Tennessee:
Newtown Cemetery Page
Our thanks to property owner Randall Felske. He provided detailed instruction as to the location of this cemetery and shared the Civil War history with us. Upon arriving we found a cleared road across his property to the cemetery. There is a bench provided for resting during one's visit to this old, well-kept cemetery. When cleaning the cemetery, Mr. Felske's discovered three graves marked with marble bricks with no information on them.

Below is the Civil War history of James Daniel Murphree
Provided by his grandson, John P. Murphree and Randall Felske

Age 46 years, 3 months, 22 days Co F 42 TENN - "An Honest Man - The Noblest Work of God" - James Daniel Murphree enlisted in the Confederate Army on Oct. 22, 1861, a little less that two months from his 15th birthday. He was captured with the surrender of Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862. He was admitted to U.S.A. Hospital Feb. 25, and returned to his unit as a Prisoner of War on March 3. His name appears on a roll of prisoners at Camp Douglas, Ill. sent to Vicksburg for prisoner exchange. This exchange took place on the steamer John H. Done near Vicksburg, Sept. 20, 1862. He was made 4th Sgt. Sept. 27, 1862 and promoted to 3rd Sgt. Aug. 1, 1863. Later in the war he was wounded and captured again. On Nov. 30, 1864 in Franklin, TN, he was struck by a cannon ball which fractured his left leg. On Dec. 10, 1864, his left leg was amputated. He appears on a list of Prisoners of War who arrived at the Military Prison, Louisville, KY, during 5 days ending May 10, 1865. On June 16, 1865 James Daniel Murphree was set free to go back home. In little more than three years of battle he was captured twice, lost his left leg and had not yet reached his 19th birthday. In 1881, some sixteen years later, at the age of 34, he married Ora Alice Beeler. They had six children: Stephen Estill, James D. Jr., Elizabeth, Nora, Sally & Robert Brown. James D. died in infancy at one month. Stephen Estill died from an accident at the age of 10 years. He and his father James Daniel are buried in the Newtown Cemetery. James Daniel died in Lewis County while teaching school at Napier Furnace.

Copied by Bill, Sammye & Keith Lawson 03/10/02
First Middle Last Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Cora Lee (L.) Bailey June 2, 1908 Sept. 13, 1909 No Marker - Daughter of T. & Susie - Age 1 year - Information from Lewis County TN. Death Records for 1909 through 1921 & web site 
Willie Lucele (L.) Baily (Bailey) Jan. 13, 1910 Feb. 9, 1910 No Marker  - age 26 days - Daughter of Walter & Nettie - Information from Lewis County, TN. Death Records for 1909 through 1921 & web site
R. Corbett Blankinship April 29, 1893 July 27, 1895 Son of Andrew & S. C. Blankinship  - Weep not father and mother for me for I am waiting in Glory for Thee.
Andrew   Blankinship Feb. 23, 1845 Jan. 22, 1895 Husband of S. C. Blankinship  - Farewell my wife and children all, from you a father Christ doth call, Mourne not for me, it is vain to call me to your sight again.
Selia C. Blankinship April 17, 1854 July 17, 1901 Wife of Andrew Blankinship  - Since thou canst no longer stay to cheer me with thy love; I hope to meet with thee again in yon bright world above.
Moralee *   Fergerson Jan. 28, 1893 Dec. 6, 1906 *Children of G. S. & R. E. Fergerson - God gave, He took, He will restore, He will rest one, He doth all things well - (Moralee & Osa share this stone)
Osa *   Fergerson April 12, 1900 April 2, 1905 *Children of G. S. & R. E. Fergerson - God gave, He took, He will restore, He will rest one, He doth all things well - (Moralee & Osa share this stone)
Flourence   Massey July 4, 1881 Feb. 4, 1904 Wife of J. A. Massey - Asleep In Jesus blessed sleep from whence none ever wake to weep.
Infant   Massey April 2, 1902 June 2, 1902 Infant of J. A. & F. M. Massey
Mollie   Massey Dec. 15, 1884 Dec. 26, 1911 Wife of J. A. Massey - She was a loyal friend and a noble daughter and a devoted wife and mother.
James  Daniel Murphree No Date Given April 4, 1893 Age 46 years, 3 months, 22 days Co F 42 TENN  - An Honest Man - The Noblest Work of God
Stephen   Murphree Oct. 18, 1882 Dec. 12, 1892 Little Stephen - son of James D. & Ora A. Murphree - Beneath this stone in soft repose is laid a Mother's dearest pride.
Bonnie A. Whitworth Oct. 14, 1892 Sept. 30, 1894 Daughter of R. E. L. & A. M. Whitworth  - Sleep on sweet babe and take thou rest, God called thee Home, He thought it best.
Artie M. Whitworth June 17, 1861 Oct. 31, 1897 Wife of R. E. L. Whitworth  - A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here.

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