James H. Bright and Hattie Chambers Bible Record


James H. Bright and Hattie Chambers Bible Record

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Names & Place of birth
Births, Marriage and Death

James H. Bright and Hattie Chambers and children:
James Bright 10/7/1889-6/17/1955 and married 11/1/1908 Monroe Co., Tn
Hattie Chambers Bright 4/2/1888-7/8/1955
Isey May Bright 10/31/1909-1/22/1910 Mt. Zion Cem. Loudon Co., Tn
Elmer Bright 1/24/1911-7/6/1963
Charles A. Bright 1/30/1913-6/20/1916
Alva Bright 4/23/1915-5/20/1915
Ernest Reed Bright 8/30/1918-9/19/1946
Imogene Bright 2/6/1922-5/5/1982
Verline Bright 4/9/1925-3/5/1990
Josephine Bright 4/9/1928-10/30/1972

You can see the remainder of the names on the page. However, I've whited out the birth years because these are living people.