Newton W. Haun Bible Record


Newton W. Haun Bible Record

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Children of George N. Haun



Newton W Haun and Martha I Heiskell married 2nd May 1854
Newton W Haun and Penelope Beal were married 10th March 1864
Daniel F Haun and Angie Tinsley married March 18th 1888
William A Blankenship and Mattie I Haun were married .Dec 10th, 1891
H F Emerson and May Haun were married 18th October 1894
W E Haun and Ethel Thompson were married 18th day October 1900
W A Tatum and Elizabeth E Haun were married Oct 15 1902
Walter Haun and Clara Middlemas were married Oct 23 1904
George N Haun and Juanita Staley were married Dee 22 1907
*The first three marriages were entered by Newton W Haun. Don't know who entered the rest.


Newton W. Haun born 8th September 1822
Martha I. (Heiskell) Haun born 12th Nov 1836 (lst wife)
Penelope (Beal) Haun was born 7th Apr 1839 (2nd wife)
Daniel Franklin Haun was born 14 January 1865
Andrew Thomas Haun was born 12 November 1866
Martha Isabell Haun was born 9 Dec 1868
William Everett Haun was born 2nd December 1870
Ida May Haun was born 14 August 1873
Walter Haun was born 24 November 1875
Elizabeth Ellen Haun was born 20 Jun 1878
George Newton Haun was born 2 November 1880
Laura Haun was born l0th Nov 1882

*all of the children were from 2nd marriage (some information has been written over with pen)


My wife Martha I Haun departed this life the 21st April 1861 at 10 o'clock p.m. aged 24 years 5 months & 9 days
My son Andrew T Haun died 1st August 1868 aged 1 year 8 mos & 19 days
My daughter Laura Haun died 7th September 1883 aged 9 months & 27 days
My husband N W Haun died December 13 1887 aged 65 years 3 months 5 days
Our Mother Nellie Haun died Jan 10 1915
My brother Andrew Thomas Haun died of Typhoid Pneumonia the 7th October 1860 aged 35 years two months 20 days
Minerva Clementine Haun died the 16 Dee 1860 aged 21 years six months and three days (sister)
My Father Abraham Haun died 2nd Sep 1848 aged 58 years 179 days
My Brother-in-law Joseph Stakely died 21 Sep 1861
My sister Sarah E Haun died 10th Oct 1861 aged 31 yrs 4 mos 27 days
My Mother Jane Haun died 15 Oct 1861 aged 60 yrs 6 mos 12 days
My sister Barbara R Winfield died 5th Nov 1864 aged 22 years 5 months & four days

Don't know who wrote in the following deaths:
Mattie Blankenship died April 22 1913
Daniel F Haun died May 27 1933
William E Haun died Aug 20 1936
Walter Haun died Sept 7 1948 age 69 years 9 months 13 days
May Haun Emerson died June 19 1947 age 73 years
Elizabeth Ellen Haun Tatum died Aug 7 1954 age 76 years 1 month 14 days
George N Haun died Sep 28 1958 age 77 years
Juanita Staley Haun died 23 Sep 1973 (not in bible)

George N Haun and Juanita Staley Haun Children: (my grandparents)
Edward Staley Haun born Jan 271909 died Feb 11 1916
George Robert Haun born June 11 1911 died Jan 271989 (death not in bible) (Jean Ellen Haun Mitchell' s father)