John G. Millsaps Bible Record


John G. Millsaps Bible Record

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John Givens Millsaps Bible Record
Children by Salina Angeline Hooper:
E.G. (Enos G.) Millsaps 3/9/1867-8/23/1897 md. Easter McCombs
Hetty Millsaps 2/25/1869-7/18/1886 md. John Ervin Jones
Estella Millsaps 2/14/1871-? Md. John Burnett & James F. McDonald
W.C. (Wm. Clinton) Millsaps 3/22/1873-3/26/1927 md. Rebecca Grisell & Mary Diana Sawyer
Luella Millsaps 9/20/1876-? md. Lawson Alexander
Children by Sarah Arminda Garland:
T.A. (Tennessee A.) Millsaps 9/8/1879-12/28/1948 md. Lawn Green
M.E. (Mary Etta) Millsaps 2/28/1882-3/1940 md. Mike Clark, Tom Kemp & Virgil McCollum
Columbus (Marion) Millsaps 4/12/1884-12/18/1964 md. Martha E. Davis & Carrie E. Davis
London (T.) Millsaps 1/10/1886-9/24/1966 md. Julia Belle Davis
Caley (Callie) Millsaps 3/5/1889-4/9/1973 md. M. Gomery Parris
Manuel (Emanuel) Millsaps 12/19/1891-10/9/1967 md. Rosey Burns & Eliza Akins Roberts
John W. (Wesley) Millsaps 5/9/1893-8/28/1925 (Bible has b. March) md. Berthie Williams
Noah Millsaps 9/28/1896-10/18/1896
Homer Millsaps 8/1/1892
No children by Frances Elizabeth Williams