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Lewis Co, Tennessee:
Bible Records

Bible of James Turner Milliken
This bible is in the possession of Doris Hinson Brackeen, Hohenwald, TN. It was transcribed 26 April 2000 by Cheryl Zelek from a photocopy of the pages.

•Louisa Jane Pollock was born Oct 9th 1825
•James Turner Milliken was born March 12th 1849
•Mary Ann Kirk was born July the 6th 1852
•Margaret Ann Milliken was born January the 15th 1873, died March 28, 1941
•Charles Alfred Milliken was born March 24th 1851
•Mary Christian Milliken was born February 2nd 1853
•One girl Child was born July 15th and died July 16th 1854
•A son born on 30th of September died 4th of October 1855
•John Calvin Pollock Milliken was born July 3rd and died 9th of July 1863
•One girl Child was born February the 20th and died February the 21st 1866
•William Harbison Milliken was born June the 8th 1870 and was christened Sep the 18th 1870 by RL Gray.
•Robert Harbison Kirk was born in the year of our Lord September the 9th 1871
•Mary Ann Kirk was born February the 1st 1874

•Harbison Milliken and Louisa Jane Pollock were married April 18th 1848.
•James T Milliken and Mary A Kirk was married by Rev WL Warren January the 7th 1872
•Stephen Y Kirk and Mary C Milliken in the year of our Lord October the 16th 1870
•Stephen Y Kirk and Mary C Milliken was married October the 16th 1870

•James K Pollock departed this life January 19th 1871
•Sary Ann Pollock was born November the 28th 1805 and departed this life November the 20th 1848
•Robert Milliken died November the 26th 1857
•John C Pollock was killed 15th of February 1862 •Turner Milliken died July 21st 1866
•Mary Ann Milliken departed this life May the 7th 1874, her age 21y-10m & 1 day
•J T Milliken died Nov. 21, 1918 age 69 yr, 7 mo, 9 days


belongs to Mrs. Mary Nelson Estate, Cedar Hill, Texas; submitted by Mary Bob McClain Richardson on 26 September 2004


  • Elisha Kirkman Pollock was born Sept. 6, 1823 in Lawrence County, Tenn. and departed this life sometime in the fall of 1863 while in the Confederate State Army
  • Amanda Pollock was born December 17, 1828, in Maury County, Tenn. and departed this life September 14, 1878 in Lewis County, Tennessee.
  • Sarah Pollock was born August 22, 1844 in Lawrence County, Tenn. and departed this life January 20, 1853
  • Francis Ann Pollock was born October 14, 1846 in Lawrence County, Tenn.
  • Susan Catherine Pollock was born on November 10, 1848 in Lawrence County, Tenn.
  • Margrett Eupheme Pollock was born May 2, 1851 in Lewis County, Tenn.
  • John Jackson Pollock was born October 11, 1853 in Lewis County, Tenn.
  • Mary Ellen Pollock was born December 7, 1855 in Lewis County, Tenn.


  • E.K. Pollock and Amanda Pickard was married July 26, 1843 in maury County, Tenn.

  • J.H. Cooper and S.C. Pollock was married December 24, 1865 in Lewis County, Tenn.

  • A.J. Cooper and M.E. Pollock was married April 18, 1869 in Lewis County, Tenn.

  • W.T. Bailey and F.A. Pollock was married in the year.....(blank)

  • R.A. Kirk and M.E. Pollock was married July 25, 1875 in Lewis County, Tenn.

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