Ransom Millsaps Bible Record


Ransom Millsaps Bible Record

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Marriage & Births

Ransom Millsaps (born ca 1831) married Catherine Johnson June 10, 1855 (died 1864 Battle of Morristown)
(Julianne Katherine Johnson 6/10/1834-9/25/1919-dau. of Daniel & Eliz. Cansler Johnson)
(John) Oliver Millsaps was born October 15, 1856 (died Apr. 30 1939, md. Martha Elizabeth Harris)
Ervin Millsaps was born April 16, 1858 and died Aug. 1, 1858
Milley Millsaps was born June 23, 1859 (died 26 Apr. 1929, md. Benjamin F. Bivens)
Malveny Millsaps was born Dec. 27, 1861 (died 25 Feb 1892, md. Bartley McGee Williams)
Elizabeth Millsaps was born Jan. 26, 1864 (died May 13, 1915, md. Robert E. Rasar)
Martha Isabella was born Dec. 10, 1864 (died Mar. 24, 1950, md. George Goforth-dau. of Alfred & Harriett L. Johnson & niece to Ransom and Catherine)
Elisabeth Millsaps was born April 28, 1867 (Probably sister to Martha above, md. James T. Harris-stone has 4/7/1866-4/11/1933)
Extra notes by: Joy Locke