Anderson Asberry "Berry" Bible Record


Anderson Asberry "Berry" Bible Record

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There might be errors on the following but based on some other records:
Louisa Belcher born July 9, 1854
William A. "Berry" Belcher born Oct. 24, 1868 and died 1924
John T. Mullins born May 7, 1871 - (Oct. 11, 1952)
?Robert W. Belcher born Feb. 28, 1878
James A. Belcher born 1879?
Samuel L.(Lee) Belcher born May 24, 1881 and (died Apr. 2, 1963)

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Mollie Angeline Belcher born Apr. 4, 1898 and (died Apr. 19, 1913)
Daniel L. Belcher born Oct. 18, 1883 and (died Apr. 23, 1915)