Isaac Hicks & George W. Hicks Bible Records


Isaac Hicks & George W. Hicks Bible Records

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There appears to be two Bible records, that of Isaac Hicks and then his son George W. Hicks.

The information following the Bible pages is an abstract I found.
Inside cover had Elizabeth (Jones) Officer died Mar. 24, 1897. She was wife of James Officer and parents of Sarah Rebecca who was wife of Geo. W. Hicks.
Isaac was son of Shadrach & Eliz. Nash Hicks

Isaac Hicks


George W. Hicks

Elizabeth Officer Hicks death

Isaac Hicks
Isaac Hicks born March 29, 1813
Eliza Barnet was born Aug. 23, 1811
Mary A. Hicks was born Aug. ??, 1831
Ruthy J. Hicks was born Dec. 10, 18??
Mahala E. Hicks was born Jan. 30, 1843
Celia A. Hicks was born Dec. 18, 1844
William Hicks was born Oct 5, 1846
G.W. (Geo. W.) Hicks was born April 18, 1849
S.L. (Samuel) Hicks was born Nov. 7, 1851
Thomas A. Hicks was born Dec. 15, 1853
Martha E. Hicks was born May 11 1856
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I found that Isaac married Sarah R. Henderson (her 1st husband's surname), Apr. 26, 1867 Bradley Co., Tn, where Isaac and family lived from 1850-1880.
Isaac was son of Shadrach & Eliz. Nash Hicks

George Wilson Hicks
George W. Hicks was born April 18, 1849 (died Dec. 19, 1924)
Sarah R. (Rebecca) Hicks was born May 31, 1859 (died Nov. 6, 1921-daughter of James Officer & Elizabeth Jones)
Thomas A. Hicks was born Oct. 1, 1876 (died Jan. 7, 1959)
Robert F. Hicks was born June 4, 1879 (died Dec. 27, 1899)
W.C. (Wm. C.) Hicks was born Dec. 19, 1881 (died Dec. 23, 1899)
M.L. (Marcus Luther) Hicks was born Mar. 31, 1885 (died Sep. 18, 1964)
Mary E. Hicks was born June 23, 1888 (died Mar. 2, 1900)

The following children were listed on the abstract but not in the Bible:
Levi Wilson Hicks May 9, 1891-Dec. 19, 1968
Willis Thurman Hicks Apr. 21, 1895-July 16, 1988
T. Clifford Hicks Sep 26, 1898-Sep 16, 1985
Alice May Hicks born and died Nov. 10, 1903


G.W. Hicks and S.R. Hicks was married Dec. 16, 1875


W.C. Hicks died Dec. 23, 1899
R.F. Hicks died Dec. 27, 1899
Mary E. Hicks died Mar. 2, 1900
Thomas A. Hicks died Jan. 7, 1959