George S. Clemmer Bible Record


George S. Clemmer Bible Record

Submitted by Joy Locke
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George Clemmer was born Nov. 2, 1821 (md. Sarah Jane Endsley)
Sarah Jane (Endsley) Clemmer was born Jan. the 12 1822 (dau. of James & Nancy Ann Jones Endsley)
William Alexander Clemmer was born Oct. 24, 1846 (died Jan. 20, 1920, md. Caldonia Naomi Isbell)
Jacob Wily Clemmer was born June the 18, 1848
Nancy Elizabeth Clemmer was born May the 8, 1850
John Fox Clemmer was born April the 28, 1852(died Nov. 22, 1918, md. Laura H. Kiser)
James Endsley Clemmer was born June the 14, 1854
Rachel Lovenia Clemmer was born April the 26th 1856
Mary Jane Clemmer was born Jan. 5, 1859 (died Feb. 24, 1925, md. James Madison Burton)
George Washington Clemmer was born Oct. 12, 1861
Ephram Wane Clemmer was born Aug. 23, 1864 (md. Thamar Mills)

Births of family of John Fox and Laura Haseltine Kiser Clemmer
Hasletine Clemmer was born Jan. 15, 1861 (died May 4, 1933, wife of John Fox Clemmer)
Elverden Lee Clemmer was born June 5, 1880
Josie Isabell Clemmer was born June 9, 1882 (md. 2nd Homer Glass)
Charley Wain Clemmer was born Oct. 8, 1884


George Clemmer and Sarah Jane Endsley was married July 10, 1845
J.F. (John Fox) Clemmer and Haseltine Kiser was married Sep. the 18, 1879
James M. Burton and Mary Jane Clemmer was married May 11th 1893 by Rev. D.M. Kerr


James Endsley Clemmer died June 28, 1855
N.E. (Nancy Eliz.) Clemmer died Dec. 18th 1886
R.L. (Rachel Louvenia) Clemmer died Jan. 25, 1887
G.W. (Geo. Wash.) Clemmer died Nov. 7, 1887
Ivin B. Clemmer died May 25th 1892
Austin R. Clemmer died June 4, 1892
Sarah Jane Clemmer died May 16th 1895
George S. Clemmer died Nov. 7, 1895
J.W. (Jacob Wyley) Clemmer died Nov. 2, 1897
Sarah Elsie Burton died June 5, 1900 (born Nov. 5, 1898 & buried Burton Cem., dau of James M. & Mary J. Clemmer Burton)