John F. Gilbreath Bible Record


John F. Gilbreath Bible Record

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Births & Deaths
Births & Deaths
Births & Marriages

At top of abstract, it has Hugh Gilbreath born in Ireland
( ) not in Bible-other sources
John F. Gilbreath born May 30, 1796-(1876)
Isabella (Edington) his wife was born January 16th 1798-(1874)
Ashel R. Gilbreath born May 28, 1817-died Nov. 1818
Sarah E. Gilbreath born Mar. 23, 1819-died Nov. 23 1819
Louisa Jane Gilbreath born Dec. 1, 1820-(1/29/1900)(md. Daniel McCray)
Samuel D. Gilbreath born Feb. 28, 1823-(Mar. 25, 1871)(md. Charlotte Carter)
Nicholas S. Gilbreath was born Mary 31, 1825-died May 25, 1825
Angeline Gilbreath was born April 23, 1826-(April 22 1857)
Drusilla Ann Gilbreath was born July 28, 1828-died March 12, 1853
Martha Carolilne Gilbreath was born Nov. 6, 1830-(died Dec. 3, 1912)
Minerva A. Gilbreath was born Feb. 18, 1833-died Feb. 28, 1833
Amanda E. Gilbreath born May 20 1834-died Dec. 28, 1891 (md. Leroy Taylor)
Isabella A. Gilbreath born Aug. 14, 1836-(April 3, 1946)
John W. Gilbreath was born March 31, 1839-died Aug. 3 1864(md. Martha C. Cole)
James F.A. Gilbreath was born May 26, 1842-(12/5/1927)

MARRIAGES--from Bible Record

John Gilbreath to Isabella Edington his wife was married Dec. 26, 1815
Drusilla Ann Gilbreath was born July 28, 1828
William Cliburn and Drusilla A. Gilbreath, his wife was married May 23, 1845.
These next entries hard to read but the two McCray girls are living in John Gilbreath house in 1860
They were daughters of Thomas Hamilton McCray and Angeline Gilbreath
Mary Belle McCray was born Sep. 7 1846 (b.9 in other source)- (Mar. 14, 1918)(md. Josiah J. Harrison)
Julia (Alice) McCray was born Sep. 17, 1849-(Sep. 7 1931)(md. John McFarrin Cole).
Angeline Gilbreath (possible birth or marriage but I can't read.) Angeline divorced Thomas McCray in 1855 and md. 2nd to C. Montgomery Cuson

John W. Gilbreath was a pvt. Co. G, 2nd Ashby's Tn Cav. Conf. Army. He was captured, died of fever in Ft. Delaware prison, and buried Finn's Point Nat. Cem., N.J.

Many of the Gilbreaths are buried at Buckner Mem. Cem. at Hiwassee College.