Andrew Jackson Bible Record


Andrew Jackson & Jane Sloan Bible Record

Contributed by Joy Locke.
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There are DAR applications that state Andrew being a son of a Samuel Jackson and 1st cousin of Pres. Andrew Jackson. I and other researchers have found this to be false. Of course the way they input it into the application, proof wasn't needed for this. They proved the Rev. War info for Andrew at least in their minds and went further with the generations by making the statement that our Andrew was cousin to the Andrew Jackson. Blount Co. Court records prove otherwise. Our Andrew was named as an executor for his dad, John's estate. He died however before his dad's estate was settled, so court records show they had to appoint someone else.

Jackson Bible

Andrew Jackson was born March the 7th 1761 (died Dec. 31, 1815)
Jane Jackson was born March the 16th 1768 (died Jan. 1, 1835-dau. of Archibald Sloan)
John Jackson was born April the 17th 1798 (died Apr. 6, 1875-md. Eliza Brown)
Archibald Sloan Jackson was born Dec. 29th 1800 (died Nov. 8 1863-md. Levica Stovall)
Saly Jackson was born Nov. 30th 1801 (md. Cornelius Beesley & John Gourley)
Samuel Jackson was born Dec. Dec. 12th 1803 (died Jan. 31, 1856-md. Elizabeth Woods)
Polly Jackson was born Dec. 4th 1805
Jenny Jackson was born Dec. 1 1808 (md. Boling Reuben Brooks)
Andrew Jackson born 1811 (According to court records he was an "idiot" and they appointed a guardian. They did erase his name from the Bible record)

Family of John Jackson:

John Jackson born April 17, 1798
Eliza (Brown) Jackson born July 26, 1802
Andrew Sloan Jackson born Aug. 1 1823
William Clark Jackson born Sep. 23 1824
James Evarts Jackson born April 1 1826
Mary Jane Jackson born Nov. 3 1827
Ruth Ann Jackson born Aug. 24 1829
Elizabeth Caroline Jackson born Mar.14 1831


Here is a Knoxville Newspaper article about an Indian attack involving Andrew Jackson. It's believed that Samuel Jackson who was killed was his brother.

Knoxville Gazette 14 September 1793 (Vol. 2. No. 23 & No. 49) (Page 2, Column 3)
SATURDAY. September 14.
On the morning of the 29th ult. a large body of Indians, by most people who saw them, believed to be about 300, made an attack on Henry's Station, about twenty three miles from this place. Lient. Tedford, and Andrew Jackson, went out very early in the morning to a field, at some distance; on hearing a heavy fire commence at the station, they ran back to try to get into it, and unfortunately rushed in among a party of Indians laying concealed--the Lieutenant was taken and dragged about 150 yards, and put to death in a most cruel manner--Mr. Jackson made his escape, and got to a neighbouring station, from whence the whole frontier were alarmed--A Mr. Samuel Jackson, also went out early in the morning and fell first into the hands of the savages; He was put to death in like manner with the Lieutenant. These two men were all whom the Indians killed. They kept at too great a distance from the fort for the people in it to hurt them. The neighbouring stations showed much alacrity in turning out to relieve the attacked station. Had the Indians waited a few hours longer, they would have received a severe chastisement; but they withdrew over the Tennessee, beyond which our government restricts our operations against them. On Friday the 30th ult. two Indians went to the house of Sebastian Hetler, on the south side of Nolichucky, Washington county, 15 miles from Jonesborough, wounded and scalped his wife in a most inhuman manner, and killed his daughter, 13 years old, cut off her head, carried it some distance and skinned it. Mr. Hetler and a negro man were in the barn but could not afford any assistance.