1940 Monroe Co., Tn. Census Index

Transcribed by Joy Locke

Please read the following directions first!

The above are text files of the index to be used for research only.   It is not to be sold or used in any way "other than research" without permission of the submitters.  Click the "file name" you want to view. These text files are dark blue in the table.  They have been split into six parts for easier loading.

This is a “head of house” index which means just that person listed first in each household.  NOT the wives nor children.  The EXCEPTIONS are the “others” living in that household such as married/divorced/widowed children, parents, gr.parents, gr. children, nephews/nieces, aunts/uncles, roomers/boarders, hired help, etc.  Anyone who is not a wife or children of head of house is in the index.   One thing I noticed often is that Divorced daughters were shown with maiden names, so try both ways.


First is the name of the person followed by age.  The ED 62 which is the enumeration district followed by a number of that district.  ED 62 is for Monroe Co., Tn. ED 62-1 is Sweetwater for instance.  Next is sheet #.  The ED 62 # and sheet # are found at top of each census page.  The file# shown is a file number for each page but you won’t be able to use that.  Also important is that relationships shown in the index, are always the relationship to “head of house”.  If married children are in the house, their children will be listed as “gr.kids” to the head of house.


In a few of the EDs, you might see a Sheet 61A or 81A.  These are people who were left out.  You’ll get the information on those pages, but I also put the HH# (household #) and file # you’ll need to ask the lookup person for.  This is where they should have been.  There were children as well as parents and several lodgers.


The abbreviation “H.C.”  is Hiwassee College for teachers, students etc.   TMI is for Tenn. Military Institute but no students shown.  There are people in the Poor House and Jail.


Familysearch.org   - free access


You’ll need to sign up and sign in for this.


Click on 1940 census.

Click on Tennessee, then Monroe Co. on drop-down menus.

Type in ED-1 through ED-19 for whatever the index has for the “name” you’re searching for.

Once you click and open that link, you’ll see that you can go ahead several pages.  So if the index has sheet 4A, you’ll need to go ahead to 8, double the number as a Sheet has an A & B page for each #.

It takes awhile to load.





If you subscribe to ancestry.com which is paid membership you do this:

Top right of main page click on the 1940 census.

Of the options you’ll see, click on “already know district”

Type in Tennessee, then Monroe Co., then click an ED # from 62-1 through 62-19 (see my index for this)

Going by my index: As I explained each page has sheet #s,  such as Sheet 1A then 1B.

So if you see on my index sheet 16B double that number and type in 32, then you can move either way to find the exact page.



Nara.org (National Archives) – free access


Click on 1940 census

Click “get started”

“You know the enumeration district”

Select state-Tennessee

Select ED 62-1 – 62-19 according to my index and “view it”

Click on page.

The problem with this site is that you have to click “next” to go through the pages.

You can download a whole ED but Sweetwater 62-1 alone is 68 pages making a huge file to download.


We are not to be held accountable for mistakes on the names as many are difficult to read and many were misspelled.  If you can correct the names please contact: Joy Locke

This is an index only.  For the census information on "one or two families at a time",  contact: Eddie or Brenda

If you can’t access either Ancestry.com or NARA, you can request a lookup.  When you e-mail our look-up people,  please type in the subject heading: "census look-up".  We get so much mail and many are suspect as viruses.   That goes for any look-up, otherwise it could be deleted.  DO NOT send the same request to both look-up people at the same time.  Thanks.

We will not look up a child who might be living in any given household of a surname such as Jones or Smith, there are simply too many to look up!

The information to be obtained from the 1940 census is: head of household, spouse if there is one, children and others living within that household.  For each name given, there is an age,  single, widowed or divorced,  person's birthplace, residence in 1935, education, employment status includes occupation and even income.

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