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Jackson Maynard Bible

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Cover Charlie Maynard was bornd Jan. 27 1922

Misc. (This page list the children of Margaret Yates Maynard (Second wife) probably written by Margaret.)
Samuel E. (Edward or Edgar) Maynard bornd Jan. 31, 1887
Charles H. Maynard bornd December 31 1888
Maggie (Margaret) E. (Maybe Virginia) Maynard (Born August 8, 1891)
(Margaret Yates Maynard died 2 weeks after Maggie was born).
John H. Maynard ___________this life Sept 10 ____ (We assume this is when John died but we do not know the year - assuming probably before 1891). (John is Rachel's child).

Misc. Sallie (McLemore) Maynard was bornd April 12 1892

Marriages & Births (Children of Charlie & Sallie)(I believe my dad or one of Charlie Maynard's children wrote this as a small child.)
Glen Maynard was bornd Oct 9 1925
All born in Monroe Co., Tenn
William B. (Jackson) Maynard and Rachel E. Barnett were married Aprile the 27, 1865.
Charlie Maynard and Sallie McLemore was Married Sept 12 1917
Ralph Maynard was bornd Oct 1 1923
William Jackson Maynard was bornd July 7, 1918
Margaret Lucille Maynard was bornd Dec 14 1920
Charlsie Maynard was bornd Jan 27 1922
Clarence Maynard (no dates...May 28, 1931)(Eddie's note)

Births Charlie Maynard was bornd Jan. 27, 1922
Lucile Maynard was bornd Dec. 4, 19_0
William B. (Jackson) Maynard was bornd Spetember the 22 1844
Rachel E. (Barnett) Maynard was bornd December the 20 1840
Mary Jan. Lindsey was bornd May the 30 1861.(We think Jan. is for Jane but not sure)
David A. Lindsey was bornd March the 7 1863. (David is recorded as Alicend on the 1870 Monroe Census)
(Mary and David are from a previous marriage of Rachel's to Alexander Lindsey). (Most Lindsey researchers do not know that Alexander had children).

Births (Children of Jackson and Rachel)
William N. (Nelson) Maynard was bornd January the 31 18__ (1866)
John H. Maynard was bornd December the 10 (1867)
Joseph C. Maynard was bornd (February 14, 1870)
Louisa J. (Josephine) Maynard was bornd (1871)
Matildey C. (Matilda Caldonia) Maynard was bornd (May 12, 1874)

Births & Deaths Children of Jackson & Rachel)
Sally Maynard was bornd April 12 1892
Thomas N. (Newton) Maynard was bornd August the 5 1876
__________ M. Maynard (Isaac M.) was bornd January the 30 1878
(NOW NOTICE change in the writting....I think Rachel wrote the ink parts during the 1870s probably).
_____________Maynard (Ella S.) was bornd May the 5 1880
_____________Maynard (Henry Dugan) was bornd May the 14 1882

NOTE: There is no reference to the children of Jackson and his third wife Julia Yates. From what I have been told, Julia started a new Family Bible with her childrens' info. I was also told that this Bible was destroyed in the 1980s from a leaky garage.

Maynard information from Eddie